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  1. Home made cookies are best, especially when fresh out of the oven. I usually prefer them a bit warm. I'm glad I know how to make them myself so I can have one pretty much whenever I want one. Now, on to the answers: Because they still liked him. If he followed John as well as Jesus he was. And yes of course John would have agreed with me, and I would have agreed with John, and Jesus too. Some did and some didn't, and my evidence is a testimony from God... empirical evidence. He had some disciples who gathered with Jesus and some who didn't. He had all s
  2. The manner of men Jesus was and still is. Yes. He meant what he said, and his teachings on repentance can help to clear up any confusion if anyone is confused by any of his teachings about how we should be.
  3. I think we all have moments like that, on occasions. I like to wave at them as they pass by.
  4. "He (Terryl Givens) ultimately concludes that Latter-day Saints are obligated to oppose abortion and that there is basically no room for personally opposing abortion but supporting its legality and availability." Not quite true. The main reason given for personally supporting abortion is that it is often the easiest way for a woman to rid herself of what she sees as some personal problem related to her pregnancy, like not having much money to support the child or because someone else would not like the fact that she is pregnant which could cause her some personal problems. So for her se
  5. A disfellowshipped member of the Church is still a full-fledged member of the Church. I was talking about the leeway given to members to remain members even if they do not obey all of God's commandments. But yes I agree that Church leaders and teachers still try to teach members and non-members that we all should obey all of God's commandments. And that we will be blessed according to how obedient we are.
  6. I feel like too many people don't understand that it has nothing to do with fear and that it is actually about a disgust of sinful behavior... any sinful behavior, including the disgusting act of having sexual relations with someone of the same sex. I don't know much about you but I don't like it much when I see people do disgusting things, whether by their self or with some other person. And you ask how would it hurt to allow full fellowship with families or individuals who do disgusting things when bringing them to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ? It would hurt by knowing they are
  7. Let me guess. When doing your family history research you found out that a LOT of us are related to each other! And in fact, ALL of us are! Some thing some people still don't seem to realize!
  8. Good grief! Don't be ridiculous! I would have no need to tell those adults that I could recognize the fact that those children weren't their biological children or to say they are not theirs. As the adults who adopted them I would presume they already knew that.
  9. Yes, although I will admit I will also call them their children if they have been sealed to those children. So in my perspective children belong to parents who biologically reproduced themselves to make them or were later sealed to them. I tend to think with an eternal perspective rather than only in terms of this world as things have been done and allowed by men who have not done things as God has done or would do them. The laws of mortal men are valid only in mortal life.
  10. You are expected to talk with God about questions like these. You do realize that, I hope. And you are free to think whatever you want to think on your own. Welcome to mortality!
  11. I'll do that for you. As a man who continues to have sexual relations with another man you will be allowed to attend at all Church meetings and hold any calling unless the meeting or calling requires that you hold a temple recommend or priesthood ordination. Note that there is a distinction between identifying yourself as "gay" and actively having sexual relations with another man. And it makes no difference if you are legally married to him or not. The children under your stewardship (i refuse to call them "your" children unless they are biologically yours) will also be allowed to
  12. religion the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. a particular system of faith and worship. a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance. it should be realized how some religions are better than others, just as some beliefs and forms of worship are better than others so we should expect to see that benefits of religion vary
  13. Sure, if civil unions are all people want. God has something better than that though through the power of his priesthood.
  14. That was my main point. Every member of the Church has a seat at the table as far as the Church, itself, is concerned regardless of which blessings or how many blessings individual members are entitled to, as members of the Church. If someone gets excommunicated from the Church, though, or decides to withdraw his or her membership status, then of course that person no longer has or simply does not have a seat at the table which is set for all of the members. Some members do have more blessings than other members, at particular points in time, but at some point it is possible for all
  15. God is an interesting word. Probably one of the the most interesting words I know. It has so many meanings/definitions and yet each one refers to the same kind of thing... the most supreme kind of being in all of existence. We know and are taught to refer to our Father in heaven as God while knowing there are many other persons who are the same kind of being he is... and that even we, ourselves, as his children, are the same kind of being he is. We also know and are taught that while we refer to our Father in heaven as God that we have many other Fathers besides him, since a grand
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