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  1. No problem, OGHoosier. If I were in your shoes I'd probably act the same.
  2. It seems that some of you who believe the apologists are on the mark, should be excited to see them put Ritner/Dehlin/RFM in their place.
  3. My niece through marriage, posted this article https://kutv.com/news/local/wearing-masks-in-your-home-may-be-new-normal-once-school-starts?fbclid=IwAR23DyCMnZjH0gqTXZLgG-Nl8FBhq0qXTe8IDdP0xJoFzOoE6yOCz0VZjao she thought it was so silly. Well, it just so happens I did this very thing last night because I have a cold, it was worse, but it got better super fast today luckily, but my husband said he didn't want it, so I wore my mask around him. Well this niece said, that she thought we won't be immune if we start wearing them inside our homes. I wonder if she has a point. All I know is my husband is always worried about getting sick ever since he got H1N1 a few years ago.
  4. Oh I do, makes me feel like I'm okay to disagree, haha!
  5. I wonder what kind of predicament the apologists for the church feel they're in when they disagree with one another. For a member that most their life hadn't heard anything like it, what side do they take? Would be nice if the prophet of the church could straighten it all out. Poor apologists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RtU2Ph-04s
  6. I think the reason they are so dogged is because they think that it's wrong for members to not know the exact truth and sacrifice so much for the church. They make covenants to do so. My initial reaction to the letter was, leave these people alone, JD, RFM, RR. But then I thought a bit and that is the conclusion I'm making. That the members need to know the facts/truth. I think I've asked the question on this board before, where if the BoM isn't historical, would they stay in the church. And I believe I got a big "no". As long as the members know the truth, then let them make the decision based on that to stay and give their tithes, time, talents, and whatever is asked or needed. Because you probably know members like that. They will sacrifice life and limb for the church. That's where I think they're coming from.
  7. This was sent to the apologists listed. What do you think will happen?
  8. It should read, "Whatchoo talkin' about Willis.
  9. To my bold: You been watchin' conspiracy theories lately Willis? I happen to have just finished watching one about Hollywood and the CIA putting out messages through them.
  10. Very, very true!!! I believe what he is saying is that Joseph took his surroundings and put in what he believed about Jesus. And who knows, it might have been fed to him by Jesus/God. ETA: Ran out of posts, so if you need any feedback, it will be in a day or so.
  11. I haven't finished, but started listening to this podcast: https://www.athoughtfulfaith.org/341-a-community-of-christ-view-of-the-book-of-mormon-elray-henriksen/ And Elray mentioned something I'd like to put forth on your thread if you don't mind. He said, "What is the message of the Book of Mormon?". I thought it a good question! Maybe that is the important part! Because I quite like the message if it means not to be capitalists, elites, emperors etc. He mentions that Joseph Smith might have been sending messages according to his surroundings. I know Joseph grew up with a grandparent that was a Universalist, so wondering if that seeped in. Also, the new country was beginning and Elray mentioned that there is a possibility that Joseph read a school book called, "The Late War". And then he asks, if you take Jesus Christ out of the BoM, what do you get? It may be what was happening in the 19th century basically. All I know, is this podcast gave me some hope in being able to pick the BoM back up and read that message! Also, he mentions Joseph Smith being inspired as well. I can definitely go along with that!
  12. Love how they each have a sibling close to their age!
  13. Good for you! I'm impressed with your helping your children like that. Many probably wouldn't give up their dream home like that. I wanted to move into the least expensive place, so that if our children needed financial help we could offer it. My husband wasn't so willing, so far no one needs us yet, knock on wood. About my MIL, they've asked if she likes it better there than her previous home and she said she is, but if they ask her if she'd like to move in with them, I don't know what she'd say. None to my knowledge have asked yet.
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