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  1. The essence of the Church is that we are invited to join our Father in bringing to pass the eternal life of His children, including ourselves. The essence of eternal life is to know God and the Christ. As we come to know them we emulate them as we come to understand their ways lead to perfection, i.e. being complete, whole, wanting for nothing. Their will becomes ours. Submitting your will connotes doing something you don’t want to do of your own will. Joining God involves doing His will because it has become our will as well...we don’t do anything we don’t wholeheartedly want to do.
  2. I have had personal experience with the first statement and thus concur with both the statement and your comment. l do not concur with the statement by Islander as my experience is contrary to his assertion. Additionally, his statement would preclude anyone without access to scripture from receiving revelation. I don’t believe God is precluded from revealing His will with respect to one of His children to that child if the child doesn’t have access or is unfamiliar with scripture.
  3. I’m satisfied He’s here whenever He chooses to be. But I trust the intent of the question doesn’t speak to His coming to Earth for reasons other than to usher in the Millennium. As to that appearance, I’m squarely in the “don’t know” camp.
  4. My experience has been the only way folks having a faith crisis put the crisis behind them is by taking it to the source of all wisdom who has promised to share that wisdom with every one of His children who seek it with the requisite intent. Trying any other method may result in tamping down the crisis for a season but without a foundational relationship with Deity, the crisis typically resurfaces. Hopefully coming to this site provides you some comfort that your spiritual siblings are in your corner, but none of us can permanently remove fear and doubt and give you the pea
  5. Would be interesting to hear his thoughts on MASH 4077 😀
  6. The way to The Way I did it my way converts to I did it His way converts to I did it our way.
  7. One of the best insights into what happened in the war in heaven is what the scriptures tell us about the results. 1. A “third” of the host of heaven were irretrievably and permanently lost...beyond the reach of even an infinite atonement. For me, the most logical explanation of what those souls did in the war in heaven to lose any hope for redemption and exaltation is to look at the standard in mortality for losing any hope for redemption and exaltation...become a Son of Perdition. 2. Billions of our brothers and sisters (those who don’t become accountable in mortality, beca
  8. I believe Bob has rested his case because he has no further evidence or argument and has no valid rebuttal for yours. This observer believes your view is far more persuasive and authoritative than his.
  9. Plus I’d be wondering whether it was the comment or the caffeine that was making me anxious and depressed. 😳
  10. And the additional blessing that as divine justice is meted out we have the promise that ALL will agree that God’s judgements are just, both as they pertain to as and as they pertain to everyone else.
  11. There are some obvious answers if you choose to quote scripture but I’d appreciate it if you shared the aspect of the Gospel that resonates most clearly and deeply with you and provides you peace.
  12. Perhaps someone can fill in the blanks left by the reporting I’ve seen. That reporting says only the team leadership council members were on the call (a player from each position group). If that’s true fewer than 20 players would have been on the call. If that is the case, what were 81 players sent the survey sharing opinions on, was there a summary of the dialogue on the call given by players who were on the call to players who were not? Or has the role of the leadership council been misreported? Were all players invited to attend the call and the role of the leadership council w
  13. Me too hire in the sense that the other football programs in the state have LDS and Poly coaches...USU making a hire of an LDS Poly Head Coach doesn’t differentiate them...so the issue recruits may have is not that they don’t want to come to a program with an LDS or Poly Coach, they want that, and can find it at the U and the Y, making USU third in a three horse field unless they can offer a coach offering something that isn’t found at the U or the Y....e.g. an Air Raid offense guru. The question could be phrased...apart from being LDS and Poly, what does the coach offer. I believe ther
  14. The AD and team leadership council were on the call. What if the President asked, in essence, is the best way to improve the USU football program to make it distinct and unique from a recruiting standpoint. LDS coach? There’s one at the Y and the U. Polynesian coach? See the Y. Were her comments meant to say hiring Coach Maile as Head Coach makes USU a me too hire and the second or third choice for recruits looking for LDS and Poly coaches? On an objective level, it’s not an illogical question.
  15. I invite each of us, in the spirit of following the admonition of Paul, to focus more on looking for, and noting, God’s children at their best and less time searching for, and annotating, God’s children at their worst. Not calling out anyone in particular since I haven’t followed this thread closely...scanning the All Activity summary has provided a glimpse into the tone and substance of a sampling of the posts.
  16. It’s hard to find any logic in your questions when you continue to ask why the “church” is attacking people by name. FM is not the Church. If you’re upset with FM, you can take your complaints to FM. The Church did put on a Christmas devotional, I invite you to watch it if you didn’t have a chance to see it last night.
  17. There’s some wise counsel in the Bible Dictionary entry on Prayer. I commend it to you as you ponder upon the questions you’ve posed.
  18. Parents with this mindset might want to evaluate their feelings in this context: Our Heavenly Parent had “a third” of their children irretrievably lost before sending anyone to their mortal experience. In mortality, many are estranged from their Heavenly Parents. Our Heavenly Parents are perfect, so clearly it’s possible to do everything right as parents and still experience loss and estrangement in our relationships with our children. While we mortal parents could always improve as parents, rather than consider ourselves “failures” or “less than” with respect to our parenting, w
  19. Some very impactful questions here, most of which as you point out are rarely discussed. Worthy of its own thread, I believe.
  20. I invite you to ponder why the Spirit would prompt you to keep your concerns to yourself. In your study of the scriptures, have you found any sermons by Jesus on modesty in dress? Did he discuss modesty in dress when ministering to those who church leaders of the time deemed immodest? Any sermons on Sabbath day activities do’s and don’ts? Wasn’t the Savior himself criticized by the church leaders of His time for His choice of activities on the Sabbath. l don’t ascribe to your premise that Church leaders don’t address “worldly” behavior, I think you can find numerous admonitions to
  21. In fulfilling your multiple leadership callings in the Church, what have you been inspired to teach and counsel those in your stewardship regarding your concerns and what invitations have you extended regarding those concerns? My experience in seeking Divine guidance in teaching and counseling the Saints (as well as guidance regarding my own discipleship) is that guidance has been to focus on the two great commandments. Experience has taught me that as we come to know and commune with Deity our actions reflect that communion. Said another way, if we invite Saints to dress modestly
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