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  1. Yes it can be interesting for some people. I'm more interested in his religious background. The visions he had about God and what he exactly saw in the woods. And the conversation he had with God.
  2. Joseph Smith lived so long ago. Why is it still important for you to know or Joseph whas the first US stake president or not?
  3. I think that we all know how these sort of things go. Some young man and girls come back home from their mission and some of them have developed trauma's. I think that the church sometimes puches these kids to much. To much pressure and some of them can't handle that. Plus they are in a strange country and need to speak in a strange language. They are far from home. I can imagine that that can give stress to some. And when they are back home after 2 years they get another type of pressure, to marry somebody as well. Pressure pressure pressure.
  4. Yes. Andure till the end. And that's a hard and long yourney. πŸ˜ͺ
  5. Thank you so much. God bless you too dear CV75 πŸ«‚
  6. Yes i do all those things. I follow Jesus Christ. And hope that that will end well for me in the future. πŸ™
  7. Alright then Calm. I will remove the downvote. 😌
  8. Thank you so much i will watch it right now. Edit, that was a great song. This is exactly how i feel.
  9. Thank you for your long post. I've read it all. It was really clear. But uhm... i understand that God only come to earth if people make such a big mess of the world that it is necessary for him to come right? Like a third world war or so?
  10. Thank you i love you too Rain. πŸ’›πŸ’« i will talk with my health care provider and see how he can help me the best. At least I am in a good and save country where i feel save.
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