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  1. I’m sorta in the same boat, though I differ on the timeline. Mostly because I think there will be a “building up Zion” period that will be longer than I was previously inclined to believe.
  2. I think Zion as a country might last at least a generation, maybe more, before the Lord’s return. If it’s during my lifetime I suspect I’ll be old.
  3. The fun epilogue to the Strangite branch is that James’ descendants rejoined the Church. At some point the Strang family moved to Ontario. My good friend, we’ll call her Sarah, is married to a Toronto Strang. His father was tracted into by missionaries, took the lessons, and was baptized. His grandmother told him after his baptism of their family’s history with the Church, and he humorously named his first kid James.
  4. I wonder how many in the control group experienced the side effects of just being alive:
  5. My sister-in-law got the Pfizer vaccine on 2020-12-24 and the booster a week or so ago. No ill effects, except some arm pain that was gone the next day. My father-in-law is old enough to be in the upcoming round of vaccinations in my province, so fingers-crossed.
  6. Semi-related. Here’s James E. Talmage’s thoughts on the Spanish Flu + church cancellations + home church.
  7. Biodiesel can be made with things that store well, and is probably more reliable than solar or wind once you get the process down.
  8. Bigger news of the two is Bahrain. They’re more tied to the KSA, which signals they have the quiet approval of MBS. It’s possible the KSA is waiting till after November to give whoever wins the WH a win and foster good relations.
  9. Huh, that aspect totally slipped my mind. I’m getting married on Friday.
  10. Tbf, while I’m aware there’s a BLM organization, I’ve generally been aware of them as being of secondary, if not tertiary importance with regards to the push for police reform. I would guess most people shouting BLM are doing so with zero-to-no affiliation with the organization.
  11. It’s a hard needle to thread. Yes, there are certainly groups out there who seek to appropriate many worthy causes, and plenty of bad causes. The needle I mention is because I’ve come to realize that I don’t give enough credence to randomness and chaos as an explainer. Sometimes things happen, and sometimes they happen all at once. Many times there are groups trying to appropriate the chaos of the moment to further their ends, except their objectives are on full display and their membership rolls are open to the public - the exact opposite of a secret combination. That doesn’t make t
  12. Why you gotta do my boy Paine dirty like that?
  13. Not a general conference talk, but this is an interesting passage in the journals of James E. Talmage: January 9, 1919: "There is every evidence of a very serious recrudescence of the influence trouble, there there is a manifest disinclination on the part of the newspapers to publish the full facts. This is said to be the result of pressure brought upon the papers by the business men, who insist that the enforced suspension of public assemblies and free business operations is bringing to them a loss that cannot be longer endured. Lives are being sacrificed in the interest of dollars.
  14. Counterpoint: using the functional definition of religion as opposed to the substantive one, religion is just as pervasive today as it has been in any other era. The substantive view defines religion as the belief in deity. This view, commonly held in the Enlightenment era, began to fall apart in the Early Modern era as British and American researchers began to more thoroughly investigate Therevada Buddhism, Confucianism, and atheistic forms of Hinduism. These all, to a greater or lesser extent “walked like a duck and quacked like a duck,” but made little-to-no mention or emphasis on gods
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