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  1. Though well reasoned, I suspect any refutation won't be forthcoming if the history of this thread is any indication. Easier to with the wave of a hand accuse you of 'already conclud[ing] that Nelson is not embellishing' as though those with an opposing view aren't! Ha! And of course the difference with them is that they are in possession of the facts, don't you know, and you, well you're simply doing what lawyers do... It must be good to be them. ;o
  2. Am I allowed to hold judgment on his post until I hear - for the first time - a reasonable refutation? Or are you yourself being judgmental? Why don't you take up the cause and answer him as opposed to pondering the navel of why I haven't yet endorsed him?
  3. I don't see it as a reversal nor a change of mind. They did away with the former pattern of the Saturday evening session being shared between the Priesthood and RS to more of a general format for all too enjoy. New direction - not a return to the old one.
  4. No victory lap. I never said anything about what I concluded form Smac's posts. Mine was a call for FD to address it - I guess you missed that.
  5. And so there we have it (see my boldface). You too have already concluded Nelson is embellishing for artificial faith promotion. And so your faux call-to-arms in the defense of our beloved prophet comes off as cheap gamesmanship. And that is precisely what myself and others suspected from the get-go. I recommend in order to keep you own sanity you should go on concluding everything your write in this last post rather than introspectively consider how disingenuous your initial one came off as. Se la vie. As for taking time away from the board, I too get it. I have needed to do the exact same thing. Best to you on that recess.
  6. Smac did tackle it but I guess you don't want to address his well-thought-out efforts? Hmmm...
  7. IMO you should not discount JAHS initial commentary about your post coming off as passive aggressive. Really. And why would someone need to 'go to bat' for President Nelson? Why can't more than one person have their own take on events without it having to mean the other fabricated the story? That is, unless you're suggesting another's version is evidence President Nelson is no different than Paul Dunn? And even if another's version incontrovertibly proved President Nelson had lied, why would this affect you so? Haven't you already 'dismantled' so many of the faith's tenets and so much of the leadership's positions so as to render this particular issue mute? irrelevant? inconsequential? immaterial? trivial? in your eyes?
  8. Why would you not believe the critics' claims?
  9. Good grief. I am frequently amazed at the utter lack of circumspection of many of our political leaders. It leaves me scratching my head that he would think he could get away with this kind of social media tripe and still be viewed in good standing in the community. Where is his head? And this says nothing of the awful, sophomoric, and judgmental statements made. Oh the webs we weave! He'll be outta' there in 5,4,3,2... ; (
  10. I think the members did the right thing by video as much as they could in order to memorialize the event in the event something illegal happens (heaven forbid). What more can be done?
  11. Ha! Hamba - You hit my funny bone on this one. After my years and BYU I secured a waiter position back home in Palm Springs where I was required to take the drink orders. I knew NOTHING about mixed drinks so I had to privately strike a deal with the bartender to bear with me while I wrote out in long hand each of the drinks. There is a type of shorthand for writing drinks down and I could never learn it. My entire order pad was filled with my desperate long-hand 'chicken scratch' and I had to face the bartender each time! Good grief. Interestingly, I many times made more tips off the alcohol than the food! And truth be told, I was giddy when such big drink orders would come through (especially the fine wine)!
  12. Ha! I had a friendly acquaintance from my days in a single's ward back in San Diego (mid-90s) where someone came through the ward with this handle stating it was what he used when in the MMA/boxing ring!
  13. Stormin' Mormon - This is about the finest commentary I have seen on the forum. Many thanks for that perspective. : ) And yes, Lewis is wonderful as always. By the way, where did you get your handle? ; )
  14. I think you're coming in a bit late on the uptake. That is not my point. I had responded to pogi's comment that there isn't any significant difference between what other's might fear is the message from the choir (not necessarily my fear) and what the Church actually does in seeking out converts. The fear is that yes, adult males are out actively seeking new converts (whatever that might mean). Though I don't join those ranks, this fear is quite different than what the Church does though pogi and I still do not agree entirely. By the way, the MoTab's message is not that we are coming for your children - it's not exactly the same thing.
  15. Yes. This. His acknowledgement makes me feel bad for the choir. As a colllective, I have to believe the message was well-intentioned. Perhaps they went overboard though they do not have the market on going overboard. ; ) I hope this does not sully whatever goodwill there is between the Church and this particular choir. : ( And yes, death threats and the like are discouraging, infuriating, and prone to leaving one despondent about mankind. : (
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