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  1. Wow, I'm so sorry for your losses. I don't know anyone that has died from it. Are you in the Utah area by chance? I wonder if it's geographic. I know states like California, have many more deaths but that is because of the per capita. Or some states have more residents that aren't as healthy as a lot of people in Utah. I just can't understand anyone that thinks this isn't covid, or that it's just like the flu. Or that hospitals say it's covid when it's not.
  2. Well, maybe they've come to take back their country! Half kidding.. My son-in-law came over from Aguascalientes Mexico illegally right after high school with his father, brother and sister. My daughter and he met a few years after that, and they have been married for over 17 years, they have two sons. My son-in-law hasn't seen his mother in person since that time, only on face-time. His father wasn't the best and they've disassociated from him, we've no idea where he is. I hope the new pathway for illegal immigrants that Biden wants to put forth will enable him to one day be able to
  3. In my dreams, lucky you! In 2019 they named the top ten countries and Switzerland was number one for a third time in a row. It's my dream to visit there one day. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/23/us-news--world-report-top-10-best-countries-in-the-world-in-2019-.html
  4. I wonder if there is anything in the church that prohibits female members from keeping their maiden names. I bet not.
  5. Umm, slavery??? That's not a good sign, that our new country, decided to head on out to get slaves and bring them to the US. That's quite the stain. ETA: I'm grateful that we have a multitude of nationalities, that is what makes America great to me!
  6. I follow a family on youtube that lived in Finland, and now they are traveling to different countries for a year and will end up in Australia. So that's what I'm seeing, that the US doesn't have the market on being the best country. We've started wars that weren't necessary, and men thinking war is needed for a good economy is not a good thing. And we seem to be careless when it comes to the environment. We are a me-me-me country a lot and a throwaway country too, where we need to work on taking better care of the trash we throwaway. Our oceans are suffering because of it. Not to make it polit
  7. Do you mind sharing each and every country you've visited?
  8. CFR that Stargazer said the bold please. I didn't see it. Juliann, he even mentioned he only wanted one wife, didn't he? His first wife will be his wife in the hereafter, and his second wife is sealed to her first husband. I think I've seen several times that people can marry for time only in the temple, or maybe they had a civil one. @Stargazer?
  9. We aren't the greatest country in the world. There are several statistics out there I could provide. We've got a lot of work ahead to do especially. Or does my comment not apply to the topic. When I think exceptionalism, I think that we are the stand out. But if you want to know the truth, we don't.
  10. I come asking for help Scott. I hear over and over the scare word "socialism". What exactly does that mean to you? I believe socialism is better than capitalism. Capitalism has now been shown that it stays at the top, the tax breaks etc. stay at the top and none are trickling down like so many said would for years. Capitalism, to me, is what's hurting our country, not socialism, which to me, is good roads, help for the unemployed, good affordable health insurance, social security for seniors, disability insurance, medicaid/medicare, free lunch program for students...there's too many to list. I
  11. I feel the same, I think he drank the kool-aid of misinformation out there.
  12. I'm not sure if you've done this, or how right it is, but I'm wondering if you've faced him and told him to leave you alone. I've mentioned before on this board of my daughter being abused by a neighbor, and to this day I wish I would have confronted him in person. But this may not be the right thing for you, but I just wondered if you were to do this that he may shrink with his tail between his legs and leave you alone. And get your power back. I'd imagine how scary this could be. I was stalked in my younger years from someone that came in my work place, he even window peaked after find
  13. My heart goes out to the men out there that suffer from these things that you mention here. I'm grateful for men, it's often women who were the ones who've hurt me the most in my life.
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