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  1. Okay I just sent you my e-mail address. I have been receiving e-mails so it should work. Thank you. The Atonement It Is The Central Doctrine/Washing My Garment/Robe In His Blood/In His Eternal Debt/Grace/He Died To Make Man Holy - Its not just 6 words to a song, it has eternal meaning.
  2. I understand that Daniel C. Peterson has papers on the Divine Council in regards tp Psalms 82 and John 10:34-35 anyone have a link to his works on this ?. Thank you.
  3. Ahab, thanks but that does not work with him. Hard core anti, sees no relationship of Christ Jesus and satan as brothers due to Jesus creating satan. Considers Jesus The "I AM", "Yahweh", "creator of the Universe" [ Oh thats right we believe that to ! ] . Anyway still looking for Psalms 82 references - Books/Journal/Papers/Articles regarding "gods" reading verses "judges" reading. True Grace To all.
  4. I have been having a discussion with a anti LDS on a LDS - Christian, Facebook page. and he is stating that satan and Jesus cannot be brothers due to Jesus creating satan [which from that point of view makes Jesus satan's father from my lights] and he has criticized LDS missionaries regarding Psalms 82 as "gods" which from his lights is "human judges". I will be getting back to him next week concerning this. Any Scholarly non LDS Scholarly link I can share with him regarding Psalms 82 ?. Thank you all in advance. The Atonement It Is The Central Doctrine/Washing My Garment In His Blood/In His E
  5. To Evangelicals "substance" means Being/Essence/Nature of which We True Grace Empowered LDS have no problem with the 3 being/having and each one possessing the True God "DNA" "Being" Essence" Nature" though not one God "Entity". The Atonement It Is The Central Doctrine Washing My Garment/Robe In His Blood In His Eternal Debt/Grace He Died To Make Man Holy
  6. My critic friend jut got back to me and stated that I was correct it was not Bruce R. McConkie but Gordon B. Hinckley. I am going to be forwarding some links for him. thank you all so far for your comments.
  7. Recently I have been asked why Bruce R.McConkie In Mormon Doctrine states that we do not believe in the traditional Christ. I thought I would run this by all here to get thoughts so I can get back with him and share. thank you all in Advance. The Atonement It is The Central Doctrine Washing My Garment/Robe In His Blood In His Eternal Debt/Grace He Died To Make Man Holy -It's just not 6 words to a song It has eternal Meaning.
  8. I believe "groomed" means verbally persuaded and trained.
  9. Recently I have been on Christianity vrs Mormonism Facebook page and one of the individuals who was born Catholic but never really attended, then years later became Protestant [ Was and now still is an active anti LDS ] and now after his investigation is now Eastern Orthodox and is boldly now making the claim that the True Church continues with no break from Pentecost to Antioch where the authority lies from the soil of the old world and no need of any restoration in England or America or anywhere. Is there any links/sites that I can read concerning this topic ?. I have a # of Eastern Orthodox
  10. Possibly !, We went to that A&W Root Beer establishment on occasion. I played broom Hockey at that skating rink for events for our young adult program from church. My Father Bowled at The Bowling Alley there on Holt ave in Montclair. Ever do any shopping or cruise through Pomona ?.
  11. My parents that raised me [ I am adopted ] came out to Pomona 1n 1960 . My father that raised me was in WW2 [ Was wounded in his shoulder by an enemy bullet and was given a Purple Heart by President Eisenhower] and afterward worked for General Dynamics in Pomona from the early 60s till the middle late 70s.
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