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  1. Yes! The entire span of the gospel has evidence of our belief in Christ. Goes back to Nephi’s day. IMO our current President really underscored the magnification by emphasizing the name of the church. All talks that followed including those locally that emphasize the Savior seem to me to remind me of the prophet’s not so gentle reminder of our position, And our responsibilities, to follow Him.
  2. I would agree with your sentiment. Imo- no stats here- I think there is significant evidence in the past few years to suggest a major effort to show that our church worships Jesus Christ. I like it.
  3. If church court including high priests were so critical then there would be a standard for all. There isn’t. Rather than debate line by line for the enjoyment of debate, I’ll simply rephrase- it’s not my job to judge because I’m not a priesthood holder. I’m grateful for that. I’ve shared my story here of my son who was judged and then forgotten, I’ll not go into that again. So no, my own sins don’t make me wary of courts and how they are run, but rather my unique experience of knowing. My opinion is my own. And I don’t believe I ever stated anything about disapprovin
  4. I’m keeping in the narrow discussion of this topic. I assumed incorrectly that was understood.
  5. Thats a lot of money. We reserved our car long before the rush - we had insider info on when the quarantine was going to be eliminated. Covid shut down tourism here obviously, so cars got shipped out. Now that they need the cars, they aren't quite ready and available. I wouldn't be surprised if we dodged quite a bullet with housing and cars -
  6. I disagree with prior comparison of church court to court of law. The court of law is in place primarily to protect our rights as citizens. As members of the church, however, someone's salvation is quite literally none of our business. I can see the necessity for limiting membership based on anti-church behavior, but for sin itself? I'm not crazy about that. That's my opinion. There is plenty of room for compassionate healing procedures without the shame that 'does' happen often enough that its problematic to me. And yes I'm talking anecdotally, not policy or statistically.
  7. MustardSeed


    Im visiting the beautiful island of Kauai this month - working from here is not a burden to be sure. There are strict guidelines for traveling here, and as a result, there is a certain experience of freedom and safety once you arrive. We still wear masks in public but the anxiety is gone for me. So much activity is done outside anyway. We are visiting our children who live and work here full time. These kids are not members of the church any longer, and I was worried that as mainlanders they would have a difficult time making friends but I've been proven wrong (happily) - they
  8. How terribly sad. I am one who believes the process can be done with a bishopric, or even just one leader, and accomplish the repentance process without the shame. Keep the guilt, lose the shame. And anyone who thinks that every church court is the squeaky clean process that smac is claiming they are is sorely mistaken. Human beings can be pretty brutal.
  9. I considered responding, smac but I grow weary of the round and round here. Suffice it to say that I have good ideas. 😇😂 IMO of course.
  10. My good friend's husband is the bishop. He dutifully spends 90% of his time with the youth and delegates as much as possible to his EQ leader and RS pres as directed over a year ago. He tells his ward members that the RS president has priesthood authority to act and that they should trust her leadership. I wish this attitude was more common. I think recognizing the authority that women can conceivably hold could allow us to think outside the box and put women in positions to do more, have more presence, without the need for specific ordination. I think we are thinking too much inside
  11. I don't agree with public slander, myself. Even if I have regretfully participated in it. I also don't think that stating the obvious, that General Conference this spring was obviously patriarchal, is slanderous. IMO, of course. It is a fact, without emotion. Grey rock. I don't imagine that thinking it is imbalanced and feeling discomfort is sinful, slanderous, or problematic in the least. There have been plenty of problems I've come across in church that I have thought were wrong, felt a negative feeling about, and then behaved in a way that aligned with my values and then exacted
  12. My understanding at this point is that smack is saying that this is a pointless complaint. He may be right. If I'm in a vegetarian restaurant and upset that there is not enough fish options - am I really in the right restaurant?
  13. I'd say since we don't have data it's useless to assert one way or another. I'll say this, "I" feel that way, and I said so out loud to my husband after conference. I'm just now reading that others felt the same. Whether that matters to you is of no significance to me other than the fact that if you think something, it's likely that others feel the same, and if I feel something, it's likely that others feel the same. That tells me that other women likely feel dismissed, and that other men could not be less concerned. That's the religion I have signed on for.
  14. I highly doubt anyone was getting rich at the temple in Jesus time either. I don't have a problem with art. I'm a professional artist myself, of sorts, but my issue has always been around using the Word to get gain. It convolutes the message for me personally. I hold no grudge against those who choose to buy. My heart was affected by an uncle who retired recently from the church institute program who would share with us at dinner his stories of his "prideful colleagues" who pursued fame and fortune the biz. He himself turned down multiple speaking gigs because he didn't want to mix
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