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  1. Pension funds control about $45 trillion in assets. Are they in your top 1%? Passive income is what allows teachers and firefighters to retire with a pension.
  2. Hi Mike, If you deem your current quest as cultural, I have little to offer in the way of advice how to approach that quest. My experience has been that engaging in a consistent spiritual quest centered around discovering how better to love and commune with Deity, identifying which of my “neighbors” would benefit most from my love, and pursuing activities to address promptings regarding “what lack I yet” keeps me fully focused and engaged. There is a divine peace that removes doubt—both by providing assurance regarding things that matter and by dissipating the desire to spend
  3. Are you using a static number for Church membership over the last 35 years?
  4. Ultimately all will concede that all of God’s judgments are just— those He makes with respect to us, as well as those He makes with respect to each of our brothers and sister, both in mortality and in our premortal life. Each of us can decide how hard we battle against the tendency we have not to allow our eyes to “see afar off” both looking back on what we’ve already experienced and forward to what is still in store.
  5. I invite you to consider that the message of the scriptures is for God’s children in mortality who are accountable for their mortality. Children who die before reaching the age of accountability and those who, because of mental delay, never attain accountability don’t fit in that category. The scriptural teaching that there is no other way applies to those to whom the scriptures were given. For billions of God’s spirit children, there is indeed another way as taught in the BofM.
  6. Our premortal life was a test deemed sufficient by our Heavenly Father to disqualify “a third” of His spirit children from any progress. To put them irretrievably beyond the power of the atonement. On the other end of that spectrum, billions of God’s spiritual children used that same premortal test to gain Celestial glory...no test in mortality required. The purpose of mortality for those spirits is much simpler than it is for us—to receive a mortal body and have the glory of God made manifest through their mortal life however short or long that mortal life might be. Based on
  7. Thank you for your time and for your thoughtful response. Our faith (and devotion) is always best placed in Christ.
  8. As a self-identified believer in Christ are you concerned that the number of our brothers and sisters who identify as Christian is declining?
  9. Hopefully we all disagree with the statement that no Democrat ought to hold a temple recommend.
  10. The essence of the Church is that we are invited to join our Father in bringing to pass the eternal life of His children, including ourselves. The essence of eternal life is to know God and the Christ. As we come to know them we emulate them as we come to understand their ways lead to perfection, i.e. being complete, whole, wanting for nothing. Their will becomes ours. Submitting your will connotes doing something you don’t want to do of your own will. Joining God involves doing His will because it has become our will as well...we don’t do anything we don’t wholeheartedly want to do.
  11. I have had personal experience with the first statement and thus concur with both the statement and your comment. l do not concur with the statement by Islander as my experience is contrary to his assertion. Additionally, his statement would preclude anyone without access to scripture from receiving revelation. I don’t believe God is precluded from revealing His will with respect to one of His children to that child if the child doesn’t have access or is unfamiliar with scripture.
  12. I’m satisfied He’s here whenever He chooses to be. But I trust the intent of the question doesn’t speak to His coming to Earth for reasons other than to usher in the Millennium. As to that appearance, I’m squarely in the “don’t know” camp.
  13. My experience has been the only way folks having a faith crisis put the crisis behind them is by taking it to the source of all wisdom who has promised to share that wisdom with every one of His children who seek it with the requisite intent. Trying any other method may result in tamping down the crisis for a season but without a foundational relationship with Deity, the crisis typically resurfaces. Hopefully coming to this site provides you some comfort that your spiritual siblings are in your corner, but none of us can permanently remove fear and doubt and give you the pea
  14. Would be interesting to hear his thoughts on MASH 4077 😀
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