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  1. Still says "Your inbox is full".
  2. My email address is obiwan373737@verizon.net 

  3. Still says your inbox is full.
  4. Yes please email Thank you.
  5. The Links on the God's body above you posted. Can you email them to me please.
  6. Hey David, True Grace To you and all that you Love. Can you email me the link post above with the Gods body references please ?. I tried to Pm you but it says your Inbox is full.
  7. http://scripturalmormonism.blogspot.com/2022/09/debate-is-doctrine-of-trinity-supported.html A Recent Debate On The Trinity
  8. I Love going to those Orthodox Fall Festivals, eating Greek food, watching those older greek men dance with 2-3 woman at a time. Greek pasteries, yummmmm !.
  9. From my LDS, Saint, Christian, Sentinel, Son Of Thunder, Kryptonian Archives = https://www.bebaptized.org
  10. Tacenda did you watch the follow up visual presentation I posted above ?.
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