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  1. Unlike tobacco, you can use cannabis without inhaling. It is illegal to smoke it in Utah, though vaping is allowed.
  2. Calm


    I can see it being justice for a time equal to the pain they caused others, but since I assume that those they have harmed are, if they desire, able to be healed through the Atonement, and that healing can take place after death as well as mortality so no one is locked into suffering forever because of what someone else did to then, an eternity of punishment moves into injustice for me. I think it is essential, in fact, that people understand the depth of suffering they have caused in others, whether they then are hopefully motivated to change or just come to learn what monsters the
  3. There are too many on the board who have shared their personal horror stories of children carrying the burden of addiction. I have a niece who has addiction issues and pretty much tanked her life and while she, for a time, was able to get her life back on track, is again suffering. We don’t even know where she is much of the time. Others she is locked up in a hospital. Illicit drugs and recreational use is obviously very different from medical and controlled, supervised, occasional usage, which is what is being discussed here. I have and have had a couple of neighbours, now ha
  4. Don’t give it up because of my experience. I would suggest instead to talk to someone who has gone through the process so they can tell you how to prepare so as to have a higher probability of a positive experience and go with a doctor who will talk to you afterwards about it. That is my biggest disappointment with my current psychiatrist. They are purely drug providers and don’t offer talk therapy along side it. Which seems to be very common these days. That works when dealing with antidepressants just fine, but for what is intended with ketamine, the research showing benefits were often done
  5. Yeah...not that errrand, lol.
  6. Given the experience, I think it is wise for you to be cautious. Too often this stuff is presented as overcoming negative feelings when what it does is for many apparently is intensify what one is currently feeling.
  7. Supervised, medicinal use isn’t always safe either. I had a bad reaction on a very low dose of ketamine that left me with some scars...nothing life altering because I was able to go home and hide under the covers for a couple of days and then didn’t leave the house or connect with others outside my safe zones for a few more weeks, except perhaps now I wonder if my panic...actually terror that arises when my cannabis dose gets raised in hopes of reaching a therapeutic level and I get hit with flowing thoughts I have little control over is a result of that one hour, eternal horror trip two years
  8. Fun, informative read about the history of ventilation in disease prevention: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2021/02/bad-air/618106/
  9. The claim made by FAIR was the percentage of teen marriages was consistent with the local community standards if Joseph’s marriages were a collection of monogamous marriages rather than the marriage relationships of one man. This claim is based on census records iirc using wives’ age at time of marriage to men of Joseph’s age at time of marriage. Does Hedges present documentation contradicting the above? https://www.fairmormon.org/answers/Polygamy_book/Age_of_wives Whether something is viewed as common or uncommon tends to be based on arbitrary standard choices, im
  10. Calm


    I am wondering if you think choosing to view someone as an authority (someone you value instruction from) in one’s life automatically reduces freedom or if that is only limited to religious authority for some reason. Ken’s posts cover my thought well.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to get more info. Given the other examples they used, I was thinking the shock was likely due to finding out a parent or grandparent wasn’t a biological relative after all and they had been deceived by someone. I was also thinking they were being vague due to discretion (didn’t want to say the father’s mom or grandmother was an adulterer...probably wouldn’t have been so upsetting if it was an ancestor they hadn’t personally known), which was strange given the choice to broadcast the info in such an emotional, attention grabbing way. That it was presented as “I a
  12. Calm


    Some could have chosen to follow Satan not because they were evil, but out of fear. And some might have followed the Lord out of selfishness, understanding that Satan offered a dead end option of limited power and limited experiences.
  13. Calm


    Are you not free if you choose to follow someone making predictions about the stock market based on their theories in your view?
  14. But resurrected bodies can interact with mortal spirits and yet in this dispensation, God set things up personally first with Joseph and then directed other of his resurrected servants to engage with mankind, but with the passing on of keys most work is done by mortals.
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