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  1. I didn’t know that some wards did limited, basically invitation-only streaming. The only type of I’ve herd of is the streaming done as a result of the pandemic, where the entire ward is given the link. This was continued after in-person meetings resumed. It seems to have been discontinued as of this week. But I’m not certain. My ward was dissolved last week and I didn’t receive the usual weekly email with the link.
  2. Streaming is a true blessing for those whose illness or disability prevent them from attending in person. I think the church needs to think beyond the pandemic, and continue to offer this service permanently. Will some who are physically able to go to church, stay home and stream? Sure, but why should those who can’t attend be deprived because of the actions of others?
  3. I am so frustrated with people who won’t vaccinate. I’m sure I’ll get blasted for saying this, but it’s selfish and ignorant. My ward recently fully re-opened, but I haven’t gone back yet. With the Delta variant so highly transmissible, I don’t feel safe. I also continue to work from home. My employer isn’t bringing employees back to the office until after Labor Day. Even then, I won’t be returning, as my boss decided months ago that I should permanently work from home due to the combination of medical issues and Covid. I continue to mask and take other precautions. With so many irresponsible people out there, and the lack of vaccine access in much of the world, I just don’t think we’re out of the woods yet.
  4. It’s HIPAA- Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  5. That does sound more like Mike. He had a real obsession with making sexual references.
  6. Oh, Ahab definitely veered into inappropriate sexual comments. Downright creepy at times.
  7. It was about time for Ahab to reappear, wasn’t it?
  8. If you don’t know what he means by Ahab, why did you immediately say that you’re not Ahab? 🙄
  9. HIPAA only pertains to the release of one’s medical information by a medical provider. A person voluntarily providing their own information to someone has nothing to do with HIPAA.
  10. I would think anyone heading off to college this fall would be smart enough to assume that vaccines would be required, and have a back-up plan in place in case their request for an exemption wasn’t approved. Especially so in a state that has been pretty firm about Covid restrictions. At the university where I work, vaccination has been under discussion for many months, so no one would be caught off-guard by the requirement when the final decision was made. And it was made many months ahead of the fall term. I can understand the university’s decision, as they are considering the well-being of the whole university community, as well as the surrounding community, and even the state.
  11. These morons have also “audited” domestic violence shelters and juvenile facilities, going so far as to film through windows. They aren’t just annoying, their actions put people at real risk. I’ve never seen or heard of a “respectful auditor”. How is trespassing, harassing employees and the public, and invading privacy, respectful?There is no need for these “auditors”. They’re just chasing after some perverted vision of YouTube “fame”. Monetizing YouTube has brought out all the crazies and grifters.
  12. I saw one recently filmed at my local post office. The handling of the situation by the police sergeant was awesome. (Almost as good as the time a local police sergeant shut down a guy who was harassing us by phone) The stupidity of the people behind the cameras on these videos is astonishing.
  13. Highly unlikely. There are tons of “first amendment auditor” videos on YouTube.
  14. Is that you, Mike? I answered your question. Not my problem if you can’t comprehend/don’t like the answer. I don’t understand defending misogynistic behavior any more than the behavior itself. Nor do I respect those that blame everyone but themselves for their own choices. At least two of us had him on ignore for months - while having barely engaged him prior to that - and yet he nursed a grudge and kept a list, just so he could attack people months later. But, hey, it’s all the women’s fault. I don’t like to derail threads, and I don’t like to indulge misogyny (call it out, yes) so there will be no more of this discussion from me.
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