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  1. Arkansas may have written that law to ensure the predominant spiritual beliefs of the majority of their constituents is not made illegal by the Marxist godless public school curriculum. Indoctrination is a book that explains more of the public school system's intentions. I've wondered why our Church doesn't have schools like the Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and others do. I love the idea though of a full separation of Church and State. Church HQ would be sovereign, like Catholic HQ. Social programs of both Church and State, perhaps, would not overlap so much and still continue to wor
  2. I used to flip thru the catalog but the prices are too high. I just toss it when I recieve it now. Also, it's not the calling one has but how one magnifies it. Not where we serve but how. So why would I be interested in biographies of people in certain callings when it's not where we serve but how?
  3. Whoa. I had no idea BSA was in that deep
  4. Who's saying they should be? I don't get it. I guess that's how General COnference messages were interpreted in prior generations?
  5. This is an accurate description of my experience w/ Millenials in multiple wards, stakes, cities, states. The exceptions have been maybe 1 out of 10. Not much is expected of them growing up, their schools don't challenge them, their parents and grandparents got divorced, they study majors in college that won't possibly get them decent jobs and their parents don't care, don't tell them when they make mistakes, dont care what they look at online nor how addictive smartphones are.
  6. Why is this so often the case? Because men are more aggressive, hostile, prone to pornography? Whatever the reason, I find it less effective
  7. I represented a client who leased part of that island from it's 3 private owners. The Lord might want a Temple there so people driving on the freeway could see Temples on the right and left-hand side. I'm totally fine w/ limited approval of legal polygamy becoming acceptable as well, if that's more palatable
  8. The CDC stated that if you have the virus between the ages of 0 to 70, you have a 99% survival rate. And if you’re over 70, the survival rate is nearly 95%. (Source: https://www.winknews.com/2020/09/23/cdc-shows-covid-19-has-high-survival-rate-doctor-still-wants-to-see-precautions-taken/). At rates like that, the fast may have been intended more to end the 1984-style lockdowns, in which case the fast would have been an organized request or begging of God to restore/install more logic and reason in the public sector. If God's answer was: Don't hold your breath or this won't end until mankind no
  9. No, he should not be compelled. If I were him, I'd hire ghostwriters to detail the events. Then go on book tours, happily closing my cake shop or selling it to the highest bidder - those with the resources to legally defend free speech. Businesses often reserve the right to refuse service. There's no reason he can't do the same. I think he refers cake requests to other bakers who don't share his religious views, no?
  10. Amazed at her faith, testimony, endurance and vision. Makes me ask myself: why worry about seeing the plates when you will see the Person they were written about? Wish I had her faith but do not wish I had any of her trials. Recently watched: Then I watched this: Then I watched this:
  11. politically, I respectifully disagree. spiritually and personally, I couldn't care less..as long as the consequences of those donations are not re-framed as me not living my religion in General Conference which will likely happen, leaving me to disengage due to a lack of consistency in messaging
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