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  1. I understand your point. With Covid, there was no way this could have been anticipated, so everyone has had to scramble to make adjustments on the fly. I know that where I work, Administration has recognized these issues and have made adjustments to fees, etc. They are also willing to speak to students about any Covid related concerns, and make what adjustments they can. It’s probably not much different at BYU or elsewhere.
  2. Students were notified prior to Fall registration, so he knew exactly what he was signing up for. He thought he was being ripped off but chose to continue. I understand the disappointment. I work for a university and this year has been extraordinarily difficult for all, given the unprecedented circumstances. Universities are trying to do their best to keep everyone safe. And alive. We’ve all had to make sacrifices. My pay - along with the vast majority of university employees- has been cut 20%. And that’s just one impact. Things could be worse. Without today’s technology, remote learning and telecommuting wouldn’t even exist.
  3. If he is so dissatisfied with the education he got, why did he re-enroll for this fall?
  4. Just read that the jury ruled in favor of the Cox family. Awarded 98.5 million
  5. I am fortunate to have a job that can be done from home. I’ve ceased even the occasional day downtown. A friend from church has a brother-in-law who is a Portland police officer. He has some real horror stories to tell.
  6. Demented is an apt description of Portland these days. It makes me long for the Midwest where I grew up. The media tries to convince people that it’s not that bad in Portland. It is that bad. Businesses that managed to hang in there during the Covid shutdown are now closed due to the riots. With no end in sight. Those of us who have employers still functioning, continue to work from home as downtown is not safe. We’re repairing damage on at least a weekly basis. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in several of those hospitals. I’m currently enrolled in an MS treatment study at the VA, but in-person appointments are still banned due to Covid. I have a black thumb but I would love to give gardening a shot somewhere in small-town Midwest. I am more than ready to give up riots, quarantine, and loneliness for something else.
  7. I work in downtown Portland, Oregon. ‘Nuff said.
  8. I am seeing more and more people throwing temper tantrums on social media regarding wearing a mask. Most of the time, their comments display a refusal to even consider the science. They make claims about mask- wearing that are easily refutable by the science, but they don’t “believe” in the science. Many also make it clear that even if the science is irrefutable, it’s all about their “rights”. Also, many comments about ‘sheep’. Which is highly ironic when you think about it. While I will most likely be working permanently from home, I am grateful for an employer who requires masks in all of our buildings.
  9. That’s because he’s not interested in knowing or understanding us. His only interest is in criticizing us and our beliefs. He’s admitted he only attends an LDS ward because it’s the most convenient, and then proceeds to attack our beliefs, whine that we don’t consider he and his wife members of the church, or recognize their superiority that he’s constantly telling us about. Attending a church simply because it’s the closest and you can’t be bothered to make the effort to travel a little further, only to then spend years on the internet whining and criticizing - rather bizarre behavior. I would think that a person would much rather attend a church whose teachings they agree with. That would be the logical path. But then one wouldn’t be able to brag about their superiority, would they?
  10. We have it easy compared to businesses who, while already heavily impacted by Covid, are now dealing with property damage and looting. I have lost 20% of my income due to Covid, but that’s nothing compared to what others are going through. I don’t think a day goes by anymore that I don’t hear of yet another business that managed to hang on during Covid, but have now permanently closed because the damage done by the rioters was not financially survivable on top of previous losses. Can someone explain how stealing designer bags and Apple computers rectifies racial injustice? Our county was finally allowed to partially re-open a couple of weeks ago, yet there are businesses in the protest zone who cannot, because it is simply not safe to do so. When “protestors” try to burn down police buildings with people inside, no one is safe. I am continuing to work from home not only to help protect myself from Covid, but also to protect myself from “protestors”.
  11. Sounds like the so-called protests that have been happening here in Portland every night for over a month I am glad that we’ve been working remotely and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We’re just a couple of blocks from the center of the protests and traveling to and from work would be impossible. Not to mention dangerous. I’ve been caught in previous protests and it’s terrifying. As it is, we’re repairing damage on almost a daily basis.
  12. Anyone who thinks Covid-19 is just “a really bad flu” needs to spend time in a Covid ICU or speak to someone who works in one. I can even hook up anyone interested. The ignorance about the reality of this pandemic, that is displayed by too many, is rather alarming.
  13. I guess if you don’t understand the value of the saints being able to meet together, even with some restrictions, I can’t explain it to you. Being at church is about more than attending a social event and catching up on gossip. Providing the sacrament to single sisters in their homes is great - if and when ithappens. But it’s not happening for all of the single sisters, and definitely not on a regular basis. Also, I know exactly how it feels to receive the sacrament, whether in my home or in the meetinghouse. I certainly don’t need your mansplaining it to me.
  14. You can have “togetherness” while still maintaining safe practices. Also, for single sisters such as myself, it provides an opportunity to receive the sacrament.
  15. That’s one of the wackiest conspiracy theories I’ve ever read. Pogi is simply explaining how disease transmission works. He’s explaining a transmission route many people are ignorant of. And he is doing an excellent job.
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