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  1. Economic damage it is taking forever to get a permit for a remodel in San Diego.
  2. It appears we are mouse free. I have taken 5 mice from the boat since we have been back. All is quiet on the western front.
  3. The last time I checked his daughter was selling access to his work. He died probably 20 years ago. Its been 30 years since we studied under him. I'll do a search.
  4. Yes, with love comes pain. We have no children so we live vicariously through our pets.
  5. Get a 6 week old kitten. Keep her with you every where you go. We put ours in the car right away with no cat cage. You want them to get used to it. Get a female cat, boy cats are hunters and they will roam. Keep a cat blanket in your car. We have two cat blankets that we move from the boat to the car. We thought our girl cat was going to go feral on us but she has turned into a great little companion. Have patience, we discipline them by telling them they are good cats when they do something right. We never Strike them we use a water squirter if we have to discipline. We keep a permanent litte
  6. Bite your tongue. Leia is Daddy's girl. She will one day be a great sailor.
  7. I'm sorry but you are wrong. If DR Gene Scott were alive he could give all the reasons why, along with chapter and verse. It is certainly a Hebrew term but it was applied by the country of Israel to the members of the country of Judah.
  8. I got what I thought was the last mouse about 5am. 6am Leia brings another mouse in and lets it loose. He crawled up into our portable heater, I put the heater out on the dock. I hope he gets away tonight.😝
  9. Um, just treat them like regular people. I can't get a TR or patriarchal blessing or move up in my priesthood because of WoW problems but people just treat me like a regular member. No need to single me out and treat me different. I would never light up a cigarette at church, I suspect they can hold their Ps and Qs until they leave church.
  10. Yeah those houses are fine looking.
  11. That's all true but if you build the box it will look like a box. A few extra corners and some offsets give the roof/house a little bit of character.
  12. My female cat is bringing mice onboard the boat. She brings them in and then set sets them loose and has great fun chasing them all around the boat. I am chasing them with her with a cup and a lid trying to catch them. When the mouse finally gets away and crawls in some hole she gets bored and stops. Then she is like don't worry Dad I know where to get more of those. I put some Humane mouse traps out and caught three of them so far. One Mouse is smart enough to go in and get the food and get back out. At night we can hear them eating our boat. I hope I got them all.
  13. I am in construction. I have built many sets of stairs. Put them wherever you want just make sure you have room for a proper 7 inch rise 10 -11 inch run with Headroom at the top and any hallways they may cross. Actually the rise can be anywhere between 7 and 8 inches. If you go with a 10 inch run you can have 11 inch treads, they will have a 1 inch overhang. This is fairly typical. There will be rules for your handrail height and for your turn around at any Landings. Typical minimum width is 36in finish. Handrail height is 42in on decks and platforms. 34 in hand grabs on the actua
  14. It was. Our Visa ran out so they made us leave. I'm glad we did it when we did. I don't know if I have another 5000 mile sail in me.
  15. This was the happiest 90 days of my life, Sailing through French Polynesia.
  16. We were blessed to anchor here in 2009 and listen to the village practice for the Pacific islander Drum and Song Festival.
  17. US citizens your country needs you. Vote.
  18. It gives context to the fact that Israel became a country once again 1948 and what that means in regards to Christ's return. It enables you to see the fulfillment of the promises God made to Abraham, Jacob who became Israel and his sons. The study of this geography and peoples and the Lost Ten Tribes is what led us to the Church. I was ready and waiting when the BoM showed up at my door.
  19. Joseph spawned the tribe of Ephraim and Manasseh, Levi is the priesthood tribe and did not get a territory thus maintaining 12 tribes with territorial blessings. So Jracforr counts them as half tribes. Read Genesis 48 and 49. Look at a map of Israel during the reign of King David. Map 3 in the scriptures.
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