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  2. If it’s any consolation, it only slightly takes an edge off. The mental fuzz, particularly on bad sleep days, persists. Mate cocido is between tea and coffee in amount of caffeine. And I’ve definitely had it during my daughter’s first 2 years of life to stay more awake. But that’s about as much as it did for me: I stayed awake. it’s like catching a river with a bathtub in terms of helping with chronic sleep deprivation. Other things do it better….excercise, a nap….okay actually sleep does it best 😅 I don’t run well without sleep. Some people can keep going like that with few noticeable effects minus the bags and lethargy. I don’t, I start deteriorating quickly. So i just found tricks to sleep more. Careful Bed sharing saved me the first year…I wasn’t really tired from sleep deprivation much during then. When it became obvious she needed to get out of our bed that’s when it really started kicking in. But it became clear to my husband and me that I couldn’t handle it long term. So he took over most night duties. From time to time it catches up with him and I try to take over for a night or two. I definitely remember how potent the switch over was for my mental stamina. And that’s what’s keeping my mind more alert. not my cocido, as much as I love that drink. with luv, BD
  3. The fbi investigates any death which could possibly be a homicide or suspicious which occurs on a reservation. A fatal traffic accident resulting from either impaired driving or reckless driving is a homicide aka manslaughter.
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  5. But why the FBI is what others are wondering, I believe. Why not local police? Tribal police?
  6. AHA! Now I have a new reason to show up here 🤨
  7. Indeed. Here's an important piece of data when considering the claim under question (published online in Oct. 2019, before the emergence of Covid-19): 'We estimated an average of 389 000 (uncertainty range 294 000-518 000) respiratory deaths were associated with influenza globally each year during the study period, corresponding to ~ 2% of all annual respiratory deaths' (Paget et al., 'Global mortality associated with seasonal influenza epidemics: New burden estimates and predictors from the GLaMOR Project', Journal of Global Health 9:2, Dec. 2019). Including all influenza deaths, the research continues, might double that figure.
  8. https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/violent-crime/indian-country-crime Head on collisions typically are caused by one driver trying to pass another car on a two lane road OR one of the drivers is impaired either by drugs, alcohol , or fatigue. It seems natural that there would be an investigation by the authorities.
  9. It seems somebody is trying to bribe influencers to directly sow doubt about vaccines. https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-57928647 *cough*Russia*cough*
  10. I see you have popped in a couple of times, do you plan on answering my CFRs or not? The second should be relatively easy to confirm, the first a bit harder. Feel free to take a few days for the first if you intend on answering it. The second I would like to see an answer by tomorrow or will report as I think it very important to have accurate info on Covid and not perpetuate false information, whatever that might be. To make it easy, here is the second one again:
  11. In our region (though not in my stake), worship has been halted and resumed a number of times. It remains to be seen if American Saints will tolerate that.
  12. Was on Indian Service Route 125 in Ramah Navajo Indian Reservation https://www.daily-times.com/story/news/local/2021/07/23/two-latter-day-saint-missionaries-based-farmington-mission-killed-crash/8076930002/
  13. It will be interesting to see how bad the virus outbreak has to get and how many members need to get sick before some wards and regions reinstitute more safety measures again. Hopefully we don’t get that bad again. But we are not even close to winter and school starts are still weeks away. This virus has a lot of opportunity coming up to really ramp back up.
  14. We no longer stream in my ward but the two wards I visited recently still do. We streamed from a laptop propped up on a bench. The ward I visited had a fancy camera mounted on the wall aimed perfectly at the podium. I guess it depends on how tech savvy the people in your ward are. Our ward turns off the wifi in the building during services too. This is annoying because now you have to download any video you want to use in a lesson and it's impossible to pull things up in the Library app unless you already had it downloaded. My phone has very limited service in our building.
  15. Correct. That's why the same section in the Handbook instructs that 'The bishop may authorize a priest or Melchizedek Priesthood holder to administer the sacrament in person to those who cannot attend the meeting'. In my case, Bishop authorised my housemate to do it for me.
  16. That's a good idea except of course the sacrament ordinance cannot be broadcasted.
  17. That's all we've ever done, always sent out in an email by bishop on Sunday morning. Since getting permission for everyone to attend in-person, we only stream on Sundays when people are sick or self-isolating and have asked for it, and then the link is sent just to them. (We always know when someone is home sick because there's a camera on a tripod at the front of the chapel.)
