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  1. I hear you on that. Remember though, this "fatherly encouragement" comes from the mouths of oracles chosen by God. Looking at it that way, it can make even the most pedestrian of pronouncements seem a bit more significant. ; ) Granted though, gone are the days of grand healings (of sickness and limb) or prophesying of large scale catastrophes and such...
  2. I actually like that better. : ) The ordinances must still be done though it flows more meaningfully to refer to Christ in this way.
  3. But the belief is that all paths will eventually lead 'though the church' by way of ordinances that need to be completed for everyone - this regardless of whether the individual even knew of the church in this mortality. I would include those who did have knowledge (or even believed at one point) of the church. The path is still the same though the journey can look quite different.
  4. Ah yes! I must have been, ahem, pondering the many mysteries of the kingdom at that moment... ; ) And you would think I should recognize the name! He was at BYU at the same time I was. I was in the marching band virtually the entire time he played football. Yup, just me, Vai, and Ty... ;o Edit: Oops, it looks like he had already left when I got there. So I guess it was just me and Ty. ; )
  5. Are we speaking of a believer or one who never did or no longer believes? I wonder what those who have made such a sacrifice would answer to your challenge?
  6. Not psychosomatic at all. Real symptoms - I believe you. I thought for sure it was my turn once I found out my wife was positive. But since you mention psychosomatic, I wrestle with this. Once I started feeling under-the-weather - and it did end up being much worse than that - I wondered whether I was 'creating' a symptom profile believing that my 'number was up'. I think I've wrestled with this all of my life. Once the notion gets into my head, I think I'm capable of believing anything. : (
  7. I feel for you. On two occasions (most recently within the past 1-2 weeks) I was 'certain' I too was positive as my wife has just tested positive. On both occasions I was wrong. I did feel like crud though and worse than I ever remember feeling with the flu. Go figure. Let us know what the results are. : )
  8. You nailed it with the lobster bisque. I thought they juiced it too much and then it became ridiculously stupid.
  9. I read it again - and carefully! - and you're still wrong. Scott is right on this one. You described an inference as being something the speaker wants you to think. Though this is an example of inference, it does not account for its definition entirely. You can infer something that I did or did not mean to imply at all. Now you might infer, therefore, that I am implying your command of the English language is lacking in this one instance though you ultimately don't know if I am implying it... ; )
  10. My favorite is the one where the two brothers are at the dinner table and one is Superman and the other a regular boy! ;o
  11. Wow! This is FD's most popular thread! Thanks, FD! ;o
  12. Then you'd be ok with going back to using he/his/him in writing when referring to either gender? Hmmmm?? ; )
  13. Au revoir, FD. I wish you the very best. Though much of your posting style grates on me, I am inclined to believe that were I to know you personally (along with many other posters who annoy me to no end!), we would be friends. None of us on this board should forget that though there will always be tension, we are all quite fortunate to have the privilege of hashing out our issues as civilly as we do. And that is a credit to you as much as to anyone else. Best. : )
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