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  1. In response to the OP, I would want to know more about her position. I think lots of people can acknowledge that something is "sin" but still not regret the choice because it was that particular path that brought them to the desirable place they are in their lives. I'm glad my husband was inactive for a few years and lived with his girlfriend. Someone else would have snatched him up in a heartbeat had he been single at BYU instead of quitting, getting a job at Arby's and meeting the gal he shacked up with for a few years. I dare say he is too. It was a rough path, but here we are.
  2. If I believe that other things aren't sins (but I'm following all the rules myself) - would that be reason to withhold a recommend? If I am heterosexual but don't see gay marriage as a sin, should I be allowed in the temple? ( I am, btw) -(and, is this a good comparison?) If I think coffee and tea are not sinful beverages, but I don't drink them, am I not ready for the temple?
  3. Devastating. I'm so sorry. My sister in law will be passing today from COVID - what a tremendous loss the earth has felt from all things stemming from this awful virus.
  4. I think "all paths will eventually lead through" Christ. I don't believe that "the church" has caught up yet, in several areas. The church is constantly changing based on what the people can and will handle. We have several examples of this. This is why I choose to remain flexible and admit I know nothing.
  5. Why in the world- never mind. This thread is frustrating.
  6. My brother is married with the choice not to have children. As is my BIL. IMO it’s not ok to judge what others want as less than. We are all going to be happy where we end up.
  7. I’ll not be reporting Gopher but if someone else did I would not be opposed.
  8. No I’m not. I’m talking about comments like Gophers that are beyond offensive to me. I love my religious lifestyle. I’m healthy and very happy. What I really dislike is the derogatory and distasteful commentary that Is couched In religious discussion. I want to make it known when I hear this garbage that I do not concur. How many times have I wanted to stand up and sunday school and say “I do not believe the same way you do about other people who are different than you”. It creates a distance in my heart from my brothers and sisters. I find it completely unacceptable that I as well as others remain silent when vitriol is spewed as if it’s Gods will.
  9. I don’t think that we know enough to be able to speak on it more clearly
  10. I think we just don’t know enough to speak on it more clearly.
  11. You know what? I think more than anything it is the way that some members of the church stand behind their religion as a way of justifying their ugly behavior that has me questioning things. Identifying with a religion that houses such vitriol is like being in a toxic family. I might love the concept of family but for crying out loud sometimes I just don’t want to go to the reunion.
  12. I predict a non political non controversial old school safe conference.
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