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  1. There was a couple of people on a sailboat in Ensenada that had a cat. They got all ready to go to Panama and could not find their cat. They waited two extra weeks for the cat to show up he was nowhere to be found. Sadly they set sail for Panama and went through canal. One day at the marina on the Caribbean side their cat just showed up. They had no idea where it came from and he had been gone for at least 3 weeks. So the question is do cats teleport?
  2. I hate it the way it is now. We got caught between wards. We still pay our tithes to the ward up in Stockton. We split our time between Redlands, Ca and Ensenada Mexico. We never got signed into a new Ward because we were kind of chicken and our Spanish is lousy. I'm going to do a drive-by on the church in Ensenada and see if they're having services. Our personal relationship with Heavenly Father has been excellent due to many trials and tribulations at our last marina. It's pretty easy to pray when bullets are flying overhead. I can't remember the last time I took the sacrament. I am only an Aronnic priesthood holder. I guess I could ask my last Bishop if I can serve the sacrament at home. PS I love all of you that socialize with me in the Social Hall and I really appreciate your friendships.
  3. One more remake of a Beach Boys tune.
  4. Remake of an old 60s tune.
  5. A trip back to the late 60s.
  6. No it isn't. I watched a woman cash a welfare check for a month that was $1,600 more than my paycheck. My paycheck was 3200 bucks for the month. I don't work that cheap anymore since Trump became president. But I was pretty irate. I was making 20 bucks an hour and now I don't work for less than 35.
  7. I grew up in the drug culture of the 1960's and 1970's in Southern California. I guarantee you drug hallucinations are nothing like a vision from God. There is absolutely no comparison. I tried them all LSD peyote mushrooms mescaline on and on. I have had several visions from God they were nothing like a hallucination caused by drugs.
  8. I disagree. As Iay in the bottom of my boat in Mexico listening to bullets whizzing overhead, on 4 different occassions, I was really missing the 2nd amendment. Watching families pinned down on the docks and me not being able to shoot back really bothered me.
  9. The cartel is still killing people at my old marina . In Ensenada there are no protests or riots. We have 141 active cases of covid-19, not bad for a city of 500k. Pretty much everyone wears a mask. They take your temperature to enter the grocery store. To enter our marina there is a health stop, a decontamination booth and floor mats that wipe the virus off of your shoes. We are 2 blocks from the marines so we feel safe. They cruise the marina once a day in a boat.
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