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  1. I wouldn't believe him whatever he says to get out of it. Something like that coming out of his mouth is a core personality condition that is a huge red flag on what kind of human he is.
  2. I feel the planes are safer that go that far, verses the tinier planes.
  3. Well, maybe they aren't for you. Maybe the next rocket to got into space for tourists!
  4. It does feel like they disappeared in thin air. But if I remember right, the angel Moroni took them back.
  5. Thanks for your trouble posting this, but that's been done time and time again. Among some of the problems is a cupboard to turn on lighting such as canned lights in the cultural hall that is going to fall on someone. It's hanging by a thread, when opened. Anyone could fix it, but should they? And some lighting in the ceiling in the entrance, the gal I play pickleball with is the branch president's wife going from memory, or maybe her husband is in the presidency. She's the one doing the complaining and reporting. BTW, my current ward building is just like yours, a two story built in the 60's probably. I dislike it so much, I'm trying not to be a snob. The carpet is terrible in the hallways when I'd vacuum it when I helped clean the building when we first moved there. The lighting is terrible, it is dark and dank with hardly any outside lighting coming in. Talk about a church building snob that am, sadly.
  6. Not to be political here, but one man who was a leader of our country, thought it okay to grab a woman by her privates. And many voted for this guy, in the church and elsewhere.
  7. But it's becoming more so in this day and age, feeling like we're going backwards. Think Handmaiden's Tale, but I haven't read the whole book or saw the whole series because I couldn't stomach it.
  8. Oh my, I didn't think it could get worse out there.
  9. I believe you're right. I believe societies have proven that they do terrible things. It's written all over in history. I'm so happy things finally straighten out eventually. So many myths taken down, it's like intelligence is evolving and hopefully spirit comes through a less muddled existence.
  10. I PM'd you, but it has something to do with Hildebrandt having Adam kicked out of BYU. Here's an article in People magazine: https://people.com/woman-charged-with-ruby-franke-broke-confidentiality-7966465#:~:text=During that time%2C Steed says,his banishment from church services. Since Adam was a whistleblower about sexual abuse happening in the boy scouts and the coverups. Adam feels the church used Jodi to make Adam look less credible.
  11. I think he's speaking for all of those that were sent to her through the church, but not full blame no.
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