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  1. You are not addressing the Church Guidelines. I don't think any of what you suggest would stand up in a lawsuit. Perhaps an attorney can clarify. A friend was riding with his family and friends here in Washington. He went up a short hill not realizing that behind the summit was a sheer drop off. There were no warnings on the hill. Cost him his life.
  2. I recognize that it takes greater faith to accept someone's word. The Nephites at the temple in Zarahemla had already exhibited more faith than I can imagine. They survived mortal persecution because of their faith, endured catastrophic death and destruction, experienced horrifying days of terrifying darkness, and yet survived to see the resurrected Lord in whom they had trusted without seeing. I don't know what more could be expected as a trial of faith. So, do you think that those who witnessed the events and testified of them are somehow inferior to those who believe on their words, or
  3. That doesn't follow the Church Guidelines. Looks like the Church wants activities to be supervised. Why not just use the public lands that are open to ATV use? There are plenty of those.
  4. Sister Gui and I talked about this last week. What a blessing to be at the temple in Zarahemla and to witness all the glorious things that happened there! I can’t imagine a greater experience. Their testimonies as well as the witnesses in Jerusalem are foundation of our faith. Many fell away who saw the Savior perform miracles on other occasions, but none of these did. While greater faith is required to believe other’s words, even those who receive the spiritual can witness fall away. So we had a hard time understanding why the witnesses were blessed, but those who believe their words are bles
  5. Yes, those are from the Handbook. Who will regulate and patrol the Church properties?
  6. Probably, if you can prove negligence on the part of the government. I am not a lawyer. Yes, someone will sue the Church if they are injured on Church property. Note the following Safety Guidelines.....
  7. Star Trek's "Too much LDS?" President John Young in "Messiah." Seems like a fair treatment of Latter-day Saints. At least he's not portrayed as an oddball religious zealot. Stereotyped choice of character name, though. If he were a minority or woman Mormon President....now that would be edgy!
  8. Ohhhh! A great movie could be made about Porter Rockwell without having to invent anything. What an interesting character! I suggest Sam Elliot to portray him.
  9. Kudos to the boys and leaders who saw it through, especially the young man who did the encouraging. They will never regret it. It's inspiring to see a group of young men move together for a worthy purpose. I hope to see more of that with the new program.
  10. Everyone approached the change differently. I don't agree that Scouting wasn't right for the boys.
  11. I think several young women in our ward pursued their medallion. Camping in the New Mexico mountains...nothing is better! Camping in the Northwest can be a soggy affair, but you learn to deal with it. I agree that many things I learned in Scouting have served me well.
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