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  2. The ad was expected by me. It had to happen sooner or later, because of the super cool LDS and not LDS I have known in Utah.
  3. Who has said anything about requiring anyone wearing a mask at home?
  4. So, what is the proper number? You have to multiply the number of worldwide reported deaths by a factor of 7 in order to get an IFR over 1%. I don't think there are 7 million deaths from this but China and other countries could be hiding the numbers from everyone. Do you have better numbers as far as the deaths from this? What is your estimate? Go ahead and report me to the teacher if it makes you feel better regarding your CFR. This is comical. I thought I was engaging with adults. If you have to suffer by wearing a mask at home and everywhere, let all suffer, right? I do
  5. For those who like numbers , here are a lot of them. If you scroll down to the Global Stats you will see the results of 218 countries. USA # 1 , Canada # 30 , China # 54. There are lies, damned lies and statistics , covid - 19 : hold my beer. Anyone who thinks that China has had half the deaths of Canada is... shall I say... wool enhanced . https://www.covid-19canada.com/
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  7. https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/522743-astrazeneca-says-its-vaccine-produces-immune-response-in-older-adults?amp&__twitter_impression=true Vaccine news.
  8. Perhaps it is best appreciated by those who practice mindfulness and meditation. It is the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard!
  9. Idaho is having a bad time too https://www.idahostatesman.com/news/coronavirus/article246696392.html
  10. As you might expect, I would like to raise objections to some of your comments. I disagree. If by "accept" you mean "acknowledge the existence of", sure. They don't have a choice. However, for the settled naturalist, accepting the veridicality of the experience is impossible, so the content of the experience must be dismissed in some way and causally attributed in some way to a form of deception, whether intentional or otherwise. That is not acceptance. That is not taking it seriously. On the contrary, the point of most of these is that God, or at the very least outside s
  11. That is crazy. Good job Colorado! You are doing something right there.
  12. No. Edit: I have to take that "no" back. It is my position that if it is agreed that humans own their bodies as defined in my post, then unlimited abortion and slavery follow ineluctably.
  13. So, that is not your position? What is your source?
  14. Because a hurting economy, job loss, etc. is great for government tax revenue, right? You don't know what you are talking about. Come work in the health department and look at all the lazy government workers doing "nothing". We are exhausted! We are all working crazy over-time and have very little to no work/life balance right now. Most are trying to do their normal government jobs AND are involved in the Covid response on top of what they normally do. We are all burned out. We are also scared for our jobs. We know that funding is gone and layoffs are coming. No department of t
  15. If they were infectious diseases it would warrant taking some of these measures. I would argue that it is the resistance against quarantine, masks, and lockdowns that are responsible for most of the collateral damage from Covid. Our current national plan (or lack thereof) simply isn't working to keep Covid in check, or protect against collateral damage. We see the worst from both worlds! It's a disaster. When we work together as a nation in solidarity against the virus...we win. We could have avoided most of the collateral damage if we had a good leader and cooperative ci
  16. And your neighbor to your East, here I sit in Colorado with COVID only taking up 6% of our hospital capacity. It's crazy.
  17. aka, her child. Seems strange to think that my parents (actually just my mother, according to this assumption) own me, as I am the "potential combination of the sperm and egg". I am her "property", apparently. So, the woman's property is trespassing on her property? Ok? Do not parents have legal obligations to provide for and protect their children? Can a baby trespass on her own mother's property? Cool, so I can now torture and kill anyone who trespasses on my property (for any reason) even by pulling them apart one limb at a time while still alive - and even if
  18. As I have said before, the Covid shutdown is an excuse for government workers to collect their pay but do nothing. No lifeguards, building and safety inspections, park rangers, and the like. Entire swaths of parks and running trails have been shut down -- because government workers didn't want to be there to supervise. Large sections of California coastlines -- closed. Parking lots to access the coast -- closed. Marathons -- cancelled because no permits would issue. Insurance commissioner's office; the DMV; you name it.
  19. Objectively or subjectively? Impossible to test/prove, though. What does scripture say about modern day abortion rights? The scriptures say quite a bit about the sanctity of life, the value of little children, prohibitions against murder (and "anything like unto it"), and so on. I"m just pointing out that you are suggesting what is legitimate and what is not, in terms of revelation, it seems to me. But I'm not suggesting that I am the arbiter of such things ("agrees with Smac"). Elective abortion is not brought up.
  20. Are the new Utah cases consistent with the National age/pre-existing-condition statistics?
  21. What if some non-Mormon gets far more inspiration and revelation than anyone in the Church ever has? That'd be interesting in light of you deciding they are entitled to some measure... What does scripture say about modern day abortion rights? I"m just pointing out that you are suggesting what is legitimate and what is not, in terms of revelation, it seems to me. Elective abortion is not brought up. So why do you think anyone would invoke scripture on this topic? Someone opposing abortion has no biblical basis, it seems to me.
  22. Well, I certainly appreciate your very kind invitation, but I'm reminded of the old saying about what @$$-u-me-ing does. No, thanks.
  23. Do you have a link to the article? I would suggest that you pay less attention to 2-week intervals and short-term trends (those are constantly fluctuating up and down) and look at the bigger picture. Total infections etc. Can we ignore Taiwan and South Korea? https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/getting-healthy-now/202004/defending-the-right-infect
  24. Technically yes because having long hair, wearing women clothes, chopping body parts off, taking hormones, even changing your name does not make you the opposite sex. Though such a person would have to come to church with their hair cut, wearing the appropriate cloths and no makeup. They would have to make some big changes. I am sure this guy who identifies himself as a parrot would have to make changes also.
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