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  1. If you accept the working assumption of some Bible scholar set out in the OP, all things are present to God covers the timing issue. On what basis do you conclude Jesus never uttered those words? Surely you don’t believe the original authors of the Gospels recorded all that Jesus said.
  2. A beautiful and thought provoking article.
  3. I believe God shares His wisdom with all who earnestly seek it. Do you believe only members of the Church can keep the two great commandments?
  4. Because they have chosen to accept an invitation from Deity to do so.
  5. I would withhold judgment on the actions of the Bishop and Primary President as we don’t know all the facts. As the parent of an autistic child, my experience with the Church has been faith promoting. When my child was in Primary the Bishop called a Primary teacher who was a Special Education teacher by profession, to teach my child, who is non-verbal and severely developmentally delayed, one on one during the two hours of Primary. Initially I objected saying it was unfair to ask this good sister to “work” with my child after working all week doing much the same thing. The kind teacher was made aware of my concern, came to me and told me how much she loved my child and how much she benefitted from being in his presence. It was eye opening to find that someone else could see my child as I did. Not everyone has been as enlightened as this incredible teacher, but all have been warm and welcoming. Autism is indeed a spectrum in a number of respects. There are parents of children on the spectrum who ask for accommodations for their children but don’t want to disclose their child is on the spectrum because they don’t want their child to be “labeled.” I’ve been asked by parents who come to me for advice on raising an autistic child not to tell anyone, including Church leaders, their child is on the spectrum. My first piece of advice is always to be open and honest about their own emotions and fears and to be open and honest with others. My second piece of advice is that discovering how best to parent a child on the spectrum is a lifelong quest and they should be patient with themselves, and others, on that quest.
  6. Wow....I invite you to consider the New Testament which teaches that there are only two commandments and that all other laws flow from those two commandments. I was referring to the second one.
  7. I think the Second Commandment provides ample scriptural support.
  8. This thread brings to mind two things: 1. What Deity has to say in the scriptures about seeing and blindness; and 2. The “where’s Lopez” story Professor Woody Deem shared for years in his 1L Criminal Law class. Both are timeless.
  9. We’re not supposed to say stupid in my home. Following that rule makes me feel...stupid.
  10. Lots of insightful comment recently in this thread. I appreciate your question, but really can’t relate to its premise, that Deity has revealed to you things contrary to “what the Church officially teaches.” My communion with Deity has never included a Q & A on Church teachings. Instead it springs from an abiding prayer in my heart around three asks: 1. for promptings on how I can better live the two great commandments; 2. for insights and promptings to help me understand “what lack I yet;” and 3. that as I strive to gather Divine insight and wisdom the promise that i will be given “in the very moment” what He would have me share with others will be fulfilled. My experiences with such communion is consistent with the recent comments regarding spiritual experiences flowing through both the heart and the mind.
  11. Thank you for sharing the crux of the concept of truth claims. The OP says he’s spent more “mental effort” into investigating truth claims of the Church than anything else. My personal experience has been that when one starts their spiritual journey working tirelessly on truth claim #1, a relationship with Deity is built and a reservoir of spiritual experiences of being led and directed by Deity is established which quells doubt and fear and engenders spiritual insight and confidence. My experience in observing those who approach their spiritual journey without trusting God with all their heart, choosing instead to “lean [ ] on their own understanding” is that they are inevitably confused and confounded, “driven by the wind and tossed” and left to themselves. My humble invitation to anyone looking to investigate truth claims is to include heaven in that investigation as it will be fruitful only with the companionship of Deity. So necessarily the investigation starts with truth claim #1.
  12. You have chosen not to provide a direct response to the substance of either of my posts on this thread, so I will bow out. I’ve tried to give you the benefit of the doubt with respect to the motivation of your posts on this and a few other threads, but I believe you post merely to provoke so I choose to avoid your posts going forward. Godspeed to you.
  13. In the corporate world policy typically dictates that the person with the highest job title pays the tab using the corporate card. I was often in that position. There were a number of my co-workers who, aware of my faith, would not order alcohol when I was present, despite the fact that it was the company and not I paying for it. Most didn’t work for me. I had more than one conversation about it, making clear that there was no prohibition and was always told no one felt compelled to abstain but did so as a courtesy to me. Since I worked in the South for many years, gentility May explain some of this, but I’ve also worked in CA and WA and it happened there many times as well. I was always touched by their graciousness. I invite friends to dinner, a game and golf on my dime and there are no off limit drinks. I admit to some sticker shock 🙂
  14. What do you understand is the message the Lord would have us take from the story of the prodigal son? The father freely gave his son his inheritance knowing that the son would waste it on “wine and women.” Is the father to be condemned for facilitating his son’s sins? And when the son returned, the father accepted him with open arms, celebrating his return with no questions asked. Is the father to be condemned for this? My understanding is judgment is for God (and those acting on His behalf), ours is to love and invite. Frankly, I’m confused at your apparent confusion, this really is Gospel 101, not much nuance. My experience teaching early morning seminary for 4 years was that all the students could explain these fundamental concepts and apply them to contemporary circumstances.
