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  2. The below video showed up on my recommended list today. It's a pretty well-thought-out response to the OP and so many other comments on this thread. Jacob has published on the psychology of polarising political movements, and his insight that people like Dehlin and his ilk are using the same methods to stir up the same kinds of fear, hatred and suspicion is powerful, in my opinion.
  3. There is some merit to this. One also has to consider what the church teaches is bad/good, right/wrong etc about all kinds of things. When one is doing or believes something contrary to these teachings it is easy to assume the potential judgement being passed on them by faithful members. If the belief is that if someone does such and such they are bad… well I’m bad and that’s what they think about me. perfect example is this. Growing up I was taught to never date or marry outside your own race. It was against our religion, the prophet said so and it mixes the race of your descendants. You are white for a reason. That said, when I asked a girl out in high school who was not white I knew I could never take her to meet my parents if we became a thing. I was disobeying Spencer w kimball the prophet. we go out and lo and behold we become an item and my mother finds out. Dimed out by my sister of course and holy hell broke out at second class’ house. “ How dare you date a “bleep” behind our backs! You are forbidden to see her again! Of course we kept dating, went to prom etc. parents hated that. She wasn’t even Mormon but that just made it even worse since she was also a “bleep.” so when one of my kids is getting sealed in the temple twenty plus years later to someone who isn’t white…, yea it is not in my head what they are thinking. They taught me they hated that and no good Mormon does that. Def not just in my head. Never told my kids but my wife knows. My kids grew up military brat. They don’t have a problem with blacks and other races. Prob just in my head but I know what they believe and they believe this is a horrible thing. Good Mormons though… ask anyone around here lol
  4. Good song, as well, but I was thinking of a different one. Sorry for any confusion.
  5. Yep, there are just some people where, after an interaction or two, one realises that it's wise to just back away slowly. My personal rule -- both on this forum and elsewhere -- is not to engage with crazy.
  6. “Big Yellow Taxi”? I thought that was recorded by Joni Mitchell and, later, The Neighborhood.
  7. I want to breathe underwater and swim with the penguins ( they glide under the water) I also want to fly like a bird and soar over every land and get a bird’s eye view. I want the ability to see actual events in history, like a live action film.
  8. Why on earth would I want anyone to tell me how to think? That's completely foreign to me.
  9. Our son begins his missionary service next Monday with an at-home MTC experience preparatory to his assignment. So I have set for myself a goal to learn Spanish over the next two years, perhaps to be able to converse with him in that language when he returns. This goal has taken me to the Duolingo app on my iPhone, which, in turn, took me to YouTube, where I ran across this superb account of the Church’s language-training techniques for its missionaries, this (presumably) from the perspective of an informed and friendly non-member of the Church. I very much like his intelligent, informative and accurate approach. It takes me back to my days as a missionary serving in Sweden and makes me marvel that I had the fortitude to get through it — or that any young man or woman in late-teenage years does, for that matter. Check it out.
  10. It's awesome that your wife gets that opportunity, Dude! (Um, I mean, Brother Dude! Sorry! ) And you're right: We don't realize what we have. As Cinderella* sang so well, "Don't know what you got 'til it's gone." *The group, not the fairy tale star.
  11. https://www.fairlatterdaysaints.org/blog/2021/09/18/the-church-of-jesus-christ-and-the-bsa-bankruptcy-case You might want to read this…
  12. I hope they allowed the Church to microfilm and/or digitize those records, thus making them accessible to everybody.
  13. I don’t doubt this is the case elsewhere as well. Family history is an extremely popular hobby around the world. I was told some years ago that family history is the second-most frequent pursuit on the internet. The most frequent, alas, is pornography.
