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  1. Wow, even the “Great White North”, are going back, but here in the Sunny South no? How did you manage? I am debating, if when we return, would it be proper for me to wear my Army face masks, or should go with something plain?
  2. Don’t worry, I am not talking about starting or replacing our Church meetings, are acting like I am the Bishop. But we need, we “all need” to maintain some type of structure. It is after all why we want (as much as possible) the Priesthood to be in every home. I am just blessed to have so many each Sunday, none us or seeking to become authorities unto ourselves, nor do we feel as if we don’t need the Church, but this continuing limbo of not knowing when, where, or how we will return to Church, is at times too little. In five months, we have heard from our Bishop one time in a small broadcast, and he is a member of my extended family. Sadly he knows nothing, so there is nothing to tell us. Relief Society has resumed functions, Youth Organizations are active again, but nothing for the Priesthood, including directions beyond the first one months ago. Since then, no communication, no instructions, no activities, just a deafening silence.
  3. I just posted something without seeing this, is this whom they believe did the shooting?
  4. I hate to say it, but in my experience with criminal acts, it is probably someone who is both angry and disaffected (probably a redundant comment), and it gives me a knot in my stomach, as I worry that is a current or former member. I pray I am very wrong, but when we used to investigate such things, we always had to look first at those most aquatinted with the victims. Of course the victim here is the institution of the Church, and more importantly it’s emissaries to the rest of the world. I will be praying that I am wrong on all accounts, if the attacks were at night, it gives me hope that whomever did this was not trying to harm anything more that what the MTC represents, and therefore has not “been given over to a reprobate mind”, to coin a scripture.
  5. All my grandchildren live in the same county, well the seven still in school. They do a three day week, and virtual two days a week. Of course the next county over is not going back, it is all a big mess. However, my grandchildren are thrilled to once again be around kids their own age, after no school or Church for five months. We still have no idea when, or if we will be allowed to return to Church. From what I have been told, those who have returned, won’t allow those in my age group to attend. We have a “virtual Stake Conference” this Sunday where we will get a new Stake President, ours moved away two months ago. As a family, I think since we have 16-18 people every Sunday dinner, we are just going to start having Sacrament Meetings, semi-regular, since we have three to four Priesthood holders each Sunday. I think it is best we get used to Church Services again, as we seem to becoming to informal, and having trouble with our “once Sunday habits. So, “as for me and my house”, it will be back to school, and back to Church.
  6. I am glad that got resolved, he will be able to see and experience such great things in the Army. It was so long ago, but the things I got to see and experience changed my life forever. In fact it was while I was stationed in Germany in the late 70’s, early 80’s, where my wife and I found the Church, and were sealed in the Swiss Temple in 1981. Go Army!
  7. That is the “gift and curse” of being a Prophet, knowing and seeing that which is wonderful, and awful.
  8. True he could have chosen to live, but it was to this very mission to which he was born. To live, as we live, to suffer, as we all do to varying degrees, and to rise from the dead. What made it so important, and impactful, is that he had the “free will” to chose. Knowing the agony and sin he would have to take upon him, so much so that he “hoped and prayed for another way. Even with the knowledge, he submitted himself to the Father’s will, setting aside his own will. Sadly in that day, “the cross” was the manor in which the Romans used, so we should not loose site, and remember that we worship “Jesus the Christ and the deed“, and not just the “wood and the nails”. Wearing a crucifix or cross is meaningless, when we forget his sacrifice, and turn the instrument of his death into earrings and necklaces, or prison tattoos. Only when we both walking in Faith, do any of these objects have any meaning.
  9. There are all valid points, as we are a conservative Church. The “marijuana” comments fall well within the “Word of Wisdom”, addressing smoking.. But doing so for medical reasons, makes sense, as recognizes (from what I have been told) it helps greatly with nausea, from chemotherapy. But any going through this, via cancer, need to take care around their children, i. e., being locked it up. Because In the past, Mormons did not hide their liquor, under lock n key. Because they would need, or have as liquor in out homes, anyway.
  10. Is this directed at me? If so I did not suggest you are, “living in fear”.
  11. It was not an indictment of any kind, just to poll the room.
  12. As I prayed for him as well, no matter how badly he acted, I still wish that no one dies. Nor for his blameless wife to suffer over someone she truly loved.
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