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  1. No... I hope to see it soon, somewhere... GG
  2. What an afternoon-evening!! Turner Classic Movies had four terrific movies one after another... 1) Peyton Place (1957) Lana Turner/Diane Varsi 2) Picnic (1957) Wm Holden/Kim Novak/Cliff Robertson 3) East of Eden (1955) James Dean/Julie Harris 4) Kings Row (1942) Robt Cummings/Ronald Reagan/Ann Sheridan. All excellent... GG r
  3. Welcome Alec... I love "conversion" stories... Although I was baptized at 8 yrs old, like so very many others I had my own conversion, and I can still remember the feeling as if it was yesterday... and I'm 80 yrs old. Mine was when I was a 17 yr old early morning Seminary student... that year we were studying the BofM. When we got to Moroni chapter 10.4, that verse really impacted me, and I answered by going to a quiet place, kneeling down and fervently praying to know if the Book was true... I was answered with a spiritual witness so strong I can still feel it today... that witness saw me through many a year, including my inactive years from age 20 to age 55 when I finally heeded the promptings of the Spirit and reactivated, attending Church for the first time in 35 years... and I've never looked back... now I'm 80 and coming to the end of my sojourn here... but I face my future without fear, and with peace of heart... Again, welcome... lots of good people here... I think you'll like it... from the beach... GG
  4. Guess I'll post to see what symbol I get... GG
  5. These 2 moms need to be spayed ASAP... there are some clinics that offer low-cost spaying... their poor little bodies must be worn out. And the shelters/pounds are over-run with unwanted litters/kitties... breaks my heart... GG
  6. One of my favorites... a wonderful family friendly film... "Last of the Dogmen" from 1995... starring Tom Beringer and Barbara Hershey... She is an anthropologist, specializing in Native American culture, on a dig in the wild and rugged Montana Oxbow region... He is a bounty hunter tracking some escaped convicts... the two cross paths... they join forces when they discover descendants of the "Dogmen", an elite Native American fighting force, active 120 years earlier... an exciting tale, beautifully filmed in spectacular landscapes.. GG
  7. Susie-girl and I have been blessed and are doing quite well... the best to you... GG
  8. A Quiet Place is one of my favorites... you mean there's a sequel? GG
  9. The local shelter probably has too many little kitties just waiting for good homes... My wonderful cats have all been from the shelter... First, Charlie, who I had for 10 years... then 2nd, Bob, who I also had for almost 10 years... and now, Susie, a beautiful, smart, loving companion I've had for about 6 months... GG
  10. Why don't you just have the momma cat spayed... then you don't have to worry about future kittens...GG
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