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  1. I think the word “failure”, might be misunderstood. Every Sacrament meeting has all that is needed. It has an opening prayer, given in the name of “Jesus Christ”, the Sacrament prayers, which must be given verbatim, both the bread and water, also asking a blessing in the name of “Jesus Christ”, where we are asked to remember his ‘Son” (Jesus Christ) in every sentence. The only possible “failure”, might occur is someone takes the opportunity to not speak of, “Jesus Christ”. But seldom would the second or third. But on the off chance this might occur, the Bishop, or a member of the Bishopric, will steer the ship back on course, then the meeting will end with a prayer, end with,,,”in the name of Jesus Christ”. All of this to insure that the “Spirit of God”, (the Holy Ghost, or Spirit) will be present for any “honest soul, or seeker” will receive it. This is where it is our responsibility to be ready to hear the message, even if the message was not what was being addressed. In this, it has always been our sole responsibility. The same way we learn different lessons n Temple Attendance, even though the sessions are always, word for word the same.
  2. Thankfully, tomorrow all of my children and grandchildren will all gather at our home together for the first time in many, many weeks. I want to thank all of you for your prayers and concerns for my family. However, at the same time my children were sick and hospitalized, their cousin, and my niece was in another nearby hospital, and she did not survive. She was a mother of three, and not yet 40 years of age. So, we will gather here at my home tomorrow for, Sunday Dinner, and then at the funeral home on Monday as other members of our family mourn. I cannot imagine the sorrow that her parents are enduring at this time. I have been so focused upon my own children and grandchildren, that I failed keep closer tabs on how serious things had become for our niece. It is hard to rejoice at the good fortune of my immediate family, when others I love know, no such rejoicing.
  3. Thank You, it has been too long since we were all able to be together. Usually it is every single Sunday without fail, but not in the last few months. I love it when all of those I love are under the same roof, my roof. We are a close family, and any and all absences are deeply felt. It is a lively happy time when we gather together.
  4. Don’t know, and don’t care how they got COVID, I just want my babies to be healthy and happy, because I love them. I had to cancel my surgical appointment once, due to getting the Delta Variant. I am hoping to be able to keep my October appointment, as time is not on my side. Regardless, all of our lives are in God’s hands, which is why I was seeking prayer, especially for those I love.
  5. I don’t care how they got sick, nor was I trying to link the vaccine to their illnesses. I was just pointing out any number of ways they may have gotten sick. All that matters to me is their health right now and a speedy recovery, as our family has been through just too much illness in the last two months. I am just praying for, and asking for prayers for my family.
  6. Thank You, I often forget how loved I am by my increasing family, and a few life-long friends. Despite my constantly enumerating my many flaws. Thankfully, God is a far more just judge, and Father, than we are on ourselves. I just have to keep reading the scriptures, and reminding myself that God also loves me. So if he just loves me a fraction of how much I love my Family, then his heart is full, to the point of bursting. If someone as flawed as myself can love so much, just imagine how much his perfect Son loves us all. Anyway, probably too much of a reply, just wanted to say thank you, and it is so kind of you to reply. God bless you.
  7. Unlike my oldest daughter, and son-in-law, my oldest son and his wife did not need to be hospitalized. Although both were very sick, their Oxygen levels did not drop into the 80’s. They are slowly getting better, as is my wife, who got the lesser symptoms, thanks to having had the vaccine. Either that, or God took pity on my wife and I, this time around. My son had received the first shot, of the two shot series. However, when he got suck and running a high fever, the health department told him not to show for the second shot, until he got better completely free of COVID-19 symptoms. He may have gotten COVID from the first shot, as it happens sometimes. Either way, they are finally crawling out of the woods. Their two children, two of my wonderful granddaughter’s were spared anything, however their schools would not let them attend class. Our family has been hard hit, all but my youngest son and his wife. They were vaccinated long ago, my daughter-in-law was mandated, because she is a State Pre-School teacher. Sometimes I wonder if my wife and I received a placebo, rather than the good stuff, if their is truly “good stuff”, since we still got sick three times now, who knows. What is true, is that my wife and I would endure any sickness to spare those we love, our children (including all our in-laws) and grandchildren. For those 17 people, no task is too hard to endure. Also, “Rivers”, thank you for asking.
  8. Wow, I think I replied to a post for someone else. Feeling kind of stupid right now, or going crazy, which is a trip for me.
  9. That, means a lot, Thank you very much, Thank you yoiMLmvwey..l ep.u
  10. My family, one who supports vaccines seems to be under attack by an enemy we cannot see! Once again, I call upon my friends here, to be in prayer against this unseen foe, despite our best efforts. Now it attacks my oldest Son Joshua, who pushes himself to hard. In addition, I will be seeing a surgeon in early October, because my many rounds of meds have failed to halt my mounting health problems. The first time I had to have the surgery I am facing (again) was soooooo very painful. Because of this I wonder if I want to wage this battle once again. The surgeon will have to cut (or remove) so dangerously close to my brain again, if not in it. Therefore, I fear what that might mean. I don’t have much of a mind, so I want to keep what is still there! Yes, I do have a brain 😄. Although much (if not all) of everything I write might (or does) suggest otherwise. I don’t, or won’t speak of this in Social Media, in an effort to keep others from trying to create reasons to drop by, announced, or even worse, unannounced. Especially extended family, whom I have not seen in many years, who now wish to pretend that I truly matter. So, I come here, or ask for prayer via “prayer rolls”, where few others know, except very close, and loving family who know my circumstances. Anyway, this is my long winded (worded) way of asking for your prayers. I don’t do a lot of posting these days, as I am trying to focus of both my Spiritual and Physical wellbeing right now. A course of action that seems prudent for now, so God’s speed to you all.
  11. The same God, the same teachings. These are not Biblical or Book of Mormon teachings, but “Eternal Truths”, as passed down to all the Prophets.
  12. My daughter is still trying to get back to 100%, and it was very traumatic for the children (five our our grandchildren) to have one parent each in different hospitals. For one of our very tinder hearted granddaughter, it too daily reassurance from both her Nanny and Papa, that all would be OK, as we were frightened as well. So, I had to pretend that I had no doubts whatsoever, despite my own fears. But they all seem so much better today, as we are all together again for Sunday dinner, first time in three weeks!
  13. After decades of debate, on the Internet, or “one on one”, I have reached this conclusion. I used to believe that such theological debates boiled down to lazy human interaction. A practice where “all people” engaged in compartmentalism, so we could easily place each other into little boxes, to better understand each other. What I learned is that it is even less complicated than I had supposed. The goal is create “one box”, to then go through the mental gymnastics of putting themselves in the “small saved box”, and all others with who they disagree with, (no matter how slight of technical the doctrinal point of view) outside this box. Simply put, there is only “One Jesus Christ”, the one found in the Standard Works of the Church, and one does not have to be LDS to find and worship Him. However the Standard Works of the Church, help us find him “more deeply”, and “more completely”, thus allowing us to draw “more closely” too Jesus Christ!
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