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  2. That's just where I think bsjkki and others are. They have some learning and understanding to share that can help others, but it isn't always wise for them to share. By the way I appreciate that you did share your NDE. I get why you regret it and I don't blame you, but I appreciate the experience you have had that helps the rest of us.
  3. In theory yes. If you want to talk real life, I have experiences that say otherwise.
  4. Well, now I am thinking about you in a somewhat different light. Got to ask…Why?
  5. Honestly if you were to do this you would give it to Seventies whose job it is to travel or consult on specific cases. Instead of a hotline make it a place to report a situation. Tie it to website and only allow members to submit reports of potential problems. Give them full discretion to block individuals from submitting reports if they are spamming things and discretion on which situations to pour more resources into. If you hem them on having to write up reports on every submission you will be dealing with complaints that “Bishop X clearly favors Y because X gave the calling I should have gotten to Y. The Holy Ghost told me I should get the calling. Please correct this.”
  6. It wouldn't have to be used, apparently the mere knowledge of an armed school staffer is enough to prevent a school shooting from happening in the first place. As we find in every school that has such a thing.
  7. Do not , I repeat , DO NOT , start giving guns to the untrained. How many times have there been police involved shootings( and police are trained regularly) where dozens of shots were fired at the perp and most missed. Adrenalin takes over in high stress situations. By all means harden access to the building.
  8. Yesterday
  9. I agree. I believe I have a fairly good grasp on the reasons behind why some sort of change might be desired - I'm just too caught up on trying to figure out (or even just conceptualize, really) the how.
  10. I agree that gun free zones are a joke. And I do think that we should probably have more security at our schools, at least until we can get a handle on this kind of stuff and lessen it happening. But I don't think that arming teachers is the answer. As the meme says, if we don't even trust our teachers right now to pick library books, why would we trust them with a gun? And lastly, if this were an easy problem to solve and all it took was some intelligence, I think we would have solved it already. It's a problem because we don't really know what is causing it, so we don't really know how to stop it. It's probably a combination of a lot of different things and with so many options on the table, there are an equal number of options for resolution--and in our current broken political climate that means a lot of fighting and very little of doing anything.
  11. Sorry, I meant the opposite than it appears there, let me rephrased that, I meant lets keep regulations that reduce the chance legal guns fall in the hands of children and criminals. *Edited the post*
  12. Those who have been in the military and in law enforcement know just the opposite: We need disciplined and trained gun-owners, not lackadaisical libertarians who have no sense of responsibility. Rights = responsibility.
  13. We have also made schools with small children gun-free zones with little to no security. Same for our churches. Govt bldgs, on the other hand, generally have strict search-screens to prevent entry of people who are armed. Why is it that we do not value the children enough to make their learning experience secure? Why is that crazy people choose to go to gun-free zones, such as schools and churches? Seems like a no-brainer. Why are our teachers and school administrators so uninterested in doing something intelligent for a change?
  14. Hmmm... those are all kind of populist left thoughts, so for me to offer ideas outside of the box here, I'll come in from the right. There are no school shooting in India, all the teachers there are armed. In fact, there hasn't been a single mass public shooting in any school that allows teachers and staff to carry guns legally. There have been no hijackings of Israeli planes in recent years with armed sky marshals. It seems mass shooters and hijackers are cowards. So as odd as it sounds, playing the devil's advocate as far as evil guns are concerned; the solution is we need more of this necessary evil, we need more guns, more legally armed citizens and we need less restrictions on guns for legal citizens, less restrictions as far as ownership and carrying in public are concerned, not necessarily less restrictions on things like background checks, locks and storage of guns, etc so that gun do not fall in the hands of children and criminals.* [* edited for clarity] There are multiple angles to come at this issue. As far as the correlation between mass shooters and violent games; violent media does tend to desensitize people to violence and the military has been taking advantage of this to help develop games and recruit kids for years. However, its almost impossible to know whether violent games cause people to become violent or whether violent people simply enjoy violent games. If the problem is that we glorify simulated war in games, we would have to ban sports too, as those are also simulations of war.
