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  1. Another beautiful sunset, high atop the ridge.
  2. My youngest daughter made me this map to cheer me up, as I spend so much of my time in my room. Oh, I love maps; a lot! She also gave me pins to note where I have been. To date that equals 33 States, and 12 countries, so far. At the lower right side of the map, lies another great love, my Scriptures, which I read, due to my love of reading, and lately because they bring comfort. My family also bought and placed 15 of my poems in this large picture holder, well only 14, as the top middle reads, “Poems by Bill”. This was bought many years ago. My parents loved it so much, I put it in their house until they both passed away. My brother (one of them) thought I was just being vain. I read two poems, requested by my Mother at her funeral, and he became enraged (as he blew up on the phone afterward) that I would use her death to promote myself. I did not want to speak at her funeral, as I feared I would not get through it, and I didn’t get through the second poem, as I began sobbing. Thankfully, my sister set him straight. Anyway, I love this picture, because most of the things in it, were given to me by those I love, and those who love me. Also those whom I wish to be with for years to come, but this is, and always has been in the hands of God, as all things are.
  3. I am able now to go places, but the pain from doing so is not fun. Two hours of Church is very painful, and very exhausting. But I give it my all. Well, many times I just do Sacrament, as in just “partaking” if even that. I just want the surgery, and get this over with! Like I said, I already have to do one surgery on August 23, why not do both at the same time?
  4. Does he, or she really have sock puppets? Or are you making a joke. I have never seen the need for having a “Sock Puppet”. I know of some who have done this over the years, and those I exposed, became very,, very angry at me for telling the truth. I don’t get it, of course I always have just one account, and always have the same name. Only one did I break this rule, on a very hostile website, who is an outright enemy to our Faith. Even then I admitted two days later, as my conscience got the best of me. You are probably right, as there were many members who we anonymous posters that day, and many new ones, I did not recognize, thus the.confusion. Thus making me feel like a “stranger in my own land”, to semi-quote “Scripture”., to explain my confusion. Anyway, back to my dark state of mind. Were I often rail about politics, and other items that clutter my mind, in an effort to distract my mind from my illnesses.
  5. The day this beautiful young lady said yes, 45+ years ago. Our tiny beginnings, now number 19!
  6. Thanks for being there, even when anonymous. As for myself, being unheard seems to be the best, as my many illnesses seem to feed my worsening depression. This often leads to negative thoughts and negative comments. Thankfully, I can now post pictures in the Social Forum, thus reminding me of better times, and happier images . I just wish I did not have to wait for the medication to work, I would prefer going straight to the surgery, and get this over with. I already have to have surgery on my neck, due to a prior accident. I don’t know why my Doctors can’t just get together. After all, I have to be put to sleep anyway, why not just do both surgeries? The wait is hard on my family, and myself. Enough about me, time to post some happy pictures, and happy thoughts. So, bye fo now. I hope all who post after this will be OK with a “Rep Point”, instead of a dialogue. Again; Papa out.
  7. Wow, I accidentally gave myself a rep point. How is that possible?
  8. Thank you, I hope all goes well. My dear wife calls every hour when she is out of the house. I worry more for her peace of mind, than I do for my health. I am one of those odd individuals, who does not fear for myself, but only for my family.
  9. Thank you, I feel like the stranger who walks into a new Ward after moving, and knows no one. As I read the list of those signed on at that time, your “screen name” was the only one I knew. I know I have only posted in one thread since March, other than the picture thread in the Social Forum (which I love, and will continue posting), but wow what a turnaround. There was a time when only a few signed up over months, but this seems to be a large new membership. Worry not, I know you “reply or quote” was not personal, but posting about my health was, so maybe I overstepped in that regard. Besides, humor is you best asset here, and we all enjoy it.
  10. I posted something really personal about my final round of meditation, and if it did not work, surgery would be next. Shortly thereafter I realized I knew almost no one listed below, such is the speed that new people become members in such a short absence. I then worried something so personal, and asking for prayers from new strangers, might lead to some turning it into humor. Therefore I decided to delete it, before it became cannon fodder. I realized that making my illness known to total strangers could and would be viewed as unfavorable. Turns out even my deletion did what I feared it would. Irony abounds. Not to mention, just a short absence has turned me into a stranger, after 14 years. Go figure?
  11. One of my favorite sunsets from high atop the ridge…it was from yesterday. ?
  12. Don’t know why, but I just love this picture!
  13. A typical sunset from my front porch high atop the ridge!
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