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  1. In a member's mind God isn't Jesus, so how will that work? And usually a non-LDS will believe that Jesus is God. So this explanation doesn't change what I've said really, but appreciate your feedback. Or on second thought maybe it does, haha!! I'm editing this as I speak, I believe the non-LDS believe they'll be with their loved ones for eternity. It's the LDS church that takes that away by saying that you'll only live with your loved ones if you make covenants in the temple, so who is separating? Which church? Of course then there's the EV or other churches that say you'll wind up in hell if
  2. Another good one about the Jewish faith alongside Shitsel, is Unorthodox on Netflix. https://www.vox.com/culture/2020/3/26/21193180/unorthodox-netflix-streaming-series-review
  3. I was there, where you are, and I lost some valuable time with my youngest son. He still had a great childhood, and probably could care less that I hang out with him, he had plenty of neighbor kids to play with, but I feel like we lost a bonding. He and my other children saw me on the internet constantly. I worry that's what they'll say they remember about me most, how embarrassing that I let the church and it's history or the blogs or the forums and the several podcasts consume me like that. I have a sickness and I wish I could joke about it. I can't get off the proverbial fence. I wish I cou
  4. This is a heartwarming article, gives me the feels! https://www.fox13now.com/news/local-news/360/flds-womens-journeys-to-independence?fbclid=IwAR0Q3m7DIBapVRXDP6QTZ4mMgml7uNYPB5cBXtMU6vQRQw8putTO09VD1iE
  5. Okay, gotcha. I don't think I said a "few people" did I? Oh, well. It was quite the production, I agree.
  6. It doesn't look like this took place after all. They wanted her phone before they'd let her in the church, she refused because she had all her notes on it, but she did sign a paper saying she wouldn't record the conversation. But they still wouldn't let the meeting go on, and called the police to escort those that were in the parking lot area to support her, I guess people flew in from all over.
  7. Thanks Mike, I didn't know how good I had it while in. Enjoyed the callings and the visiting teaching, but things changed, programs changed, and it's not the same. And older members with kids out of the house usually don't get the callings like they did when they had the younger families, so who knows, it might have been this way whether I went inactive or not. I remember my mom saying they kind of put her out to pasture when she was older. ETA: Also, my political views definitely changed when I had my faith crisis.
  8. Out of most religions, I'd pick the LDS one. I couldn't go near an EV one because I don't believe in everything in the Bible. And I'm now glad that the LDS church believes in it as far as it is translated correctly. Also, I'm glad the church is willing to evolve with the times, it might take them a while but they eventually catch up. ETA: I only wish that the church wouldn't say it is the only church to get you to live with God, I don't believe this at all.
  9. You just named my life in the bold. But I haven't left and wear the garments, and follow the WoW, and do everything I did before except attend church like I use to. With covid I watch church though. But I am the loneliest I've ever been, and miss the associations that were had in the ward I use to live in. But it sounds like you have plenty of friends that are not LDS as well, I'll bet. But for those that depended on their wards for social lives, that makes it super depressing to not have that anymore, and if people know you don't believe anymore, you become a doubt germ and many won't a
  10. Hahaha, you're right, the church didn't bring it to light, Natasha did that. But they should have learned since the Dehlin and Kate fiasco. But I understand that in certain situations it needs to happen, besides it takes very few days for it all to be forgotten nowadays.
  11. Tacenda


    I've seen or heard that rental cars are a $1000 a day? It was on the news a couple of weeks ago.
  12. Thanks, was thinking I might need to delete, haha. I guess I'm a little on the private side.
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