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  1. I predict Elder Holland will apologize or fix what he said at BYU. I hope he apologizes about bringing up Matt Easton's valedictorian's speech.
  2. I know for a fact your observation is correct. But IMO, this wasn't the case many years ago. You would have liked our church better before correlation. Women had their own Relief Society, with their own ideas on lessons, and they had their own magazine and had control over money. They weren't under the Priesthood but had their own entity. Women writers were out there and they had more freedom of thought. They even gave blessings to other women. This article is very informative. I only remember watching my mother in those days, and in my early married life, our RS lesson's were separate than the men's and had more cultural lessons that were geared toward women. https://history.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/relief-society-175-years?lang=eng ETA: I think my reply here may not seem to be on the same page, I'm just saying I think women are happier controlling their own destinies and when women had more say I think they were happier. A process of correlation took place around this time as Church leaders increased their efforts to streamline Church programs and emphasize priesthood authority. Auxiliary organizations stopped keeping their own independent financial accounts, some Church magazines combined (the Relief Society Magazine and the Improvement Era ended and the Ensign began), and Relief Society increasingly pursued its welfare and social service efforts through the official Church welfare program. As Church membership outside of the United States grew dramatically, members of Relief Society looked to the particular needs of their own communities to determine how best to fulfill the service aspects of Relief Society’s purpose. Relief Society service projects were thus transitioning in some respects from a top-down model to a grassroots model.
  3. But I bet the one on Fox was distorted and taken out of context.
  4. Good to know! So didn't her efforts help though? And were the names she found added to this base of names that are digitized?
  5. Good to know! So didn't her efforts help though? And were the names she found added to this base of names that are digitized? Sorry to appear so dumb.
  6. I wondered about the MTC language training, and being in awe at their learning so quickly, but then thought, well...it may be because of living at the MTC and all their time with it, but that would apply to those that live at home and do it online I'm figuring. It's that their whole attention is on it, and they are pretty much held accountable if they don't show up to learn the language and they've been set apart as missionaries. Their total focus is on that language training and the training for being a missionary, so that may be why it's so successful.
  7. Can I borrow this? Thanks for your input!
  8. My husband and I went to Cry Maucho. I was excited because I've enjoyed the last few movies that were produced and directed by Clint Eastwood such as Mule and Gran Torino and many more that he directed, just googled. Sadly, this was very slow and the acting not so great. But good moral to the story type movie. No swearing and had some spiritual moments.
  9. You might be right, but hopefully he acknowledges what you did if only for himself in his mind. I was somewhat like your friend with hurt feelings when no one reached out when I went inactive for a year with not one person reaching out wondering where I'd been, and I never told a soul to not contact me. Oh, well. But just know that you did that best thing ever, and that guy will feel grateful deep down and may even return.
  10. My dear MIL, did extraction work, that's what they called it back then. I even think they awarded her something for all the hours, in the span of many, many years. She even flew to England with a friend and went to courthouses, cemeteries, etc. Sadly, she is losing her eyesight and has dry macular degeneration. So we for sure owe a debt of gratitude to all those that help/helped make this happen!
  11. I want to be brave and say that, dang it!!
  12. I wish social media didn't exist. The spreading of false information is causing so many problems. And these people will not tune into the nightly news as well. Thanks for the suggestions Calm.
  13. Not much hope and yes for myself as well, because I sometimes think I'm all alone and maybe I'm wrong and living in an alternate existence. And @Hamba Tuhanhas it right, your answers are so helpful did calm me down. :-) Thanks Hamba and I'm sorry for your American friend's situation and denial. :-(
  14. I will delete if you would like but I've no where to turn, it's getting so bad. My nephew posted this video and said the below on FB, are there any facts to try to convince him otherwise? It all feels hopeless. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Pz0SBTvKrDrV/?fbclid=IwAR2x7kxIOfFnYctrHQBeNtk6pJ8qsKIpRAbL8CtmYQ5kAxtazrclMxNSmUU Everyone should take 15 minutes and watch this.. Fauci and the elite needed deaths from covid to create the pandemic. This is why China’s numbers were so much lower and why we had shutdowns. They preyed upon our elderly with a drug that was pulled from Ebola treatment because it killed more than 50% of the people who got the treatment... Fauci actually said in his own words that it was effective in treating Ebola Yet zero coverage in the media. We are dying to fit a fear narrative,,, And That Should Scare The **** Out Of All Of Us...
  15. Did you catch my comment, or maybe I made it on FB, not sure, that a school I worked at recently, has had more covid cases than all of last year when it was a mask mandate and we've only been in school for about a month? I was in an elementary school. Does this change my bolded statement in your comments?
  16. He was recently interviewed but can't remember where, I was going to watch but didn't.
  17. I believe you're right Stargazer. I have prayed over them, and a few others. I shouldn't have disparaged.
  18. I had one bad experience where one of the counselors took me to an empty classroom for an interview when I was a Beehive. We sat down side by side on the classroom chairs with almost our knees touching and I felt very uncomfortable. But didn't have many interviews after that, I did ask for an interview as a young adult to get things off my plate to feel good enough to move forward and onto marriage in the temple. Nothing too serious but remember what a great single's ward bishop he was.
  19. Anyone change their minds on one on one youth interviews? I think it would be fine if a youth asked for one but not so much the other way around.
  20. My husband's coworker is saying LDS members must be vaccinated before attending church and this is a new thing, I highly doubt this is correct. And he said he believes in a prophet but that he doesn't believe it came from God.
  21. I think the victims got robbed, no way is this enough compensation. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/15/boy-scouts-reach-settlements-with-insurers-mormons-over-sex-abuse-claims.html
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