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  1. I think this one is for the books or maybe even a meme! But I love it! Good one rod! "All relationships are trainwrecks. You just gotta hang on, take the bad with the good. Then the twain shall become one."
  2. What if the damage has been done? What if some of the lessons were damaging? Children should be taught as adults are, to not take everything at face value and not believe those primary teachers or even youth teachers are correct in everything they say. In the past there has been some serious shaming going on in those lessons. I heard a woman's story from her own mouth of how she was shamed and she was already in a very abusive household. I say the follow the prophet song should be thrown out of the primary curriculum or substitute Jesus Christ's name there. Children shouldn't be taught to always obey their elders no matter what. Especially in this day and age. I also listened to a Native American woman tell her story of how her primary teacher taught her that if she lived righteously her skin would turn white and how she tried with all her might to do that but each day she'd wake up with her brown skin and she'd be in tears and her mother asked her why she was crying and she told her about what her teacher had said. She was adopted by a white couple and thank goodness her mother set the primary teacher straight. There were two Native American women being interviewed in the podcast I listened to and they both said they hated singing the Book of Mormon Stories song because they'd both at different times be told to stand up and do the actions for the primary, and how the song didn't make them feel too good.
  3. It went very well yesterday with my sister saying she got the vaccine because they traveled outside of the US and that she's really glad she did now. Win!! Also, just saw this as a commercial on TV, it's awesome:
  4. Sometimes the idea of white nationalism is so far out of my realm of thinking that I've come to realize there are people who really are and they see others like themselves and are more open to come out I guess. That's what seems to be happening especially in the last 4 or so years.
  5. Thanks, I read the rest of what you had to say here. My sister isn't anti mask that I know of but don't know about my nephew, guessing he's anti mask along with my son. But it's done now, I posted both articles on the FB thread and if they say anything I will take it like a woman! ETA: I also mentioned that I use to be anti flu shot until some friends that work in the medical field convinced me otherwise. Hopefully that will soften my message.
  6. I did take that in to account. I read both articles by you and bsjkki and I like yours because it mentions LA California and not from MSN. But also liked bsjkki's because it shows it's not only in California. And hopefully the MSN article won't ruffles their feathers.
  7. Thanks Calm, my sister just posted on my nephew's FB about the vaccine, he's an anti-vaxxer Fauci hater and she is probably on the fence but lives in California so I'll not only give my son the link but post it on the FB thread my sister is on, whether or not she or my nephew will believe it, I will do it just for the sake of it maybe getting through some thick skulls!
  8. It's probably in front of my nose on this thread but lazy me would love a quick answer. My son just visited my home and is against the vaccine thinking he needs evidence of it working against the Delta variant. Would love some help if you have the time. A link or something.
  9. Bob's Big Boy was taken over by JB's and is temporarily closed according to google. Our friend's dad ran the family business until it was sold to JB's. It was JB's Big Boy for a while I think, my friend's sister has the original Big Boy in her yard in Maine. ETA: Shoot, now I'm second guessing myself. My friend's mom was a Broberg her husband worked there not sure the seniority but remember our friend's dad made up some recipes used there. JB's stands for Jack Broberg.
  10. Thought I'd google how people make money on these videos on youtube because I think I'm making a lot of people money! I watch a lot of mini van's turned into a camper or tiny homes or van life etc. plus some political news. Now I'll be more careful about who I support now. But I found this pertinent information and am hopeful that youtube will stand by their rules! https://smallbusiness.chron.com/youtube-start-paying-you-59420.html Careful of the Content In the past, some “bad actors” took advantage of YouTube’s former content policies and posted videos of hate speech, violence and other offensive and fraudulent material. YouTube has tightened its standards and no longer allows this kind of content. To keep the money coming in from your videos, be careful that they follow YouTube’s community guidelines.
  11. Yes, sad that the media trumps all and people believe the information that swiftly arrives in front of their eyes. Back in the day, people would get to know others w/o the social media, meet in person, get to know the candidates and their families etc. I listened to someone discussing what's going on (podcast) and he said it started with Rush Limbaugh and tea parties and on and on. I was a faithful listener to Rush and Sean Hannity, as well as Glenn Beck back in the day, no more though. The scare tactics they put over, ugh. 🤢
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