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  1. Heya! I'm in southern Pima County, AZ. Sahuarita, to be exact, though I commute up to Tucson for work. Church for us is in-person, with a youtube stream for those who don't wish to attend. Ward business and talks are done first, and then the stream is turned off for the sacrament. Those who are at home have been authorized by the bishop to administer the sacrament in their homes at that point. 2nd hour is virtual, but it rotates between organizations. Elder's Quorum one week, Relief Society the next.
  2. Does this count? This whole talk revolves around this quote from Mandela. This was a phenomenal talk, one of my favorites from recent years. "My dear brothers and sisters, in December 2013 the world mourned the death of Nelson Mandela. After 27 years of imprisonment for his role in the antiapartheid struggle, Mandela was the first democratically elected president of South Africa. His forgiveness of those who had imprisoned him was remarkable. He received widespread acclaim and praise.1 Mandela frequently deflected accolades by saying, “I’m no saint—that is, unless you think a sa
  3. Mostly posting this so I can beat Spencer to the punch. Ha! https://reason.com/volokh/2021/04/01/bob-jones-redux-the-question-sg-verrilli-was-unwilling-to-answer-in-obergefell-now-needs-to-be-answered/#comments The issue: This week 30 LGBTQ students filed a class action lawsuit against the Department of Education, alleging that federal funds should not go to to religious colleges that have policies against same sex marriages. This blog post posits that BYU could probably survive without federal funding, but many other smaller religious colleges could not. Apparently, the l
  4. The way I understand it, the Millennium will only be an upgrade from our current Telestial world to a more righteous Terrestrial world. We shouldn't expect a world living a Celestial law until after the Millennium.
  5. 2,000 years ago a virgin birth would be supernatural. But with modern medical technology, it would be quite easy to accomplish. Whenever I travel by plane, I am awed by the supernatural quality of it. I wake up one morning on the west coast, and by the evening I am laying down my head on the east coast. 2,000 years ago, such teleportation would have been supernatural. In the LDS paradigm, to call anything supernatural is simply to say, "I don't understand the science that makes this possible."
  6. I thought using the quirky 70's era media was era-appropriate and helped transport me to that time and place. Those cheesy films were the stuff Mormons of the time were watching in Sunday school or showing to investigators. The cringiest bit for me was a contemporary interview with a man who happened upon the aftermath of Hofmann's self-explosion. He told the TV cameras that he gave Hofmann a blessing and "commanded him to live." There was one "they should have known better" comment from somebody or other, but it was immediately followed up by a rebuttal from Richard Turley.
  7. One daughter at soccer last night, the wife and other two daughters at a combined RS/YW activity, so it was just me at home for several hours. Sat down to watch the first episode, and ended up watching all three. This is a story that I've only been vaguely aware of, picking up most of my knowledge via osmosis in discussions on this board. So, keeping in mind that I don't have a lot of scholarly or first-hand knowledge of the events, I thought it was well-crafted. It not only told the story in a factual matter, but it also structured the narrative in an intriguing way. For example, ther
  8. Yes, exactly this. Suffering bad consequences from bad choices is in no way a curtailment of the freedom to choose. I see this misunderstanding all the time, in both political and religious contexts. That's why an understanding of moral agency includes knowledge, choice, AND consequences as necessary conditions for a meaningful moral action.
  9. I was taught that "free agency" is a bit of misnomer, and that we should instead use the term "moral agency." Under the concept of moral agency, we have: 1. Knowledge of what is good and evil 2. The ability to choose between two or more options 3. Consequences that stem from our choices (As an aside, my reading of Moses 4:1 leads me to believe that Satan's plan would not have removed #2 from the above list, but rather #3. Removing any of those items would "destroy the agency of man" so his plan was to save mankind, regardless of our earthly choices, not to force us to do
  10. There's a little cow pasture in the small town of Huejutla (populatoin 116k), in the state of Hidalgo, in Mexico. When I was a missionary in that beautiful little town in 1997, my companion and I would sometimes motivate each other by telling ourselves that some day the town would have, not only a stake, but also a temple. We picked out that cow pasture as the future site of the Huejutla Temple. Okay, so not very practical. But there it is.
  11. Exactly, and thank you. I would also posit that the only difference between an autodidact and a college grad is that one has a university's seal of approval stamped across the top of his education and the other does not. The two might be equally well-educated, but the college grad paid tens of thousands of dollars for his accredited education. So, if a good education can be acquired for little more than the cost of text books, then only a small portion of the tens of thousands of dollars of tuition is for the education itself. What the customer/student is paying for i
  12. The product that universities sell is not education, but credits that can be applied towards a credentialed degree. There's no way to prove, one way or the other, whether any given customer received an education. He might have taken classes on topics he already knew. He might have slept through class and guessed really well on the exams. The professor may have taken pity on him and bumped his grade to an undeserved C-. He got his credits, he got what he paid for.
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