  15. I don't want to talk about it; it's still so heartbreaking to even think about this latest one in Texas. But talking about it might be helpful. I have no idea what the root cause is, but we are obviously broken. I don't think it is easy gun access, because other countries with easy gun access do not have the same level of gun violence that we do. So it's probably something (or many things) in our current culture that makes getting a gun and shooting a lot of innocent people sound like a great idea. But, though easy gun access might not be the root cause of people wanting to kill and maim as many people as possible, easy gun access does make it easier for people to live out these sick fantasies.
  16. Already got some, thanks. 😳 You are just BAD man!! Incidentally please just answer my replies for me if I am away. You know what I would say before I do anyway! 🙃
  17. Yes I noticed the million/billion mistake. He could be very tired from the guam temple trip and might also might not be perfectly healthy right now. He was having some trouble speaking. I think the church numbers are still growing in the US but just not at the same rate that it was previously.
  18. So what is the root causes of these mass shootings? 1) Easy gun access 2)Single family home 3)Information overload at too young of an age 4)Lack of God in family life 5)Lack of God in public life 6)Violent TV and video games available to youngsters Comments?
  19. I've not watched it yet, but Joseph was hit six times before he fell out the window and sat up against the well waiting until they all came out and they proceeded to riddle him with holes, apparently not in the face. I have the death masks of Joseph and Hyrum and only Hyrum Smith has a hole in his face.
  20. This is horrible. And an example of situations where church leaders have more influence than law enforcement.
  21. I would not make any of it public. I regret sharing myNDE with the board.
  22. Yes, including ombudsmen. But from my perspective, their purpose would not be to remove fallibility from the equation. It would be to help remove bias (on both sides) and offer support. Someone farther back from the issue can often understand where both sides are coming from in ways that the involved cannot. Well, how would he determine whether or not the RSP ought to be subject to church discipline right now under our current procedures if she told the stake RS president this rather than an ombudsman? The lack of an official third party helping the RS president doesn't make this scenario any less hard for the bishop. I guess that would depend on what authority and responsibilities the prophet gave them. That would be the prophet's call if such a calling was created. It's not like an ombudsman is going to suddenly spring up out of the grass with no oversight or authority from the quorum of the 12, and run amok because they/the bishop/stake president have no idea where they fit into the "chain of command" or what authority they have. And it's not like we have to figure that all out either before the idea is plausible. That would definitely be above our pay grade. Speaking for myself though, he wouldn't have the authority to override the bishop or stake president on his own. It already is very messy. I don't see how support for members in some difficult situations is going to make it more messy.
  23. Just got done watching the latest episode and it depicts the martyrdom. It was pretty graphic and I liked that it wasn't sugar coated. My question is from those who have studied the event in detail - it is accurate? It seems to me it was - I know they desecrated Joseph's body after like they show, but I thought they also dealt some blows to his face - at least I recall hearing that. What were your thoughts of the depiction, if you have seen it? I would like to see a complete, uninterrupted depiction of church history with some grit like this - but don't know if I will ever see it since antagonists of the church have an agenda to sensationalize what they see as the villainy of the early church leaders, and the Church, rightfully so, is focused on producing faith-promoting content without focusing too overtly on the disturbing, possibly 'R-rated' content.
  24. During the questions he misspoke first when he said 100 million instead of 100 billion. And again when he said the church was growing in this country and then when she spoke about statistics, he says how it has grown in different ways vs. statistically. It almost feels like the apostles are so heavily involved in the church that they don't spend time on the internet much or on social media, which would be kind of nice.
  25. Here is the balancing act we are asked to perform. It’s Elder Oaks from General Conference October 2010. “We must use both the personal line and the priesthood line in proper balance to achieve the growth that is the purpose of mortal life. If personal religious practice relies too much on the personal line, individualism erases the importance of divine authority. If personal religious practice relies too much on the priesthood line, individual growth suffers. The children of God need both lines to achieve their eternal destiny. The restored gospel teaches both, and the restored Church provides both.” It’s something I have thought a lot about and have come to the same conclusion. I think this one of the reasons why we are always asked to get our own witnesses of the truthfulness (or lack there of) of what prophets teach.
  26. You are getting to that age, aren't ya? I would recommend some Depends 😁
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