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  1. I usually write it up and submit it to the Bishop and if he wants to make any edits he does and than it is sent off to Salt Lake. As soon as I can see the report has been received by Salt Lake I delete all the notes I took.
  2. Being mentally ill does not preclude someone from hating to the point of terrorizing a group.
  3. Living life is like living in a small bubble. There is always a lot of the world you are missing.
  4. When the looters show up offer them something. If they want to take more give up or fight depending on the odds.
  5. Well rat feces presumably keep the demon in me restrained so I applaud these food additives as a weapon of spiritual warfare and suggest matching the ratio to demon ratio for best results.
  6. Pretty sure Marxism and godlessness are just an incorrectly used blanket term for “things I do not like” in this context. Hopefully teachers like you are ensuring that the rising generation is more accurate and less lazy in their word use.
  7. You sound a little bit like one of those people mocking and pointing the finger People who live in buildings high in the air shouldn’t throw stones. Throw too many and the building might collapse.
  8. This thing you say God would never allow to happen happened to most of the world. The choice Mayan who had no way to find Christianity. Then you turn to the millennia before Christ. Did all have access to Israel’s truths or was it a provincial thing? I believe in a good God but insisting God will grant truth to all who seek it will require a pretty robust correction in the afterlife.
  9. They are not in my 1%. They aren’t in that percentage at all. Not sure what that “whataboutism” is supposed to prove.
  10. Look, who is he supposed to believe? On one hand here is a person actively engaged in doing the actual job and on the other a bunch of ‘bought and paid for’ propagandists spinning a narrative for their own enrichment. Who would dare to guess which is right?
  11. The rising tide analogy has never worked. It ignores that gravity makes it rise at all areas equally for all. I am not too virtuous to take advantage. I have a pretty big portfolio. The top 1% own about 38% of stock. The top 10% own about 84%. About half of Americans own something. I would also be okay if 70k was a minimum wage even if it hurt my stock portfolio. Who deserves wealth more? People work for it or people trying to make passive income? The “idle shall not eat the bread of the laborer” command doesn’t come with an exemption about trust funds and stock portfolios.
  12. The same statement could be made about Alzheimer’s or being born in North Korea.
  13. I am curious as to what percentage of publicly traded companies you think firefighters and teachers own. Surely you should focus on the people that own a much greater share. A suspicious person would suspect you chose those professions to paint the stock market as being for “the little guy”.
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