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  1. Man, I have so many "but why" questions with Skousen. His explanation makes no sense to me. He attempted to answer all the questions but it's like he did so by just making a bunch of stuff up. On the bolded part, I always think of the saying, not even God can change the past. There does definitely seem to be limits to His power.
  2. Because it wouldn't be just to do so. Maybe it comes down to, if God is just, then He can't do anything unjust and remain God. Like how a mile is 5280 feet and if it's more or less feet than that can't be a mile. No one has to formally strip the mile of it's designation, the change just is. And I don't know that we really understand omnipotent as it's used in relation to God. If it means what we tend to think it means, then we end up with that age old question "Can God make a rock too heavy for Him to lift?" If He really is omnipotent the way we define it, then the answer mus
  3. Thanks for sharing all of that. It sounds crazy to me (intelligences able to make and unmake God based on their views about honor) but it was interesting to read.
  4. How has your wife not worked for 23 years if she is substitute teaching? Do you mean she hasn't worked full time? Because I would count being a substitute teaching as working, and I would consider you guys to be a two income household, even if she's not working full time. So I'm obviously not understanding your post like I thought I did and need some clarification. Here's a great link about SS that might be helpful.
  5. Proper grammar, and the way language should sound, are not always the same thing. As someone else has already pointed out.
  6. Lots of posters correct grammar. I’ve probably done it on occasion.
  7. I don’t think it was treated any more non-Christian than the Catholic or Protestant church. Besides that, with survey monkey (a reputable survey service) once a survey is live you usually can’t change it.
  8. I took the survey. It's pretty well done, especially since writing surveys is way more difficult than it seems like it should be. One thing that I did have an issue with though is your designation of father referring to biological father. My father is not my biological father, for example, but is my adoptive father. He is the only father that I have ever known though and is no less my father than any biological father would be. For that reason I answered all questions pertaining to my father, as if they meant him, even though doing so technically went against the directions of the sur
  9. It can. I think it mostly indicates whether or not a person likes to read. If you read a lot, even fiction, then the way language should sound and look becomes a part of you, and not something you have to think about.
  10. Thanks Mis! Can I quote you in a facebook discussion?
  11. And it's the availability of the loans that has increased college prices. If no one could afford 10,000 a semester (for a rinky state college) then the school would not be charging that much. That's why people used to be able to work their way through school. Not anymore. It's the same with the price of books. When I was getting my history degree it was normal to spend $1000 or more on books for 12-15 credits (4-5 classes).
  12. I have a bachelors so I've never looked into Pathway, but from the little I've heard from other people, it seems like their degrees aren't very useful. They are useful for someone who just needs any degree but otherwise, I can't imagine they help people move up in the world that much. But at least they are affordable. I have a friend who recently got his Business Administration degree, and honestly, he probably won't ever earn enough with that degree to make the loan debt worth it.
  13. The board used to let us change to an html view and I kind of miss it.
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