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  2. Howdy mi amigo! Like your dream!! I think I will just work on this version of your post, since it contains a revision of your original post- if I am missing something tell me. I think maybe all my attempts at explaining the Rorty quote has confused more people than helped them, and I am glad you posted this because it is an opportunity for me to get at least a chance on getting it more clear and testing a new strategy Let's try this. Suppose the aliens have finally landed and you are assigned to learn about how they think about philosophy. There is just one problem. I
  3. Not only that, it would be a foot that smells on top of everything else. Everyone nose that wouldn't work.
  4. Why is the nose of the Statue of Liberty only 11 inches long ? Because if it was an inch longer , it would be a foot >
  5. Not quite. The court ruled quite narrowly and found that: ” In a 7–2 decision, the Court ruled on narrow grounds that the Commission did not employ religious neutrality, violating Masterpiece owner Jack Phillips' rights to free exercise, and reversed the Commission's decision. The Court did not rule on the broader intersection of anti-discrimination laws, free exercise of religion, and freedom of speech, due to the complications of the Commission's lack of religious neutrality. ” From wiki
  6. Possible recycling plastics breakthrough... https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jun/15/scientists-convert-used-plastic-bottles-into-vanilla-flavouring?CMP=oth_b-aplnews_d-1
  7. Actually, it was a narrow ruling that did not uphold the fundamental right to freedom of conscience. The court punted but did rule the Colorado Civil Rights Commission was out of line. The commission chose not to pursue the current case.
  8. The last time that Mr Phillips was put 'through the process', he was vindicated under the law, and his fundamental right to freedom of conscience was upheld
  9. Yes, it's his fault totally, not blaming the callings.
  10. Q: What do you call a paper airplane that can't fly? A: Stationary. (That joke just falls flat). Q. Did you hear about the monarch who was only 12 inches tall? A. He was a terrible King, but he was a great ruler. (These jokes just aren't measuring up, sorry).
  11. It's really going to depend. One of the big things is if they have been sealed in the temple. A couple goes into this expecting to be together forever. For us it is not just about how things have changed on earth, but also for eternity. That's going to be very hard to deal with. So like others have said you really have to love and respect each other to make it work. And for the spouse that stays in the church they have to have faith that it will be ok in the end, whatever happens.
  12. Well that's what we expect. But if person 2 sued him, I wonder how this judge would rule. The straight man isn't a member of a protected class, and yet he's asking for essentially the thing as person 4.
  13. Yes, you know that is the way that most philosophy tests worked when I was in school, of course especially in the graduate level classes. It's a little hard to do multiple guess tests. "Of the below 6 definitions of existence, which is the best?" And yes trying to put these questions into the cultural vernacular is absolutely the hardest especially when you are trying to put across ideas which are NOT in the "cultural vernacular" because you are trying to illustrateto people what is wrong with the only way they know of thinking about things. So you have to use the cul
  14. Mr . Phillips would not bake 2 or 4. His objection is to messages/occasions not people.
  15. Given the stats on LGBT around 10% of the generic chocolate cakes he makes would be for LGBT people and have nothing to do with LGBT related functions, and he seems perfectly happy to do that. But consider 4 options 1) a straight man orders a blue/pink cake to celebrate his 4yo twin boy and girl's birthday 2) a straight man orders a blue/pink cake to celebrate his 20yo child's transition 3) a transperson orders a blue/pink cake to celebrate their 4yo twin boy and girl's birthday 4) a transperson orders a blue/pink cake to celebrate their transition 1 - every
  16. It’s not my newspaper. I don’t even work for it anymore. But I know it well enough to know that its editorial stances don’t constitute the Church’s position, and that the Church maintains neutrality on the vast majority of topics on which the newspaper editorializes. Even on matters on which they happen to agree, the newspaper does not speak for the Church.
  17. Examine the history of editorial policy. The DN came out against the MX Missile and it was widely regarded as church policy. The ERA and the repeal of prohibition. The same. How well do you know your newspaper? Why is it necessary to support Trump in the face of three DN editorials? Who is distorting what?
  18. Here's is what was reported in the 1958 Conference report for finances of the church. It doesn't even include the income numbers. I suppose we could multiply the numbers by ten or more for what it would be today. I don't know if at that time they put out anything more complete than this that also had the income. In earlier years they did have more detail and included Missionary and fast offering income but I can't see where they ever reported income from tithing.
  19. Yes, everyone must follow anti-discrimination laws regarding public accommodation requirements. Those that choose to defy them are not unwitting victims, but intentional perpetrators, especially those that have already been through the process and should know as such. Those pesky blacks… they could have eaten at any other black-friendly diner…. They targeted those poor (but racist) diner owners just because of the diner owners’ beliefs…
  20. The editors are not the Church, Bob, and they don’t speak for the Church any more than you or I do. Neither does the man you misleadingly identify as “the Church lawyer.” The note on his piece said, “His views are his own.” You know these things. Stop the distortions.
  21. As Dr. King and his followers demonstrated, sometimes the best way to effect change is to continue to press the issue targeting business that refuse to follow the law.
  22. As with the first case, they targeted Mr. Phillips because of his religious beliefs. He would have baked the cake for them if they had not said it represented a gender transition. That violates his conscience and religious beliefs. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/is-there-only-one-baker-in-colorado-he-s-now-in-court-over-a-transgender-themed-cake/ar-BB1eVKaw But, everyone must assimilate and comply. It’s the American way. Nevermind, she could get her cake just about anywhere else in a five mile radius.
  23. The way inflation is going, in a hundred years trillion might be the new billion. Looking to the past, adjusted for inflation, $1.00 in 1921 is equal to $13.43 in 2021. If inflation continues at that rate, $100 billion today will be 1.343 trillion in 2121. And would buy no more than $100 billion does today.
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