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  1. My 2 cents...the feedback I’ve received has focused on success in creating spiritual experiences in the home. But that experience is far from universal. On the flip side, most admit to being largely out of touch with those outside their immediate family. Our current state has, for some, enhanced their efforts with respect to the first commandment but for nearly all has hindered their efforts with respect to the second commandment..
  2. Here’s one thing we know. From the CDC website as of today, number of deaths “involving COVID-19” as a percentage of total deaths reported to the CDC by each state, the CDC listed NYC and the state of NY (excluding NYC) separately. US total 9% Higher than 20%: NYC 38%, NJ 26%, CT 23%, MASS 21% Higher than 10%, less than 20%: NYState 18%, DC18%, RI 17%, LA 13%, Maryland 12% Between 10% and 5%: DE 10%, Mich. 10%, PA 10%, AZ 9%, Colo 8%, Indiana 8%, Miss 8%, Minn 7%, CA 6%, GA 6%, NH 6%, NM 6%, VA 6%, AL 5%, FL 5%, IA 5%, NV 5%, OH 5%, TX 5%, WA 5% Less than 5%: NE 4%, NC 4%, SC 4%, Ark 3%, Kan 3%, Kent 3%, Missouri 3%, ND 3%, SD 3%, Wisc 3%, Idaho 2%, Maine 2%, OK 2%, OR 2%, TN 2%, UT 2%, VT 2%, WV 1%, WY 1% Less than 1%: Alaska, HI, MT
  3. Happy day. I have at least one thing in common with God.😇
  4. This. And the spiritual giants I have encountered have never tried to give me answers but rather invited me to seek those answers from Deity and suggested ways I might approach Deity and prepare myself to receive the answers that would come from heaven.
  5. My experience is that people don’t take offense when we show genuine interest in the unique aspects of their journey. A question like, “would you mind sharing with me your parent’s experiences as they investigated and joined the Church. Did they feel like members looked at or treated them differently because of their race? What aspects of your journey in the Church do you feel have been impacted by being a black man in largely white congregations.” When we’re invited to engage, making the attempt is even more compelling. Viewing the invitation as a ticket for failure and failing to act only makes it more likely that bridges won’t be built. My experience has been that sincere efforts to engage are reciprocated with sincerity, even when my attempts were awkwardly worded or performed.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I think your POV has some merit, but also see some merit in Kofi’s POV. While there is more diversity at BYU now than there was when I attended, it remains a unique place. His advice that POC need to be prepared for that is sound, not just for POC, but for non-LDS as well. I also agree that the entire student body should “see” the unique journey that POC and non-LDS have at BYU and be supportive. In my view, that support can at times manifest itself through “colorblind” acts but at times should also manifest itself through actions that acknowledge and embrace the uniqueness that POC and non-LDS students bring to the BYU community.
  7. Or the plagues on Egypt, including the one that resulted in the origination of the Passover?
  8. Saying we can’t know for certain places a limit on what God can share with us and how it is shared. I’m not aware of any evidence He has accepted that limitation. To the contrary, I believe there’s evidence that there is no such limitation.
  9. For mortals perhaps. But God is true wisdom and there is nothing He doesn’t know. Thus there is wisdom in tapping into the only source of infinite wisdom. The fact that so many try to tell us what God would tell us shouldn’t dissuade us. The source is readily available to those with open and willing hearts.
  10. Imo it is an acknowledgement of God’s omniscience and perfect love, which we all one day will acknowledge. Again, it’s up to each of us to decide how soon we decide to do so. Some will choose to wait until there is no possibility to deny it.
  11. Yes. Yes. And yes. As to the latter two, all will confess all of God’s judgments are just. At what point we do that is up to each of us. I don’t imagine Laban was on board at the time it happened. But our acknowledgment of the justice of each of God’s judgments will encompass His final judgment with respect to each of us as well as all judgments leading up to that final judgment.
  12. Belief, properly exercised, leads to a state devoid of fear and doubt. I don’t see how chains could be used in a description of such a state.
  13. Of course believers believe we all can know. God has promised such knowledge to all of His children who inquire of Him with the requisite intent.
  14. I’d suggest “the LDS wish to be” taught correct principles and govern themselves. The LDS, myself included, ought not need specific direction from Church leaders on this topic. God and His servants have taught us to love each other. As I stated on another thread, I haven’t spent any time studying the efficacy of masks, and i don’t intend to. I love all of God’s children and I wear my mask as a sign of that love, understanding that if I chose not to wear it some of those children would interpret that choice as a sign I don’t love them. I don’t view the choice as a sacrifice of personal liberty or autonomy. It’s a choice to be courteous in the spirit of love, and this form of courtesy requires such a small modicum of effort that I’m mystified why it seems to be a stumbling block for so many. Are we really so entrenched in holding tight to some idea of personal liberty that we’re willing to do so at the expense of a simple gesture of kindness.
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