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  1. Yeah plus even if someone dies they are likely going to a better place than among us who haven't died yet and who wouldn't rather be dead than here? Either way we're all at least one day closer to the end of the pandemic
  2. Willis, huh. Willis Stemelbow? I thought maybe he had a stem of an arm as an elbow. Maybe I should start calling him Willis now.
  3. I sometimes wonder what some people refer to as science. I believe everyone who has died knows there is life after death. They die and then see that they are continuing to live, or at least exist if they don't call that living. It's repeatable. Everyone who dies discovers that fact. Every experiment works, as long as the person doing the experiment actually dies. And some people have come back from the dead to show us they are still living after they died. So what is science if not doing what others have done and getting the same results? Even getting revelation from God can be a form of science. Even though everyone may not be getting revelation from God.
  4. There is always the option of saying No, however nicely you want to say it, or just not doing what others want you to do when you know they are asking you to do something which is wrong. And baptizing an infant is always wrong. A disciple of Jesus Christ does what Jesus would do and Jesus would never baptize an infant because he would know that is wrong, however much somebody else may want you to do it.
  5. Yeah, more like helping to give counsel and discipline to a fellow disciple. That's what leaders and judges of Israel are for, I think. People with good intentions often do bad things and they need to be taught how to do better things. Yes, and our ecclesiastical leaders on this planet can help too. The council of 3 in heaven are not the only people who are able to help us.
  6. Welcome! I'm glad you're posting here even though we have not agreed on some things. Just try to form the very best opinions you can, okay? And when you have time please try to find out what God has to say about different things too.
  7. The Book of Mormon, itself. What is written therein. What it actually is. You have no evidence that it is other than what it says it is, what the people who wrote it said it is, so unless it can be shown that it is not true it should be regarded as true. I think it's strange that some people seem to want something in addition to that evidence, but in addition to that we also have the word of God that it is what it says it is.
  8. That's your paraphrase, not the Lord's and not mine. He does mean that his punishment is eternal... that he is eternal and that his form of punishment is eternal because for as long as people do not repent from their sins there will always be those painful consequences that result from those sins and that those consequences will always result from any sinful behavior... it's just that some people do not correctly understand what it means or in what way his punishment is and will always be eternal. Torment is different than damnation, and damnation is what we should be most afraid of especially when considering how that damnation could be endless. My apologies. It would have been more pleasant for you if I had simply said I think you could surely come up with a better opinion than that one.
  9. Yeah I think a good heart to heart talk about repentance and the covenant we make as members is what is needed at times like that. With some words that strike home and make it real to the covenant breaker. You said you would repent of your sins and then you did something like that!?! Do you realize that when you take the sacrament you are saying you will ALWAYS remember our Savior and keep his commandments? When you take the sacrament again are you going to keep that promise or are you going to break that promise again? You do know our Lord will always be there to help you do what is right, don't you? I think you need to take some time to think about what it means to take the sacrament before you take it again, otherwise you may not be worthy to take the sacrament as you should.
  10. i am continually impressed with your knowledge of and reasoning ability regarding this virus, pogi! I hope you never get it yourself!
  11. I agree with your premise but I don't agree that we don't have any evidence that the Book of Mormon is what it says it is. When we don't have evidence for something, though, we should be willing to admit it. You don't have any evidence that the Book of Mormon is not what it says it is, for example. Live with that and be willing to admit it.
  12. Do you believe our own beliefs should ever be secondary at ANY moment? Why should we ever defer to someone else's beliefs? Because it would help them to feel good to think that we agree with them, even though we really don't? I don't think anyone should ever compromise their own beliefs, even if it would help other people to feel good about their beliefs. We need to stand up for and act on our own beliefs, at all times, and in all places.
  13. I am quoting this post because it seems that some people do not know or understand what history is.
  14. In our home, my wife and I preside, even when our bishop or other authority in the Church comes over for a visit, so we're talking apples and oranges here. And as I said in another post my wife feels more comfortable with me taking the sacrament first, so I do. It is the sacrament, though, and our Lord has proscribed certain procedures and terminology to be used while taking the sacrament emblems, so my wife and I do those things otherwise we would only be eating and drinking some things.
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