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  1. And your point is that our Father does not use drugs? No. My point is that I don't think Heavenly Father wants us to use drugs to attempt to commune with him. My end note on this issue: Using drugs to commune with God will work only if the drugs are good enough to help with that and only when you can get the drugs to do it. Again, I don't think God wants us to use illicit and non-medically-supervised use of powerful mind-altering drugs when trying to commune with Him. I also don't think God will ratify or respond to such efforts. Like He did not ratify
  2. As you like. You are imputing onto me a lack of charity. I am rejecting that accusation. Thanks, -Smac
  3. Sorry, no, I don't see a clear position here that I would want to believe is yours, because the position I do see lacks charity, and I believe you are a charitable person. Allow me to clarify: I have charity for people who leave the Church. This includes people who, after having left, turn to the illicit and non-medically-supervised use of powerful mind-altering drugs. Disagreement is not equivalent to a lack of charity. Thanks, -Smac
  4. Well that isn't really evident in the way you criticize others in your OP. I think it is. In any event, now that I have clarified things, my position should be evident to you now, right? Also, I think those who leave the Church have erred, but I respect their right to do so. I acknowledge that this is a judgment call. I spoke at length about the problem of advocating or celebrating the illicit and non-medically-supervised use of powerful illegal drugs. That use can be very problematic. I don't advocate "{a} spiritually-universalist viewpoint." Thanks,
  5. And another (maybe a shorter version of the above-linked vid).
  6. Here is an ask me anything-style interview of Brian Hales by Saints Unscripted. Very much worth your time, IMO:
  7. I suspected that. I reject your characterizaton. Specifically the "and everyone else is lost" bit. The one-true-church premise does not require a corollary and-everyone-else-is-lost premise. Far from it, in fact. "And also it is an imperative duty that we owe to all the rising generation, and to all the pure in heart. For there are many yet on the earth among all sects, parties, and denominations, who are blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, whereby they lie in wait to deceive, and who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it. Therefore, that we
  8. Supervised, medicinal use isn’t always safe either. I quite agree. I worked, for a short time, at a medical malpractice law firm. I was astounded at the damages caused by opioid abuse, often aided and abetted by medical doctors. Yes, but the article sure makes them sound fun and harmless. Thanks, -Smac
  9. Actually, my argument is based on 1) the conclusion (not "assumption") that the Church is "true," which I readily admit is a statement of faith, and 2) a genuine concern about the article's celebration and advocacy of the non-medical, unsupervised, and illegal use of powerful mind-altering substances. Sure. My reference to a sandy foundation pertained to the illicit and unsupervised use of powerful drugs. Who are you quoting here? Where did I say "my way is right and everyone else is lost" or anything like it? Thanks, -Smac
  10. This KUER article has given me something to ponder: Why Are A Growing Number of Ex-Mormons Using Psychedelics? Psychedelic mushrooms and marijuana. Seems like these are something like a new iteration of the "Tower of Babel." Consider this description in the 2018 Ensign: Mind-altering substances seem to be like the tower. An attempt to find something of the divine, to "reach unto heaven" and man-made. A "counterfeit." Using materials and means other than what God has authorized. An attempt to "bind or seal the people together somehow so they would not be scattered, and 'ma
  11. But if "Mormon" ethnicity means "English/Danish," why not just say "English/Danish"? And how can "Mormon" (meaning "English/Danish") be an ethnicity given that a substantial number - even a majority, I suspect - of "Mormons" are not of English/Danish extraction? Conflating religion with ethnicity seems a bit odd. Wikipedia has an article about "ethnoreligious groups," and "Mormons" are included. I guess I have always viewes "ethnicity" as something over which we have no control. I am of mostly Scottish and English extraction, with a smattering of French and German. I can'
  12. Here: I'm curious as to how this works. How is "Mountain West Mormon Pioneers" a genetic thing? Can anyone weigh in? I can see this is pretty upsetting to someone whose identity is Jewish, which seems to conflate religion and ethnicity to some extent. More from the article: I have an acquaintance who encountered something similar. An adult child of an older couple found out through genetic testing that her father had fathered multiple children with another woman. She (the adult child) struck up a friendship with these half-siblings, which caused great offense to h
  13. It can provide pastoral care and fellowship. Payment for counseling. Assistance for necessaries. Food.
  14. Same here. I do not begrudge him this lawsuit, even if I think it has some defects. He is pursuing a reasonable course of action. I hope he can maintain his testimony and activity. He is doing far better than the aggressive and antagonistic folks like Kate Kelly, Sam Young, Jeremy Runnells, etc. did. I hope he finds peace. Thanks, -Smac
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