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  1. Prayers continuing, rtm, and am encouraged... hope you are... blessings. GG
  2. I hope you'll put your name on the nearest temple prayer roll... and my prayer just went forward, that you will have the courage to face whatever comes... GG
  3. This is "Pro-Day" at BYU Provo... representatives/coaches from all the major NFL teams have gathered on the Indoor Practice Field at BYU to watch the various BYU athletes, including Zac Wilson who is throwing a 60-throw program developed for today's exhibition by Zac and John Beck (who is there with Zac). This is Zac's time to show what he can do... so far he's been terrific... I'm so proud of BYU campus... the indoor field facility is absolutely beautiful. Zac is a handsome young man, baby-face notwithstanding... Anyway, all these visitors must surely see how first-rate the facilities are..
  4. During the Sesquicentennial my husband and I joined the official Wagon Train (that had started in Winter Quarters) in Sutherland, Nebraska and rode with them for a day... we got up early in the morning and had breakfast with them (a real western style with flapjacks, etc)... then rode in a covered wagon belonging to a couple from Iowa that had a team of huge draft horses named Bonnie and Clyde... we dressed in authentic clothing... As the train was ready to get under way, the trail leader cried out... Wagons, Ho!!... and off we went. I admit it sent chills in me because I could just feel how
  5. The 100 Foot Journey was great... GG
  6. The bell flowers were some of my favorites... GG
  7. That's absolutely beautiful, Stargazer... when I was still able to really garden (too arthritic now at age 80), I used to marvel at the colors and varieties of flowers and plants... in fact it was a testimony builder in God and his love for us and the beauty he gives us every day... the same for the world of animals with its number and varieties of species. Now I garden in a few containers on my patio where before my whole yard was ablaze with each season, but it was spring and summer that were glorious... My Charlie-cat used to love to follow me around the yard as I worked... he'd throw him
  8. Welcome to the Board... Are you a dog person or a cat person? 🙂 from the beach (central Oregon coast) on a lovely evening, waiting for BYU basketball to come on... GG
  9. I loved this film, and will add it to my library... GG
  10. About 10 - 12 years ago I attended a live session in the SLC temple... After receiving my own endowment in the Portland temple (which uses the film), I found the live actors actually detracted from the feeling of the session... I was concerned that one of the actors (usually older men and women) was actually going to fall as they ascended/descended, or forget their lines, etc etc. No, the film IMO allowed for better concentration on the message... GG
  11. It is my personal opinion that there is indeed life and inhabitants in other galaxies. One cannot gaze up into the heavens on a clear night sky and believe that we are the only inhabitants in the vastness of space and other "stars." I don't mean little green men, etc., but intelligent beings much like us... some ahead of us intellectually... some the same... and some behind us... the scriptures tell us that God created worlds without number... why create them if they are to be empty and useless... just look at how we have progressed since I was a child in the early 40's... At age 80, I love
  12. Mitchum was always controversial, but I really liked him as an actor... GG
  13. The last couple of days I watched 2 movies from 1940's that I am adding to my film library... love them both and remember going with my mom and sis to see #1... #1... Rachel and the Stranger... starring Loretta Young as Rachel, with William Holden and Robt Mitchum as co-stars... Rachel is a bondswoman, who is "bought" by widower Wm Holden, who marries her for "appearances" to be a mother to his son... a warm, funny, tender story... #2... The Farmer's Daughter... also starring Loretta Young, as Katie, a young Swedish woman in her early 20's with ambitions to be a nurse. Circumstance
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