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  1. Definition of homophobia is not the same as arachnophobia. Maybe getting on the same page with definitions would help.
  2. I agree with all , except I don’t try to convince people to repent. If someone tries to be a better human because they know me, I’m doing my part. ❤️
  3. Church doesn’t have to come out in support of gay marriage any more than they need to support French kissing outside of marriage. IMO. Let marriage be a civil term and issue. We all know the church sees sealings as superior to marriage anyway.
  4. I wonder why we don’t differentiate between sealing and marriage? “We believe sealings between man and woman are ordained of God.”
  5. I think in today’s climate there is not room to think quietly about one’s opinion about homosexuality. You either love it or you hate it. Like masks. It’s black and white. In my opinion, this type of thinking appeals to the lowest common denominator of intelligence, and since it’s a concern for people everywhere, that’s the level of intelligence we all have to operate from. Since premarital sex is presently less controversial in the world at large, no one seems to care about anyone’s opinion of it. It’s easier to “love the sinner hate the sin. “
  6. Seriously? Wow, that seems pretty significant. I love love love the idea of service missions.
  7. I have no doubt that the promise gave him hope. My issue is, (if it is even really an issue) - promises unfulfilled erode trust in all relationships at least some. I believe in doing my best, and allowing what comes to come, in finding joy in what I have and letting the rest go. When I expect otherwise, I get frustrated.
  8. A friend of mine was promised in his that he would be married “in this life”. He was burned over 80% as a child and endured surgeries constantly- he kept going in anticipation of finding his love and was very faithful- He died alone at 70 four years ago. I suppose some might say that he wasn’t living worthy of the promised blessings. I find it all quite heartbreaking honestly. I have never really looked at my own (4 pages! ) as a predictor of anything. Life is messy. Do your best, expect the unexpected, and love God. End of story.
  9. .Yes I see that as well. In my experience, I noticed that those who are angry with God don’t stop believing and often times do keep a lot of their covenants. It’s often those who are jarred by life‘s events who questioned the existence of God who are done with God all together.
  10. I agree with all, and will add this- i covenanted long ago to not drink coffee-,not sure I believe the way I believed when I made that promise. I no longer think coffee is satans beverage. But I do keep the covenant because of my duty to the organization- I feel an obligation to follow that rule. To be a team player. Right or wrong, it’s how I do it. I’m not sure it’s empty, but maybe it is.
  11. Several of my people who are (taking a break) or who have left are still committed to God, and are following their consciences and doing what they believe IS right. They have their reasons to believe that our church is misguided. They are doing what they deeply feel is correct and what God wants for them. I would never want anyone I love to do otherwise so I try to be respectful. As for covenants, my people all feel their covenants were made under false precepts. Most do not live lascivious lives. Most of the finest humans I know drink wine coffee and or tea. I don’t see that as sinful if one is not presently committed to our church- the word of wisdom is so symbolic to me (I’ve never tasted any and likely never will) - I would hope a committed Jew or Seventh day would *never ever* touch pork but I’m gonna chow on a pulled pork sandwich any day I’m handed one and feel pretty good about it - and would offer the same absence of judgement to an ex Jew or Seveth day. In fact my friend “is” a resigned seventh day Adventist and I don’t resent her for her love of bacon. She simply disagreed with the church, but still loves God and prays constantly. I don’t think it’s on us to judge anyones path. Thank goodness.
  12. My preference is lately Mod- very thin crust and large assortment of toppings. I like it weird - artichoke, olives, jalapeños and roasted peppers
  13. I’ve seen LDS swingers but not many in my therapy office.
  14. I think if I were an athlete I might include in my contract that I would not participate in any future political group statements of any type.
  15. IMO yes. We don't refer to them with that language though. "We visited the site" is more commonly used in my experience.
  16. In theory yes. If you want to talk real life, I have experiences that say otherwise.
  17. Of those I’ll say catholic, because I feel like we respect each other. but I’m truth i feel we are most similar to 7th day. Or even JW.
  18. This is why I don’t interpret scriptures as literal events. I do not believe that God has killed anyone.
  19. Here’s just one thing that concerns me that I haven’t seen discussed yet. If this gets pushed to states, this being the OG of all dividing topics IMO, will it then lead to more people moving all over the country to hunker in states that hold their values? I live in a state that does not align with me politically but it’s my home. Always has been. Will it be necessary for me to eventually leave my home and move elsewhere? At that point I believe we drop the United and just call ourselves The States of America.
  20. I was going to ask if Deadheads resemble or overlap Phish fans. I don’t know either band at all, couldn’t tell you one song either does. But I know that Phish fans are Die Hard. I used to be acquainted with a drug dealer who worked the crowd at every single Phish show there was. Is? I haven’t seen him in 5 years. Anyway, the guy was loaded. Like, with money loaded. Had one eye. Not like cyclops but had been in a fight and lost one. It just seemed like such a rough scene when he would describe it, but also lots of “love peace and harmony.” Modern hippie vibe. I’
  21. The word “apostate” is rarely helpful in guiding people (back) to Christ IMO/IME
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