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  1. Yes. I agree that it has a certain negative “appearance.” Do we know that Stott did not provide statements as part of the DPS investigation?
  2. Not commenting on the "appearance" of his retirement, but Chief Stott was 70 years of age when he retired in 2018. Given his age, one wonders how "abrupt" his retirement really was? He also was the one who requested the investigation of BYUPD in 2016, but he did not retire for more than 2 years following. His actions don't really point toward an effort to avoid testifying.
  3. UPDATE The Tribune is reporting tonight that the administrative law judge has rejected the State’s request to decertify the BYU police — BYU will keep its police department. ”Brigham Young University will keep its police department after an administrative law judge took the surprising step of tossing the case where state officials had sought to strip the private campus of its policing powers.”
  4. Yes. It’s his fault! But maybe some blame can go to this guy too. 🤓
  5. I'm grateful for President Nelson. As one of the commentators on the YouTube channel noted: His eyes say "I love you!" #GiveThanks
  6. I couldn’t find an appropriate alternative for singing in the Covid Age. So, here’s something from the Pre-Covid age. You will recognize the hymn, but this arrangement by BYU piano major CJ Madsen is just stunning. I hope you like this one, bsjkki: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_q02x66fjXI
  7. I’ve deleted the video to avoid sending the wrong message. Sorry I did not think of it before I posted. Thanks for drawing my attention to the problem.
  8. The article indicates that "singing indoors without masks" is dangerous. Didn't they have their masks on while they sang?
  9. I agree. It also seems to muffle their sibilant consonants; but still very nicely done. Elaine Hagenberg is one of my favorite choral composers these days.
  10. Deleted to avoid sending the wrong message
  11. I am moved by President Nelson this morning. Israel: Let God Prevail
  12. We attended the "9 am session" of our Ward Sacrament meeting today as well. The Chapel had been cleaned prior to the service. There were almost 90 in attendance, so very close to the maximum of 99. Every other row was closed to maintain physical distance. Masks were required except for children under the age of two. Family groups sat together with distance between each group in a row -- at least that's what it looked like to me. All were asked to sanitize their hands prior to entering the chapel. The Sacrament was passed directly to us -- people sitting in the congregation did
  13. My heavens! He’s really quite good at it, isn’t he?! I love his advice: Enjoy your life!
  14. From her bio on Wiki: “Henderson was born and baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Though she never renounced her membership, after her marriage, she was no longer a churchgoing Latter-day Saint.[8] In the standard reference Contemporary Authors, she identified as Methodist,[12] and according to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, Volume 2, she was a member of Catalina United Methodist Church in Tucson.[13] During her later years, she attended an independent charismatic fellowship.[“
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