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  1. Very true! I guess I'm good at getting good responses like this one. Maybe that's why I'm not banned yet.
  2. This has most likely been shared, but I hadn't heard it yet. He is such a liar, and saying he is Charle's nephew when making the call to the funeral home/crematory? And that he's from Ohio and he quickly changes the spelling to his name lol. Or not a laughing matter. This is so sick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i45zQFY-OmA ETA: Here are the texts that I hadn't seen before as well, with Lori and his sons 36 hours after Charles death. They are pretty upset she won't talk instead of throwing a text out only. How sad for them that they weren't able to be involved in the decisions or see their father before cremation. Or did they, maybe they did. I hope they got some kind of closure. They sure don't want their names out there according to the East Idaho News. https://www.eastidahonews.com/2020/02/read-the-text-messages-lori-daybell-sent-charles-vallows-sons-after-he-died/
  3. Is this the way the church is going about it, or an answer for the anachronisms throughout the bom? One little word, "textbook", is probably going to make way for the church to answer the problematic issues in the book I guess.
  4. And this? https://ca.churchofjesuschrist.org/the-book-of-mormon-an-ancient-scripture-who-wrote-it-and-how-was-it-translated
  5. Is this a concerning statement to anyone: https://www.thechurchnews.com/leaders-and-ministry/2021-10-17/russell-nelson-dieter-uchtdorf-devotional-oklahoma-kansas-native-americans-229800?fbclid=IwAR2l-kVeO81Ycno05xTEUWMf5KsMtZfkGe0FCo0Gr7o7hOcJ7VraClj84n4 President Nelson clarified that the Book of Mormon is not a historical textbook. Instead, it further defines many Bible teachings — while revealing new concepts and refuting many falsehoods, including the notion that revelation ended with the Bible and that one can be saved by grace alone.
  6. I wonder if there's a problem with attendance since the pandemic and families finding they get more spirituality by teaching in the home vs. what other's teach at church. Maybe it's part of the get a spiritual experience on your own vs. relying on what others tell you to think.
  7. I remember being asked if there is something needs to be cleared up by previous bishop's before getting a recommend to get sealed and married.
  8. Definitely a wide birth to be free agents and adults or they will avoid conversation for fear something is going to be brought up. If they want something bad enough they'll get it.
  9. I do think mandating those with 100 or more employees to get vaccinated or tested weekly might be forcing those that would consider it, go against. Worried, especially since it could affect so many businesses that are life or death situations such as the police departments, airlines, and hospitals.
  10. I am a Zoom watcher in my ward, and it's working out well. But I've noticed that every F&T mtg. there are 2 or 3 older ladies that will speak each time and take up the majority of time, and it's all about the BoM being true and more like a lesson. I feel for the members that don't get time for their testimonies. It use to always irritate me, when members get up and try to teach/preach rather than share their testimony of something, w/o taking up like 15 min. I would understand if it was a rare thing but each week. I can almost see from the body language of the bishopric on the stand that they are super worried that it's going to suck up a lot of time.
  11. Pretty scary but how do we know if it's legit? It could be a made up thing, but I'm all for the truth.
  12. Maybe why I never enjoyed RS, but I blame that on the guilt that women so often feel. I loved callings in Primary to keep me out of RS. Too bad I had two callings in RS presidencies that kept me going to RS. Oops, I see that my comment has nothing to do with politics. I've only had politics brought up in Gospel Doctrine or over the pulpit from speakers.
  13. That's a first that I've heard that LDS use German Bibles. I've not ever seen that in my life. But I live in the Utah, a bubble in Davis County and people might think you're nuts to use a German Bible. Maybe the LDS use them in Germany, and maybe Robert's ward isn't like my ward here in Utah.
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