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  1. Scotland finally gets a temple! May the memes rest in peace.
  2. The things this will do to our already bad birthrate (a civilizational meta-issue) are horrendous. Part of the reason I can't get too caught up in the sexual debates is that we're in the early stages of a world-historic selection event which will likely redefine our entire set of priors regarding family and sexuality over the long-term.
  3. > Member of the Church espouses opinion > Critic says "in my experience most members of the Church don't think like this" > Rinse and repeat Was anything actually accomplished here beyond the production of hot air?
  4. Imo these are not the defining characteristics of Korihor, more the clanging on about how religion is a frenzied mind manipulated by ancient priests for their own gain.
  5. The English Book of Mormon is a modern text because it was verifiably translated in modern times. This does not militate against the thesis that it is a translation of an ancient text. It does, however, require us to consider that a 1-to-1 translation is not even conceptually possible and the Book of Mormon English translation was necessarily modified to fit the times in which it came. Do I have it right?
  6. The fact that the Ninth Circuit, of all places, is rehearing this en banc is wild to me. The Fifth or Eleventh, makes sense...but the Ninth?
  7. Humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians would be possible under a variety of initiatives, but the actual warfighting is well beyond the Church's capabilities or reasonable remit. The law constrains private actors from involvement in the military supplies pipeline or "foreign adventurism." This one has to be left to the governments.
  8. This speaks exactly to my point - I'm not married to the Church or its leaders, I'm not married to God, the comparison doesn't ring true in my gut. It's not intuitive to me, and I don't see any paradigm-independent reason why I should change that. We're talking pre-rationally here.
  9. Awkward, I'm definitely a substance dualist. Not entirely sure what the epistemological impact of Cartesian dualism is here.
  10. Good point. If globalization has taught me anything, it's that Perverse Incentives (aka the Cobra Effect) are ever and always to be watched for. Easy solutions are rarely what they seem. In the end, the thing that seems to matter most for me is that I never felt that the Church owed me an accounting of the returns of its investments on tithing funds. There was no duty to breach, not to me. But some things are fine in some relationships that would be dealbreakers for others. The roots of this particular disagreement are sentimental, I think, and essentially pre-rational.
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