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  1. And according to Wikipedia, he was a Free Methodist at some point. It looks like the Baptist affiliation is the most documented.
  2. Do you have a source for this? The research I’ve done shows that this has never been substantiated. Just curious why people think he was a member when it appears the only source is “I heard it from someone”.
  3. You come across as someone unwilling to accept church teachings so that you can justify your desire to leave your wife.
  4. It’s encouraging to hear of these successful pacemaker stories. He’s been wearing an external defibrillator since he left the hospital. He’s looking forward to exchanging that for the pacemaker.
  5. It was a huge wake up call for him. He is working hard at doing all the right things to stay alive.
  6. It’s good to hear of the good that pacemakers have done for others. My brother’s heart rate is too slow and mine is too fast. Would that we could combine them for a healthy rate in the middle.
  7. We have a horrendous cardiac history in our family. The men don’t usually live past 50. His drinking contributed even more damage, but he has heeded the wake-up call and is clean and sober again, attending meetings and working with a sponsor. I’m also thinking the pacemaker is a good thing and hoping it will bring him some peace of mind. I’m happy to hear that a pacemaker brought your mother additional years. I’m sure that brought great joy to many.
  8. My youngest brother had a massive heart attack a couple of months ago. He was on life support and not expected to live. He survived and is now home after time in rehab. He’s not a member of the church (I’m a convert) and is a recovering alcoholic. He is gay and his decades-long relationship ended last year. He lives thousands of miles away from me. He found out today that he will have a pacemaker implanted on Friday. He’s terrified because they told him he’s in danger of sudden death. There is almost nothing I can do from this distance, but I have put his name on the
  9. I understand your point. With Covid, there was no way this could have been anticipated, so everyone has had to scramble to make adjustments on the fly. I know that where I work, Administration has recognized these issues and have made adjustments to fees, etc. They are also willing to speak to students about any Covid related concerns, and make what adjustments they can. It’s probably not much different at BYU or elsewhere.
  10. Students were notified prior to Fall registration, so he knew exactly what he was signing up for. He thought he was being ripped off but chose to continue. I understand the disappointment. I work for a university and this year has been extraordinarily difficult for all, given the unprecedented circumstances. Universities are trying to do their best to keep everyone safe. And alive. We’ve all had to make sacrifices. My pay - along with the vast majority of university employees- has been cut 20%. And that’s just one impact. Things could be worse. Without today’s technology, remo
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