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  1. Your description/explanation.
  2. Precisely. Again, my experience has been much different. That was my point.
  3. That certainly hasn't been my experience.
  4. What precisely is your definition of a 'spiritual experience', and why did you choose to introduce this specific term when I hadn't?
  5. From the Cambridge Dictionary definition of empirical: 'based on what is experienced or seen rather than on theory'. In my case, the evidence I have for God is exclusively empirical. And one of the coolest things about it is that it's replicable.
  6. Kiribati is actually growing in land area.
  7. You definitely should read the book! I did so when I was quite young. I distinctly remember the first three paragraphs from the 'Baloney Detection' chapter. They are an excellent way of injecting Sagan himself into this discussion that you have started: I suspect Sagan found the reunion with his parents deeply satisfying and, in the end, not all that surprising.
  8. The Church has had no relation with Scouting where I live. When I served as Young Men president, we had a couple of boys who were involved with a Scout troop, but they both said it was boring in comparison to their quorum activities.
  9. In other words, you're repeating salacious gossip. Of course it's fine. When I've served in bishoprics, the offer to let someone 'give back' through service was always joyfully received and is intended to make the experience more pleasant by ensuring dignity and worth. I can assure you that when an individual is not in the position to do anything, nothing is expected. This is not some kind of cruel quid pro quo. As you and I have discussed many times on this forum, tithing is a commandment from the Lord that carries tremendous blessings. (A certain Biblical prophet stated that
  10. No worries. Thanks for responding to my request for greater clarity. International travellers face a fortnight of quarantine. With most international flights grounded globally, there aren't many of these, and so far the system has worked. Currently, we have similar rules for one other sub-national jurisdiction that is experiencing a significant outbreak of community transmission. Everyone else is free to come and go. That has already happened. I mentioned that we had three active cases a little more than two months ago. Two of them brought the virus back with them from dom
  11. You have borne false witness against me, and I ask that you please stop.
  12. If He can, then sending His Son into the world was an act of unnecessary and therefore murderous cruelty.
  13. I'm still not entirely sure what you mean. I live in a jurisdiction that is fully virus free and has been for about two months now. Right before that, we had three cases (two acquired in another jurisdiction, which spread to one other person), and before that, we had likewise gone months without any active cases. What do you mean by 'isolating'? All of our businesses are up and running except for buffets (tragic!), even brothels. Our schools are running as normal. We do still have limits on numbers in public spaces, based on the size of the venue, and a requirement for people to register their
  14. What precisely do you mean by ‘long-term safety’?
  15. Nope. No one in our entire stake has been infected (that we know of), either before or after we returned to in-person meetings. It helps that most of our members (including me) live in a jurisdiction that has only had just over 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the outbreak began, and all but one of those were returning travellers who acquired the virus elsewhere (mostly in America). Our quarantine system seems to have served us well, with only one known case of local transmission, which was caught quickly and stopped.
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