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  1. I find it interesting they say “right” as opposed to duty or obligation. Suggesting that the right is less than the duty or obligation? Respectfully disagree on that one. It's wordsmithing to justify actions that are widespread and acceptable and not in copliance with existing laws. While here the use of “should” suggest duty or obligation. "Should" here is interpreted by you to mean more than "the right" in your prior quote? That says a lot to me. Me too.
  2. I agree, 100%. Since we have those stories, what was the result of multiple groups dissenting from the Nephites? It's almost as if dilution (and not keeping the commandments) leads to less than desirable outcomes.
  3. Amen and amen. What would Joseph and Brigham think about the embassy in Israel being moved to Jerusalem? Think about it. /sarc
  4. Yes, it is. Many people go to great lengths to bridge the gap between what they believe politically and what they believe spiritually. While I'm in this group, I don't ask what Joseph and Brigham would think if they were on earth today. I imagine they'd support what they supported during thier mortality - a calling out or separation from the main population.
  5. It's the natural next step after certain groupd burned down cities for months and law enforcement was told to stand down. Also another reason that people should be allowed to do what they'd like to do - Chinatown, Little Russia, etc. which are present in a lot of big cities. It all suggests to me that a separation is coming - like when the pilgrims left Europe and the early Saints left New England, OH, MO, IL for the West.
  6. Possibly less after the plaintffs' attorneys collect 20-30%
  7. I've had a good run...and I was also saying Boo-urns :)
  8. When people who served as MIssion Presidents and Mission Mothers during mortality die, do they serve in similar callings in the Spirit World? e.g. if you were a mission presidend in Dallas 20 years before you died, would you serve there in the Spirit World, or over a different Spirt World mission - or as a General Authority that mission presidnets report to? This begs the question: are there branches, ward, stakes, auxilliaries and presidencies who lead those different groups, in the Spirit World? Are there Quorums of Seventy, a Quorum of the Twelve, a First Presidency, General SUnday School, Releif Society, Primary Presidencies? I imagine the cases is: yes, there is such an order since God/s House is a House of Order and the Savior organized the missionary work in the Spirit World after His Crucifixion and before His Resurrection. What do you think? While you may not know the factual answer, I value your opinion and hope to hear your best guess
  9. Legalizing polygamy and reinstituting polygamy seem like possible solutions. But why do that when we can print our way out of any financial problem and remove our borders to replace our population who has decided to not reproduce? Of me and my 5 siblings, there are 5 children (grandchildren of my parents.) Of my wife and her 5 siblings, there are 9 children (grandhcildren of her parents). So twleve adults have produced 10 kids. That's a problem that to me seems systemic and contirbuted to from many sources
  10. In my stake of maybe 9 units, two wards in the south combine thier auxiliaires and two wards in the west combine thier auxilliaries (YM, YW, Primary, Sunday School, etc.) With demographics in the US being what they are, do you think more wards will do this in the near future? or will boundaries be updated to accommodate the demographic decline?
  11. Not to mention the $855 Million settlement for 60,000 victims of sexual abuse. That plus the Church's withdrawal = bankruptcy
  12. Yeah. True. I know they could explain it better than I could. Jesus laid his hands on the sick, and healed them. Today, we follow the path he led and lay our hands on the sick. Sometimes they are healed, sometimes they are not. In all cases they are blessed. - Maybe?
  13. Asked the son of my deceased friend, after a year had passed. Makes me wonder: Why dont the missionaries distribute to members somthign like pass-along cards that explain blessings and proxy Temple work? I totally suck at explaining these to nonmembers who then understandably decline my offer
  14. Yes. I have been. Too much Netflix, not enough serving. Depending on the challenges we're struggling with, they all do require faith. It takes faith to call a mental health counselor and take Rx if necessary, or to see a marriage counselor or to continue dieting and exercising when one sees no results. Doubts about Joseph Smith, Brigham, the BoM, etc. NUmbers 22: Balaam and the ***: God spoke through a donkey. To Moses He spoke through a bush. To me, those seem more peculiar than a seer stone in a hat. * I also think President Nelson was spot on when he discussed how priesthood blessings had become filled with counsel, advice, suggestions but not revelation, inspiration, etc. For the record, President Hinckley's reprovings in Preisthood session of Gen. Conf. were much less gentle
  15. Friend of mine passed away recently. I pray that another friend of mine who I completed the Temple work for a few years back will be guided to my friend who recently passed away, so he can accept the restored gospel. Any of you do this or am I over thinking this?
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