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  1. All relationships are trainwrecks. You just gotta hang on, take the bad with the good. Then the twain shall become one.
  2. My evidence is 35 years old. Its not scientific. I consider the early 30s the prime of the homo sapien sex life. So 35 years ago would be 1983. It was gathered at office parties where alcohol was being consumed. My main point is there are women who enjoy sex just as much as a man does and just as often. I'm 68 I don't have a sex drive but my wife still does.
  3. My evidence is purely anecdotal. Personal experience.
  4. I guess that depends on who you know.
  5. I've known plenty of women that think of sex every 15 minutes. There is a whole genre of music devoted to it.
  6. Yep it's pretty wild territory. I stick to the tourist zones.
  7. Yes but then when the spirit of Adam was put into one of these Homo sapiens our race began.
  8. Utah is not the only state where you have to buy hard liquor at a state liquor store. Tennessee was like that when I lived there. You couldn't buy it on Sunday either. But you could go to the rib place an order a hard drink.
  9. I live in Ensenada when I'm home. I've been down to Mexico quite a few times as far as the Guatemala border. I have never been to the colonies. I'm interested.
  10. Do you think members should not work in the casinos in Las Vegas or other cities?
  11. A lot less, except for the land holdings will be our source of food. Church properties will be safe places to be, guarded by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit and Christ will move them to divest the holdings that will lose too much money at the end. This is all prophesied of in the Cardston Temple vision.
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