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  1. That's no rant. I'll check out for a while. Perhaps take a class on communication.
  2. Yeah, right I can teach carpentry with out all the "isms", a bit of geometry and math are involved.
  3. Well smog devices have changed everything. The smog is substantially less now than it was back then. I would say the smog peaked in the early 1990s. .
  4. My eyes were opened by reading the novel Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. It describes taking two generations to build a cathedral. Building all these Catholic cathedrals kept a lot of people busy for a long time. I believe they also led to some new important structural designs.
  5. My wife got her second shot Friday. No reaction just a sore on arm. The whole immediate family is now vaccinated. My brother isn't but he lives in Washington and he's an anti vaxxer.
  6. Marxism, racism, it's all the same to me. We are falling behind as a nation in the basics. We need more kids interested in the hard sciences. It's the only way to combat global warming. China will beat us to orbital solar collection. Teaching our children to divide us by race, religion or economic system is just going to create tension. Teaching Creation Science has no place in a science class. I suppose it could get a paragraph or 2 as an alternate theory but that would be about it. From what I see of you on here you make a great teacher but the scale is long and wide. There are many at
  7. I'm pretty sure you don't teach in san Diego. https://www.foxnews.com/us/california-federal-civil-rights-complaint-san-diego-school-district
  8. So before cell phone days we had this thing called Radar Love. it works with anyone you love, not just your SO, even God.
  9. I'm not educated enough to answer that. That's why I asked for an example of a secular society. I've only visited Latin American countries (Mexico 2 years, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador) and French Polynesia, American Samoa, Grand Cayman . I was able to spend about a month in each one. I presently live in Mexico when I'm home.
  10. I don't see your profile but I'm a Facebook idiot.
  11. All cultures are not synonymous with US culture. To point out the obvious. It is a bold step in some cultures.
  12. You said " there are lots of secular communities which are very morally and socially minded." I gave two examples of secular communities and asked if we should pattern ourselves after them. Perhaps you could give an alternate example. I believe these two Nations do not let religion interfere with politics, which would make them secular communities.
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