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  1. That is because it is from the Bible, Ex 28 and 39.
  2. That is because sock puppets are not allowed. So you are basically misrepresenting your intent every time you start a new alias while agreeing to abide by board terms. If “Ahab” got suspended, you need to be patient and wait until the moderator lifts it. Trying to get around it will just delay the process and might make the moderator ban you for good.
  3. No one knows all the marks or likely most of them imo in this life. That is why it is going to take an extended time in the next stage of eternal life to learn what we need to move on post judgment. It wouldn’t be fair or just imo if this was all there was to learn.
  4. This, this, this. Something may not be morally wrong in a general sense, but still wouldn’t draw us to God. It would be wrong therefore if we were choosing to seek God’s Will if it blocked us from understanding and accepting his Will.
  5. Maybe you could have simply chosen to answer that question instead of responding to other comments which were parts of other conversati It doesn’t change in the least how I view you expecting us to favour your assertions over our personal experiences and perceptions of what is plain and what is God’s Will. Added: I teach my family love and the Law of Chastity and other covenants we can choose to take on or not and what the choice of submitting one’s own will to God’s means as he knows us in ways we cannot at this point, including our potential as his children that we can’t even imagi
  6. You should stop long enough in your assertions about what others believe to maybe ask what they believe. I don’t believe such is inherently sinful. It depends on the law God has given to individuals and communities. There are many things that aren’t inherently sinful that will not be part of exaltation because of what they can or cannot contribute to progression.
  7. You will need to make it clear whether you are joking here or serious.
  8. Since I believe what I believe is the “plainly good”, I do not have to tell anyone I favor inscrutable rules.
  9. True. But that may not be what matters in the eternities.
  10. Maybe. Maybe not. I see no reason to assume you are correct and I am wrong that God is inspiring me to believe what I believe is his Will.
  11. And originally the Ban did not exist and even when it did, there were limited exceptions (their Priesthood was recognized for them and their male children, but no temple privileges). This cannot be said for homosexual behaviour. Not saying this means it could never be revealed, just pointing out the significant differences between one example used to justify the prediction.
  12. Putting God’s Will before our own perhaps.
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