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  1. The "simple" answer that Joseph just plagiarized/borrowed/adapted the View of the Hebrews or other source has become so problematic that it takes on the spidery intricacy of a conspiracy theory to maintain. Couple that with the sophistication of the text itself and Occam's Razor easily sides with the Church's claims.
  2. It is also baked into our theology that the truth claims of the Church should not so undeniable via reason as to render inability to doubt them. So, I think you are essentially asking the wrong question. We can also turn his criteria around. Suppose that the Church's truth claims are true and there are a bunch of claims that those claims are not true. Do those same claims meet Sagan's baloney detection kit? Sagan was also famous for criticizing the "god of the gaps". If we understand A and B but don't know anything about what goes between, we humans insert God as an explanation. As scienc
  3. Is anything that Ritner says that is directly relevant to the theory The Facsimiles and Semitic Adaptation of Existing Sources? What is the current status of that theory? How do John Gee and Kerry Muhlestein view it?
  4. But that doesn't stop Trump from getting a Nobel Peace Prize nomination (his second nomination, /sigh). https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-54092960
  5. If some ancient Egyptian were to make on about Abraham what are they to do? The language was highly ritualistic and not exactly flexible in the way we are used to. Any hypothetical facismile about Abraham would likely reuse, appropriate, and re-purpose the standard "script". Part of the difficulty in claiming that Abraham is not possible in the facsimiles is that even if he was, would we be able to recognize it? And part of the difficulty in claiming that Abraham is in this one exception is that, how would one persuade that it is an exception?
  6. I don't disagree. It'll be worse if we/the nation have a cold weather surge in infections. With the cold, the willingness of people to go aside to chat will be reduced.
  7. Yes, hymns. But some hymns aren't in the electronic hymnal because the Church doesn't own the copyright. None of the known covid ill members attended while sick or asymptomatic. Well, maybe one of our doctor members did, but that was back in February. In retrospect, he thinks it was likely covid-19. But, no one is supposed to attend if there are any symptoms.
  8. We've been meeting since the first week of June. Several members have gotten the virus (including, the bishop himself he believes) but none of the cases are associated with our attendance. We were the first to start meetings in our stake and our assigned high councilor took photos of our setup so other wards could see. Those blessing the sacrament were gloves and masks Those passing the sacrament also wear masks and they never touch anything a member might they use tongs to hand out the bread (dropping it into congregants hands) a special cover is over th
  9. Brigham Young taught that the spirit world is co-local with this world. However, if that is the case, it doesn't make sense that when one dies they immediately enter the spirit world. For example, a group of spirits are doing some activity or such and it so happens to be in the are where somebody dies. Suddenly the newly deceased appear, interrupting whatever is going on. Seems silly. Or what happens if you die but you just happen to be under a spirit world mountain or over a spirit world valley. Oops. My working hypothesis* is that between the spirit world and our mortal realm there is a
  10. The state college I teach at has record enrollment numbers this Fall. The classes will be in person (though the semester will end before Thanksgiving, allowing a shortened term before Christmas, potentially as a mitigation for pandemic disruptions to the Fall semester). Other institutions in the state are not doing as well though. I think there is a non-trivial population which wants the in-person instruction and were rather frustrated with the distance or blended scenarios.
  11. Nice article indeed. Made me think of the Sanitation Movement and John Snow and the cholera epidemics. People probably did *not* like their closest water pump being locked up. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=TLpzHHbFrHY). I've found a lot of insight from Joanathan Haidt and Moral Foundations theory. Here is an article about what he foresaw at the end of May: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/05/jonathan-haidt-pandemic-and-americas-polarization/612025/ He basically asserts that our current political polarization and lack of unifying leader will impair societ
  12. If one pays attention, they'll see the why the 6ft rule (though it doesn't explicitly mention that rule).
  13. While I didn't follow the discussion, in some ways the question is moot. Those that oppose the Church's position need only say, "I really don't care about the statistics. The Church was harmful to my/this one [friend/child/parent/celebrity/etc.].," and then use the one anecdote to support their opposition. Never mind the repeated statistics and monthly anecdotes that show how the Church is a positive influence in those members lives. But, that one [friend/child/parent/celebrity/etc.]...
  14. Curiously, we often believe courts rule appropriately when we agree with the outcome. This is generally true for everybody, left, right, conservative, liberal, etc. On of the things I appreciate about Anijen's post is that, irrespective of whether or not he believes in the consequences of the ruling, he does not believe the appropriate legal venue to achieve that aim was used. Which, as I understand it, is the main point of the dissent.
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