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  1. Tacenda did you watch the follow up visual presentation I posted above ?.
  2. Update on the original title and post. Response to James White and the apologia apologists by a non LDS Christian -
  3. Update on the original title and post. From James White [ No friend to True Grace Empowered LDS Doctrine] - https://yo
  4. This debate was between 2 worlds of Christian worldviews, The world of reformed Christian [Jean Calvin] and that of the world of mainstream Latter Day Saint Christian beliefs.
  5. I apologize in advance if this is not allowed on this board/thread and is against the rules here. Recently there was a debate [March 4, 2020] between 2 evangelical calvinistic chrisitians - Daniel Constantine, Oscar Dunlap of Apologia Church in Utah which has recently been planted to help LDS find and accept the real Jesus and Gospel and the other side - LDS - Defended by Jason Hansen and Hayden Carroll. The subject - On What Authority Should We Believe. The Moderator was James White of Alpha and Omega ministries and no friend of LDS Doctrine/Teaching/Thought/Practice. Please share your thoughts. Thank you.
  6. Navidad A True Grace Empowered Gift For You Sir - http://www.thedivinecouncil.com
  7. You live in Southern Cali ?, so do I. What city do you live in ?.
  8. My LDS Apologist Family, question, are there any LDS Apologetic materials in spanish I can forward/give to an LDS Spanish sister who's son is giving her anti LDS materials ?. My Peruvian wife and I met with her today with the spanish Elders [ I do not speak spanish] my wife was a big help and translated for her my comments to her concerns. Thank you.
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