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  1. Possible recycling plastics breakthrough... https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jun/15/scientists-convert-used-plastic-bottles-into-vanilla-flavouring?CMP=oth_b-aplnews_d-1
  2. He seems to me to be consistently more focused on economic classes stereotypes. So is the BoM (for good reason). Don’t know poptart’s experiences, so can’t judge if his responses are fair or not. If he is at least semi accurate in his tales of his youth, his focus on hypocrisy of the better off makes sense.
  3. While the world had less access and likely interest in the past, do we have evidence there was little to no criticism by critics of the Church of the way the Church used funds when they were publishing more financial info?
  4. It makes sense. Members are taxpayers who contribute to the national welfare systems.
  5. Limitations applied by oneself are often perceived as desired protections rather than actual restrictions. I am guessing that few will see limitations they choose for themselves as something negative.
  6. I am not critiquing content, but the lack of attribution. Best to avoid plagiarism, intentional or unintentional.
  7. Give credit where it is due: https://monoskop.org/Baruch_Spinoza
  8. 2 days left -- discount ends June 20 Top Reasons to Join Us for the 2021 FAIR Conference "Sharpen the Saw" - learn new ideas, information and approaches to common questions Meet some of the most expert and infl
  9. I would break it up into at least two posts and try to group the subtopic together. Otherwise, I would suggest just saying something like ‘I am going to respond to the three most important points in my view to give them the attention they deserve and may come back to this post to address other comments once I am satisfied with the ones first chosen’. I appreciate Smac’s posts as if I responded ‘naturally’, mine would be breaking up a post in the same manner. But at times by the time I finish a post, I have been distracted by a minor issue and forget to address something more substan
  10. Why memes and not the actual talk? Just curious as to your choice as I assume it is easier to find a talk than a meme, but perhaps I am wrong.
  11. More early history from my friend: http://www.icatholic.org/article/all-hallows-college-offered-a-catholic-education-in-8625430 https://www.patheos.com/blogs/danpeterson/2019/10/catholics-and-mormons-forged-ties-in-1800s.html
  12. Please be kind to the mods and not derail with politics...
  13. I am grateful bluebell posted her comments as I think she is dead on with a relatively new significant problem. (Happened in the past, but not to this degree or persistence.). When I am getting bored not from the lack of posts to keep my hours occupied, but from too many of empty headed knee jerk responses, something has changed. Having seen the destruction of one board because it was flooded with trivial, negative comments, I really don’t want it to happen again here. As to using ignore...posts are still quoted by others and also count as new posts, so even with ignore my
  14. I have a friend who collects references and has a massive database and I asked him for any Catholic references, looks like he is either prone to collecting the more positive stuff or just hasn’t encountered much negative. Hoping the formatting transfers. Added reference to 1866 comment
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