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Ogden Father Allegedly Chokes Son


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Ogden father allegedly chokes son for refusing to go on church mission

An Ogden man is in jail after allegedly choking his son for refusing to go on a church mission.
Scott Keith Warner, 49, remained in the Weber County Jail on Monday in lieu of $3,900 bail. He is charged with aggravated assault and committing domestic violence in the presence of a child, both third-degree felonies.
The alleged victim told police the two were arguing Friday and he told his father he would not be going on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
He said his father grabbed him by the arm and they began to fight.

"The victim reported that during this fight he was knocked to the ground and Scott began to strike the victim's head into the wall repeatedly as well as squeeze the victim's neck with both hands," an Ogden Police Department probable cause statement said.

The investigating officer said the son had scratches on the right side of his neck and redness on the back of his neck.
"The victim was visibly shaking while speaking with me about the incident and was hesitant to provide details," the officer wrote.
Warner told police he tried to forcibly remove the son from his home "as it was his house."
Asked how he had tried to get him out of the house, Warner said he "grabbed" him "wherever I could," the arrest affidavit said.
Told by the officer of his son's version of the incident, Warner said the son shoved him first and he had done nothing wrong.
Warner said he was injured, pointing to a scrape on his elbow.
The son told another officer that he struggled to breathe while his father allegedly was "choking" him, the affidavit said.
Police said the victim's sister called 911 and said she saw Warner choking her brother.
Warner did not have an attorney of record as of Monday. His first appearance in 2nd District Court in scheduled Tuesday."

Perhaps he should have promised to buy him a car instead?  🤥


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I am skeptical that his declaration that he was not going on a mission somehow instigated the whole assault. Sounds like it was just the last thing said before a larger argument turned into assault. Wish the article said how old the child is but other than being a minor that information has not been given.

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1 hour ago, strappinglad said:

I wonder why all the words in " scare quotes " in the reporting. 

I think they are actual quotes, not scare quotes.  Reporters (at least some of them) are getting sloppy in their writing imo, want it to sound just a certain way rather than let people speak for themselves.  So they take one word they want and can claim it is authentic because they got a quote, but actually put most of it in their own phrasing.

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20 minutes ago, Tacenda said:

Sounds like this father is worried what others think too much. He wants his family to look every way the part I'm thinking.

We probably don't know the complete story regarding what really happened but it's possible the father is just slightly mentally disturbed.

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An extremely unfortunate event in the lives of this family. Some parents put so much weight on their children achieving specific religious objectives, they lose sight of the purpose. If a child does not want to go on a mission, then accept it and move forward. Find out what they want to do, guide them in making good choices as much as the child can accept and then let it go. 

Very, very sad situation. 

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I want to know if there were previous physical assaults as the mom calling it a bear hug and the dad a tussle and talking about his rights and being dismissive of the officer rather than the needs of the people involved is highly concerning, imo. 

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5 minutes ago, ttribe said:

Dad's an idiot.  Clearly, this guy is a bomb waiting to go off; it it wasn't the mission issue, it would have been something else.

He may have gone off before. That a sibling called police... while I may be wrong as I grew up in a very different era, I think if this was the first occasion there was a physical fight, that as a sibling I would keep expecting it to end...the the dad would come to his senses, so wouldn’t have called the cops while it was happening.  Anyway, it just has the feel that the sibling was too familiar with the dad’s temper and so went to thinking dangerous pretty quickly. 

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22 hours ago, The Nehor said:

I am skeptical that his declaration that he was not going on a mission somehow instigated the whole assault. Sounds like it was just the last thing said before a larger argument turned into assault. Wish the article said how old the child is but other than being a minor that information has not been given.

The article I read said he lived there for 18 years, so 18 would be my guess.

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n Ogden man was arrested Friday  after he allegedly choked his 18-year-old son...

From second link

There were two siblings in the house, one 15 and the other 17. 

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20 hours ago, ksfisher said:

Sounds like you're a good mind reader :)

That is my guess too. If your reaction to being told a child is not going on a mission is assault I am guessing the spiritual wellbeing of your child is not your first concern.

“I will here say to parents, that kind words and loving actions towards children, will subdue their uneducated natures a great deal better than the rod, or, in other words, than physical punishment. Although it is written that, “The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame,” and, “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes;” these quotations refer to wise and prudent corrections. Children who have lived in the sunbeams of parental kindness and affection, when made aware of a parent’s displeasure, and receive a kind reproof from parental lips, are more thoroughly chastened, than by any physical punishment that could be applied to their persons. It is written, that the Lord “shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth.” -Brigham Young

If you are not worried about the child what are you worried about? Your own hopes and dreams for them? Your image? Your hope that a mission will give your child the spiritual conversion you never sought to instigate? I am guessing the motive was selfish in any case.

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On 8/25/2020 at 11:05 AM, bluebell said:

That's really sad.  Sounds like the father has some real issues and that the father/son relationship wasn't that great.

So very true, I had a unfortunate early childhood, one in which my biological father who abandoned, my Mother who was 29 at the time, there was also my older sister, brother and myself. As a result of my bio-father’s work, he was able to carry on a relationship with another woman whom he got pregnant. When the other woman’s family found out, they threatened him if he did not marry her. So, being the coward he was, he married her, while still married to my Mother. Once he was found out, he deserted my family for his “new one”. So, my family were all evicted from our home, because my bio-father fled the State, emptying there join back account. We literally walked in middle December to a small shack of a house. At the time, my grandmother lived with us, so the first night we spent in this one bedroom shack, we slept in a semicircle around the one tiny space heater in the house. To get to the point, is once he had returned to the State, and payed his child support, he was allowed two weekends a month in visitation. I don’t even remember now what he even looked like, but I do remember that each night, he would gather us all for “reading scriptures”. This of course when he would get locked up for non support, and once he paid, then visitation again, and the “reading out loud from the Bible”.

As a result of this, the idea of a “Loving Heavenly Father”, was a concept I could not understand. Nor did I for a while, this was why (being named after my bio-father) I was, “Billy Nation”. As you can imagine, like most children when in trouble, you are called by your full name, I was never called “William Edward Nation Jr”, just “Billy Nation”. But, thanks to a loving God and Father, my Mother met and married a Baptist Minister, who not only taught me of God’s love, and of forgiveness, but gave us all a wonderful life growing up. When I was eight years old (and of course my older brother and sister) I was adopted by him, and because of this, I am proudly, “Bill Lee”, and through the example of he who gave me his name. I learned by his example, I learned that the hearts of my children, and grandchildren, reside lovingly and safely within my own heart. No matter their choices, even if I don’t agree, they need not fear that they are not loved, and they know that if anyone should hurt them, I will come to the rescue, and offer them safe harbor, no matter the storm. 

I pray that somehow the father who attacked his son over a decision about a mission, will one day be able to repair the damage, to this young man’s soul. 

I am just so blessed, that my true Father “Albert Lee”, knows that even after having lost him to cancer 14 years ago, that he is still, “the voice in my heart and head”, as well as my Mother who was one of the most courageous women to grace this earth 

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