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  1. I suggest trying it out first next time you pay a bill. Give them 20% of the invoice with a note telling them to invest it until it equals what you owe them.
  2. The manual removed a lot of redundancy. Also simplified. This is still taught in the manual, later in the manual after sufficient context has been provided imo. https://basic.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/gospel-principles/chapter-47-exaltation?lang=eng
  3. First article just posting for warm fuzzies about Thanksgiving Day being better for so many. How Christianity should work with those of different faiths working to help those in need as Christ taught us to do. https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/boston-thanksgiving-feeding-the-hungry-2022 second article is a cool story, quite unexpected… https://news-in.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/joseph-smith-india-world-peace-dome
  4. Robert has an email listed here if someone wants to contact him: https://interpreterfoundation.org/author/roberts/ His profile has him last visiting in June…his ‘vacations’ from us are typically shorter. He posted in October on the Interpreter blog: https://interpreterfoundation.org/royal-skousen-presentation-on-the-current-status-of-the-book-of-mormon-critical-text-project/
  5. And you are a good friend to me. I am so grateful you stick around and bear with us as I have learned so much (plus it is just fun talking with you and MN and the other nonLDS that have been patient enough to hang out with us semi heathens ) and only wish I was set up for a long discussion about Vatican 2, etc. these days. Everything I have learned about Catholicism has enriched me.
  6. Is there a reason to assume he is a public defender? Did you read something indicating he was? btw, don’t think it was the lawyer…see below —— I am going to use “he” here because if this pure speculation is true, “they” is inappropriate, will switch back to “they” when done speculating. Typically I would never question self identification for a variety of reasons, but this is a very unusual case and so far there has been no evidence provided supporting such an identification and some to suggest Aldrich sees LGBTQs as “other”. At the very least that is how he has talked to one friend. Doesn’t mean the identification is false, just means my mind is going to wander down some weird paths while I pass the time tonight not sleeping. If it is a fake, I suspect Aldrich much more than any lawyer. A lawyer would know it would not stop a hate crime charge, but if Aldrich got off the charges for the bomb threat by claiming mental disturbance, maybe this is another attempt by him to avoid consequences of criminal behaviour. Pure speculation, but taken from the behaviour with the bomb threat, I wonder if he has suicidal ideation and assumed/planned for the end of the attack to have been his death (he didn’t surrender, got jumped in fact relatively quickly thank goodness; one of the guys who got Aldrich down said he had to beat Aldrich so hard to stop him he was afraid he had killed Aldrich so Aldrich wasn’t giving up). Claiming to be non-binary could be Plan B to escape punishment. Maybe Aldrich thinks being non-binary will get him better treatment having bought into the claims LGBTQ are running the world or whatever (just spent some time over on LDSFF and have learned the over achieving LGBTQs have taken over the Church so that is contributing to the weird mindpath venture) It also seems Aldrich hates his dad. At least his dad thinks he was saying stuff in the past just to piss him off (they talked on the phone about 6 months ago iirc, Aldrich called him). I wonder if Aldrich is foolish enough to say it because of the dad, thinking it will hurt or embarrass him. Given his dad’s reaction, he would be right. Speculation on whether they are actually non-binary over…
  7. It needs to be noted this appears to be the first time they have made this public as their mother just referred to them as he/him and they were listed as male on their arrest record. Not saying it isn’t true, maybe they never had the nerve to tell their family…weird and so tragic way of going public with it. I don’t see how them claiming to be non binary excludes it from being church inspired. What excludes it from being church inspired imo is the fact they probably haven’t attended church enough to be influenced as they have not been active much, if at all, since age 12 (wonder if even a deacon), lived a lifestyle contrary to church teaches, drank vodka and said to a friend they ware addicted to opium and took heroin a few times), used vulgarities frequently, talked about killing people a lot apparently. No one has said they have ever mentioned the Church, though the father claimed to be a Mormon (has a drug and prison record extending back to the late 90’s as well as several porn movies under his belt, so my guess is not particularly active) and the mother is listed in the church directory along with the son and uses LDS moms FB group to ask for help (which could be sincere or a scam). I couldn’t find anything about the maternal grandmother being a member; if she is not, the likelihood of it being at all church related drops significantly for me. I am also curious about how much interaction there has been with their maternal grandfather who lives in California and is a member, but is not a great representative for the Church imo given his racist and some of his political views. Still, if active and if they visited him at all, they could have attended church with him. But my guess is more likely to have been exposed to antiLGBTQ rhetoric at home and at school and online rather than at Church just because of the amount of time likely spent at each of the former compared to the latter.
