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  1. Everyone should ignore fit the purpose of this thread the bottom line as political, if you can find a source with just the numbers that would be better, Tacenda.
  2. Transcript of phone call between Gibb and LVD: https://kslnewsradio.com/1930542/full-transcript-of-lori-daybell-secret-phone-call-recording/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Transcript of phone call between Daybell and Vallow: https://kslnewsradio.com/1930594/transcript-of-lori-daybells-call-to-chad-daybell-on-day-of-childrens-discovery/?fbclid=IwAR3zugerR_K5wfpBN1qZhXoFFPKaNDJ0fNCKltXiljv-YCB8MSobEzyqGUY
  3. Today is more so for him as he is bound over for arraignment.
  4. From discussion on websleuths (I am just reading summaries today so far), it would appear Prior is attempting to lay blame of deaths and/or coverup on Alex...pushing for an overly close relationship with his sister, Lori, to the point of quitting his job to move up to live in same apartment complex...and having him bury the kids on Daybell’s property out of anger/revenge for Daybell monopolizing/marrying his sister. Thus Prior is emphasizing that LE did not search the whole grounds and could have missed a dead raccoon (needed to back up CD’s text to Tammy). However, on the day and time Alex’s phone pings on CD’s property, CD texts his wife, Tammy, he is at home in backyard. As expected, bound over for trial. Arraignment is Aug 21 before Judge Steven Boyce. https://www.eastidahonews.com/2020/08/chad-daybell-case-advances-to-district-court-after-2-day-preliminary-hearing/
  5. Nothing I have said presents it as either/or, so not sure where these comments are coming from.
  6. What is the Lord’s work and how is it best accomplished? Imo, when it comes to fellow adult members, it is to a great extent serving those who mourn, etc. This is best done through deeper friendships rather than sincere, but shallow acquaintances. Teaching youth and investigators and new members is also the Lord’s work. I am not sure adults sitting in class always is though. I would love to see more service projects for the ward as a whole as well as smaller groups, possibly even working at tailor making them for those who have a problem with getting involved generally.
  7. Social community is a massive need imo. It may be better to focus on developing friendships during the time together rather than having lessons that cover what should be personally studied. More Sunday pot luck dinners rather than leadership meetings, for example. But to be a faith community, one needs to speak of faith with each other, so testimony meetings and Sacrament meetings are essential, imo. And some exploration of faith in smaller groups to allow participation with each other is needed, especially for youth imo.
  8. From yesterday: It is all about her, imo. Outside of JJ having a hard time at school, LVD makes the conversation about herself. The whole ‘I raised 5 kids and got nothing’ was angry, imo,and from the way Charles’ sons described her ‘caring’ where she would take off for the day plus some of the stuff I read in the custody case, her ‘care’ of his two sons was poor at best, abusive at worst at times. She is speaking as if Kay somehow managed to change the policy rather thanCharles. No mention of any conflict in the marriage iirc. I had missed this before, Gibb did ask about the change: What those actions were besides threats to kidnap (by saying she wasn’t going to kidnap them) isn’t specified. The tone when Gibb suggests that LVD is protecting her from being in danger...I got the impression that LVD didn’t want to share the drama, Gibb is not in danger; LVD said it is about people being after her, not Gibb; Chad steps in and makes it about not wanting to put Gibb in a bad position, I am guessing having to lie or being interrogated. Iirc, Gibb actually mentions the dad (Barry Cox), but LVD keeps it general outside of Adam. Wonder how Mom andSister feel when they hear this. So much for LVD protecting them, instead it was a lack of trust. Going to make it harder for LVD to claim Alex did it on his own, but also contradicts his involvement. Looks more to me like again LVD is making it all about her. She is the one in danger, she is the one in the know. Others are bit players to her drama.
  9. From the previous day; Rexburg police were first aware of Vallow due to the Brandon Boudreaux shooting it looks like. CD does not handle pressure well...at least then. Maybe he has more self control now. I will be surprised if Prior puts him on the stand. However, if he has to testify inLVD’s trial, we may get to hear from him. Prior appears to be attempting to soften the lie...but CD was married to LVD at the time, so don’t see the option as all that helpful. Not a good look when missing children are involved. I anticipate Prior will argue LVD convinced CD that police were in cahoots with Kay in trying to kidnap JJ....assuming he is going to argue CD didn’t know kids were dead. Don’t know what the explanation would be if admitting he knew...fear for his life? What is his point? For others having possible access or their ability to observe?
