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  1. Let no tears add to their hardship As the soldiers march along And although your heart is breaking Make it sing this cheery song:
  2. So ... because the woman is a) black and b) over exhuberent and hails from subsaharan africa she's a witch doctor?
  3. As I recall, this was brought up hereabouts a couple of years ago. Would they give up new polygynist marriages in exchange for preservation of existing ones? D@** straight!
  4. Were Joseph and Hyrum murdered by the 10 +/- that could squeeze onto the stairs or by a couple hundred? How many were just "peacefully protesting" the City of Nauvoo's order of abatement of a press?
  5. General testiness in Sandy. Nearly got tboned in a four-way stop by an Oregonian in a Ford who blew through a stop sign at 35-40 mph. Took some fancy avoidance driving to keep from being rolled. Otherwise, just the usual officiousness and low-key defiance.
  6. SCOTUS upholds yet another imposition on religious liberty. Elder Bednar proven right again. Just what is the opiate? https://twitchy.com/gregp-3534/2020/07/25/ted-cruz-john-roberts-has-abandoned-his-oath/
  7. We disagree. Including on the subject of recognition of inevitability being a different thing entirely from fatalism
  8. You'd never considered that age might have some wisdom to convey on such subjects? When you know and can finally clearly see the goal line, even if you don't know and cannot know how many yards you still have to gain, you tend to adjust your thinking. Time speeds up. It's very interesting. It's not a death wish and it's certainly not a disdain for good sense. It's acquiring greater humility and a recognition of the limitations of our control over events, along with a recognition of inevitabilities. But I don't find it particularly scary. Perhaps my near fatal coronary last year colors things. I was given a gift, you see.
  9. At one point it was safe to say that poliomyelitis was exterminated worldwide, to a great extent through the efforts of Rotary International. We raised billions and provided vaccination worldwide including in places you wouldn't imagine. Then international politics intervened. Evil-doers started working against the efforts.
  10. Sir William, if and when it's our time, it'll be our time. Life's such a mixed bag of sorrow and joy, pain and delight. It's breathtaking sometimes, and I find myself weeping at the beauty of it all. I feel like one day I might be singing the valor and dancing the defeats of mankind before the Throne, like Tinuviel, bringing tears to His eyes. And what's so scary about that?
  11. Some of these things require actual appearance before the court.
  12. There's a body of traffic related offenses for which there is issued a "fix it" ticket. This is one of those
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