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  1. No, they just called a couple of days ago, to ask “if I had recently received it, or am I planning too in the very near future”. My first procedure is March 2, and second, March 9, and third is late March. I did not ask why, I just told them that I was not scheduled to receive it.
  2. It is hard to know what is best, when it comes to new vaccines? I don’t get out much due to medical issues, and I currently have two medical procedures coming up in the next 10 days, and another at the end of March. Both doctors offices called to insure I have not recently taken the vaccine, and also to insure I will not be taking it in the near future. When they called they gave me no idea how long after the last procedure I could take it. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty, even with the medical profession.
  3. The concept of “Hell“, or should I say the reality of “Hell”, comes from Scripture. However there are many “differing or contradictory”, versions as to what it is and it’s duration. Different religious denominations use these contradictions to adopt their own versions of both, “Heaven and Hell”. If Heaven is reward, in differing degrees, then Hell by extension probably is punishment in differing degrees. But “endless punishment”, and the “same punishment”, for every sin makes no sense, and could serve only one function, and teach us nothing. As Latter-day Saints, we believe in a lovi
  4. Very cool, I love all things “Space”, but what more are we trying to locate? This is either the 3rd of 4th one, but still “VERY COOL“!
  5. Sorry, I promised to bow out of any other debate, except it be on the topic of the thread. If you want to discuss that, then I am game, but no more about politics, white guilt, white nationalism, nor what happened in the U.S. Capital. I have given my word, and will abide by it.
  6. You are right, I have tried to redirect a few times, but others can let go. Sometimes I hope I can use reply’s to redirect, I have even suggested the same, and asked that it stop. Most of my posts have been entirely on topic, only to be ignored. I will bow out, it it will help.
  7. You are allowed to say most anything. As I pointed out, “there were women in that group”, are you also ashamed of being a woman? “There was all at least one from Utah”, are you ashamed of being from Utah? Everyone there were not posing any threat, they just got caught up in the moment and the crowd. One woman was “trampled to death”. One unarmed woman was shot to death, by A Capital Police Officer. There was also media there, trying to catch it all on camera.
  8. What I meant to say, is that he can and does “Atone”, for any willing individual, but the last time he did it for an entire Nation, was the one they day of Atonement for the Nation of Israel. I know they still have the day observed, but with no Temple in which to sacrifice, I just don’t know anymore.
  9. Does not the very word of “atonement”, mean paying a price. Not in dollars and cents, but to take responsibility, and to fully repent. Jesus Christ “Atoned” for our individual sins, but he cannot, or did not atone for ours, or an Nation’s sin as a whole. Thankfully my wife’s great-grandmother, was able to hide, and remain in Georgia, in part due to her marriage to my wife’s great-grandfather. She was also part African-American, and free. However she could not reveal this, because they would not be allowed to marry, back in the day.
  10. Very true, sadly it began among it’s own people upon the African Continent. Not to mention, many came to America in chains, the Irish, Scottish, and Africans. However, the Irish and Scottish could work off their debts in just seven years. Countless millions who were black, were born and died as slaves. Some slaves could earn money, and buy their freedom. Sadly, some once free, would buy their own slaves. Slave owning blacks, were allowed to fight for the South, because they had much to lose. There were Indian tribes here in the East, who owned Slaves. There is a large plantation about 50 miles
  11. But it did not, first the Dutch, then Spain and England used such notions to justify the slave trade. The first slave trades began around 1609, and their belief that the descendants of Ham, being a “servant to others”, as mentioned in the OT, was used to defuse the outrage that many who had consciences, of right and wrong, and objected to the practice. The use of “segregation” and “Jim Crowe Laws” were largely introduced by slave owners in the South, and other slave holding states, was a justification, using the scripture, from the OT, to “come ye out, and be ye separate”. This scripture was m
  12. No worries, I just don’t want you to get in trouble.
  13. Please, do not post politics, unless you are trying to shut down this discussion. I live in the South, I do not know, nor do I have any friends or acquaintances who are “White Nationalists”. But one thing I can tell you, is those who hate, have no desire to be taught anything. They are raised to hate, or if imprisoned because members of such groups. Sadly, I have had to deal with many who seemed only to hate while in law-enforcement, but that is another matter. They learned this in their homes, not in schools, in fact most who were and are eaten up with hate, seldom get a High School education
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