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  1. I'd like to introduce you to the treecats of Sphinx. Read "A Beautiful Friendship " by David Weber. We are all going to get together in the Celestial Kingdom and create some real tree cats.
  2. Apples and oranges. He said today in this conference.
  3. That's not written in stone. I think in the end they will find migrations from both directions. Nobody sails the wrong way around the world.
  4. We banged into the trade winds and into the waves for 4 days going around the West into Cuba to Grand Cayman. It was four days of misery and prayer. I just can't imagine doing it for thousands of miles going to an island you have never even seen or know it's location.
  5. You should get a more accurate chart of the currents and winds too. I recommend Jimmy Cornell's World cruising routes.
  6. Gentlemen don't sail to weather. People in modern sloops avoid it. I just don't see one of those Caverns being able to sail to weather very good at all. PS I have about thirty thousand miles under my keel Offshore, most of it in the Pacific.
  7. I dispute that for the simple fact the wind and the current goes the other direction. You can put a message in a bottle and throw it down off the coast of Central or South America and it will wind up in Polynesia.
  8. What ever, you will believe what fits your own bias. The MSM is bought and paid for by the Democrats. They finally admitted the story about Hunter Bidens laptop was true. A year later so as not to influence the election. Well one good thing is at least we don't have any more Mean Tweets, just 5 dollar per gallon gasoline and half the nation on the dole refusing to work. We haven't signed new job since Biden became president everybody is waiting to see the tax ramifications before they spend any discretionary funds. Tax the rich!
  9. If Christ came in the meridian of time why do we expect Him back before 4000 C.E.? Thank you.
  10. Is the US being run by a secret combination? PS, if the mods would set this up as a poll, that would be great. I'm not looking for discussion, just a simple yes or no.
  11. Why are you all taking the worse case scenario from my meager words? I give up. NO ONE SHOULD BE ASSAULTED. I've suppose you never heard the term Shake Your Money Maker or bedroom eyes. My wife could wear a sheet and look like a Motab member or she could wear the same sheet and look like a sex symbol ready for a night in the rack. I'll just shut up now.
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