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  1. I'd say you're right, and he may have concluded it because it made sense to him.
  2. blackstrap... close minded. I changed a lot in my forties from almost close minded to more open minded. And it allowed me to be more accepting and hey, more Christlike!
  3. I think you may be right. https://www.thedailybeast.com/southern-utah-university-picks-anti-gay-mormon-apostle-jeffrey-holland-as-commencement-speaker
  4. I posted because I wondered if it was appropriate in your opinion. I guess it might be needed since it could take down several members in someone's ward. And why I would never do that. But it'd be nice if the members of the church could rally around someone like me and say it's okay if you have that opinion but we don't and love you anyway, haha.
  5. I believe the churches out there put a middle entity to our relationships. Even puts it between family or our loved ones. Institutions that do this are harmful. Churches are great for a community, not so much on a relationship with God in my experience. ETA: Or maybe a church can be a conduit too.
  6. Thank you, I tried to post something like this but I've no experience like you.
  7. I know that they make pretty good neighbors as far as their yards too. Or maybe I've just always had a lot of LDS neighbors all my life.
  8. I brought up climate change to my brother yesterday, big mistake. It's become so political and we're on opposite sides. I just wish he'd look at the facts.
  9. Reading over these posts, the thought occurred that maybe we all need to sacrifice our love of red meat (some of us) and not breed cattle and thus not grow alfalfa and hopefully allow the lake to fill up. But not hang the rancher/farmer out to dry but the church help them until the lake is filled. The church could use their rainy day fund. Or else Utah and possibly the surrounding areas are doomed. We can't let it dry up, how would we survive, talk about an apocalypse and I'm no scientist as anyone can see, but doom and gloom seems to be a realty.
  10. Sometimes do we get tunnel vision with certain religious beliefs, even those stemming from scripture, and which scriptures are harmful vs helpful. Maybe God wants us to weed out those things that are harmful and look around at the beauty of every creation/creature. Day in and day out of my life in Mormonism seemed to crowd out so much of these on my path to righteousness and worthiness that now that I don't know that I believe everything I've been taught I see more, my tunnel vision more removed. But again I understand where you're at Grug.
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