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  1. I really have a hard time with this situation. That being said, In my opinion its a good idea to be curious with her, show a genuine interest and make it SAFE for her to share her journey with you. You're working against bio mom so the rules are different than if you were in full partnership with bio mom IMO. Also, if this woman is referring to herself as a therapist, that's wrong. I'm not sure it's your job to bring her down, but trauma should be treated by a professional therapist, preferably using EMDR. IMO.
  2. Very kind of you. Im a song writer of sorts. Thank you
  3. Anecdotal info, FWIW: My sisters ward has had a rash of foundation shaking divorces in the last 5 months. My ward has had a rash of YW coming out as LGBTQ. My RS president says most people are getting avoidant with the ongoing "check in on you" phone calls from Ministers and leaders. As a leader myself, I'm tired of Checking In on people who clearly just want to be left alone. I can identify with the previous comment - it's like we are all on religion vacation, and we don't want to be bothered. IMO. We have been running online YW activities since March (blech) and we now have only the autistic girls participating. Its a total drag. Not sure why we are meeting every single week this way - It's super overkill IMO. Im in no rush to return to church, all the hand shaking, kids boogers, sacrament germs and all the repub?!c$^ anti maskers I"m disinclined. That aside, I have come to decide that attending church is not as relaxing as staying home and doing a formal worship in my living room. I understand the need for community, but I for one do NOT miss it. Besides, I haven't worn heels in 6 months and my feet thank me.
  4. My friend talks of seeing the smoke on the way home from church. She had also had a run in with Steve as he was cutting down the purple ribbons in the neighborhood before the fire. If anyone is curious about the details of this there’s a very detailed podcast that tells the story. It’s...disturbing.
  5. My brother is an undercover DEA and was called in this weekend to operate as a fed to battle in Seattle. Thank goodness he got out of it. Can you imagine having to take the position of a fed and go to war with civilians? When you don't even believe in the mission?
  6. I would agree that panic is not helpful. My position is that its hardly more than an inconvenience to wear a mask, and with info changing daily regarding the value of them, I'm erring on the side of caution. I also try my best to wear the mask properly. No problem - it's a bit uncomfortable but I'm much more comfortable wearing it than I am not and running a risk of infecting someone or myself.
  7. Not sure why anyone would err on the side of no mask when info is constantly changing
  8. People of certain cults are told not to fear death as they are drinking the Koolaid. I'm satisfied doing all I can to be worthy of Gods blessings and to also do my part to make intelligent choices and respect life.
  9. Mountain shadow, mountain shadow Lay your shade on me Don't let the sun arise and wipe the sleep out of my eyes Mountain shadow In the darkness of my slumber I go to lands yet unveiled the new day won't let me remember these waters I've sailed It's my peace its my horror Its my joy and agony the memories, fears and desires in perfect harmony -Author Relatively Unknown
  10. I thought I'd typed Devolve - looks like I had a brain fart. Hows that for decorum?
  11. Decorum? I don’t think those who participate regularly in an internet Church discussion group which often revolves into petty arguments is particularly inclined to be invested in “decorum.”
  12. Safety issues are certainly a concern with present practices.
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