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  1. That’s what I thought. And it’s false. I have no idea who this other poster is. No I didn’t. I said that I had to resort to it because asking nicely and even pleading didn’t work. And guess what, the point actually worked. She stopped doing it and reacted with a laugh instead of her usual downvotes. We were actually making some progress until you decided to be an even bigger butthole than usual.
  2. No, the problem is just as I described. Without a standard soon anything goes. At first people will still kinda of hold to the old standard but as time goes by it will be forgotten and people will simply do whatever they want and the camel gets all the way into the tent.
  3. Like I said Raingirl, I’m not the only one who sees your downvotes this way. You know this is true, too. You admitted as much in your initial post complaining about having to keep defending your downvoting on this board. And if you really think it’s totally cool to downvote posts, why were you whining about me downvoting several posts of yours I disagree with, particularly ones that were nasty attacks on me or others? You obviously didn’t like that, which should tell you something about your own behavior.
  4. Downvoting 50+ posts. What a jerk move. You’re even more of a butthole than I thought.
  5. I think I have shown that the teaching is the same. I believe that you are reading too much into minor differences in wording.
  6. Downvoting posts should not be an option. Sometimes they can legitimately be used to express disapproval of someone’s post, but often times they are used as a weapon. And you personally use them as a weapon more than anyone else on this board. (And I’m not the only one you thinks this.) It’s also not just women who have been called out for it either. Men have, too. As for why I downvoted some of your posts, it’s not because your downvotes threaten my fragile ego, it’s because I believe that you cast them out of spite intending to hurt people. And in spite of my pleas in the past that you refrain from doing this because I perceive it this way, you have continued. That’s messed up. So rather than plead with you again, I’m hoping that fighting fire with fire will get through to you.
  7. You’re being overly dramatic. As for why you regularly resort to gaslighting, you’ll have to search your own heart. My opinion based on what I have observed you do and under what circumstances is that you gaslight for the following reasons: 1) To save face when it’s pointed out that you have contradicted yourself or you’re being called out on something 2) To try and escape when you are trapped in a theological corner 3) To avoid giving even an inch to those whose opinions you either disdain or find threatening 4) To try and rescue a gal pal in distress
  8. There’s nothing to show. I know what the old FTSOY says and what the article on the website says. I know that they aren’t word for word the same, but I consider the teaching to be the same. I see zero evidence that the website is now teaching that men shouldn’t swim without a shirt or whatever else you are reading into it.
  9. This is definitely not a clear line. A person could literally justify wearing anything or nothing based on this statement alone. Heck we have had individuals on this very thread suggesting that God didn’t want us to wear any clothes at all and that this was all Satan’s doing. And with Satan’s lies through the marketing and peer pressure, clothing has become more and more provocative, especially for women. There’s a reason why additional specific direction on what is and isn’t modest was in the FTSOY for decades and why it’s still on the church’s website.
  10. I disagree with your interpretation that the old fashioned views aren’t still on the church’s website.
  11. We should treat women’s voices as more authoritative than the word of God as delivered in the scriptures and by the mouths of his servants who hold the keys over his church? And pray tell, which women’s voices should we consider to be authoritative? Those who believe in the traditional views on modesty, which many still do btw, or those who challenge the teachings of the prophets and accuse them of sexualizing women for teaching God’s standard on modesty?
  12. And there it is again. What I find truly fascinating and disturbing is the hypocrisy on display here. You and the other gal pals go on and on whining about the double standards you believe women are subjected to, but at the same time have no problem falsely accusing men of being misogynists, which is a terrible slur. If men did anything even remotely similar to you heads would roll. That’s a total double standard.
  13. You said you believe it and that you have no problem if it’s true. How did I misread you exactly?
  14. Well at least you admit that that gal pals do what I said and that you have no shaming doing it either.
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