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  1. Thanks Dan! That does make a lot more sense to me. One last question: Jacob then was wrestling w/ God the Father who had a resurrected physical body? Jehovah wouldn't have had a physical body at the time but the original text probably resolves this?
  2. I thought Israel meant Prevails with God, according to the footnote in the LDS KJV, no? President Nelson stated that according to Hebrew scholars one interpretation is: Let God Prevail. That's also inspiring, and true, and accurate. Form reading the story of how Jacob wrestled w/ an Angel all night, that doesn't seem like the actions of one who is letting God prevail. Jacob refused to let go of the Angel until Jacob was promised a blessing. Wouldn't letting God prevail look more like saying to the Angel: Ok. I'll do what you say instead of basically starting a figh
  3. Handbook 33.6 Membership records are to be kept in the ward where the member lives. Exceptions, which should be few, require the consent of the bishops and stake president(s) involved and the approval of the Office of the First Presidency. To request an exception, the stake president(s) sends a letter to the Office of the First Presidency for approval. We have a family where one parent wants their membership records transferred to a smaller branch in our stake, while the other parent and kids will keep thier records in the current unit they are attending in the stake. Should be
  4. I'm not sure I get this synonym. He's a doppleganger of the Father but of us also?
  5. Reading your responses is like reading Nibley. Thank you for taking the time
  6. 3 Nephi 18: 35 And now I go unto the Father, because it is expedient that I should go unto the Father afor your sakes. Questions: 1. I always framed our Advocate w/ the Father advocating for me at the time of the Final Judgement. Did He leave the BoM peoples to advocate w/ the Father for them during their mortal lives? That would be comforting to know, if He's doing that for me and you and all of us, today, tomorrow and every day leading up to the final judgement. 2. I know the Savior had other important duties to perform and so His departure makes sense. How did the Savior le
  7. No doubt, dear Sister Pearson is preparing to write another book. First, build interest in your target market/audience then publish and sell. As CS Lewis wrote in the Great Divorce: your (Carol) misery wont make us miserable. If it wasn't so profitable for her to remain in the church, with all her anger, how would she afford her current lifestyle and mortgage? I'm not sure Mittens lost due to his faith. Perhaps people voted for the candidate who honestly admitted what his political views were rather than the candidate - Mitt - who ran as one thing and believed the opposite?
  8. It is my understanding that "eh?" is used by Canadians of our generation but the rising generation uses "heh" (pronounced hey) to distinguish themselves.
  9. Heard a rumor / myth / legend / idea that the Savior visited and ministered to the people, after his visit to the Book of Mormon peoples, at locations that today have Temples on them? particularly in Hawaii, aisles of the sea (Polynesia), possibly at the BYU HI Center are where I heard this theory. Any of you experts care to comment? (I'm just not sure the Savior would have been to so many places in UT in 33 AD.)
  10. Good point. They'll probably speak about how Christ can comfort and help us through this trial and all other trials, which is true.
  11. Truth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLMvsSy_dDA
  12. "I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love." -lyrics from King George's song You'll be Back in Hamilton though I'm more of a Jeffersonian myself. Sounds quite similar to the God of the Old Testament, and during Old Testament times of the BoM as well. So then, if King George who had supplied troops, supplies, etc. to the colonists for years is forgotten by his subjects - similar to those who forgot and forget God - how is King George astray when he is trying to act like God, the highest example any of us can follow? In other words, if God and King George are us
  13. I'm thinking we'll hear updates on: - missions - Temples - 7 years of plenty, 7 years of famine (timing is tricky on tehis one due to 9/11, the Great Recession, etc.) but the principle of preparing and being firm in the faith when trials come is good to be reminded of - more reframing of preisthood and women - Perhaps the verse/quote about how natural disasters will preach after the elders/misisonaries conclude thier preaching - The importance of remaining loyal to one' govt even if/when you disagree with some of thier actions, citing the article of faith about th
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