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  1. Your requirements are rigid and unjustifiable. I've already given examples above of leading academic figures -- two Nobel laureate scientists and a widely respected Mesoamerican archaeologist -- who lack university positions. And now, as to the matter of degrees: The great Anglo-American historian Peter Brown (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Brown_(historian)) doesn't even have a doctorate. Yet I once sat in on a doctoral defense at Princeton University for which he served on the committee. (Such examples can easily be multiplied.)
  2. https://journal.interpreterfoundation.org/a-uni-dimensional-picture-of-a-multi-faceted-nauvoo-community/
  3. With all due respect, it's a nonsensical point: "I know Chinese, and their Chinese stinks." "Have you ever heard them speak Chinese or read anything that they've written in Chinese?" "No." "Have you ever read anything that they've translated from Chinese?" "No." "Do you actually know anything at all about their Chinese?" "No." "And yet you know that their Chinese stinks?" "Yup. You got my point."
  4. BC: "I think that an academic ought to work (or have retired from) an academic department to be trusted as an expert." I'll pass over your debatable assumption that BYU Ancient Scripture isn't an academic department and your false assumption that nobody in Ancient Scripture is a legitimate academic in order to flatly contradict your notion that nobody who hasn't worked in an academic department can be trusted as an expert. I'll give you just three manifest counterexamples: (1) Peter D. Mitchell, an independent British biochemist who worked in his own self-funded research institute
  5. You know peer review, but you don't know our peer review, but you know that it doesn't match what you know of peer review. Got it.
  6. I know peer review, too. I've done peer review, I've been peer reviewed, and I've supervised peer review. Have you undergone peer review for an article submitted to Interpreter? Can you inform us about how Interpreter's peer review process works?
  7. BC: "I suppose that any bozo can author an article and get published by the Interpreter. " If a bozo's article fits our publishing goals and passes our peer review process, yes, any bozo can get his or her article published by Interpreter. BC: "I wonder if Mark Allan Wright is able to publish peer reviewed articles on MesoAmerica" Of course he can. Even scholars who have no academic affiliation at all can and do publish peer-reviewed articles in their fields. It's fairly common; you'll see plenty of them on the program of any moderately large academic conference. And th
  8. I'm a believer, and a former Bishop. I think Jackson's article about Clarke is both excellent and devastating. He's superbly trained. It was peer reviewed.
  9. https://www.patheos.com/blogs/danpeterson/2020/02/a-man-hears-what-he-wants-to-hear-and-disregards-the-rest.html
  10. It is not true that the director vainly sought to meet with me in order to sack me. It is not true that the director vainly sought to meet with me. Period. I met with him a couple of days before I left for six weeks overseas, in the Middle East and then in Europe. I was not sacked in that meeting, and there was no expectation of another meeting before my departure. I was sacked while I was still in the Middle East. To be precise, I was sacked by email while I was in my room in the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem. Just for the record.
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