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  1. Because, in his perspective, and mine, our beliefs are more true/valid than theirs. You've heard from us how long? and could not figure out what we would say to that question?
  2. Ah, you mean that since you see the names of General Authorities on books for sale and people buy them, apparently people are buying those books because it appears that Generally Authorities wrote them. I've wondered about that before. I wonder if book publishers approach them and ask them if they can print what they have said in the past, as a way to make something to sell. No good reason any GA should say no to that.
  3. Irony is actually not dead although some people may think it may be. Every person on this planet is simply sharing what they think and how they feel. Even the people who think what they say should be taken seriously. It's things like this that help to make being alive a good thing.
  4. Nah. If you feel comfortable saying things like that to me then I think I am doing okay to say what I say. Just sharing what I think and how I think as honestly as I know how.
  5. Oh really. I thought maybe but then I thought, nah, he's just telling me what he thinks. People do that, you know. They just say what they think and how they feel. Doesn't mean they're trying to get us to think what they think, I don't think. Just understand them.
  6. Oh I have tons already. How much do we need?
  7. Okay, I tried the not tell you approach but now I feel like I want to tell you. If I was a man, which I am, but I thought I was a woman, which I am not, and I heard people referring to this conundrum as "silliness, stupid, and pathetic" I would give it some serious consideration and then I would decide how I thought I should feel. ... and now after giving it some serious consideration I think I might feel silly.
  8. A virtual slip. Interesting. It's been a while since I have donated online because my wife usually takes care of that for us. Even though I am the professional accountant in our family.
  9. Only if he was persuasive. I see him as just another person sharing his own perspective, right or wrong. And I recognize the fact that we are all entitled to our own opinions and perspectives.
  10. Sometimes maybe it is better not to tell others how I really feel, or how you really feel, or what you think, or how you see things. Keeping one's own thoughts to one's self, and God, and maybe sometimes a spouse. Would that make you feel better? Would you rather just not know how I feel or what I think when I think of a man who wants to be called a woman, or a woman wants to be called a man? I am not going to change how I feel or what I think just because someone else doesn't like what I feel or think. My mind would be flip-flopping all over the place if I tried to do that, because we are not all in agreement and we still wouldn't be even if all of us kept changing our minds depending on who we are talking to at a particular moment. So I just stick with what I know and what I think and how I feel, depending on God for my guidance while sometimes, a lot of the time actually, talking things out with my spouse.
  11. Yes, and the books Deseret Books or any other publisher sells brings in money for the publisher and publishing company as well as money for the person(s) providing the source material. So it's basically providing an income to others, like any employer does when paying people to do a job. One of the best things about being an employer, in my perspective. Doing something to provide an income for others.
  12. I am not hostile but I do not like all of this type of silliness in this world. Silliness that isn't funny, anymore, even though at one time I thought it was or could be. Now I see it as the stupid and pathetic silliness that it is. And this is just me being honest.
  13. I already told you why I wouldn't call a man a woman. Because a man is not a woman. And transgender is a made-up word for a man who thinks he is a woman or a woman who thinks she is a man. By calling a man a man and a woman a woman I keep my own integrity in tact rather than bending to the will of other people who want me to go against what I know is right by calling things that are what they are not..
  14. Would you call a man a woman just because that man told you he wanted to be called a woman, and treated as a woman, and have you think of him as a woman, even when he clearly is not a woman? Neh. Scratch that. You probably would, cream puff that you are. But I wouldn't because a man is not a woman even if he thinks he is.
  15. The main problem with priestcraft is people selling themselves as the light others should follow, rather than pointing to Jesus Christ as the light we all should follow. And some people who preach about Jesus Christ are not preaching the truth about him, preaching instead a lot of false information about him which those preachers think is true, but isn't. Doing that for any reason is not a good thing to do, whether that preaching brings in some money or not. So it's not only about intent but about what people are preaching about.
  16. That doesn't matter. All Church money and property belongs to all of the members, whether active or inactive or less active than some others as members. And we even share it with others who are not members. Generous, we are. Truly, truly.
  17. Slip?!? You use a slip?!? We don't need no stinkin' slips!! And yes when you donate your money it is no longer your money to do anything with!! Ah, but then again, we are the Church, so when we give to the Church we are giving to all of us who our members, including ourselves.
  18. The Church is a conglomerate of about 18 million people today, I think, and that works out to about $5,555 per person. I know some of us have some cars and some boats and some houses and other stuff, but rich? Neh. Not until we have about $1 million per person will I consider us to be rich.. regarding finances.
  19. Those at the top of the chain of command can see what is going on at every level. Those at or near the bottom don't need to see as much or even at all for the people at the top to still be able to see all that they see. What I see looks like a lot of complaining from people at or near the bottom. And I can also see that the people at the top are doing a good job.
  20. We don't really solicit for funds. That stopped when we ended our association with the Boy Scouts as friends of scouting. Now we just tell outsiders that our Lord has commanded us to pay tithes and help to support the poor and the needy, and the latter can be done without giving money. So you won't see any of us knocking on your door to ask for money. Except for those of us who are also Girl Scouts trying to sell cookies. I am okay with that too.
  21. Eh, more like a spat than a war but if you don't want in on it then I will not force you into it.
  22. Not clear enough for someone like me. Are you talking about how neither sex should presume to speak/lecture about what it is like to be the opposite sex? Something neither sex should claim to know because we are only the sex we are and not both? Well, aside from considering our chromosomes, I tend to agree with that statement regarding women. I don't know what it feels like to have only 2 X chromosomes but I do know what it is like to have both an X and a Y.
  23. No, not knowing how much money the Church has doesn't do that. Yes, did you see my response? It is considered a temporal (not spiritual) concern so the Presiding Bishop of the Church has that responsibility under the direction of the First Presidency. The Quorum of Twelve Apostles are more concerned with spiritual matters. Our Lord is on record as telling his apostles to basically not worry about money. That he and God our Father and others would provide for their needs as they went out on his mission to help others. We, on the other hand, are commanded to pay tithes and give offerings, such as fast offerings and humanitarian aid. And that if we do so our bishop's storehouse(s) will be overflowing with abundant blessings from heaven. So the more we give, the more we will receive, and the better we will be able to help others as well as ourselves. All while our Lord's apostles are not concerned with matters of money.
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