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  1. I am not accusing anyone of falsely attributing deaths to Covid. What I have learned is that the numbers reported as COVID death aren't Death from COVID Necessarily but death with COVID. I just noticed that our local paper just started changing the title of their headlines to reflect this. Of the deaths with COIVID, according to my doctor friend, the connection of the death with covid can be strong (death from respiratory failure, from pneamonia caused by an ongoing COVID Infection), Not as strong (Cardiac arest while having an active COVID infection of someone who already had congestave h
  2. I understand that it is possible that people are taking advantage of the situation, but without evidence we should learn to be content with uncertainty and give people the benefit of the doubt, even if it means someone might get away with something. The other alternative is to suspect every one of everything they might possibly do just because it's possible. There have been many cases of people who have been punished for taking advantage of the system with evidence. Google Medicare fraud and you will find plenty of examples. I prefer to wait for evidence before accusing peopl
  3. While what you are saying may be plausible, plausibility isn't evidence. We must have evidence before making accusations of falsifying diagnoses for monetary gain.
  4. According to him there is no difference in his compensation for classifying a death as Covid or non covid. He is paid a salary and there isn't a COVID bonus to him. If there is a COVID bonus it goes to someone else
  5. Why so defensive? isn't it better to understand the process of assigning deaths to COVID. Aren't you in favor of having more people understand the process? I think it makes a great deal of difference if "Covid death" means different things to different people supplying the numbers. Also a covid death means death with the presence of covid. It doesn't indicate how influential Covid was in causing the death. According to my physician friend, cause of death is always more detailed and nuanced than "Death by Covid" More like "Respitory Failure, due to pneumonia as a complication of COVID-19"
  6. Today for christmas we had a family friend over who is the head physician at a rural medical clinic in our state. Since this is 2020 the conversation naturally turned to Covid-19. I asked him what it means when someone is reported as dying of Covid. He told me that at least in the state and county he works in there is no real definition of what it means to die of covid Some cases, he says are obvious, but most are just judgement calls by the doctor or the coroner. He said the coroners office is much more eager to lable someone as a COVID death than the doctors, in his experience. Oft
  7. Back in the day, when I was an emt for the fire department, we always wore masks and gloves when we responded to a medical call. It wasn't to protect the patient.
  8. The ones I know had some medical issues, but that didn't stop the overall strategy. The key is to invest instead of spend. The typical way is to pack two or three families in one house, money saved on rent is put into a house. House is paid off quickly, and other houses are purchased. Often medical expenses are not much of a problem because low income qualifies them for medicaid. One of the people I am thinking of right now has three houses paid off. They still work in the fields for extra cash. Most public assistance programs go off of income, not assets so they still qu
  9. You need to get out more. I personally know people who have never earned much more than minimum wage who have accumulated large sums of wealth. They just had to sacrifice a bit. (Yes they are people of color).
  10. When using terms like "Asian Americans" you actually stop notice diversity and replacing it with a simple term that ignores culture. Asia is a very big continent with many diverse languages, cultures, countries and ethnicity. Its an entire continent for Pete,s Sake! The most populated continent in the world! There are a huge amount of countries Russia, Iran, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Mongolia, Israel, Turkey, Japan, India, just to name a few. Many different regions and cultures. Simplifying all of these to some overreaching "asian" means that you are at that sad day whe
  11. I just want to point out that you are engaging in the very act that you are fighting against. This is not to put you down, a lot of people do this. You are succumbing to the temptation to engage in generalizing people acording to superficial traits. We Americans just love to group people into categories that make no sense. We use whole continents to categorize people "African Americans", "Asian Americans", "indians" (actually the same continent as Asia). All of these are stereotypes and using them prevents us from actually getting to know the richness of the the various countries, culture
  12. I originally come from Fresno. When I was growing up, there were many southeast Asians relocating there. At that time there were church units and missionaries in Hmong, laotian and Cambodian. One found memory of my childhood was when I was twelve years old and me and a Hmong youth got together and used another kids stereotype of hmongs to get 10 dollars from from him in a scam. One big mistake was to confuse Lao and Hmong. Even though they were from the same country, they didn't like each other and had vastly different cultures. Later as a young adult, I had many friends from
  13. He had his reasons to oppose illegal immigration, other people today have their reasons. You may or may not agree with them. I certainly don't oppose illegal immigration. Those immigrants his organization was reporting certainly didn't like what he was doing at the time. He opposed the bracero program which many indigenous Americans from mexico relied upon for their support. Today, he pretty much gets a pass on his anti immigrant view due to his percieved ethnicity.
  14. You seem to be saying that there are people who have privilege. These people who have this privilege can only be discerned by the pigment of the skin. I believe this is the essence of racism, judging people be the color of the skin and not by getting to know them.
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