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  1. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher to me. I found the same Jesus he describes. He loves us all, despite our shortcomings. He loves us whether or not we perceive ourselves as misfits or outcasts. His spirit follows those who earnestly seek it...even within the walls of LDS chapels. I find peace and calm as I seek the the Christ within the Church, but hold no ill will to those who seek Him without the assistance of the Church. I invite those who do so to heed the admonition of the Christ they seek, to love all of our brothers and sisters, even those who remain in a Church they’ve deci
  2. The Pope spoke in favor of civil union laws. Does he refer to marriage? Does he view it as a distinction with a difference, or without? What views are there within the gay community regarding the distinction? Is civil union viewed as indistinguishable from marriage or is use of the term marriage a sin qua non?
  3. Granted that on a percentage basis it is small, but when I think of it in terms of numbers—6 billion personages of spirit—the number feels far more tragic than generous.
  4. It includes those whose cognitive abilities are insufficient to permit accountability, regardless of age. My belief is that just as Jesus offered the desire of their heart to those who overcame in mortality (e.g. the 12 Nephite disciples, John the Beloved), and some chose to be reunited with Jesus quickly, some (John, 3 Nephies), desired to tarry; Deity also offered that same choice to those for whom mortality was not required to be a proving ground...some chose to remain in mortality only briefly (die in infancy), others to tarry longer (live into adulthood with a child’s unaccountable mind
  5. Very true. A third rebelled to the degree that they forfeited/refused the opportunity of mortality. Another group were faithful to such a degree in our premortal life that they merited the Celestial Kingdom before their mortal experience. Btw, does anyone else think the reference to 1/3 of the host of heaven is meant to describe one of the three outcomes of our premortal experience: 1) merit Celestial Kingdom; 2) mortality as a test/proving ground; or 3) reject mortality, rather than quantifying how many spirits opted for option 3?
  6. I guess that would depend on whether the gist of one’s prayers is “let my will be done” or “let Thy will be done.” The Savior taught the latter was the proper way to petition Deity and is wholly consistent with “let God prevail.”
  7. I invite you to ponder more deeply the scriptures you cite and make appropriate adjustments to you interpretation of those scriptures. Verse 30 might be a good place for you to start. A few things you might consider. Who is the richest of all? Does God despise himself? Does material wealth equate fully to being rich as to the things of the world? If one can been poor in things that aren’t temporal (I.e. spirit), can one be rich in spiritual things ( e.g. humility, charity) and if so, wouldn’t they fall outside the scriptures’ definition of rich, regardless of how
  8. Current CDC numbers for Utah: Deaths involving pneumonia 814. Deaths involving Covid. 483 Deaths involving both Covid and pneumonia 172. Covid deaths not involving pneumonia. 311 Pneumonia deaths not involving Covid. 642
  9. Thank you for your explanation. To answer your question, no I wouldn’t characterize a one in 10 chance (or 2 in 10 chance) of anything “a very high chance.” If 10% is a very high chance, you’d think if you increased your chances five fold your chances would be certain when in fact they’d only be 50-50. If one thinks of a 10% chance in the the context of getting a job or getting accepted to a school, I don’t think many would characterize 10% as a very high chance. I gleaned from your response that your characterization has more to do with the context (mortality) than with st
  10. I’m curious why you think President Nelson would have “a very high chance” of dying from Covid. You say he’s in good health and the numbers show that fewer than 2 in 10 of people over 85 who get Covid die of it.
  11. I’m certain that the Church, however it is defined, doesn’t intend that the totality of the spiritual oil in our lamps be comprised of authorized statements of the Church. I’m equally certain that’s not the intent of Deity.
  12. I hope you never have, and never will, feel excluded. You’re family. ❤️
  13. Well that result is likely to make Tom Holmoe’s job to fill out the schedule more difficult. Well done Cougars. 🏈 Beat Army and make your claim on the Commander-in-Chief trophy. 😀
  14. These numbers from the CDC re causes of death in Utah since the beginning of February: Deaths from all causes. 12151 All pneumonia 694 Pneumonia (without Covid 19). 549 All Covid 19. 409
  15. Apparently I was mistaken in my assumption that your comments were sincere. I will disengage. Godspeed to you.
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