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  1. Exactly, and thank you. I would also posit that the only difference between an autodidact and a college grad is that one has a university's seal of approval stamped across the top of his education and the other does not. The two might be equally well-educated, but the college grad paid tens of thousands of dollars for his accredited education. So, if a good education can be acquired for little more than the cost of text books, then only a small portion of the tens of thousands of dollars of tuition is for the education itself. What the customer/student is paying for i
  2. The product that universities sell is not education, but credits that can be applied towards a credentialed degree. There's no way to prove, one way or the other, whether any given customer received an education. He might have taken classes on topics he already knew. He might have slept through class and guessed really well on the exams. The professor may have taken pity on him and bumped his grade to an undeserved C-. He got his credits, he got what he paid for.
  3. Thank you. I was going to emerge from my years-long lurk to make this very point. Tithing is not a dollar, but an act. It is an act of will, of intention, of faith, and of sacrifice. A dollar that is tithed to the Lord is one that has first come to the hands of a believer, and then that believer has passed the dollar to the Lord in a pro-active and willful act of faith. Dollars that come to the church through a passive, automatic process do not pass through hands of faith, and do not come to the church via sacrifice and will. Those passive, automatic funds still belong to the Lord, they
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