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  1. I wish it were that simple! The Capitol rioter that my family member's crazy wife is following right now holds degrees in medicine and law ...
  2. I have a family member who lives in America and married a crazy Latter-day Saint woman there. Just a few minutes ago, she literally posted on Facebook that the vaccine will make women infertile and also contains software allowing the Department of Defence and Bill Gates (I told you she's crazy!) to track recipients for at least two years. I commented on the post by sharing Pres Nelson's post. Her immediate response: 'I know. It makes me so sad'. So yeah, some minds simply can't be changed. ETA: I now see that one of her sources of 'information' has just been arrested in connecti
  3. Mate, I genuinely appreciate the concern, but you've repeatedly misread me. The OP asked us to list possible 'financial impediments to activity/progress in the Church'. Rongo specifically wrote that he and his wife haven't viewed the three he listed as genuine impediments but noted that others may perceive them that way. I feel the same way about the possible financial impediments that I have listed based on my own experiences. I am deeply grateful for what the Lord has taught me and continues to teach me as I exercise faith in the performance of my duties and callings despite their demands on
  4. I think you may be misremembering the direction we were given by Elder Holland when the revamped ministering program was introduced in General Conference: In my case, the family I'm visiting this weekend consists of husband in his 70s, who suffers from a neurological disorder that has left him partially crippled, and his wife, a mail-order bride from Russia about ten years his junior. They have many needs, but the two most prominent would be for company and for manual labour. Regarding the latter, they let me know what the specific needs are, and I arrange to take care of them. For exa
  5. Thanks. I honestly don't know how to untangle it all. Needing to travel 30km to/from church on Sunday, needing to travel 50km to/from the stake centre for stake and high council meetings on Thursday evenings, needing to travel 70km to visit one of my ministering families this weekend, and needing to travel 100s of kilometres to visit outlying congregations are all on the same continuum to me. Especially since I know that we have members in the stake whose Sunday travel to church each week approaches 400km return. Multiply that by four Sundays per month and you get a number far greater than I w
  6. Including the Church leaders who issued this statement in 2010: 'The so-called "White Horse Prophecy" is based on accounts that have not been substantiated by historical research and is not embraced as Church doctrine'?
  7. When I was studying in America, I attended a satellite CES broadcast with Pres Hinckley as speaker. He specifically told us to avoid 'doom and gloom' and assured us that the role the US will play as the protector of the Restored Church should give us confidence that America will not completely fall into disarray. I cling to that promise. As a believing non-American Latter-day Saint, I have no vested interest in America's downfall ... deserved or otherwise.
  8. Yuck! Sorry. That certainly wasn't my intention. I was just hoping to provide context to my comments. I sometimes feel like I live in a parallel universe to Saints whose stakes are only a few miles wide. Is that 'Church activity' or 'Church activities'? Outside of occasionally asking for a potluck contribution to a ward/stake party, we make sure that there is no monetary cost for activities. When I was Young Men president, the ward covered the full cost of temple trips (minus individual meals), camps, weekly quorum activities, etc. for the boys -- which typically involved reimbursing m
  9. Scott, your computer seems to have been infected with an apostrophe virus ...
  10. My stake is nearly 500km from north to south, a bit narrower than that from east to west. Thankfully most of our membership is concentrated in one city, but we have members who drive more than two hours to attend sacrament meeting each Sunday. One member who lives approximately two hours from the nearest chapel listens to sacrament meeting on her telephone, and then her assigned ministers take her the sacrament once a month. In addition, our faithful members in outlying areas happily travel hundreds of kilometres to attend stake conferences, including getting accommodation and buying meals, an
  11. Section 20.6.24 is in the chapter titled 'Activities'. It talks specifically about ward and stake activities that 'bring Church members together'. The specific subsection discusses when members travel 'in Church-sponsored groups' and notes that 'If long-distance travel for an activity is approved, members should not provide it at their own expense' (emphasis added). I get this. But conducting stake business in one of our congregations is not a Church 'activity' such as a priests quorum camp, and my driving to and from that congregation does not consist of travelling as a Church-sponsored
  12. Though it's pretty easy to spin 'nobody told me' to 'what people told me was wrong' ... This is a rabbit hole of infinite depth if people want it to be.
  13. I've literally never encountered the concept in all my years in the Church. I've been reimbursed for buying food for a ward activity or buying supplies for a priests quorum activity. I've never been reimbursed for driving my car somewhere, and there have been weeks when I have driven hundreds of kilometres just picking up boys and taking them to Sunday services and weekday activities. Some Sundays I might drive close to 150km just attending stake/high council, church, and something in the evening. Pre-COVID, I served as an ordinance worker (and haven't been released). If a room were
  14. Fair enough. I would be happy if the stake presidency were to reimburse a high council member who couldn't afford to fulfil his calling. I can, though it's still a significant 'sacrifice'. And that still leaves the problem of having to work weekends. Thanks!
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