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  1. I found only one mention of pointing. "And for this intent we keep the law of Moses, it pointing our souls to him".
  2. I had a question on this part of the manual (page 91). 91 - Jacob pleaded with his people to "be reconciled unto [God] through the atonement of Christ” ( Jacob 4:11). What do you think that means? Would it help to look up reconcile in a dictionary? Perhaps you can find words or phrases in this chapter that suggest to you how you can come unto Christ so that you can be reconciled to God. For example, Jacob taught that the law of Moses was given to point the people to Jesus Christ (see Jacob 4:5). What has God provided to point you to Christ? This is similar to what the
  3. Were Laban's plates written in normal Egyptian or reformed Egyptian or one of other 3 you mentioned earlier? In your earlier picture, I don't see any progression of advancement between the hieroglyphs, hieratic, and demotic styles. Do you?
  4. What explanations of how the plates were found do you believe would have led Professor Anton not to rip up his certificate of authenticity?
  5. Based on how I'm reading that verse, Harris' explanation about how the plates were located was the impetus for Anton tearing up the certificate. Do you read it the same way? For a professional person, why would it matter how the plates were located determine if you are going to authenticate something as authentic or not?
  6. Do you or @theplains know what the difference is between characters of Egyptian and Reformed Egyptian?
  7. Hi Jim, You may have a case with the actions of Professor Anton but I think you are misreading verse 65. "I left him and went to Dr. Mitchell, who sanctioned what Professor Anthon had said respecting both the characters and the translation.” Anton had said "if I would bring the plates to him he would translate them". This is what the doctor was referring to. In short, neither of them could sincerely authenticate the characters without seeing the plates first (which they never saw). Pete
  8. I had a question on this section of the manual. 68 - If your family needs help understanding this chapter (which corresponds to Isaiah 11), you might find insights in Doctrine and Covenants 113:1-6, in which the Prophet Joseph Smith answers some questions about Isaiah 11. What do we learn about Jesus Christ from these verses? I don't understand how Doctrine and Covenants 113:1-6 is dealing with Isaiah 11. The verses ask 3 questions about identities of people: Who is the stem of Jesse? What is the rod? What is the root of Jesse (Isaiah 11:10)? The rod is descr
  9. Maybe you could clear it all up by answering this simple question then. Did Heavenly Father tell the Holy Spirit to instruct Nephi to kill Laban?
  10. Let me rephrase with more particular emphasis on what may or may not have occurred. In light of what the manual said - "the Lord ... did not give specific instructions on how to accomplish this commandment" [to obtain the brass plates], did the Lord instruct the Holy Spirit to instruct Nephi to kill Laban (meaning the Lord did give a specific instruction on how to obtain the plates) or was the Holy Spirit acting on his own initiative with his own specific instruction (meaning the Lord did not give a specific instruction)? Pete
  11. I had a question on this section of the manual. 13 - When the Lord commanded Lehi and his family to obtain the plates of brass from Laban, He did not give specific instructions on how to accomplish this commandment. Was the Holy Spirit operating on his own initiative when he gave a specific instruction to kill Laban to get the plates?
  12. What kind of beings were the sons of God in attendance at the premortal Council in Heaven?
  13. For Heavenly Father. He glorified himself in the same way (of plural marriage, verse 31).
  14. Yes, but the manual should have been much more specific because it could have been one of the 11 others too.
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