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  1. Maybe we could define a mortal child of God as currently being a less-than-full-potential God.
  2. No. But in respect to Heavenly Father, I don't see him as a god like Gospel Principles (1997) taught.
  3. Who atoned for his sins and the sins of his wife when they were growing up on some other world?
  4. Do you have a church teaching which references that?
  5. How is Satan considered the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4)?
  6. No. I don't believe God lacks this ability but Isaiah 43:10 teaches against this occuring. "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." In the Book of Mormon, I find 9 occurrences of "exalt" and its variants. Which of them means becoming a God?
  7. "In order to understand the subject of the dead, for consolation of those who mourn for the loss of their friends, it is necessary we should understand the character and being of God and how He came to be so; for I am going to tell you how God came to be God. We have imagined and supposed that God was God from all eternity. I will refute that idea, and take away the veil, so that you may see." (History of the Church, volume 6 - http://www.boap.org/LDS/History/History_of_the_Church/Vol_VI).
  8. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/bc/content/shared/content/english/pdf/language-materials/36481_eng.pdf?lang=eng Brigham Young and Joseph Smith seemed to downplay the importance of past scriptures, even those that were contemporary with them. Pages 198-199 (chapter 16) "Brother Joseph turned to Brother Brigham Young and said, 'Brother Brigham, I want you to take the stand and tell us your views with regard to the [living] oracles and the written word of God.' Brother Brigham took the stand, and he took the Bible, and laid it down; he took the Book of Mormon, and la
  9. I can understand that, but where did God ever give commandments as try to obey instead of you must obey?
  10. It might make more sense if you consider Jesus is both God and man. I spoke to an LDS missionary and they don't know who the Holy Spirit is (a being who has always been God or a spirit brother of Jesus who also had to progress into becoming a God?). I can't understand how Latter-day Saints believe men can become gods when church teachings indicate they are already gods.
  11. Do you believe God gave the commandments as try to obey (conditional) or you must obey (unconditional)?
  12. Yes to the first question. Since Jesus is both God and man, I see that there is nothing wrong in Christ's reference to Heavenly Father as his God. In reference to Isaiah 43:10 and 44:6, men cannot become Gods since there is only one God. Our church doesn't believe in the existence of 2 or more Gods.
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