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  1. I am thankful there are people not as jaded and bitter as I often am. I appreciate the message but I have no conception of how to implement it. Working on it.
  2. If you remember that those under the age of eight are not tempted by evil you realize there is still PLENTY of room for malice and mischief even without the devil present. Then again it is possible that the fundamental change to a terrestrial environment including the bodies of those who endure the day will mitigate the natural body and brain’s inclination towards evil.
  3. Without Christ children would not have a grace period of immunity to the temptations of the devil. All get it, whether you die before the age of accountability or not. Any sin they do perform is done in a state of innocence and it will not be held against them.
  4. That the alternative of not coming was much worse. Even the Telestial sphere is good by comparison.
  5. Talking about the Indiana law? That thing was so extreme even some pro-lifers thought it was nuts. It required cremation or some kind of funerary care for any stillbirth or abortion, whether occurring naturally or medically with no timeframe limitations. In other words a woman who has a spontaneous abortion without even realizing she is pregnant and does not collect what is left for proper disposal/veneration was violating the law. It heaped additional costs on parents who had a stillbirth child or a traumatic miscarriage. Women protested by calling in to the governor’s office to report p
  6. I would argue it is less that religious liberty is under attack and more that casinos can exert more pressure on lawmakers. Casinos should have been shut down. Houses of worship should have been shut down. Acting like this is an attack on religious liberty and not someone trying to keep the casino owners (and the incoming tax dollars from them) happy seems wrong. It is looking at the problem from the wrong angle. The default was to shut things down. Do you think they allowed casinos to open to attack religious liberty? Now if everything was open and they shut down just the churches I woul
  7. Resurrecting this It now looks like this was less of a peace deal and more of a sop so the UAE could get access to US weapons. Israel is now concerned about the volume the UAE is looking to get.
  8. It is an old SNL bit. Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy.
  9. The alcubierre warp drive theory? It is a neat idea but it is one of the only theories on how to deal with the light speed barrier. There are a few problems with it such as relying on particles we are not sure actually exist, would require more power than the sun will put out in its lifetime (meaning antimatter would be the only plausible power method as of right now) and coming out of “warp” might annihilate everything at the destination in a wave of super intense radiation. It also might cause a naked singularity and those are...well....bad. It is an infinitely dense object from which light
  10. One looming problem with vaccine distributions (at the risk of vaguely referring to politics) in the US is that we have a federal government shutdown if there is no budget or continuing resolution passed by December 11th. While none of the departments involved in the vaccine distribution would be shut down completely they would lose a lot of staff and resources until it is resolved IF it happens.
  11. To quote Jack Handy: "Instead of building newer and larger weapons of mass destruction, I think mankind should try to get more use out of the ones we have."
  12. Yeah, that the prevalence of executive orders is worrying even if they do not threaten anything. I find that proposition insanely paranoid.
  13. Immediately followed by a confession that only the Father knows when He will return. Odd that the one statement Jesus made that is pretty conclusively false occurs right next to a concession about His own ignorance on that exact topic. Not sure what to make of it really.
  14. Yes, they would have known invasion and occupation but Lehi probably provoked them more with his talk of the city being destroyed. Jerusalem was probably generally considered to be too valuable where it was to imagine Babylon would decide to get rid of it. They overestimated Babylon's patience with their endless revolts and Egyptian willingness to fight and die for them.
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