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  1. The reason I ask is because my end of days friends are foaming at the mouth.
  2. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/abraham-accords-peace-agreement-treaty-of-peace-diplomatic-relations-and-full-normalization-between-the-united-arab-emirates-and-the-state-of-israel/ Does this seem legit or does it look fishy? This happened a few weeks ago and I just now heard of it.
  3. You have not lost your son. Keep an open door with communication, and remain open to his process. If you maintain a relationship with him, you will feel much better about it all. we aren’t supposed to control or manipulate. It’s ok to just really love HIM.
  4. Okrahomer, your ward sounds like the ideal to me.
  5. MustardSeed


    I’m sorry. How sad, and what a journey you’ve been on with him.
  6. First time since September. I’m visiting American Fork. Only here because I’m supporting a friends mission farewell- but I’m not crazy about it. Most are masked but not all and the sacrament is passed. Cup disposal tray is separate from the cup tray. All hymns are sung and there is no cover on the mic. Full hour. Seems like we would benefit from a consistent policy across the board, at least in the US where individualism is king.
  7. I’m not hiding, I’m enjoying my vacation. Plus I find church to be an extra feeding ground for pesky viruses. I like my lungs clear.
  8. Of course anything I’d know of is anecdotal. Which is precisely why I said “may have”. Weren’t we discussing the fact that this has now been detailed in the handbook and so one might assume that there has been anecdotal evidence that it happens too often? Not that it matters.
  9. I just shared my story here, I mean, it’s not terribly uncommon for mothers to talk. It’s not strange. details of the “sin” yes, but the basics? “ My kid talked to the bishop and now is not taking sacrament? “ just about every kid should be talking to the bishop, no shame in that. I believe strongly in protecting my kids’ privacy, always have. but are we discussing privacy rights or are we discussing the reality that til now , bishops may have overused restriction from sacrament and it’s time for a change?
  10. Disagree strongly, but that’s a separate topic
  11. My cat lived 20 years. I’m not a cat person at all-
  12. Power can be intoxicating and can fool someone into thinking they are doing good.
  13. Sounds like a great lesson for you. My own story as a young person sounds similar, only sacrament was not withheld. I left the bishops office feeling humbled and redeemed- and special again.
  14. If my bishops had not used it as a behavioral adjustment option I can’t help but wonder about my children’s activity in the church. Just this week a friend of mine shared that at age pre teen she went into the Bishop because she Had been forced to be sexual with somebody. At her young age she didn’t know how to articulate her situation but at any rate he withheld the sacrament. Guess who is inactive as an adult? I was the first to tell her that she never should have been kept from the redeeming and healing experience of the sacrament- I can’t help but be sad for her.
  15. Honestly I think it should only apply when someone has been ex’d or disfellowshipped. NEVER with youth. Imo
  16. Probably the same way we deal with other scriptures we ignore.
  17. Very thoughtful suggestions thank you boo-boo. That should say blue bell voice to text is funny today so I’m not erasing!
  18. My teen son was restricted, and the bishop forgot about him. This child went all summer without sacrament, til my husband said ENOUGH and talked to Bishop. His younger brother, being very observant will not allow himself the sacrament. Ever. He always feels unworthy. Makes me sick. We talk about it but to no avail.
  19. Not only does it drag the church in, but more importantly, it alienates at least one party from the leader and potentially then from the church.
  20. I disagree. But I have no power so I’ll add “FWIW”.
  21. I really have a hard time with this situation. That being said, In my opinion its a good idea to be curious with her, show a genuine interest and make it SAFE for her to share her journey with you. You're working against bio mom so the rules are different than if you were in full partnership with bio mom IMO. Also, if this woman is referring to herself as a therapist, that's wrong. I'm not sure it's your job to bring her down, but trauma should be treated by a professional therapist, preferably using EMDR. IMO.
  22. Very kind of you. Im a song writer of sorts. Thank you
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