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  1. Pieces of each of us trail behind us As we trudge away, ever away, away
  2. I hadn't seen my handicapped son since Valentine's Day. I first saw him a week ago Friday after his fatal accident had left him brain dead. It was just a matter of time till the autonomic processes shut down. Happily Utah Valley had put in place more liberal visitation policies the very day he was rushed to the ER. My daughters, my wife and I were permitted at least to be with him and sit vigil two at a time. Will I ever get over my resentment over being locked away from him his last six months?
  3. USU78


    Lovely sentiment. I've been ruminating over the spaces between quarks and wondering where in there the finer matter of which the spirit is made might be hidden. Is my Jon maybe just over there, aware of me and watching my preparations and my foulups with amused interest? I could always make him laugh with my impromptu compositions and my doggeral and my silly faces.
  4. USU78


    My handicapped oldest son. A choking accident at his care facility. 33 years old. Nobody's fault. Always a choking risk. Can't tell you how many times I cleared his throat. He wasn't supposed to live very long. Such a sweet disposition. Such a stinker. Like the time he was faking the severity of an ankle injury. He got to be in a wheelchair, including in the short bus. Getting wheeled by the cute high school girls. He crawled around the house. We let him. Until I caught him with a tablespoon and the chocolate milk mix. It was all over him and all over the kitchen. I let out a yell. He boo
  5. USU78


    David was, too.
  6. USU78


    O Absalom, my son, my son, would G-d I had died for you. O Absalom, my son, my son.
  7. Let no tears add to their hardship As the soldiers march along And although your heart is breaking Make it sing this cheery song:
  8. So ... because the woman is a) black and b) over exhuberent and hails from subsaharan africa she's a witch doctor?
  9. As I recall, this was brought up hereabouts a couple of years ago. Would they give up new polygynist marriages in exchange for preservation of existing ones? D@** straight!
  10. Were Joseph and Hyrum murdered by the 10 +/- that could squeeze onto the stairs or by a couple hundred? How many were just "peacefully protesting" the City of Nauvoo's order of abatement of a press?
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