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  1. My state mandated that every teacher every day in every subject had to spend time on discussions about student health. The mandate held out a carrot in the form of extra money to the school for every 5 minutes of discussion in a classroom. I was selected as one of 20 teachers in our JHS who would be monitored for compliance. I received a timesheet that I had to fill out every day and give to the office manager. The first day I entered 0 in the time slot. She said, “You can’t enter a zero.” I said I had no time during the rehearsal to talk about health issues. She asked, “How long did it take to fill out the form?” I said long enough to write 0 and sign it. She said that would count as a five minute increment. And so it went.
  2. It’s significant that this originated in Washington.
  3. No more coercive than the teachers who actively promote other questionable or controversial subjects.
  4. And the day that we were forever freed from having to play that awful game cricket.
  5. If we had some ham we could have ham and eggs, but we don’t have any eggs.
  6. Should the court have given states a one year warning so they could prepare? How would that work?
  7. We moved away from the west coast to get away from all the craziness. Perhaps such places will become meccas for those who want to enjoy how things are done there?
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