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  1. Thank you for interacting with my question instead of blasting me for it. I asked because an essential part of my belief system is that Christ, looking at us through his eyes of mercy and justice may grant eternal life to the very least likely person from our perspective. I believe He will look at the heart, the mind, and yes, the will as he makes his decisions about each of us from the vantage of His judgment seat, which may be more appropriately termed his "mercy seat." I was asked here for a list of what people must do in my perspective to gain eternal life. I have thought about that a lot
  2. Thank you. We will be speaking with or bishop about all of this. We need, respect, and want his counsel. As we say here in Mexico, "Igualmente!" Best wishes!
  3. Your kind response deserves a reply. We do enjoy the ward. We have never ever tried to sway members away from their own faith. We work very hard never to do that. There is much wisdom in what you say. Thanks for that. I think however we are probably done with our journey into the LDS world. I for one, am not sure it is any longer spiritually healthy for us. Thanks again and very best wishes.
  4. Hi Mark. I did not pick my wife to be a proxy for my beliefs. I simply said she would most likely stand with tears in her eyes when standing before her Savior. From there you proceeded to make her the object of your keyboard in challenging her and her faith How you connect the two is beyond me. This is not the place for me to grow in grace. I take responsibility for anything and everything I have said and done here. Call me a money lender if you must. I am fully aware of what that implies. Or, perhaps you are clever enough that you said it obliquely so you can deny ever calling me that. You ar
  5. I did not bear false witness against you. You joined in by agreeing with Mark's attack on my wife's faith with your "heart." You, therefore actively supported his denigration of her and her faith.
  6. Quick question for the group. . . . From the LDS perspective, does God have the ability or the right to offer salvation and exaltation to whomever He wants? I hope that question makes sense to you. I am pretty confident that the LDS Church believes that God can impact and transcend nature and can cause the supernatural to occur as He wills. We certainly pray enough for rain in this area. Can he transcend His own plan of salvation when and if He desires? Can he save and exalt whom He will, as He wills? Thanks, Phil
  7. I have to run some errands for that very same wife. She has to have her contacts out for a whole month prior to her eye surgeries. It is very hard on her. I will think about a list; it is hard for me to think of it that way. That is how a fundamentalist (don't smoke, drink or chew or go with girls who do!) thinks and I just don't think that way. How does my wife know He is her Savior? I guess because the Bible tells her He is. Because she has a testimony that he is. Perhaps I don't understand the question. He is her Savior because the Bible is clear Christ suffered and died for her sins, allow
  8. I wish you had said "could have" then I would answer Yes, he certainly could. I think one way we are failing to communicate is that I believe all these decisions are individual, for the Mormon, the Muslim, and the Mennonites (the three Musketeers!). At the judgment seat all three - the Muslim, Mormon, and Mennonite will be judged by Christ, as individuals - no need for me to tell him I was baptized by my father in Niagara Falls, NY in 1956 in XYZ church. I don't believe He will care about any of that. If anything He will look into each person's heart, mind, and eyes, and will see something tha
  9. Mark - We are talking past each other. You are not correctly interpreting what I believe. I think you might have missed a post. No blame implied. I have posted a lot.......I believe Christ is the way to the Father. Period. I believe there are two components of this - 1. Christ's atonement makes the whole salvation process possible. I am confident of that. Without that, no man could come to the Father of Righteousness. 2. Christ sits on the judgment seat. He will judge humanity and determine whether or not they have access to the Father. He is the judge and the judge-advocate. He will judge eac
  10. No offense at all. I think it is a great idea. 1. Yes .......same as with Baptists, Mennonites, Mormons, and Catholics. No church saves anyone 2. Sorry, I can't choose between those two. It could be either, but I think it would more likely have to do with light, faith and seeking, especially with those who have never heard. That is the best I can do with a forced choice.
  11. Hi Mark: Let me assure you I teach and believe that Jesus Christ is "the way, the truth, and the life" - no one comes to the Father but by Him. If that isn't Christianity, then I don't know what is. Define Jesus Christ - OK> He is a member of the Godhead who came to earth to be born as a baby at the direction of His Father. He then became the incarnate God, fully human and fully God. He willingly placed Himself on the cross to die to provide the ultimate and final sacrifice for sins. He died and rose again breaking the bonds of both death and sin. He then ascended back into heaven where He
  12. OK....It would help if you gave me examples. I sense you are done with this topic. Maybe next time I will post something about Wittgenstein; then I can regain your favor. Of course I have to learn something about him first, including how to spell his last name! Passive aggressive? Wow, I don't think I have ever been called that before. Passive-aggressive and apostate all in the same 24 hours! I am gonna go get a hug from my wife!
  13. Hi Rain: 1) The way you worded your question with the use of the word "can" my answer is "Yes" absolutely 2) Trickier, but I have to say "Yes" because the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints immediately comes to my mind. I certainly believe the LDS church is a Christian church. Now I know what it feels like to be interviewed by Chris Wallace. Being forced into a yes or no response isn't easy! Ha! Remember my definition of eternal life is living forever in the presence of God the Father and Son. Nothing else is eternal life; neither living in the terrestrial or telestial
  14. I have modified just a bit what I wrote in an earlier post. This is my attempt to summarize in one paragraph what I mean by the term exclusive. I think this paragraph reflects the essence of the matter. My question is this, would you as faithful members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints affirm that what I have written is reasonably for a lay person, accurate? If not, what would you amend? What have I said that is incorrect? I would like to move beyond my uncertainty and confusion. I am sure you all would like me to do so as well. I need a simple statement about which I can com
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