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  1. I can't believe that Utah has so much crimes rates anyway. The rates must been the lowest of the whole US i do believe so. Yeah Salt Lake City maybe a bit, from the tourists who are there. And because it's such a big city.
  2. That's actually quite funny. 😂 Now i also wanna have this toy. 🤣
  3. Yeah agree. I didn't understand the question of the other person at first sight. But now i do. I should have read the whole discussion a little better.
  4. I don't understand? What was "pure vision?" You mean the whole narration of Joseph Smith and what he had experienced in the woods?
  5. Another testament? ? How's this new book called? 📙
  6. I must be honest. I think i won't choose one of those paths. Btw... i still haven't been in the temple so far. While i do have my pas.
  7. You're welcome. Btw....i can't find that topic that you have made. Is it removed? Or placed somewhere else or so?
  8. Aawh nice. That's a good idea actually. I also wanna post in that topic. I can't find your topic though.
  9. Ooh but i believe you. Don't worrie. Salt is not nessasary haha.
  10. There was a time that you had it though. 20 years ago. 😇
  11. That's what my church member also told me. Yes she did. In my case it's indeed a probleem. Sadly. I wish i could do a better job at that. 😓 No. I'm trying to figure it out myself.
  12. Oh my oh my... again an child abuse case??? I hear so many of them. That's really desturbing if you ask me. I find it disturbing because it happends so aften it seems like.
  13. Impressive. You must have had a very nice good friend back then. Most people would be super mad if they would find out. On the other hand. You're only a human. And those things can happen.
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