  14. Well also they are more likely to know the languages- we also have a sizable Polish collection
  15. Well also we have had a couple of Jewish and African American organizations donate their collections of records, primarily in book form, because they had no place to house them or train their people. We provided the space for them to safely store their records
  16. The Name Extraction Program (later called the Family Record Extraction Program) was implemented years ago because back then, there were not enough names produced from Church members’ own family history research alone to keep the temples busy. Extraction workers were called in the wards and stakes to “extract” names directly from the microfilmed records to fill in the gap. But within the last decade or so, such extraction efforts have been no longer necessary, because there are now enough names provided from Church members’ own family history efforts to keep the temples well supplied. And there are many more temples in the world today than there were back in the days when extraction projects were flourishing! That’s another “great story” that ought to be highlighted, Smac. Of course this is not only due to the Church members’ diligence in doing family history, but to the amazing growth in technology, the digitization of microfilmed records and the work of thousands of volunteers around the world to index those digitized records, making family history research so much easier and more convenient to do (see my post above, the second one in this thread).
  17. Sometimes even the helpers aren’t church members, at least in the past. I worked with two nonmembers every Wednesday evening when I lived in Kansas in ‘88 iirc. They were much more knowledgeable than I was, so I basically ignored I was technically the boss.
  18. That is my issue. I have a hard time recognizing people out of the usual setting and instead will be clueless or worse, sense I should know them, but because I don’t, get nervous about talking to them and I might try to subtly avoid getting close enough that if we know each other, we would say hi. Even if I register they are someone from school or church or doctor’s office, etc. names generally elude me. In the past, that would mean trying to avoid contact, but now I just say my brain is useless when it comes to names and I know I should know, but I don’t. So it is quite possible a former member saw me turn into another aisle at a store in order to avoid them, but not for the reason they think. Otoh, if I saw one of my sisters in a store, there is a good chance I would try and avoid her as she has disowned the family and even threatened legal action if someone shares her contact info with a sibling or niece or nephew. No doubt if she saw me avoiding her, she would be quite accurate in her interpretation of why that occurred. I can think of two other people I would avoid if possible in the same way because contact is just too negative of an experience, but I was always polite and even nice to them, so they would likely be clueless. There was one day last year my son showed up at the door unexpectedly without his family and it took a minute and him saying something for my mind to shift from “stranger, likely a solicitor” to “son”.
  19. The numbers are negligible. So those who fit into those categories are basically damned by default with very few exceptions? Interesting take. I wouldn’t bring it up if you are trying to make an argument for God’s goodness.
  20. I think going swimming naked would be much more enjoyable, the feel of the water against the skin, the weightlessness…don’t really need support. I hope we can dress up in anything we can imagine rather than just wearing the same thing day in and day out like we were cartoon or video game characters who never change their appearance. And it would be fun to change body shape so as to be able to wear comfortably a much larger variety of clothing. I love having long hair and short hair and hair of a variety of colors (it started out very light, went quite dark and is now getting light again). I think it would be fun to be able to change hair color without using chemicals that stink. Would perfect hair be able to be bleached or would it be too healthy, too resistant to what is essentially intentionally damaging one’s hair? I would also love to vary my height, though if I had to choose only one height I would like a few more inches to better mesh with my husband when side by side and to no longer need a step to kiss without strain while standing. I would like to vary my age as well, but age just isn’t appearance, but experience, so how would that work? Would I close off certain memories, alter hormones? Or would I have control enough over my mind that I would just imagine myself as a child or youth and then imagine different experiences I wanted to enjoy at that age without the baggage of insecurities that were present in my mortal childhood. I would like to play sports and be decent at them, lose my fear of heights and climb mountains and paraglide…preferable without a paraglider. We have an eternity, I like the idea of exploration and development/changing of both the universe and myself.
  21. Doesn't the Church have it's own legal Dept. Kirton and McConkie or they employ them? boy oh boy having to explain to the boss that the Church has to pay 250 million dollars, I think someone is going to not make swing manager over this!
  22. I have zero guarantee of that, but we can both hope together! I really enjoyed having him as my companion. Regardless, if I ever bump into him at the shops and actually recognise him, I'll head straight over and say hi. If I don't see or recognise him, but he sees me, I already know how he'll interpret that ...
  23. I learned years ago that by far, the majority of the patrons at a typical Church family history center are not Church members.
  24. My husband and I went to Cry Maucho. I was excited because I've enjoyed the last few movies that were produced and directed by Clint Eastwood such as Mule and Gran Torino and many more that he directed, just googled. Sadly, this was very slow and the acting not so great. But good moral to the story type movie. No swearing and had some spiritual moments.
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