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  1. It seems somebody is trying to bribe influencers to directly sow doubt about vaccines. https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-57928647 *cough*Russia*cough*
  2. Heigh! Hie thee high to the mountains!
  3. Do you mean anyone who used guesswork about what was needed to try to prevent spread and anyone who changed recommendations due to getting more information and anyone who was honestly wrong without an attempt at deceit? If so, no one is trustworthy.
  4. Here in Texas we are in a weird situation. The governor is unlikely to do any lockdowns unless the situation gets PR nightmare bad but the schools are struggling to figure out what is going to happen. In church we had a metric that was supposed to determine when we went back to the two hour bloc. We got there and now the number is back above that metric and we should be going back to either one hour or virtual but were told not to. Cases are shooting up and our county’s hospitals are at 97% capacity. Exciting times.
  5. So the data showing that there are more cases and deaths all over the world than any flu season mean nothing to you? How does your experience say otherwise? Are unable to integrate data that is not from your local area?
  6. Everything? So there are other mes out there. An infinite number of them. If everything has happened before then this exact earth must have happened exactly like this one. That means I have typed this largely pointless comment an infinite number of times stretching back through eternity. Now I am depressed.
  7. It is a paradox. There is no answer without going meta beyond the statement itself. You didn’t just solve it.
  8. I admit to some frustration. We should be at the tail end of this absent some nasty scenario hitting with a mutation that the vaccines do not work on. We don’t have that but cases are surging and we may see lockdowns hit again as ERs in some areas are filling up again. Superspreader event after superspreader event and it looks like this new variant is particularly prone to causing these events. We may have schools in some areas close for another semester. As awesome as I look in a mask I am ready not to have to have them available whenever I leave the house. It is all so avoidable.
  9. Friend sent me this piece on how Covid disinformation spreads. They followed one rumor from creation to the present. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2021/07/20/1016912079/the-life-cycle-of-a-covid-19-vaccine-lie
  10. This is my sock puppet account.
  11. People who only believe in something when it personally impacts them in a negative way are the ones showing up in hospitals with Covid saying that they are willing to take the vaccine now and are told it is too late. Anecdotal information is good but should be run against the larger realities and the broad data we have available and can use to calculate risks and trade offs. The risks of severe reactions from vaccination are incredibly slim when compared to the risk of dying from Covid and when you add in the risks of long-term damage from Covid even if it doesn’t kill you the odds skew even further. Hopefully the long-lasting effects of Covid will fade with time but if they don’t and if some of the damage we have seen doesn’t repair itself we may have a slow burn health crisis going for decades with impact on quantity and quality of life.
  12. On another chat site some friends and I were joking about that and talking about a recent political figure farting and spreading Covid. Were we……right? And I know, I have the mentality of a 14 year old.
  13. The board population hasn’t changed that much. Probably just hit an off time. Most of the regular posters are the same. A few new names and a lot of Ahab sockpuppets.
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