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  1. This in no way is a surprise. Your consistency is commendable!
  2. Correct. My commitment to church is not bottomless. My devotion to God is another thing.
  3. US Millennials grew up in the era of columbine and 9/11. I do not judge them. I cannot relate to their view of the world. I grew up in the 70s and 80s with Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers when Sesame Street was good. I played outside alone in the dark because we had no sense of danger. I walked to school a half mile away alone as a kindergartener. My parents didn’t hover. In a world that seems to be absolute chaos, where anxiety abounds amongst an entire generation, If people expect a God to intervene and protect, why in the world would people believe in a God? If I expected God to intervene, I would either feel that I was not worthy or I would question God‘s existence. I do not believe that God hands me specific challenges. I believe that God cares about everything that I experience. He is who I turn to when I am lostand afraid and when I need something so that I can clear my own mind and put my priorities in order. But I do not believe that he intervenes in positive or negative ways. He loves me and knows me. This I believe strongly. I grew up in that awareness and safety. But I feel for the next generation who never knew that kind of safety and who often repeats “why would God allow such terrible things to happen?” In answer to the question of the OP, yes I have noticed the same. The above is my opinion why.
  4. Sorry to repeat myself but this is one of my favorite topics. It is my belief that if God intervened with all the bad stuff, ultimately stubbing ones toe would be traumatic. it’s so much easier to believe that God rarely if ever intervenes at all.
  5. I have long found this to be the answer for me. It helps me make sense of everything and not have to question God. I still pray to find my keys though, because what else can you do? I gotta get where I need to be.
  6. I only get aggravated when people are absolute, closed, manipulative, entitled or rude when interacting with someone’s differences. As I’ve said before, my BFF is anti vax and my husband is republican and voted for Trump both times. I’ve not yet felt a need to punch either one in the nose . We can talk openly about our concerns and there is compassion that is given.
  7. To be clear - I do know you don't want anyone to die. And in addition, I know very few (can count on 2 fingers) people who are open to have conversation about COVID in purely an understanding and curious way.
  8. I don't want anyone to die. More seriously, I do believe that everyone is just dealing with something traumatic in the best way they know how - either through compliance or control.
  9. CV: “If you can have at least one friendly interaction with a member of the “other” group, you’ll find it far easier to listen to what they’re saying, and maybe even see a controversial issue in a new light.” I assume if people are willing to approach conversations about racism and have the results I shared, perhaps with the same attitude there could be some hope for COVID conversations. Perhaps unlikely in this group where it seems that making a fool out of one another is prime real estate. IMO.
  10. Theres a black man who has sat down with myriads of KKK members to learn what they believe and how they think. In the process of getting to know him better, upwards of 200 members have left the klan. IMO this has everything to do with the way he approaches the conversations - no intention to change anyone, but rather, to learn.
  11. I can't bring myself to align with any Taliban quotes! I will say that I believe our country is weaker now than I have known it to be before, no CFR, no stats, no proof.
  12. Thanks- One thing I really dislike about this site is the tendency for people to play “gotcha”. This is not my style and I’m glad you recognize that and were willing to answer.
  13. Preferences are preferences. I hope President nelson prefers almond milk. I feel your wife.
  14. Agreed wholeheartedly. IMO These members are as bad as people who want to take their dogs to Hawaii with them on vacation and so they beg their therapists for a letter indicating that their dog is a special dog designed to help with their anxiety. Before anyone loses their minds, I believe in the power of medical assist animals. That is not what I'm referring to any more than I would be referring to people who legitimately need exemption from vaccines.
  15. Frankly I'm annoyed that anyone would ask their bishop for such a thing. To put a bishop in that position is wrong. It's not like anyone has ever heard of the church preaching against vaccs - unless someone knew their bishop was personally anti vaccination and hoped to get around something by requesting a wink wink letter.
  16. I can appreciate this preference. I admit I’m annoyed when I attend the symphony or theater and see folks dressed ultra casually. I like to see people dress up for air travel. one of my pet peeves is when high school girls wear revealing clothing for choir and instrument concerts that they are participating in. That said, there’s a new movement on the horizon looking to de emphasize the objectification of women. This movement elevates all of us. I love it.
  17. Speak for yourself. I have no issue with your homosexual thoughts. Your assumption that we all think as you do on any topic is preposterous.
  18. IMO, some things belong in a professional's office, not an untrained bishop's.
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