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  1. I highly suspect that everyone can identify with this thought, both the messy life, the genes, the ethical dilemma of passing on said troublesome genes. The minute we poop out a kid, we ruin them. its all part of the gig.
  2. Ill sign up for an eternal state of bliss. What could be better? Less bliss?
  3. I expect that like Bruce R. M ., present leaders are not always correct. I govern myself and take responsibility for my choices. Life is not primary class, where things fall into right and wrong categories and the teacher dictates which goes where. Life is messy, nuanced, complicated, and leaders help but we should all think and operate as though we do…and live with the outcome.
  4. I like it because it keeps me informed of any changes or trends in the church. I also like the range of beliefs in the church as demonstrated by participants. I get the needs met. I don’t come too often because of reasons but I don’t need that to change. I’m not here often enough to insist on change.
  5. IMO, the inability to shift from primary black and white Thought process into awareness and acceptance of nuance is the umbrella issue. Broken down into topics, I’d say the top three could be 1. Overwhelm of expectations 2. Personal offense 3. Alienation due to unmet expectations of life and Gods involvement therein
  6. I find myself skipping through a lot of the commentary of these types of posts because the back-and-forth is not particularly stimulating. I’m admitting this front because My comment may be redundant. When sarcasm is used, I like to identify where is the small element of truth represented here? I don’t agree with sarcasm is an effective way of communicating. In fact, in this situation it is an obvious pot stirrer. When used as evidence by someone who has a history of intolerance, I question the motive and the source. When I eliminate the source and just look at the product itself I think to myself, this was intended to be funny in a very edgy way and likely is going to create upset. If the creator is honest I believe they would admit to as much. What does this accomplish? I think there’s absolutely pressure out there in the world to create normalcy around homosexuality by facilitating more self-awareness around young people who are gay but who Have not or cannot come to terms with that reality. In the process inevitably there are going to be children who wonder about their sexual preferences and get it wrong. That is the reality of choice and free will. Homosexuality is not contagious in and of itself, I doubt anyone disagrees. To suggest that kids aren’t influenced by the familiarity of homosexuality and transgenderism is IMO errant. No references available. That said I also abhor the disdain I am exposed to quite often for gays. I find it putrid.
  7. I see no but to be had with this miraculous story. Wonderful on all counts.
  8. Sometimes we know, sometimes we don’t. It was pretttttty obvious that the last trans person that I know of who attended RS in my ward was trans. As her ministering sister I never visited her by myself. Was I afraid of her? Naw. But if you were married to me and at all protective, you’d have requested the same. She was large and strong. Besides, she was unstable and had a lot of guns in her house. I forgot to add that for a solid portion of trans women who have had hormone surgery, it’s likely most of us haven’t noticed that they were trans. IMO it’s quite a complicated issue. That said I find it interesting that men are telling women that they shouldn’t either be afraid or that they shouldn’t observe their fears. As a survivor of attempted rape/murder along the Provo River I’ll decide how and when to feel safe and what to do if I don’t. FWIW
  9. So I guess sometimes we can assume that scripture is not to be taken literally.
  10. We already go with God over scripture, assuming modern prophets are led by God. There is plenty of scripture that we ignore.
  11. I have never seen revelation to be the same as how much of the membership sees it, or at least how I think they see it. I'm glad the church surveys. I don't think God directs every little thing, or even every big thing in life OR in the church. IMO.
  12. It my opinion that we don't need to be directed in all things. Women staying home was not a commandment, nor was it a qualifier for temple attendance even in the 70s and 80s. It was, and still is, a hot topic because socially, women are critical of each others choices. The choice to stay home or work is fodder for plenty of criticism about the effectiveness and failures of each option. Women carry lots of shame for either decision. So, the church emphasizes being a SAHM and then its a super hot topic. By now, women working in general is so normal. It's not a sin, so women in the church also work. What is the actual problem here? That kids will go "astray"? That families will be destroyed? I suppose if a woman works outside the home, she's more likely to have an affair than if she doesn't work outside the home. If that's the stat we are concerned with, better lock wifey in the house and take away her keys. If kids have to go to day care, and that's a travesty, we'd better declare from the pulpit that homeschooling k-12 is necessary for salvation. Seriously, the gospel is about saving souls. Telling women they shouldn't have jobs feels like major overreach to me.
  13. Strapping lad got two downvotes for the negative opinion on downvotes. Just the commentator here, stating the obvious.
  14. Indeed. Sunday night, holiday- that’s definitely family time me.
  15. In my mind, he’ll is akin to the experience of moving through the TSA lines of most American airports. The eye rolls, the barking, the yelling, the insults from the agents - treating passengers like criminals for innocent errors, my goodness no wonder there is so much tension on the flights themselves. I’ve not been treated like an animal any time in my life but for TSA. I’m a grown woman and I don’t need it. The shame humiliation frustration panic guilt and worry (for missing a flight) I felt recently is I imagine what Hell will be like.
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