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    My purpose in being here is to influence others to understand how the philosophy of Pragmatism relates to Mormonism. I found the church through my philosophical understanding of Pragmatism.

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  1. Who drives the moon and stars around their orbits? Angels sitting at a steering wheel or blind physics? What are the other possibilities? We cannot create the "correct " answer for things we are unable to even fathom.
  2. I recall doing that litany with a couple of hundred congregants, and it became very much like a song when the words melted into spirit and totally lost their literal meaning. The rythm of the words changed and the response became phonetically "Have mer, See on us", -an interesting idea in itself! I nearly made my moniker here "Domine, non sum dignus"
  3. On the other hand we have litanies, I am not even sure if LDS folks know what that word means I find them quite meditative, myself https://youtu.be/ZEJddliapxY
  4. Oh my gosh, I agree again! I do not want to argue with you on anything anymore. I will give you rep points on every post with which I agree if it matters.
  5. I think it simply 1,- makes the atonement more spiritual/psychological and less based on torture and death and 2, - sets us apart from creedal theology and 3- is one of the real reasons we do not have crucifixes everywhere. Many of us have had painful discussions with God on our own knees. We do not all need to hang from a cross. For me Gethsemane makes it more relatable. In our own hearts we can all have our own Gethsemanes. I understand THAT.
  6. Oh my gosh, we agree on something.! There was no transfer of sin- that removes responsibility for sin and causes folks like Martin Luther to say "sin boldly" because consequences of sin has been removed from "believers" What is transferred is guilt through putting ourselves in Christ's place, while he felt the weight of every pain, mental illness, guilt of every sinner, and all victims of sin and all human pain, all at once, through his infinite empathy. And so when we believe that he did that for us, our empathy responds to that emotional force reaching out to us and decreases
  7. Love this. And so we are learning to organize worlds in miniature, right now. Our first "world" is the world within us!
  8. No one knows that unless they have experienced it. And so they say "dreams and spiritual experiences are not real" How then can they change one's life if we don't count them as "real"?
  9. If Tooele really IS too ele how much ele would be appropriate? One ele? One and a half ele?
  10. For me, I know what inspires me and it's sources are irrelevant. If a folk tune is turned into a magnificently inspiring hymn, which stirs the hearts of millions, is it diminished for its origins? Why would it matter? The proof is in the effects of its message, not who wrote it, how or when.
  11. Your efforts are profound and memorable and a great example to all of us! On the other hand, quoting Elder Holland.. .... AND you have said that your efforts understandably, considering the fact that they are impressive, are becoming a trial for you financially and in other ways. Every suggestion I make seems to be countered with a reason not to follow my advice. I think you have made your decision which clearly is very admirable! My last suggestion is the same as my first suggestion, which is in a few words, "Talk to your Stake President".
  12. Yes you are right about that what I meant was taxes But something else now pops up. The requirements for ministering visits now also include text Messages, Emails phone calls etc. Perhaps you have hit on the actual reason for the change. The church is growing more sensitive to the needs of members who live outside of the US, And physical visits are no longer the expected norm. And also I remember what @rongobrought up regarding the expenses involved in being a member and I agree with him that the intention was that members should not be burdened with extra exp
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