  15. This....And btw, as pointed out by Smac, no alcohol is being sold at the hotel adjacent to the PCC, so it’s merely conjecture at this point that alcohol will be sold at the Maui hotel. But if it turns out FD’s “source” is correct and the for profit affiliate of the commercial real estate entity owned by the Church that bought the hotel leases the bar to a third party that sells alcohol, I DON’T see any hypocrisy, but leave FD to find hypocrisy wherever and whenever he chooses. Frankly, I’m not sure how, if one is looking for supposed examples of the Church “profiting from the sale of alcohol” the for profit arm of the Church taking rent from a barkeep is much different than the Church accepting tithing from the Marriott’s liquor sale profits. In sum, I shared my idea in an earlier post (and I think MADD would agree with me), but I, like FD, agree that the Church is free to do as it pleases. And to express another opinion before the issue arises, I would be more than ok with the Church using its agricultural property to grow medical marijuana. In fact I think there are a number of reasons that make it a good idea for them to do so.
  16. I wonder if they got the coffee from Prof. Floyd. He was my favorite professor at the Law School. Don’t know if you were there while he was. A partner at a great firm in SF, he taught civ pro, federal courts, antitrust etc. I was there early in his time at the law school...I don’t believe he ever joined the Church.
  17. Thanks for the research Smac. Personally, If I we’re running the “affiliate of the commercial real estate arm” of the Church that bought the property, I would be on board with making alcohol available to hotel guests and donating the profits on all alcohol sales to MADD.
  18. Imagine children spending the day enjoying activities and food in their home. Should they expect to clean up after themselves at the end of the day? Would their parents be wrong to teach them to do so? If those same children spend a week visiting at their grandparents home, would it be appropriate for them to clean the home (including the bathrooms they used) prior to leaving? I taught my children to do so with the understanding that doing so was an expression of gratitude to their grandparents for sharing their home as well as demonstration of love through service. I read your analogy about the restaurant. It is certainly apt in a situation when I’m paying for a service at a business owned by someone I don’t know. However, I don’t view Church buildings as places of business but rather homes opened up to me and all my brothers and sisters by our Heavenly Parents. Thus I believe my analogies are more apt. I consider it a great blessing to use those buildings for which I am most grateful and cleaning those buildings is an opportunity to express my gratitude to my Heavenly Parents for opening their homes to me, and to demonstrate my love for them through service.
  19. What I like: 1. Demonstrations of compassion, heartfelt invitations. 2. Sharing of knowledge, information and insight. 3. Wit, humor and good natured needling. What I want: 1. The chance to better understand and love my brothers and sisters by becoming better in giving and receiving the things listed above. 2. The number of participants to continue to grow, so we all can benefit from each other.
  20. You invite people to explain how they reconcile the statement made by President Smith and then when someone provides their reconciliation you claim they’re arguing with Pres. Smith. The reconciliation provided wasn’t arguing with Pres. Smith. If you perceived an argument in the response it was likely with the inference that the statement was irreconcilable.
  21. Hasn’t this been fulfilled? What donation is asked for today other than those which are given of our own accord? The day has passed when members were given “building assessments” in order that Church buildings could be constructed. As President Smith foresaw, buildings are now funded wholly out of the storehouse of the Lord.
  22. I’m choosing to consider your redaction as an apology and join @Calm in thanking you for doing so.
  23. Lack of an experience with Deity directing them to utilize the Church in pursing their discipleship. I doubt this would be given as a reason by many who have left but I believe if you asked them if they had had such an experience 95%+ would say no. I also believe most would concede if they had had such an experience they would abide. For those reasons, I’d characterize it as the prime reason people leave. I suppose we could opine regarding the top three reasons for staying in the Church for those who haven’t had such an experience.
  24. Good points. I confess to having little fear and doubt in my life which I typically attribute to abiding in the “rest” of the Lord described in the NT. I concede there are undoubtedly times when that lack of fear and doubt may be attributed more to my spiritual sloth than to abiding in the rest of the Lord. That’s just one of the reasons I said this in my last post on this thread: I also try to be careful in responding to questions about the will/intent of Deity. Such responses can point to scripture and share understanding, but I think most of us far too often look to someone else to tell us the will of Deity, instead of going to the source, so I’m trying to remember to remind myself and others to never rely solely on a “ middleman.”
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