  8. This might have been posted… https://nypost.com/2022/11/22/accused-colorado-gunman-used-anti-gay-slurs-neighbor-says/ First court appearance is Dec 6
  9. I decided to check out what websleuths is saying on this crime (great for getting background, but depressing to hang out on) and one poster had this to say about the possible reason Aldrich was never charged with the bomb threat: https://www.websleuths.com/forums/threads/co-5-dead-18-injured-in-shooting-at-club-q-colorado-springs.645273/page-2#post-17904338 But a plea bargain would result in a charge, right? And no charge was made… Another poster who sounds like they are very informed, says there are a few sheriffs in CO, including in the area of the shooting that were uninterested in supporting the law. https://www.websleuths.com/forums/threads/co-5-dead-18-injured-in-shooting-at-club-q-colorado-springs.645273/page-4#post-17909493 If that was the reason, my guess is they are about to lose their job. Another poster confirms El Paso LE do not enforce red flag laws https://www.websleuths.com/forums/threads/co-5-dead-18-injured-in-shooting-at-club-q-colorado-springs.645273/page-4#post-17911482 summary of the bomb threat incident https://www.websleuths.com/forums/threads/co-5-dead-18-injured-in-shooting-at-club-q-colorado-springs.645273/page-6#post-17916740 After reading that, I am less sympathetic for Aldrich even if his parents did a number on him as he terrorized his grandparents (I get the impression they were moving because of him, but maybe he was only abusive after they told him…seems more likely though this wasn’t new behaviour, just more extreme.
  10. The dad wasn’t around much to beat the kid apparently, though he did abuse the mom in the first year or so of the kid’s life (I have heard it as the first few years, but most reports I am reading is they got divorced in 2001 iirc and even though he got visitation rights, he never used them though perhaps that was from the mom and there has been some contact, but not apparently for at least 9 years I am guessing given in 2016 Aldrich stated no contact for several years and then the mom told the dad they had killed themselves). We will probably be getting more details on how much contact there was, this former family’s life is going to get throughly dissected and my guess is the dad can’t keep his mouth shut. I wonder how accurate the dad’s comments about his interactions are given his past drug use (one report claims he is a recovering addict). Added: Otoh we have… On the other… I suppose there could be a 7 year period (assuming the no contact was at least for 2 1/2 years, so around 2005 and there was no contact after 2012) where some contact took place if what the mom said wasn’t that accurate (that he didn’t take advantage of his visitation rights) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11463995/Colorado-club-killers-porn-star-dad-worried-son-gay-heard-massacre.html
  11. More like 20 years I am guessing…(they divorced in 2001 and the dad had no real contact with the son since apparently according the mom, iirc). That dad is one of the very few times I have wished the Church was more pushy on excommunicating those breaking its standards so completely.
  12. That is unfortunately not the least surprising to me. Hopefully it is unnecessary and this was purely preventive and not the result of threats being made…though in this time where deaths threats are so common (I have even gotten one when a moderator for another board), I tend to assume they get made rather than not.
  13. This is possibly what it is referring to, the update/release of the web site “Mormons and Gays”. Wonder if they even looked at the site.. https://www.cnn.com/2016/10/25/living/mormon-gay-website/index.html Another unlikely possibility is Elder Bednar’s comment given how it was twisted to make it appear they were excluded from the Church rather than not using labels for people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexuality_and_the_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-day_Saints Also: https://www.ldsliving.com/what-the-media-got-wrong-about-elder-bednars-comments-on-gay-members/s/81467
  14. I am pretty sure sucralose is the generic for Splenda? But I don’t use either so maybe not?
  15. “"Nearby cities like Spokane were our version of Sodom and Gomorrah," Thomas added, "and many of my peers would talk about taking trips there to commit violence on anyone they saw. I was never included on one of these trips, but they absolutely took place."” Saints as backwoods thugs who head into the city to attack unsuspecting innocents. That’s an idea that is hard to wrapped my head around.
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