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  1. Religious behaviour is not equivalent to spirituality or righteousness. Women may be more religious in Western nations (this statistic is not true in every culture, in some places men rate higher) because historically it gave them a sphere of influence they otherwise would it have or it may be the social aspects of religion that appeals to them, or it may be motivated not something that is selfish in nature. So such data does not prove quality of spirituality nor snything about righteousness.
  2. Dario, can you please explain why you downvoted my post? You are completely losing me with who you are downvoting. I don’t know what you are trying to say. Do you think people should be making jokes about their wives being dumb blondes or their husbands not being able to do anything right?
  3. Here on the board or elsewhere?
  4. It is unfortunate that that the mismatched spouses sitcoms switched from airhead or dumb blonde wives to bumbling husbands rather than just disappear altogether. The sitcoms that have intelligent people using wit with each other are so much more funny, imo.
  5. There are biological reasons reasons some are prone to become alcoholics and drug addicts though where if the thing never existed, neither would the addiction. I don’t know about other types of non chemical additions, but I wouldn’t be surprised. https://nida.nih.gov/publications/drugfacts/genetics-epigenetics-addiction
  6. Please find them. I find it highly problematic to label one sex as inherently more righteous than the other, so I am interested in how problematic it is. Is it more a grass roots thing or from head to toe. If you can find it in conference or in materials, it is even more concerning imo.
  7. And here is the thread reporting on Kennedy’s eagerness or lack thereof to get back to coaching the kids: A
  8. Nehor summarized how the school described the incidents here. If the school was accurate, they were not private prayers in the sense he intended to be alone and unheard when he said them. Not inherently problematic, but if one is doing this while instructing children, it could be easily understood to be part of the teaching by the children and not more like they met their teacher in a restaurant and saw him praying over a meal (which he should have the right to do, imo),
  9. Dario, I am confused why you are downvoting people today. I am trying to better understand what you are thinking about the topics we are discussing because I like to learn about others’ ideas and beliefs, so I decided to ask for more information so I can better understand your posts. For example, you downvoted my request for information about evidence for the claim that porn causes impotence. I am not disagreeing or agreeing with the comment that porn causes impotence, just wondering if it is the writer’s opinion or if the writer has research that has shown this, what is the foundation for his statement. If I claimed caffeine has caused problems for people with sleep disorders, I would happily provide the research to anyone asking me if there was evidence to support my statement so more could learn from the research. That was all I was asking for here, I would like to see the research to learn what it says in detail. And what Rain has said in her posts elsewhere about masculinity labels agrees a great deal with what you have said in some of your posts. She is encouraging caution in making claims about so called masculine traits, not supporting what the video says. Her husband isn’t getting ads because he likes the video. Sounds more like he would be laughing at it if he bothered to watch it. Rain’s last post (here: https://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/75188-the-problem-w-ldsmen/?do=findComment&comment=1210141967 ) is supporting changes the Church has made to demonstrate that marriage is an equal partnership and women should not be subservient to men. You downvoted her post even though you condemned the idea in the next post that only men should be the leaders and women followers in a marriage. Like Rain, I don’t worry about downvotes, but if I am confused by one, I will ask for clarification because I want to understand others’ POV. I am very confused by some of your more recent downvotes and so I am hoping you will share more of your thinking so I can better understand you. I enjoy finding out more about people, especially what they think about.
  10. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/serve/caring-for-those-in-need? https://assets.churchofjesuschrist.org/c1/00/c10076f3a7d111ed9d03eeeeac1eb1c62ef513d9/welfare_caring_for_those_in_need_2022_annual_report.pdf
  11. I had forgotten about that. There should be more supervision, restricted contact in regards to developing followers, fans, lovers. Any prisoner getting that kind of twisted attention for their crimes should get the privilege withdraw, imo.
  12. Death penalty against Lori Vallow is removed due to discovery violations, I believe (just read the court reporter’s summary). Not intended to penalize the state, just to ensure a fair trial. Not sure why it would make a difference, need to do more reading. But I prefer it that way. Not a fan of the death penalty as very, very costly and drags out the cases for maybe even decades for victims as they keep having to go back to court with appeals and such. I think being able to move on is easier without the death penalty, even if there is fear for some the predator could get out and go after victims, etc. The Lafferty case was quite persuasive in that regard as they had one brother accept life imprisonment and the other fight death penalty until he died many years later of natural causes. The one of the victim’s family members in that case became very strongly anti death penalty because of how intrusive it was in their lives for all those years. https://www.eastidahonews.com/2023/03/judge-removes-death-penalty-addresses-evidence-motions-in-lori-daybell-murder-case/
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