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  1. We could have put in a song that as also about nuclear war. "Do You Hear What I Hear?" is a song written during the Cuban Missile Crisis by a WWII Nazi army deserter. Much of the imagery in the song have dual meanings and the pleadings of the song had to him specific, exigent importance. "[Noel Regney] worried that the secure life he had built for himself and his family in the United States teetered on nuclear brinkmanship. He tried to think about something else. Christmas, the time of peace on earth and good will, hovered just a few months away and a record producer had as
  2. Indeed, it's one of the reasons hypothesized why European ancestry came to prominence on the world stage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guns,_Germs,_and_Steel
  3. Let's imagine a prophet's message on another world: Or, perhaps another prophet far into a future creation, in a very remote place. I know that I am in quite the minority, including among latter-day saint prophets. Nonetheless, I confess I am quite ok with there being one Savior per one world inhabited by the sons of an Adam. It does no violence whatsoever to my understanding/interpretation of the Gospel.
  4. 1) It doesn't appear that one read pogi's link. Elder McConkie does not subscribe to your claims. Though, to be fair, I quite disagree with some of his interpretations too. Nonetheless, his opinion has consistency with several prophetic opinions on the matter. (https://emp.byui.edu/SatterfieldB/Quotes/Intelligence and Spirit.html)
  5. Some have had that kind of idea but me, not so much. I start with the first postulate 1) that intelligences are uncreate, that it is a something "that never was created, neither indeed can be." Where I diverge from most Latter-day Saints who have thought about the issue is that for me, is it most logically coherent to say intelligences are "simple". And by "simple' I mean that is is indivisible and without constituent parts, a true monad. But that has profound consequences. A simple object/something cannot have different internal states -- it simply is one thing at a time (caveat: it may be po
  6. Fair point. I didn't try to wade through the facebook comments. Thank you for pointing it out. So his position is more "Mormonism kept *me* from coming to Christ with its pharasaical not-so-Christian approach, but if it helps you, that's good."
  7. I think there may be some talking past each other when using the term "systematic racism". https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/09/23/systemic-racism-how-really-define-column/5845788002/
  8. Admittedly, Marxism is a broad category that can mean almost whatever one wants it to mean. However, at least two card-carrying Marxists don't view the BLM movement as Marxist. One snippet below, but several comments on the subject. https://publicsquaremag.org/editorials/what-do-marxists-think-of-joe-biden-and-america-right-now/ PS: I am not a Marxist, nor am I sympathetic to the philosophy.
  9. Oh, I don't know. Likening the Church to Saul's Judaism and suggesting that he must leave Mormonism behind in order to come to Christ -- to somebody like me who believes the opposite on both points -- sounds like a denouncement.
  10. Anybody know more about this Oct. 7, 2020 post? https://www.facebook.com/PaulCardallMusic/posts/10157626705621497 I’m usually very private about my faith because I respect each of you from a variety of Christian denominations, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and even some of my Atheist and Agnostic friends. I respect your journey as you’ve respected mine. With so many beautiful flowers it makes no sense to fight over which flower is the best. As a Christian, there comes a time in our lives when we can no longer deny a spiritual transfor
  11. And that is very true. I can talk about my spiritual experience that gives support for the truth claims of the Church. Another my have what they deem a spiritual experience that denies the truth claims of the Church. What then? Well, I can only go with my own experience. Nonetheless, God has not left us without some checks and balances. For example prophets. It's not a "peer review" but consistency with the prophets is something that can give us greater confidence that our personal experiences. Sometimes prophets have made mistakes so we don't just follow them blindly. But that also doesn't me
  12. The "simple" answer that Joseph just plagiarized/borrowed/adapted the View of the Hebrews or other source has become so problematic that it takes on the spidery intricacy of a conspiracy theory to maintain. Couple that with the sophistication of the text itself and Occam's Razor easily sides with the Church's claims.
  13. It is also baked into our theology that the truth claims of the Church should not so undeniable via reason as to render inability to doubt them. So, I think you are essentially asking the wrong question. We can also turn his criteria around. Suppose that the Church's truth claims are true and there are a bunch of claims that those claims are not true. Do those same claims meet Sagan's baloney detection kit? Sagan was also famous for criticizing the "god of the gaps". If we understand A and B but don't know anything about what goes between, we humans insert God as an explanation. As scienc
  14. Is anything that Ritner says that is directly relevant to the theory The Facsimiles and Semitic Adaptation of Existing Sources? What is the current status of that theory? How do John Gee and Kerry Muhlestein view it?
  15. But that doesn't stop Trump from getting a Nobel Peace Prize nomination (his second nomination, /sigh). https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-54092960
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