  18. I think we would do apologetics better when we approach its use as a seeker. We err when we approach it as one who is has already found the truth and is simply trying to enlighten the "less than," "skeptic," or "doubter" with our unassailable brilliance. Some of the orthodox Christian apologetes I have known have sought to distance or separate themselves from intimate relationships, using their charm, charisma, certitude, or brilliance to build walls of personal and emotional safety. I went to an evangelical university at a time of great apologetic fervor. The "Battle for the Bible" was at its apex. Almost all of those who were the examples of evangelical brilliance that we looked up to, end up being examples of disappointment and personal failures. They utilized their brilliance to hide their own faults. In defending their faith, they never are called on to defend themselves. Thus, they find safety. I prefer those who assure as opposed to those who assail. I have no idea if that is true with LDS apologetes. I don't know any personally. My favorite LDS gurus who I do know are kind, friendly, inclusive and who want to listen (they have needs to know and understand) as much as I do. I have problems with apologetes of any faith who already have the answer . . . complemented with no interest in learning anything themselves from the discussion. They already have the truth. Their goal is to instruct not to inquire. Thanks for letting me chime in .
  19. I didn’t know that some wards did limited, basically invitation-only streaming. The only type of I’ve herd of is the streaming done as a result of the pandemic, where the entire ward is given the link. This was continued after in-person meetings resumed. It seems to have been discontinued as of this week. But I’m not certain. My ward was dissolved last week and I didn’t receive the usual weekly email with the link.
  20. I wondered why as well. I have also been thinking maybe because it is on a reservation so that may be standard somehow?
  21. How I wish our ward shifted sacrament. Ours kept it in the same place, but turned off the video.
  22. That was my first thought: Not sure if it was Navajo Nation or one of the other tribes, but, yes. Condolences to all most deeply affected by the loss of these two young men.
  23. I was there for Doug Floyd. He taught civil pro. We used to call him "Pink" because of is rosy complexion.
  24. I didn't ask why the ward conference yesterday was being streamed, but I know that this ward has an older single sister in it who lives nearly 200km away from the chapel. In the past, someone rang her at home just as sacrament meeting was starting, and she listened in through the telephone. It's possible now that she is able to have the stream with video. What a blessing for her! (Her ministers visit twice/month to administer the sacrament.) Updated guidelines certainly allow for this: We've returned to in-person stake/high council meetings as well, but we still have someone Zoom in now and then, whether for illness or because s/he is away. I haven't detected any pressure for this to happen, just a willingness. I'm not sure how this would happen. I fell very sick just after Christmas and had to miss church. I contacted the bishop to let him know, and then on Sunday morning he emailed me a link to the stream. It wasn't publicly available in any way.
  25. Streaming is a true blessing for those whose illness or disability prevent them from attending in person. I think the church needs to think beyond the pandemic, and continue to offer this service permanently. Will some who are physically able to go to church, stay home and stream? Sure, but why should those who can’t attend be deprived because of the actions of others?
  26. I am sure you all heard of the two missionaries killed in a crash a few days ago FBI investigating crash that killed two missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints FARMINGTON, N.M. (ABC4) – Federal authorities are now investigating a New Mexico crash that killed two missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and seriously injured another. A spokesperson with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints says the two young missionaries were serving in the New Mexico Farmington Mission. MORE: Utah firefighters help battle nation’s largest wildfire Following the head-on collision Thursday afternoon, 20-year-old Elder Michael Austin Davis of Corinne, Utah, and 20-year-old Elder Tyson Gene Haycock of Miles City, Montana, both passed away due to injuries they sustained. Elder Haycock’s missionary service had just begun a few weeks ago in June while Elder Davis has been serving since August 2019. A third missionary, a 19-year-old from Idaho, was seriously injured in the crash. MORE: SLC Police searching for driver who struck, critically injured man ABC4 affiliate KRQE reports the FBI is investigating the crash, which happened on the Navajo Nation. The FBI has not yet released any details about the crash. Earlier this month, the Church announced the passing of President José Maria Batalla of the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission. He had been battling COVID-19 for nearly two months when he suffered cardiac arrest. NEXT: State limits American Fork business license following death of 11-year-old boy In May of this year, two missionaries – 18-year-old Elder Luke Masakazu Carter of Springville and 20-year-old Elder Eli Jon Fowler of Pueblo West, Colorado – were killed in a Texas crash. Weeks earlier, 21-year-old Elder Fernando Antonio Ramos Garcia of Juayua, El Salvador, died after drowning in a river. In January, 19-year-old Elder Jake Smith of Lehi passed away after a car crash in Arkansas. Three other missionaries were injured. Another missionary, 20-year-old Elder Samuel Joseph Iseh, Jr. of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, passed away after experiencing a sudden health episode. ---------------- Wondering why the FBI would be involved. Is it because it happened on the Navajo Nation?
  27. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10161042959519018&set=a.10154200414854018
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