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  1. In other news..... ......may take a while. Excuse me while I go bang my head against something.
  2. I invite anyone to watch the video and decide if I am distorting it. I consider the BLM movement’s goals to be more important than making people feel comfortable or minor vehicle damage but I am not going to do a lot of pearl-clutching over the protests in general nor do I feel the need to defend every action taken by protesters. I am obviously more sympathetic to the protesters. “I must make two honest confessions to you, my Christian and Jewish brothers. First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reache
  3. Skousen’s theory always felt like a stretch to me. It tries to tie things together that I am not convinced were meant to be combined. Then again I served with Skousen’s grandson on my mission and he told me some things his grandpa didn’t put in his books so I might be biased. To be fair I agreed with a few of those things though. I probably shouldn’t talk as my conception is even weirder and I struggle with ennui and depression so maybe I need a better conception of the whole thing. Or maybe my brain is just broken and it has nothing to do with it.
  4. Was that the car fire that happened shortly after the guy with the bow and arrow?
  5. My first reaction to the whole thing was that an idiot brought a firearm to a protest and we knew it would be a hit to the goals of the protests in general and it was as it changed the narrative for a few days. I have a hard time understanding why, seeing a group of protesters they would swerve towards the sidewalk and keep going instead of stopping behind the line of cars. Driving into the group seems to be using the vehicle as a weapon but I obviously am not familiar with Utah law. I doubt it will go well for him no matter what and I see no justification for the second shot no matt
  6. No idea. The only time I heard about Taggart was during the Provo shooting thing but there was some anger as one of the cardinal rules everyone was telling everyone about those protests is “don’t bring guns” because of the potential for escalation. There are people defending him under Utah “Stand your ground” laws but I haven’t heard if he has or ever had or continues to have a relationship with Sullivan. I don’t know Utah’s laws but the videos I saw at the time had me leaning toward the driver deliberately assaulting the group. I think it would have been better to get out of the way rather th
  7. They don’t look like the same person to me when I look at the photos but I could be wrong.
  8. The FBI officers recruited in the late 90’s (who started out tracking the Unabomber, the Oklahoma City bomber, and that Neo-Nazi shooter) are like kids in a candy store right now. I got this from a guy I know and also the FBI press conference. Weirdly giddy but in a good way I think. A lot of careers will be boosted and the first round is fish in a barrel. A lot of people are disappointed at the low number of counts for a lot of the people caught early but I am guessing a lot more charges will be added as everyone starts to turn on each other. The initial push is to grab as many people that we
  9. I know of him. He is an idiot. He was involved in BLM stuff but after his first stupid stunts everyone just wanted him to go away. People like him are dangerous to protests. I heard some anecdotal stories of him being connected with some of the vandalism in the BLM protests but it is ‘third hand’ or more so take it with a shaker of salt. All the online “chatter” from BLM associated people about the 6th was “don’t go to DC on the 6th”. It was clear over a week before that there was a good chance of a lot of violence and some horrible plans were being constructed in the darker corners of the web
  10. I’m not convinced. The less severe lockdown they were comparing to were Sweden and South Korea. South Korea had a less severe voluntary distancing plan but South Korean for all kinds of cultural reasons were more obedient to the voluntary rules than the US and Europe were to the mandatory ones. They also had a rigorous government response. Sweden is a sample size of one if you don’t count South Korea and Sweden seemed to have fewer cases at first while the other nations were locking down. Seems like there is a correlation to causation problem in there.
  11. That is the best case. The studies showing possible long-term damage from the virus means that a short immunity and children getting it a lot might be worse for them. The problem is we don’t have any long-range data at this point. Hopefully it is not a dengue-fever effect where the second (and third and so on) cases are likely to be worse. It is normally the trend for viruses to become less deadly over time because viruses that kill the patient tend to die out more quickly but that is a trend and not a surety and that is in the long-term.
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