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  1. I had some of the same side-effects ( no nose bleeds) and I had the same thought about the possibility that COVID could be worse for me than for some others.
  2. I was with you until you brought in the part about borders. Why did you go there, specifically?
  3. Yes, please keep it here. I think there is something here for all of us to learn, whatever our religion:)
  4. Thank you for your thoughts. I find this discussion interesting and enlightening:)
  5. There are much worse things one can use as a stimulant, imho, and babies will drive you to drink, lol.
  6. When I became a member 30 years ago, my friend (also a member), said it wasn’t the caffeine that was the problem but it was the tannins. Sounded as good as any explanation to me. I gave up caffeinated soft drinks many years ago, not because of the church, but because of rebound headaches. If I got a headache I would drink a coke to get rid of it, not realizing that it was caffeine “withdrawals” causing it. When I quit I had a horrible headache for a couple of days, but then I felt better and stopped getting the afternoon headache every day.
  7. I’ve found that the earlier I arrive for my assignment, the more choices I have:)
  8. I found this forum when I googled General Conference rumors a couple of years ago. I stay here because I like to hear different points of view and people discussing various topics in a civil manner (shout out to the mods). I find this to be a safe place to discuss hard things, e.g., ordination of women, church treatment of lgbt+, polygamy, fallibility of prophets, how Joseph Smith translated the BOM, priesthood ban, and on and on. I’ve found that my testimony of Jesus Christ has been strengthened through these sometimes tough discussions. There are many brilliant and opinionated people on this board and I am so happy I stumbled across it:)
  9. I hope this is changing. Kids shouldn’t feel pressured to discuss the church with their friends.
  10. I’m not sure how the youth are in your neck of the woods but getting any of our girls to reach out to less active girls was like pulling teeth. They definitely have minds of their own. I think the parents are having enough trouble keeping the active kids in without trying to convert their friends, but maybe that is just here. We did have one YM who was pretty gung-ho about sharing the gospel, but I don’t think his parents or the leaders put him up to it. It was just his personality.
  11. I don’t see that as the same thing, not even close. The church buildings and temples belong to all members and we all need to take care of them. I just don’t like cleaning my own bathroom, much less one where the whole ward is doing their business.
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