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  1. deleted comment. Already addressed elsewhere in thread
  2. I don't believe that I suggested they were. If I did I certainly take that back. I think I simply said that when finances are not shared it is impossible to know conclusively if the funds are being treated responsibly. I am certain the internal audits find that the money is being spent in accordance with internal protocols but that is not the same as knowing if funds are being spent responsibly and in the best manner possible.
  3. It is impossible to know how responsible the LDS church is with their finances because they don't share the information. I actually tend to believe they do their best to act properly but keeping finances secret always creates question marks. I also believe the funds spent on humanitarian efforts are lacking. I agree with Peterson that investing is no the same as spending however I think the mormon church has the means to do much, much more than they do. Of course, since the finances are secret my belief is just as hard to prove as Peterson's are.
  4. Using big words and sarcasm doesn't make Peterson correct
  5. It is a smart business decision by the Church. Very poor humanitarian decision unfortunately. The optics are terrible when the promoted solution is to buy insurance from a church owned business
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