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  1. Of course, there are multiple "lands of promise." I noticed the word "hypothetical" in the map above, but you seem to be convinced that your scenario is the correct one when applied to the land of the Book of Mormon. Are you saying that the Church is wrong to refer to America as the Book of Mormon "land of promise?" From LDS.org: This from Marion Romney is typical of many statements. In your opinion, is this incorrect? To which of the many "lands of promise" does this refer?
  2. Then all the references to the “Land of Promise” in the BoM and their interpretations over two centuries by the Church have been misapplied to the Americas?
  3. Seems to me it should be quite easy to find a writer from that time period who similarly used the many parallelistic forms demonstrated in Brother Parry's edition of the Book of Mormon. One who was very familiar with the gospel and the scriptures and adept at creating new proper names such as those in the Book of Mormon. I also wonder if Joseph Smith was conversant with the most popular book of his time other than the Bible, Pilgrim's Progress, and if it could have had an effect on his writing style.
  4. I’m good with Sasquatch. Also, they may have taken juvenile animals, not the full-size versions.
  5. Not only that, but it seems to know who is in which group so it can go after just certain folks.
  6. Sounds like an unfortunate situation. Sorry you had to go through it.
  7. Yes, she has contact with the ICU through employee friends and hospital communications. She has many contacts and has been there a long time. They also have access to regional hospital networks..
  8. That's not clear to me. Do you mean people choosing to go to Church threaten even more people? Well, that would also depend on what state constitutions have to say about such things. Ours says, I suppose Governor Inslee is relying on the bolded part. But there are many other things that he allows to go on during COVIC that are inconsistent with the safety of the state. Religion just happens to be an easy target. There is no question that religious freedom is under attack in our state....not always by the state, but also by the predominant culture in the power areas. Just
  9. Depends on if you believe God says about it. On the one hand you have the rain falling on the just and the unjust and God being no respecter of persons, but on the other hand you have promises of the windows of heaven opened to tithe payers and specific blessings through making covenants, obeying to God's commandments (the Lehite promise for this land), keeping the Word of Wisdom, etc.
  10. Not restricted/regulated/not enforced. Churches cannot meet. That is so easy to enforce. Rioters can riot at their discretion, not so easy to enforce., but no difference in the results. One freedom is restricted, one is not. Our building has been locked up for 9 months. IMO, people should have the right to choose to go or not, understanding the situation and observing reasonable safety measures. In my case, being high risk, I might or might not choose to attend. Eventually I will be exposed. Washington has been pretty tough on lockdowns and restrictions. They are being reimposed today. N
  11. It's interesting that in our state, marijuana stores are considered essential, but schools and churches.
  12. Thanks for the article. For less than two months. October 10th through December 6th in Utah. I see nothing about the rest of the country, but I'm sure many localities prohibited public church meetings. It would appear ward teaching was not prohibited as it has been for us...for many months. In Washington after being allowed to meet for 3 weeks since the lockdown in March, we have now again been restricted. That's 8 months without public meetings. Of course, on-line meetings are being held in places. Riots and protests have not been restricted, again. They were tougher back then
  13. I have read all the Conference talks that referred to the 1918 influenza pandemic. As far as I can tell, the Church was not shut down except General Conference was postponed from April to June of 1919, but some authorities did note the decreased attendance at Sacrament Meeting, men leaving for missions, and ward teaching. In fact, some talks mentioned that the Saints seemed to be blessed with protection. That flu was far more deadly. Heber J. Grant, June 1919. Melvin J. Ballard Oct 1919 gave the most extensive discourse.
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