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  1. Wondering if the person presiding at church at Home - in your case - takes the Sacrament first, similar to the way the Bishop takes the Sacrament first at regular church. If the person requesting the blessing on the Sacrament partakes first because they are presiding or the head of the household (but not a Bishop, temporary calling) but a father (eternal calling), that seems kind of odd but likely the correct way to administer that ordinance, no?
  2. If I were to attribute this event to recent civil unrest in that general area, I would be: a) correct b) some -ist or -ism c) banned from this forum (again) for a week or two d) all of the above
  3. Seems to me that some of Nehor's and Korihor's teachings or implications or inferences were absorbed by Corianton as well as others. Adam and Eve committed a transgression (breaking a temporary rule) which brought forth mankind. I believe the state of misery is the state where the sinner feels the guilt, remorse, and anguish for his/her actions - prior to repentance. If they choose not to repent, that state of misery lasts longer. The spirit world is a probationary time it's just Alma 40:11 - same spirit that possesses our body will possess our spirit - same strengths, weaknesses, habits, etc. also for a son of a prophet, Corianton here, he likley heard the gospel preached during mortality so I'm not sure if his time in the spirit world woudl be the same as those who never heard the good word. I remember reading somewhere, probably Journal of DIscourses that eternal progression might not be limited to one kingdom but as that woudl likley make all of us put off repentance, it's not a doctrine
  4. Exiting the social sciences was truly liberating for me. Imagine being able to process the world according to facts and data instead of feelings. If the 08-09 and COVID Recessions taught me anything, it's that I should not tell anyone anywhere ever that I have a social science degree or dare I say degrees. Shhhh...... Facts vs. Feels Reals vs. Feels
  5. Good riddance to all the colleges that fail and close. Ditto for journalism which died decades prior. As the economy becomes even more digital, the majors and certs BYU offers that actually help people get jobs will continue to get enrollment. As for those social science students, grads, (like me) and profs - better learn to code.
  6. and Scout Masters, I hope. Otherwise I'm doomed
  7. Been reading Alma 39 - 42 Was reminded of the time as a teenager when I felt like calling my ex girlfriends and asking them to come over. Randomly flipped the scriptures open to Alma 39 and didn't call them. Very grateful for that guidance. Anyway- Restoration: If someone's born missing a limb or with a lifelong mental disability, if they are restored to their proper and perfect frame - that would restore them to a state they never knew during mortality. How then is that a Restoration or Instauration? Sounds more like a Perfecting at least of the physical.
  8. I hope he did. That would make him even cooler to me, IMHO Some use peyote for religious enlightenment. Some starve themselves. Some beat themselves. Peter Thiel's invested in a pharmaceutical company that's going to use mushrooms to treat people w/ Depression.
  9. Apparently the Egyptians are not as evolved as us 4th wave Feminists in the US, where allowing women the ability to choose the type of marriage they want is somehow repressive
  10. Hold fast. Most of human history has not included the current structure of the Church meeting on Sundays. Nehor's right about the vast info that's available online, in addiiton to video conferencing. Personally, I don't miss meeting on Sundays with the group. It seems like each ward I attend, people interpret and teach the gospel according to thier own political views, same as I would do if I was teaching. And tobe honest, I can't seem to process lessons God has in store for me when the setting is a group context. Now, I'm presiding every Sunday!
  11. Special insight / inspiration then = operating w/ preisthood authority (Pres. Bingham)? Exercising that preisthood authority then is different (how?) than exercising the priesthood as an ordained/conferred upon, etc. male? Although women are not ordained to a priesthood office, as noted previously women are blessed with priesthood power as they keep their covenants, and they operate with priesthood authority when they are set apart to a calling. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-conference/2020/04/34bingham?lang=eng
  12. Thank you, JLHProf. I thought the priesthood used to run the church and run the Temples was the same; Melchizedek, no? Or are you saying temporary achurch and Temple are maanged by different keys of the same preisthood?
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