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  1. We saw dangerous extremism All Summer Long and it wasn't pro-trump people.
  2. Two times. I have already discussed them both on here. I don't know that I should have done that.
  3. Are they putting forth the same effort for the criminals that captured Seattle? Portland?
  4. I am surprised no one liked theme for an imaginary Western. It's about settlers making the Trek across the Great Plains the deserts and mountains to the West.
  5. We have 174 active cases in Ensenada, about 35 per hundred thousand. How does that stack up? We may be able to get the vaccine here sooner than in California. We'll see.
  6. 2006 was a great year. We took off cruising in our 38 foot Catalina. We spent 2 years in Mexico then we took off for the South Pacific.
  7. Just clean oil. My engine is under the salon floor (living room). I got that done with the help of my lovely wife. We still have to service the fuel filters and a water intake strainer. We have to disassemble our living room to do all this. It'll take a day or two to hunt up the quotes I'm thinking of.
  8. I thought I posted this in the Social Hall. If you mods whant to move it, its fine with me.
  9. I will dig out some quotes later tonight. I've got to change the oil in my boat/home.
  10. On the dole, similar education system.
  11. People's Republic of Haven. You'll have to read the Honor Harrington series to figure it out.
  12. Incinerate it, recycle it. How long do you think it will take to kill the ocean?
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