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  1. I am the YW President in my ward and we only have two girls attending Zoom activities. We have cut down to around every other week. We are also trying to get the YM and a couple of other wards involved in some of the activities. I miss meeting with the girls in person. They always brightened my day, even the “difficult” ones. I miss sacrament meeting (my husband and I aren’t going back yet) and the Temple. I don’t miss adult Sunday School or Relief Society - too many judgy people. So, once I am released from this calling, hopefully I will be called as a primary teacher:)
  2. The hand book reads: The stake president calls the stake Relief Society president and does not delegate this responsibility to a counselor.
  3. BLM protesters clashing with save the Confederate statues protesters down here. https://www.fwweekly.com/2020/07/26/saturday-protests-in-weatherford-marked-by-violence/ Unfortunately, there is a very vocal minority (I hope it is a minority) holding on to the “glorious” Southern past. Besides that, we have people who think their rights are being taken away because they are asked to wear masks to retail establishments, and we have bar owners opening up in spite of shutdowns because they feel they are being treated unfairly. Everyone is fighting for and against school opening, or not. We’ve had over 14000 new cases in one day. That is down to 6000 or 7000 since the mask mandate but deaths are now spiking. Apparently, there is a hurricane in the gulf and to top it off it has been hot as Hades. We’re good, lol.
  4. It seems that in some cases air conditioning is the culprit blowing the droplets around. I don’t think a face shield would prevent this.
  5. I went back to the emails and it was actually a letter from the Bishopric that sent mixed messages, not the stake. This from the stake: In addition, we have established new protocols for cleaning the buildings, administering the sacrament and maintaining social distancing. The Area Presidency has also asked that we wear masks or other face coverings in the building. This from the Bishopric: 3. Masks are encouraged, although not required. Masks will be provided if you do not have one. I asked about this in ward council and even read them the portion from the stake letter, and was still told it was highly encouraged, but optional.
  6. No general letter from the area presidency here in North Texas. I did see the letter from the area presidency sent out to leaders saying that masks should be worn to sacrament. Then our stake came out with a letter saying masks were recommended but optional. Talk about mixed messages. So many here think they are giving up freedom by wearing a mask. With 10000 cases a day, it seems like a small price to pay to get back some of our freedoms.
  7. Our ward is starting back next week. Only 50 or less can attend, so members will alternate weeks. My husband and I had a zoom meeting with the Bishop today to let him know we do not feel comfortable returning any time soon. He gave us permission to continue having sacrament at home. We talked for awhile about how everyone needs to make the decision that is best for them and we should respect that. I felt a sense of peace after the meeting.
  8. I guess I don’t understand why some people seem unwilling to just sit with this and just listen to our brothers and sisters of color who are hurting. Why get defensive and come back with “yeah, but...”. They are asking to be heard. They have tried it quietly, and now a bit louder. Are we really listening to find out what we can do to help make the situation better, or are we content with the status quo?
  9. My husband and I have talked about this. I feel more strongly than he does that we as a family are not ready to go back to services, yet. I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of the new cases and the deaths by day in Texas, just so I can see it all at a glance. Since our gradual reopening we have had over 1000 new cases 15 out of last 19 days. One day last week was the highest death toll so far. I would be surprised if our stake opens up for services anytime soon. If we do, I will probably wait for the curve to trend downward for a few weeks. I would also like to wait until there are more reliable treatments so that the likelihood of getting seriously ill or dying is much less.
  10. Love this! She has to be from Texas, lol! I’m surprised she didn’t say “ bless your heart” to the lady, lol!
  11. Is this where people learn to say “no” or at least question the decisions or just follow their local leaders?
  12. Sounds like some person or people in that ward are looking beyond the mark.
  13. I’m sure other days would work but our YW class President attended a virtual stake youth committee meeting and doing something like this on Sunday was one of the suggestions they had. This YW invited everyone by text and she is setting up the zoom meeting. Since we as leaders want the girls to lead the way I am all for it.
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