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  2. @Tacenda- From most of your posts, you seem to be anti-tithing and do not think that the church should ask for tithing or expect members to pay it. Your comment above and this quote seem to back up this viewpoint. (if I mis-state your view, I am sorry - just going off of your posts). I feel good about my tithing because I believe that it allows God's word to be spread amongst the nations and for ordinances to be performed. This is why I pay tithing, to assist my brothers and sisters around the world in hearing the Gospel and receiving their ordinances. But, Tacenda, I ask you to do a
  3. From wikipedia: As it's been said previously, there's no need to for the LDS church to open a hospital in a place where the Catholic Church already has one up and running. Donating to the hospital would be more efficient than running a parallel one.
  4. Our food bank here got a big shipment of food in from the LDS church at the beginning of the pandemic. There could have been more, but I read about that shipment in the diocese newsletter. When it comes to charity, it's good that we can all set aside any doctrinal differences and just work together as Christians to alleviate the suffering of others.
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  6. You must do an awesome job because the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints trusts you guys with a lot of their resources. I know that the Bishop's Storehouse in Layton provides food to different Catholic food pantries because, according the volunteers that work at the storehouse, "they already have the infrastructure in place and there is no need to reinvent the wheel."
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    I think many people limit the kingdom of God to only the church of Jesus Christ, or only the celestial realm of glory, but try perhaps to think about what the kingdom of God is by thinking about what it is not, or by what is outside of God's domain. And we are God, by being the offspring of God, so how could God possibly not be within us?
  8. If it is true what he said at the beginning of his life typically being able to intentionally be the only black guy in a room full of whites, he has a lot more control over his life situations than many people do. Also after reading wiki, it sounds like he was blessed with a body that adapts easily to different situations as well as natural talents for strength and speed. I would be hesitant therefore in making assumptions about other people’s situations and the control they have over their life based on his experiences.
  9. Are you assuming the First Presidency assigns topics as well as assigning speakers, similar to how many bishoprics do that in their wards, or do you have actual proof for your assumption? I think it is likely that the First Presidency assigns speakers but I'm pretty sure they don't give those speakers word-for-word manuscripts of what they want those speakers to say, preferring instead to encourage them to speak as the Holy Spirit inspires them to speak. And they may not give them a topic to speak on while encouraging the speakers to allow the Holy Spirit to influence them in that decision a
  10. And the rich and powerful get more so and increase their oppression of the poor, so if not careful the net result is with charity, the poor are worse off. Thus the need to be very, very careful with charitable donations to avoid nasty unintended consequences.
  11. To beg a question is to assume a conclusion? What conclusion would someone be assuming by begging a question? A conclusion to what? By knowing that I am a comedian you have arrived at the conclusion that I am funny otherwise you would not know that I am a comedian. Do you have a question you are begging to ask me about this?
  12. When my mom suffered with late stages of Alzheimer's and she couldn't be home any longer, she'd escape and didn't know my dad and became angry asking where Jerry is, my dad use to say how he'd wish the church would open up facilities to help people like her. Maybe I get some of that sentiment from my dad, not blaming him, just hoping I'm not a cad for saying what I do, I guess. I like that Catholics have hospitals, cool!
  13. Good memories...my son loved that show, so it was bonding time for us. With my daughter it was Perry Mason.
  14. Hey, three of those four are Catholic! And we do a pretty good job when it comes to charity. Certainly because of our size and infrastructure, but also because of our history of running hospitals, schools, etc.
  15. It doesn't really matter how much you have. Put it out on the internet, with a list of what you spend it on, and I guarantee people will criticize your choices. Especially those who don't think it's fair that you have more than they do and those who don't like you personally.
  16. It depends on the definition and support you are using. I asked you for an empirically demonstrated definition of reverse racism since I cannot find one. The BYU report is based on a survey on racism. Do you have something similar for revere racism? If you want to start a thread on where you are coming from instead of how you empirically view the BYU survey and report as reverse racism, that would be fine with me. A number of folks have called out your logical fallacies, which I've pretty much avoided doing. This might be another reason for you to originate your own thread to more di
  17. Very true! Which means individuals need to help those that are nearby hopefully. Or in their neighborhoods. Good to know, thank you. Well, a flat 12 billion then? I think it beats the 1.5 billion since 1985 the critics mention. OR actually the church has mentioned, which is where the critics get it from. But I know the statistics aren't as current, it's a few years old, so maybe it's increased somewhat.
  18. Last week I taught a class on logical fallacies. You've committed two here. Equivocation: you are saying white supremacy is the same as slavery Red herring: you are shifting the discussion away from white supremacy in the US to slavery in the world. It's a sneaky one-two punch you've got there. Too bad it's below the belt
  19. Which includes subsidiaries such as Beneficial Financial Group, Bonneville International Corp., Deseret News, Deseret Book, Hawaii Reserves, Temple Square Hospitality, etc.
  20. This thread seems to be a tacit acknowledgement of the need by some to explain why Jesus Christ's church has 100B+ in reserves. I wish I had so much money that people would criticize how I spent it.
  21. Yes. While it is true that IRS figures make it clear that LDS members give more charity per capita than any other religious group, we really don't know how much the LDS Church actually donates to charity, in cash and in kind. A great deal of that comes in the form of free food (bishop's food orders, for example). However, the investments operated by the Church may have so much extra money available that it can and has been used for vast charitable donations -- over and above what the general membership could do. Welfare Square is legendary in its ability to respond to emergencies anywhere
  22. Deseret Management Corporation (wiki page, http://www.deseretmanagement.com/) is the holding company for all of the for-profit companies that the church owns. On their site, they have a page that talks about what charity foundations they donate to: http://www.deseretmanagement.com/our-companies/foundations/.
  23. In many cases, the Feds would want a certain percent of that increase as capital gains taxes. The LDS Church requests 10% of your increase. The Feds require payment, whereas the Church makes it entirely voluntary.
  24. First, do you think only white people can be racist? I'm asking so I can understand where you're coming from. Cv75, only watch the video below if you're ok with the F word every fifth word😁. David is a little worse than me when it comes to cussing. But, he explains perfectly how I see race. He and I could be twins and I'm proud of it. He's a cool dude. This video will help explain where I'm coming from.
  25. All organizations have problems, warts as you call them. However, help cannot be directed where needed without organization. Without organized efforts, those member donations would go down a rabbit hole and help no one -- except the rich savages who would steal it. In an organization, we can watch each other and keep each other honest.
  26. Assuming as you say he is observing the law of chastity, it could mean his orientation is part of his public identity but is not his primary identity. It could also mean he is aware that there are non-sexual behavioral and social cues to his sexual orientation that he has adopted but does not intend to engage on a sexual level.
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