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  1. Old age confusion gets the better of me nowadays. I’ve probably missed it, but what do you mean by Evangelical? What is the “Evangelical Community?” Is it an umbrella description of a certain approach to Christianity? Is it organized? Does it have leadership? If so, how are they chosen? Are there core doctrines or practices that must be observed? How do you distinguish between Evangelical Catholics, Methodists, LDS, etc., and just run-of-the-mill adherents? Are Evangelicals “often Christians”? Is fundamentalism a derogatory word? Is Evangelicalism superior to other Christian approaches? Why is it important that so-and-so has preached to a certain congregation? What do you mean when you say Moody “was very effective in preaching to the faithful of the LDS church”? Did he tell them off, convert them, make them better Christians, entertain them? I’m asking for easily digestible information 🙂. Could you answer in 1000 words or less? (😉)
  2. Just wondering if all those exotic places have monotonous cultures too…..
  3. I can’t tell if you are agreeing or disagreeing with my thoughts or just expanding on them.
  4. ¡No se preocupe! I didn’t take offense. Deleting conference talks is very rare, but if it were to happen the critic mob would be all over it. You are not a part of that awful bunch. Not by a long shot! Please share whatever you find.
  5. There were several Elder Richards vs the red light events. Elder David Haight mentioned an two earlier ones… I saw the one in the video above and the Elder Richards “silly light” talk that he was referring to in these talks..
  6. I would guess very few. Critics would be very quick to point it out.
  7. Thanks for the comments! I think the turning point was the passing of LeGrand Richards. He was the last of the firebrands. Neal A. Maxwell was a firebrand of sorts but with a much more refined fire. I saw the famous talk when Elder Richards put his hand over the red light on the pulpit warning that his allotted time had elapsed. I also heard a famous preacher tell a whopper of a lie about him during an anti-Mormon lecture in a Rockford IL Lutheran church about 1977. He said he once attended an LDS Conference where he heard the famous Mormon Apostle LeGrand Richards preach. Elder Richards read a Bible quote, paused, and then realizing what he had read actually debunked the LDS doctrine he was espousing, so he hung his head and silently returned to his seat. Nope. Never happened.
  8. I don’t want to underestimate the power of the Atonement to make things right.
  9. Just as long as they don’t insist on singing….oh wait, that was Heber J. Grant! He was a wonderful man. I loved his conference talks. We are usually more concerned with the current apostles and prophets than those who have passed, no matter their stature or accomplishments. That is not to denigrate nor diminish them nor their contributions in any way.
  10. What if they were to see each other as they really are, ask and give forgiveness, and let the Atonement do its work? No chance for success?
  11. Yet you say you still have hope in the face of suffering. One can also have faith in God and in the Atonement in the face of evil and suffering. I find satisfactory answers in the Restored Gospel, not in the false conclusions and misunderstandings of others. I am as sure as I can be given our situation. How can you?
  12. I think any shame we have will be replaced by the eternal love of God, as in the parable of the prodigal son. I have said nothing about Lucifer and his followers. They are a special case.
  13. Yes, I believe it will be out of love. We will see through the glass clearly and the love of God will be irresistible.
  14. I explained why I think it is inconsistent. If you are still optimistic about life even in the face of tragedy, why shut out God? One can still believe in God and be optimistic about life in the face of tragedy. Even more so considering His promises. The problem is with false ideas about God. Everything we experience on earth prepares us to become more like God. This is His purpose. The Atonement compensates for all suffering.
  15. I believe we will bow the knee and confess because of love, not fear…his for us and ours for him.
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