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  1. Is the type of movie that will make sense if you haven't read the books?
  2. I’ve heard people complaining about the age of the main character.
  3. I haven't seen either so I'm wondering if not seeing the musical means you'll probably like the movie more?
  4. They wouldn’t tolerate Ahab? We haven’t either but he appears to be like black mold. Very hard to get rid of. How does Reddit keep people from making sock puppets after they are banned? Especially since so many people have made it so you can’t ban their IP addresses anymore either. Maybe we can take a play from their book.
  5. It's excellent. I highly recommend it. If you have a Deseret Bookshelf account you can also listen to it, though I prefer reading these kinds of books so that I can highlight and take notes.
  6. Have we determined that death actually is evil? If birth isn't evil I'm not sure how death is, in and of itself (such as with a lightning strike). Both are just transitions from one place to another. Like walking through a door to a different room.
  7. I sincerely wonder if he's not delusional, or dealing with some other mental health issue. I just can't fathom that a rational mentally healthy person would be behaving the way that he is or posting what he posts.
  8. His new account is number 7 or 8 (or maybe more) of sock puppets that he's created to get back on. At this point the best thing would probably be for everyone to put him on ignore.
  9. It's brand new so it might be difficult to find in the library, but sometimes you can get lucky.
  10. I'd also challenge the claim that people "often change their minds" from not wanting to have sex to wanting to have it, after someone tries to force them into it.
  11. I'd be very surprised if any active member expressed support for the latter. The quote from Bednar is in his book The Spirit of Revelation, page 58. In the chapter The "Scattered Among Us" Principle.
  12. I have no idea. I haven’t read it.
  13. I like What Elder Bednar says about it in his new book on Revelation. "A fundamental principle of revelation is that it is "scattered among us."...If individuals feel safe and can give voice to some of their questions, concerns, and uncertainties in a class, in a family, in a council meeting, and in a variety of other settings, then they participate in a collective expression of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that invites and entices the Holy Ghost to be the teacher." This is what I'm trying to say. Echo chamber wards, where people who see things a bit differently are afraid to speak, or are always quickly shot down, are not functioning properly and members of such wards suffer from cutting off their access to the revelation that is scattered in more places than just the one point of view.
  14. There is and that’s true. But there is a lot that is sometimes espoused in church that is tradition, culture, and opinion, and I feel it’s impossible for membership to feel command welcome to charitably disagree or share different perspectives.
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