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  1. Yep, pretty much the same thing. I do understand some technical terms but when the legalese or medical terminology or whatever gets to where it sounds like Latin or Greek to me I tell the guy or gal who is trying to communicate with me that I would rather they explain things to me in plain English than use all of that mumbo-jumbo talk with me. Oh, and please note that disdain is a word you used\ which I did not use. I simply prefer plain speech and am not really very interested in learning all of the specialized languages/words associated with particular specialized disciplines of thoug
  2. I think there was probably a very beautiful thought in your mind when you wrote these words but some people will probably not catch on to that thought because of what you wrote vs what you could have written to make that thought more obvious.
  3. Uh, wow, well, okay, try this: we all need both light + truth to see and/or understand what words refer to or represent. Intelligence = light + truth = the glory of God
  4. I'd rather stick with common sense and normal words than to get into all of that philosophical mumbo-jumbo talk.
  5. Or you could also think of "intelligence" as what organizes the universe, where a lack of intelligence would leave matter unorganized. no organizer = no organization = chaos = not good
  6. You're talking about what words "convey" and I'm talking about what words "represent" as symbols. When I use the word blue such as when I say something is blue I am not thinking they the person(s) I say that to should see what I am talking about as if that object is what blue is. I am simply thinking that object represents an example of what blue is. For example, when I say the sky is blue on a pretty sunny day I am not thinking that "blue" and "sky" are synonyms. Are you? Or would you think I would need to explain that difference to someone? Like I am trying to explain to you ri
  7. Ah, yes, but I was talking about the power of the words, themselves. Words actually represent something, or in some cases some things, and the words themselves are what refer to or represent those things. What you're talking about now is something specific which helps us or enables us to see and/or understand what the words themselves mean or refer to or what the words represent. A "light" of some sort, which you refer to as "the light of Christ" which you also say is that same light which lights the way for every other man (and woman) who comes into this world. So several thi
  8. Hmm, okay, so I've been pondering your words for a few minutes now and I'm wondering if you may have overlooked an even more basic point about the power of words. Must words be the words of God to adequately represent reality? Well. maybe that depends on what we mean when we use the phrase "the word of God" or "the words of God". If by that phrase we are simply referring to words of truth then I would say Yes, because words of deceit and lies do not represent reality. So let's try an example of some words of truth that someone may not ordinarily think of as being words of God. Wor
  9. It does? Hmm, okay, then let's wonder about it. Let's pose it as a question in our own mind. Can the word of God adequately represent reality? In my own mind I further break down the question to this: Represent = cause me to think about and compare whatever I think about to whatever is being represented. Reality = what is/was/will be real and/or true. So now I have the question in my mind phrased in these words: Can the word of God cause me to think about reality/truth? AND/OR Can the word of God cause me to compare whatever I think about to whatever is being represent
  10. I suggest you give some more thought to the idea that you understand what Mark understands and that what you find deficient is that level of understanding. Because you see that it doesn't make sense, totally, even though some of it makes sense. Think on this thought some more: words can never represent reality. The fact that he is using the word "never" should be setting off some alarm bells in your head. Use hyperbole much? Words can be very powerful when used as symbols to represent reality. Words are not perfect but they are very useful and sometimes... even if only in u
  11. It is fun to give away, though. It makes me happy to get rid of it when and the ones I give it to seem to want to get rid of it too. ... oh, and we were talking about money, not wealth.
  12. I know full well that he did... see my edited post which will I hope make what I meant more obvious.
  13. To love money is to want to nurture it and take care of it so that what you have of it will grow and develop into as great a sum of money as the person who has it wants it to be... many thousands or even millions more of it !!! To hate money is to want to get rid of it and to have very little if any regard for it so that even if you lost all that you had of it you would still be just as happy as you were with it while not caring very much if anything about it. So the question I always have in regard to money is what is the best way for me to use and otherwise get rid of all that I ha
  14. ... OH, and there are also a few men I know who are totally trustworthy too.
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