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  1. I'm with you, it was a let down.
  2. There were several police and they didn't have a taser gun? The guy was bi-polar and was shot and killed in front of his family, another bites the dust. I read recently that police aren't trained near as long as other countries out there. But I feel we are veering to much away from the topic. I just want change. I'm sick of the protests as well as everyone out there. https://www.wbtv.com/2020/06/13/some-us-police-train-just-few-weeks-some-countries-they-train-years/
  3. I'm am a total non gun user. Now think, would a white guy get shot multiple times for holding a knife?
  4. Another black man was shot. He deserved some retaliation for wielding a knife, but why all they gunshots. Why not a shot in the leg to disable him? Something needs to be done. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/black-man-shot-dead-police-philadelphia-sparking-heated-protests-n1244888 I understand the predicament police are in, I wish there were some answers. Has it always been this way, and we're just seeing more footage because of cell phones?
  5. I take it you don't have faith in science. You're not a flat earther are you?
  6. A funny, not so funny, story. Early in my faith journey, I was cleaning out our camper and turned on the radio and it was the K-Love station. I liked listening to the music, not so much the sermons, but didn't mind the music. Anyway, my husband walks in the cramped camper and asked what I was listening to, and he even got a little upset that I was. Maybe he was worried that I was leaving the church. Recently, our very TBM friend told us she loves to listen to it. So maybe quite a few enjoy that type of religious music.
  7. It might be a stage of his continuing journey, I had a phase of the K-Love stuff too, and now I found it doesn't suit me. I guess this Mormon girl will be a forever thing, just a more nuanced one.
  8. I read today that the trib is discontinuing it's newspaper, and will be online only. Which is what I believe will be the case for most news agencies out there.
  9. It's embarrassing, I knew better. But I like that...I'll wave it goodbye right now, haha!
  10. Dummy me!! I knew this, I was thinking McAdams against Burgess. Thanks for setting me straight, I have these moments and what can I say.
  11. I've noticed a lot of bullies in the campaigns. In the crowds, everywhere. I guess they just didn't get the love they needed as children, so I'll give them that, they need a hug. It's good to see neither of these two that made national news, being bullies or one bullying the other. I love the maturity of this concept vs. the other. We need this, or our country will not be able to withstand the division. But one problem I have is the negative ads that Cox has about Burgess. Of course Burgess fought/fights right back. So it seems odd that Cox is cozying up to one guy but not the
  12. That was a nice comment Storm, thanks. I tried a little experiment and did what I do best, I googled the words: relationship with god LDS. And then I googled: family LDS I was surprised to see just as many LDS talks and lessons with the heading "relationship with God". I'm actually glad to be proven wrong, again, thank you.
  13. I hear you Calm. I adopted a mixed terrier, white with brown liver spots, several years ago. She was three when we got her, and a few short years later she started doing the same thing your dog did with the diarrhea and also blood clots. I wondered if it was something she may have eaten in the yard like your dog. We took her to the vet many times and she was treated with meds, the vet said there was nothing they could do, short of operating to see what was going on inside. She was only about 6 years old by then. One day she wandered to the very back of our yard, she never did this before, and
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