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    My purpose in being here is to influence others to understand how the philosophy of Pragmatism relates to Mormonism. I found the church through my philosophical understanding of Pragmatism.

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  1. AHA! Now I have a new reason to show up here 🤨
  2. I responded on the "Hie to Kolob" thread with this same response, but I thought it was also appropriate here since I speak of the idea of "generations of Gods" Remember - if this helps- I never think about what the "reality" of any idea is- because we cannot know that- we cannot think about a chair chair being full of space because of the distance between the atoms, but while sitting down that chair must be solid as a rock! So what is important to me is the IDEA- the paradigm- that we need to believe for the moment. If we really saw a chair as a swirling network of little balls we might never sit down! So here are some ideas- some paradigms I believe at the moment:
  3. Well that was very kind, thank you! I think there ARE absolute truths- which I think will be surprising to hear from me, but they are truths of experience- like for example "You should do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This is not something deduced but something which can be observed through experience in living in society. It is ALWAYS THE BEST COURSE in dealing with others and has "survival value" in society. No one wants to live in a place where crime runs rampant, where stealing and robbery and murder happen all the time. We always want peace- that is part of what we ARE. And so if all follow that idea, we would live in peaceful places which allow for traditional family life- without going into details, each of those prinicples which allow traditional family life to flourish are also true in the same way. This kind of truth is not factual- it not a scientific truth like the boiling point of water, it does not "correspond to reality" but it IS a truth that allows humanity to flourish. It "works" every single time. "There is nothing constant but change" is I think another one of those statements which also is always true- and that goes back to a Greek philosopher named Heraclitus who taught that our personal stream of experience is like stepping into a river which is changing every second- leaves and branches flow down the river, the banks of the river pick up mud and deposit it elsewhere, etc. and he said that "You cannot step into the same river twice" Of course that is speaking in two contexts at once- the same debris and contents of the river are never exactly the same, and yet the process of change itself is "eternal" as long as the river exists. So in one sense, it will always be "The Mississippi River" yet from nanosecond to nanosecond the river is not the "same" as it was. So we know what truth is when we see it, we know what true or false means, but the word has so many contexts that one cannot come up with a definition which applies to every situation at all times. So even "eternal truth" like the eternal river flowing downstream changes and progresses. And that I think that is a good analogy for eternal revelation. Eternal truth can be seen as a PROCESS of revelation instead of a list of supposedly unchangeable facts which in fact change as humanity itself changes. One can see the river without worrying about the location of sticks flowing downstream, and thereby be always developing and changing while also being constant and eternal. And I think this also applies to the "Hie to Kolob" thread. There will always be an Eternal Father even if the person who occupies the position changes. OUR Father will always be OUR FATHER- but if there are other Fathers for other universes etc? Those speculations are far beyond our ability to process. There will always be books of scripture even if they are written by different people, for different cultures and times. Same principle
  4. It's an interesting proof of evolution in both the deaths of the unvaccinated and the survival by mutation of the virus. I think that once the unvaccinated die off, and we keep making vaccines for the variants, perhaps literally we will be fee to breathe unimpaired someday 🤨😆
  5. See? I told you that you had not been taught much of our Doctrine!
  6. That's just proves that we don't GET hie. Word of wisdom and all....
  7. Temple closed for renovation ( my old brain wanted ironically to spell out "revelation"- "Temple closed for relevation"- really really ironic slip there- 🤨) - we all wore masks when it was required- and now it has been RE-required- I don't know anyone who has not received both shots- and though we seem to be going well we are now worried about the endless parade of varients that will follow, thanks to those who have not been vaccinated. Fun fun fun It's just sad
  8. SO- what do y'all think about this in terms of relativism, and admitting that we all have our own "truth"?? That's the implication I have given these kinds of sayings for 50 years now! If there IS absolute truth- THIS is it : there is no absolute truth, just what we think is true individually, as it appears to us.
  9. Yeah that sounds good to me- one of our great Evil Relativist Comrads! Truth is what you think it is. Love it! 😡
  10. I do too! There is another poster who uses that also on her siggy... can't remember who at the moment .... But it IS really the whole basis for my way of seeing the world. We all are wearing sunglasses of different shades and so see all the colors of the world differently.
  11. Shhhhh. THAT IS the real conspiracy, but don't tell anyone
  12. Well we all need to help - ideally individually, because I think that is our responsibility as Christians to do so. How we we do that is the question. In the ideal world, I guess we could approach individuals and talk to them, find out a bit about their lives, make our own wise decisions about how best to help them, and then have some organizations which we could reach out to on their behalf which was well funded and able to help. But in our times, going through homeless camps every evening after work might not be a good thing to do. But not surprisingly, that is the LDS program to help the poor, and I favor our church's approach because I have been involved in it quite a lot, especially as a bishop. We work closely with Catholic Charities as well, in the case of massive tragedies, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc, but most of what we do is on a local level. We as a ward have had in the past, weekly assignments to help out at a local "soup kitchen" helping to feed the homeless. We have church owned farms where wards go pick fruit, we have canneries and other agricultural and farming type enterprises for producing and deliving fruit and all the kinds of food one can imgine, to distribuite food to those who need it. All one has to do is first visit with a bishop- even if one is not LDS- and he will interview you, find out why your are in need, what your needs are, and then remedy them. In return to make sure you have the dignity of working for what you receive, he might ask you for a few hours of work in the local "Bishop's Storehouse" or on the farms if they are local, or doing service projects to help others- maybe it is mowing a lawn for someone else etc. After the bishop's interview, he fills out an order which you take to the "Bishop's Storehouse" which is like a grocery store, usually adjacent to another "free store" which is quite a lot like "Good Will" or another used clothing and furniture store. So one can get, according to the Bishop's order, whatever is needed- all kinds of different foods, furniture, beds- pretty much anything. And then the recipients, if assigned to do so, work for a few hours distributing food to others. I also served as a Stake Auditor. Bishops can also distribute cash, pay rent or bills etc. as he decides, but cash expenditures are carefully monitored. That is the job of one of the Stake Auditors, to go over all expenses and interview the Bishops and train them on what is acceptable and what is not. It's a great system- not perfect but very effective!
  13. I believe that is one of the strengths of our position. Everyone gets to figure it out for themselves, through what is believed to be personal revelation. Objective certainty cannot be obtained, so just make it subjective. Every other important decision we make relies on subjective feelings, so why should this be any different?
  14. Unfortunately I have trouble communicating with alien races. I know you do not, Ahab.
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