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    My purpose in being here is to influence others to understand how the philosophy of Pragmatism relates to Mormonism. I found the church through my philosophical understanding of Pragmatism.

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  1. Ironic how we end up with a lot more than that in our way of thinking, huh?
  2. Thanks for putting it so well. I have been preaching the functional view of religion here for years, but not in those words, which I find far more effective than mine. I personally would use the word "ostensive religion" rather than "substansive religion". The 'political sainthood" of the founding fathers, as you have stated it, I think also is mirrored among LDS folks in regard to some early church leaders, and "ignoring some of their foibles" while yet accepting their philosophy. We also do that regarding the question of the historicity of the Book of Mormon, which is demanded b
  3. Dang, you're good! Exactly Nietzsche's "Death of God" argument - about the god of his time- the judgmental hellfire "unscientific" god who sent most of his children to hell, who could not possibly be a comfort for humankind and being transcendental, was beyond being a Father to humanity It's an unfortunate lack of education and a worship of dualistic "science" which is thought to be what educated people believe, demanding dualism and an uncrossable gulf between God and his children. Such a shame! You even see that right here on this board
  4. If that is what your beetle tells you.
  5. Oh no, usually we share boxes in our communitiies- at least to some extent. LDS folks say the church is "true"- correctly in my opinion, because they at least partially share the same experiences from the same sources. Everyone who looks up at the sky and calls it "blue" shares the same world view (another term for "box" in this context) at least. But then there are blind folks who know the word "blue" but have no idea what it is. I am convinced there are folks who are spirit-blind just as there are folks who are color blind. They use the words but do not understand what they are
  6. I think you should change your political party, to something you would see as nonsense, just to see how ridiculous that idea is. I was where you are now, 40 years ago, and I am never going back to a self contradictory view like positivistic dualism. I don't believe in worlds which cannot be experienced
  7. What can I say? You hit the proverbial ‘nail’ smack dab on the head!! I am glad we finally figured out that we agree on virtually everything!
  8. I don't find anything here to disagree with. It's a shame to me that you were apparently raised to believe the church is authoritarian. I have never seen it that way, and I simply don't understand it. And yes I commented on Euthyphro's Dilemma when you posted on it- it is clearly a linguistic confusion to me. Your box is inescapable, unless you are no longer human. It has just changed from one box to another. I am quite happy in mine. I have done as much as I am capable. All my best.
  9. This is another way of saying exactly what you say above
  10. And so you can do so now and take all those "complex psychological reactions" of spiritual experience as "true". That was precisely the philosophical realization I got after reading all those philosophers- that caused me to seek out the church. It changed my life. It IS real for you-the only reality anyone can know for themselves! Yes we can make mistakes about that- but that is the risk about anything. "There is no way to be sure" is one key and "the best response is to act like it is real" is the other. We can feel God's love and the best response is to act like it is rea
  11. I agree. And there is talk of the atonement being a "sacrifice". I don't see the sacrifice as being paying a debt- I see the sacrifice as Christ being willing to take that on himself so that we all have someone who knows all we can feel and never be alone in our pain. He has taken it upon himself in love that we may be healed. I suppose that IS a sacrifice but maybe a different take- maybe that is obvious to others.
  12. Indeed! We call all that "reality", and for us, it is. THAT is the key. Even the idea that bias is "bad" is one of those impressive psychological experiences. There is no way out of your brain to "reality" nor can you test your impressions against "reality" because you can never get outside your brain. IT IS the "beetle in the box" For all of us it is like that. It's a miracle we can communicate at all. "God confounded speech at Babel so we could not become like Him" We must see all these as allegories. My best to you.
  13. Every experience you have can be explained as your own brain. You have no choice in that being so. Please do think about that even though we have not been getting along well of late. The thought you cite above is the way out of the black box, in knowing you and all of us- are in it in our own way https://virtualphilosopher.com/2006/09/wittgenstein_an.html
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