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  1. I don't know about teleporting... but my Susie-cat must have a sixth sense... I've only had her 5 months (got her from the shelter...a 2 yr old, beautiful tortoise shell, sweet and loving and very bonded to me)... So I was going to take her to the vet last Friday... a 3:00 PM appt to get her "chipped" ... I started looking for her about 2:00 and she was not to be found. I even tapped her food dish, which normally brings her running. Nothing... I called and called... Nothing... I'm not able to get down and look under the beds... I'm sure she was tucked under one of them... Anyway, I had to call the vet and reschedule. She came strolling out about 5:30... the evening time she likes to be fed. Next time I'm going to get her in a.m. and put her right into her carrier... she can stay there until time to go. GG
  2. I'm happy for you... that you have someone to share your life and faith... GG
  3. Hello Maestrophil... This is a difficult situation for certain... How you respond is very important to your relationship with your daughter, now and for the future... I have to tell you... to me, red flags were flying as you described the woman and situation. I believe, that for yourself... you should seek a priesthood blessing for wisdom and discernment in discussing this with your daughter and for how to proceed. My own personal opinion is that it was questionable for your wife to take your daughter to this person without telling you. This is bound to cause confusion in her mind in relation to her faith, particularly at 16 years old. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you... Others here have offered some valuable insights. She must already have questions due to your wife leaving the Church. I do wish you well in this... I was inactive for 35 years (married a wonderful but non-LDS man), and finally reactivated in August 1995... During those years I stilled loved the gospel. And, I was so hungry spiritually and had begun watching several television evangelists... and would become all caught up in their preaching. I had even attended a more "new age" community church. But I started all over at square one in the gospel, reading and studying. Finally in Oct 1995, I listened to Gen Conference and it was the calm, sure voices and messages that burned within me... that spoke truth to me, and I couldn't run back to the Church fast enough and have never looked back. Good luck... GG
  4. I really don't think the recent versions can quite compare to the original starring June Allyson, Janet Leigh, Eliz Taylor and Margaret O'Brien, with Peter Lawford as Laurie, and Mary Astor as Marmie. Truly a classic... a simple story but filled with rich portrayals of the March family... and for Jo, the professor... GG
  5. I'm having a field day today... Turner Classic Movies is having a special day featuring the films of Barbara Stanwyck... What an actress!! From the 40's/50's... a time when movies told stories without the aid of special effects, exotic locations etc etc., just good storytelling and acting talent. Now showing is Clash by Night... just before was The Two Mrs Carrolls... it's hard to pick a favorite of her many and varied roles, but I lean toward Stella Dallas.. GG
  6. I was referring to the 61 nights of lawlessness and senseless violence of the so-called "protesters." In watching what they perpetrate, yes, my heart is greatly troubled... And I couldn't care less who opposes my perspective. GG
  7. My heart is greatly troubled... Portland, OR... need I say more? GG
  8. Don... I'm so glad to see your post... as so many here know, I have a similar story... my time away from the Church began at age 20 in California and lasted until age 55 when I reactivated into the Lincoln City ward here on the Oregon coast... I've never looked back and now at age 80 continue fully active and commited. GG
  9. I just watched a film that has become one of my very favorite films... based on a true story... the Oscar winner for Best Picture for 2019... Green Book... This movie is rated PG-13 but...WARNING... there is profanity prevalent throughout. But the only time I really cringed a few times was when the Lord's name was used... otherwise, the character of real life Tony Vallelonga was played masterfully by Viggo Mortensen (nominated for Best Actor oscar). The story centers on real life black jazz pianist Dr. Donald Shirley and his Trio as they embark on a concert tour through the Deep South during Jim Crow days of the early 60's. Dr. Shirley hires New Yorker Tony (the Lip) as his driver and bodyguard. Tony is from the Bronx (with Mob ties) who works as a Bouncer at The Copacabana (closing for renovation) so Tony answers Shirley's ad for a driver for the 2-month tour. Shirley lives in an apartment atop Canegie Hall. The "Green Book" is a publication especially for blacks to use when travelling, listing hotels/motels and restaurants that allow blacks. What ensues is the story of events during the tour, the discrimination that Shirley faces, the acclaim his playing receives, and the friendship that develops between Tony and Shirley... a friendship they will share the rest of their lives. Mahershala Ali plays Dr. Shirley (Oscar Winner for Best Supporting Actor). Yes, one of my favorites... profanity aside... GG
  10. The only Gael I know of is related to the Celts... Scotland... Ireland... Isle of Man... a Scottish Highlander... GG
  11. One of my favorite hymns... and I, too, think of Rod when I read the words... GG
  12. I guess I was thinking of Encinitas... this will be a welcome change for you... GG edit to add... I just saw your link... looks wonderful...
  13. Ensenada... Just north of San Diego? GG
  14. Thank goodness, Rod... So... what now, and where? GG
  15. Sending up prayers, Rod... Be safe... from the beach... GG
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