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  1. Cool! Which high school did you go to and/or which ward were you in (if LDS:)Maybe you knew my kids.
  2. Thank you for the work you do. You make a great point about the fact that we don’t have to teach religion, or have spoken prayers at school to do God’s work. He is the God of everything in this world and it is up to us to help him care for it.
  3. It’s hard to be sure with you, lol. Glad you are ok.
  4. I wish I could say I did but we’ve only been here for two years and I haven’t helped anyone pack:) Although I was born in Ft. Worth, the majority of my adult life was spent in Arlington, TX. When did you move?
  5. My husband and I are in the Ft. Worth area if you need anything.
  6. We feel the same way. We’ve had several acquaintances and one family member pass from Covid, including our RS President’s husband.
  7. I am in Ft. Worth, TX. We’ve been having 40 min., in-person sacrament for several months, but hubby and I only went back a few weeks ago once we were fully vaccinated. (I was promptly called as a primary teacher, lol). Everyone wears masks and social distances during the meeting, but I saw more people grouping up after the meeting today and talking. Singing started today, masks on, and only the sacrament hymn. It was also announced today that second hour would start in two weeks, but only 30 minutes, and they’re not sure what to do about primary, yet. I believe they will continue zoom meetings
  8. I agree with this. We have five children and all have left the church for different reasons. The interesting thing is that they still respect us and our beliefs. Even when I had a mini faith crisis, my daughter never encouraged me to leave. She just listened and empathized. So I have seen posts by angry ex-members on sites like Reddit, but I haven’t experienced it personally. My social and political views have moderated over the years and this has also led to some light questioning of church policies and doctrine but I think I have come to the point where I can stay and abide by the rules whil
  9. I hope I’m alive to see women bishops, stake presidents, and general authorities.
  10. I created a thread about this on March 12th. It didn’t get much traction.
  11. M Unfortunately, India is now the second hardest hit behind Brazil. Many blame complacency but they are also being hit by a new variant. https://time.com/5954416/india-covid-second-wave/
  12. Thank you for the link. I am very interested in this subject because I am concerned about the church’s stance on homosexual behavior, and I have my own thoughts about it. I always read your posts with great interest.
  13. I’ll get it in before Scott does, it’s “Eubank” lol! I love her!
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