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    My purpose in being here is to influence others to understand how the philosophy of Pragmatism relates to Mormonism. I found the church through my philosophical understanding of Pragmatism.

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  1. Why these are so important is to understand that these are empirical evidence reports that are valid as scientific evidence. And of course there are thousands more. A scientist goes into her lab, and finds that her gizmo reads 107.5. Others over the world have the same experience with their personal gizmos This data is interpreted as evidence that under the same conditions, experimentally, a reading of 107.5 indicates the presence of substance Xyz. The presence of Xyz WITH ABC kills cancer cells, let us imagine, so the experience of reading the gizmo as 107.5 scientifically indicates a possible cure for cancer. The scientist has her experience, it is replicated, and those near death have their experiences replicated as well. And yet NDE'S are not counted as "science" Go figure
  2. @teddyaware has already taught us well on this point, quoting Moses 5, teaching taught in the temple, at every endowment session, it says God created a situation not, as you say "where we all would end up His enemy unless we put off the natural man" BUT, as Eve said, He set up a situation so that "Were it not for our transgression we never should have had seed, and never should have known good and evil, and the eternal life which giveth unto all the obedient. " What God was doing made it possible for us to become LIKE HIM!! You have to be a caterpillar before you can become a butterfly- we could not fulfil our destininies without starting out in a lower state and growing by fulfilling our potential.
  3. No so. The entire purpose of the gospel is to raise humanity ABOVE being "natural men"
  4. Have you read any of my posts? I have shown that the alleged problem is a linguistic confusion which does not exist for LDS folks. None of our Doctrine can be accused of including "the problem of evil and suffering and reconciling it with a loving God." We believe in an immanent embodied God and a non-deterministic universe where people can choose to do or not do things approved morally by God, and / or society. Good and evil exist only as descriptions of how we feel about events- they are not metaphysical cosmic forces. No where is the issue of omnipotence vs free will raised in the scriptures, it grows, I believe from Enlightenment protestantism as followed by, for example, Calvinism
  5. You should always have a full food storage. The really bad stuff hasn't even started yet
  6. Good stuff! And God "organized" our world and we are- or should be- organizing ourselves by countering mental and physical entropy to fill the measure of our creation- our full potential! We too are organizing "our world" daily- or should be The church is the best human improvement movement ever devised. Why it's even something that God might have thought up! It's worth 10% of our increase just to get into this human development club we belong to! Be all you can be! Join the Mormons! When God is a human, humanism becomes theology.....
  7. You are twisting my words, and it seems you don't even know our doctrine- but I know you do. I don't understand why you pull this..... stuff. Teaching a child is not making him an enemy. "Eternal" punishment does not mean punishment forever it means God's punishment, since Eternal is a name of God and that punishment is temporary because we know that in the end all knees will bend at the name Jesus. You are describing child abuse as coming from God? This is just so backwards I know you could not actually believe it. And YOUR words have a meaning all right and simply turn God into a monster, an absurd caricature. This is not a reasoned argument it is a tirade that makes no sense. Go sleep it off.
  8. There is no fault here. No one did anything "evil". Accidents happen I just don't see this at all. WE LEARN FROM THESE THINGS HE who UNDERWENT every trial, OVERCAME every trial. We are here to learn how to follow that example, so we can fill the measure of our creation and have JOY therein I actually believe this stuff
  9. No evil. I don't see evil at all here. Accidents can happen in a world which is undetermined and God Himself has chosen immanence voluntarily in order to tutor us, his children. Trials are opportunities for growth, certainly not "evil". Death is a mere assignment to the other side, her progression continues. I will see her in a few years, and we are sealed, we will continue our relationship and progession through eternity, and I will, through trials, grow in understanding better the pain of others while I am here alone. I will know loneliness as I have never known it before I can become more like the savior by learning more about mental trials and pain who took upon himself ALL TRIALS of humanity, meaning I am NEVER alone in trials, the savior has been there before. And now, this could be an opportunity to grow by emulating Him. No "evil" at all! Why reify what we don't like into some kind of "entity" to balance with "good"? These are not cosmic forces, they are adjectives! Do we worry about "the problem of tasty vs bitter?" Those are also adjectives, not Cosmic Forces. This again grows from Greek philosophy, 2500 years ago, related to Platonic Forms where every word corresponded to a metaphysical Idea, which was more real than it's paltry manifestation. The Idea was eternal, our reality a simple shadow of the original perfect Idea, say of "Goodness" So Goodness itself becomes an Entity, and that Entity IS actually God. Guess who Evil is? People do things we PERCEIVE as "evil" ; goodness and evil are not metphysical entities Contemporary philosophy sees these as words and concepts which make up the world, not as it is, but but how it APPEARS to WE humans. Abstractions are now seen as human linguistic creations, not metaphysical entities.
  10. Meh. I'm Pretty busy of late. He just wants us to reach our full potential, and create our worlds, ie: getting our act together. Fill the measure of our creation creation and have joy. And inherit all he has. All that horrible stuff. You got a kid that is wasting his life? How do you give them a wake up call? Keep coddling them? No, you tell them they are wasting their lives! And that you want to help them by following The Plan He has for them to fill their purpose in life instead of wallowing in negativity. "Enemy"? Well at least it will get their attention! And who knows how nuanced that translation is? Not me anyway. He just wants the best for us!
  11. Sure! To me it just means that the Atonement is the only way we can again become ONE with Christ and his Father. It is the way to sit together with them in their thrones and all humanity has a shot at exaltation, by becoming one with our Father and the savior. No big doctrine deal, just a spelling coincidence that kind of reminds us that the overall goal is to become ONE with the Godhead which is only possible through the atonement Anyway that is how I understand it
  12. OR what the Doctrine really says without being scholars? Explaining the theory behind transubstantiation to the average guy in the street might be problematic Nah. Just leave it to the experts.
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