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  1. Mercifully, it looks like Ms Helfer has decided to close her 'professional' Facebook page. I sincerely hope she gets the mental health help she needs.
  2. It is my personal understanding that this is to allow for frank and open discussion. I have mentioned before the strong disagreement I had with my bishop and his other counsellor during the course of a membership council. I felt free to say what I did because I knew it would not be held against me. I want that same freedom for everyone involved, including the member at the centre. One would hope that the courtesy would be returned, but as noted by others above, a number of celebrity apostates have had zero regard for people like me.
  3. Apparently, she wants reimbursement not just for her expenses but for everyone else who merely watched this circus:
  4. Imagine how many hungry people could have been fed with that money, or how many vaccines could have been bought for developing nations ...
  5. As this thread has evolved, I've been reminded of something that I wrote a number of years ago in a completely different context and which seems potentially pertinent. I quote myself with some minor modifications: The de-privileging of hierarchical relationships (and our instinctive acceptance in the West of this value judgment) is a culturally bound construct. This possibility is addressed at the discursive level by Deborah Tannen, sociolinguist at Georgetown University. In Gender & Discourse (Oxford UP, 1994), she points out the assumption prevalent in the West ‘that power is a
  6. A very recent development in most cultures, by the way!
  7. Oh, I get that. And some of my experiences in the Church haven't been too great, to be honest. But a drive-by post from someone who has never posted before and won't post again formulaically reciting apostate talking points as his own personal experiences should be immediately suspect. I was a member of a stake presidency when a high-profile apostate (whose name would be known to many on this forum) was excommunicated. I've read the online discussions by people who are certain that the entire thing was orchestrated by some secretive Church committee in SLC, that the outcome was pre-d
  8. I have witnessed no such things, and therefore I disbelieve what you have written.
  9. Many thanks for taking the time and being willing to answer my question. What you have explained now makes sense to me.
  10. Our recently called elders quorum president came to my home last night to assist with some ministering, and something he said reminded me of one of my favourite passages of scripture, one that has had huge impact on how I have tried to conduct my life post-mission. It comes from D&C 51 and was specifically a revelation intended for Saints who had left places like New York for Ohio but who didn't understand whether they would be staying there or even for how long: I strongly suspect that it is as important for us to learn this lesson now as it was for the early Saints who faithfully
  11. This statement intrigues me. If you are willing -- I'm mindful of the discomfort you've expressed -- how exactly did what you learnt as a PhD student lead you to re-evaluate events that you had personally participated in and/or other firsthand experiences? I'm actually mentally stuck here. If an angel visits me during the night and gives me specific information that I later verify is accurate, I'm trying to imagine what approaches I might use to re-evaluate that experience, with or without new evidence, and what the outcome of that re-evaluation might look like. Thanks!
  12. Yep. The ways various nations have responded have made all the difference with these matters. Americans have so far allowed 9.6 per cent of their population to be infected and 0.17 per cent of their neighbours to die. Australians have so far allowed 0.11 per cent of their population to be infected and 0.0035 per cent of their neighbours to die. As President Nelson said in General Conference regarding temples, if you want things to go back to normal, 'do all you can to bring COVID numbers down in your area'!
  13. As part of my high council portfolio, I teach the mission prep class in our stake. I did so last night, and we actually discussed the possibility that, for the foreseeable future, people may be assigned to missions they never set foot in. I sense that, amongst the many cultural adhesions that need to go away in the Church, the current situation may be useful for changing some of the less-helpful attitudes towards what it means to serve a mission.
  14. Certainly not. You are doing an excellent job on your own of telling us what you believe, what you privilege, and the assumptions that underlie those beliefs and value judgements.
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