  10. Hmmm....sounds like he wants to tell her something through Means
  11. EIN has excellent highly detailed summaries (JAHS’ link for today and this for yesterday) https://www.eastidahonews.com/2020/08/detectives-byu-i-dean-melanie-gibb-take-the-stand-during-first-day-of-chad-daybells-preliminary-hearing/ From JAHS’ link; Sounds like Prior is pushing it on Alex and LVD (assuming Chad did not live with her before kids were killed). Wondering where he is going with this. Claiming she misunderstood CD’s request not to answer the phone?
  12. Maybe. The protestor suspects were known to other protestors as they had been attending other protests and names of witnesses and videos were left with police to investigate possible hit and run accusations iirc. At this point, there is no reason to assume any witnesses knew him.
  13. Hopefully the replacement glass will be bulletproof just in case this gives anyone else ideas.
  14. I could never see why Lori was attracted to Chad. He is nothing like her previous husbands and was broke and obligated to another woman. He wasn’t particularly attractive, rather unfit, poor fashion sense. That he was a very minor author and viewed as an authority in a small pond just didn’t seem to be enough of a draw. However, now I believe I see what her real need was so that she was willing to make do with less than her usual in those areas and that is he fed her need to be a real authority, he went along with her claims of seeing Christ, etc. It wasn’t accusations of not being a good mother that had Lori lose it, but challenging her spiritual authority, claiming she was spiritually deceived. That is what she couldn’t stand, was definitely not prepared for it willing to try and persuade her otherwise. Gibb hit her where it hurt with the Korihor comment, that is her weak spot imo. That shows what she values most right now, her self vision as a prophet. The having to hide...that came across like a prepared justification for fleeing to Hawaii and refusing to tell. The whole I will be standing by Christ when you get judged as a failure in faithfulness and getting punished for it, that was from her ‘heart.’ Imo. I think Chad gave that to her and she didn’t need the rest as much, she could stick her nose in the air knowing in the end God was her backup. And prior to his arrest, he was spending hours a day reading scriptures with her, reassuring her all was well and there was lots of support for her outside. Now it appears Chad is distancing himself. If so, how long will her confidence hold? How dependent on him is she for that? Did he just unlock the idea and she sailed on with or without him or does she need constant reassurance from him?
  15. I suspect Gibb recorded the phone conversation because she was now in a very tight spot having become essentially an accomplice to whatever CD and LVD had done with the kids. She needed proof for the police she had only lied that once and had no previous involvement. If she hadn’t recorded it, given the absence of Tylee when she had visited and her lack of any action or expressed concern to others apparently and the fact JJ was likely killed on the last day of her visit possibly in the same apartment she was in, her involvement would have been much more questionable, similar to what is being speculated about Melani Pawlowski now. Chad answers “Hello, sweet Melanie”. Flashing back to speculation he flirted with her in the past, along with many other women. Instant repulsion hearing it in this context. LvD is obviously not prepared. There are no glib details flowing off her tongue. There are silences where she isn’t answering. She finds some confidence by falling into a teacher/student format about the scriptures. Given both their responses, it sound like one they are both very familiar with, including the details of the story. They have probably discussed at length in the past Alma’s response, probably as part of what they were expecting to do in the future when society collapses or targeted the righteous. The phrases used by Melanie are set pieces like one would repeat in Sunday School having heard others say them many times. LVD didn’t run off her mouth lying easily this time. She was struggling to come up with something to say. I am guessing she knew Gibb knew too much to try the usual distractive, too much info patter on her, so she just kept repeating her vague accusations of Kay was trying to kidnap JJ. I wish Gibb had asked her why she hadn’t sent JJ to live with Kay like she had told her she was going to do. Once she realizes Gibb is not buying her prophet in hiding routine (the only thing she had down pat this time around), she instantly goes into paranoia...Gibb is now friends with those who are against her, Gibb is going to be held accountable for the teachings she is now rejecting, she can’t believe Gibb of all people has failed her trust, etc. LVD accuses Gibb of acting like an authority, Iow she accuses Gibb of trying to usurp LVD’s god given authority. I think LVD has convinced herself that by reading scriptures constantly and other things that she sees God and therefore whatever she does is right and whoever disagrees with her is with Satan, etc. CD otoh, seemed much more aware of the big picture and coherent and intent on trying to persuade rather than browbeat with guilt and fear. He ‘testified’ that Tammy was growing weaker and weaker and had heart problems and was refusing to go to the doctors, said his kids would back him up. He assumed Gibb had talked to his sister-in-law who he was claiming was spreading lies about him.
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