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  1. Interesting. I'm currently reading William Lane Craig's Atonement and the Death of Christ where I believe he espouses the penal aspect of the atonement. If my reading gets legs I'll post more re: his position.
  2. Very nicely put but that's why we would be well-served to focus less on the hoped for endgame and more on the journey. Your honoring the WoW has nothing to do with whether you get to avoid lung cancer and more on the experience of giving up that part of your life to your God. Therein lies the blessing. Regardless of however we leave this life, our efforts to connect with our God will definitely not leave us 'bootless' in this life or the next : )
  3. That, and considering the reality that we are all immensely blessed on a regular basis whether we consciously 'take our cue' from diety or not. The blessings of God flow without cessation to us all.
  4. IMO, no, we can't. We may still receive what we're asking for but not because God is now obligated to grant our request. Besides, we shouldn't be living righteously because we're questing for something but rather because it's a natural result of our reaching out to our God without any expectation of blessings. This natural result will 'quicken our minds' and benefits will come. What that result will be is according to His own good grace and not some preconceived notion about what we think should be the case our best intentions notwithstanding. I should add that the 'quickening' IS the ble
  5. By now we're all familiar with the WaPo stats indicating that in 2019 about 10-20 unarmed black men were shot and killed by police officers. This number includes those men who brandished what was thought to be a firearm. When accounting for this, the number goes well into the low single digit range of Black men shot and killed who were without a firearm on their person and who did not provoke a lethal response from the police department. This in my estimation is far from a genocide on black men and especially when you consider the 10s (100s?) of millions of police contacts made each year. So m
  6. But within the Jewish context it was obvious they had been singled out and as a result of that simple fact (their being Jewish) they were forced to endure the horrors they did. When others claim Black lives matter, what exactly is their claim and what are it's merits? While I agree Black lives matter, the statistics within the proper context do not bare out the need for the claim.
  7. Good questions, T. Yes, I think about being pulled over all the time now. And yes, I do see it as life or death depending on how I behave and most definitely where I put my hands. All 'colors' should be concerned. I'm shocked I had never thought about it before until this last year. If I make any sudden or suspicious movements, it is entirely reasonable to believe I put myself potentially in harm's way - my innocent intentions be 'darn'd'. As an aside, why does LE tolerate darkened (tinted) back windows? It must be EXTREMELY scary approaching a car not being able to see its occupants clea
  8. Thanks for sharing what is a very sensitive topic and more importantly, a very sensitive real life experience you were willing to risk for the students' benefit. : ) You seemed to handle the topic quite well. Having said that, I'd like to offer up my own critique of two things you mentioned that you might find helpful the next time around - 1) Make sure to best insure the students do not conflate the idea of 'radiance of skin' to mean a lightened skin color. There can be no connection. Extreme black skin can radiate the wonderful qualities of gospel conversion just as much as the lig
  9. Well, no doubt the NAACP has that stance. I'm not sure why the Church (I'll take your word for it) would take the same stance if indeed that is what they did. There was a link a couple of pages ago citing several examples of what a gentleman believed was evidence of systemic racism. It was so lacking in critical thinking that it turned me off from the rest of the list. : (
  10. I suspected this was your position. I also suspect you didn't need Elder Oaks to convince you of this belef. It's probably inappropriate to delve into the 'whys' of your position without running afoul of the board rules. It does become tedious watching posters go back and forth on this board about what Elder Elder Oaks really meant. I will grant you that it seemed pretty clear to me what he meant to say - systemic racism exists. I would just counter that it was unadvisable to say it the way he did. Too bad we can't delve more substantively into the issue... : (
  11. Yes, I know that's what he claims. Your more recent posts IMO seem to have evolved from that and into a more substantive claim reflecting your own beliefs. Is that the case? I do in fact believe he does mean systemic racism in our policies and laws - I just don't agree with him.
  12. That's the first time I've heard it said that most white people take that stance. Are you referring to quotas (AA) for college entrance? Otherwise, do you have other examples? It should be noted also that a statistical disparity in and of itself is not necessarily evidence of systemic racism. Are you saying that housing industry practices reflect systemic racism? What is it about those practices that make it racist? Do you know? Edit: We should be careful not to conflate racism with disparities in socio-economic status.
  13. He was actually the bass player. ; )
  14. MFB - Could you provide a very brief primer (a launching off point) of this pragmatic philosophy? Give me how YOU would characterize it. : )
  15. Greetings, Navidad. I believe you are correct with your closing comment here. All those who sincerely follow the dictates of their conscience retain for themselves the potential for exaltation in the Lord's kingdom saving ordinances notwithstanding. Nevertheless, these ordinances will be done for all mankind either during their mortality or afterward through the vicarious work we do in temples. Please know, however, as monumentally important as these ordinances are, I believe they absolutely pale in comparison to each man's effort to follow his conscience in this morality whether that include
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