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  1. I just watched La La Land, starring and Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. This movie won 6 academy awards, and has been described as "Sheer Cinematic Bliss" and " The movie of the year." I agree it is a good movie, but just Ho Hum... The actors did a fine job, but the story isn't anything special even though it's described as a musical Masterpiece... about an actress and jazz musician and their relationship as they pursue their individual dreams and careers. GG
  2. One of my favorite character actors, appearing in numerous films with top actors... GG
  3. One time I was riding with Ray in the high desert, passing a group of med. mountains... He told me to turn around and look back at this one section... the crevice in the mountain filled with sand and formed a large natural image of a cat... locals called it "Cronies' Cat... (a sitting cat, viewed from behind... ears, head, round body. tail). It really was amazing how the crevice formed such a perfect image from blowing sand. GG
  4. My Charlie-cat used to bring in critters... I bought him a fake mouse to play with... he tired of it quickly... one time I went to run errands and the fake mouse was lying on the floor by the kitchen... when I got home there was a real mouse (dead) that Charlie had brought in and laid right beside the fake as if to say... "Now this is a mouse!"... I did an "Ewww" and had to get rid of it... GG
  5. Once Ray and I made the decision that we really preferred to build our own retirement home so that we could have all the features we wanted, I started in earnest to go through my favorite magazines (like Country Living, etc) and cut out pictures of design elements that I really liked... I kept a notebook and organized them into areas like kitchen, den, fireplace, etc etc. I looked at wall coverings, accessories, furniture styles, etc. When we retired and moved here to the Oregon coast, we hired an architect. When we met with him, I got out my notebook and discussed what we envisioned and wa
  6. I'm happy... ESPNU is going to rebroadcast the Houston game at 9:00 P.M. tonight... so I get to enjoy the Cougs again... I've had about all the news I can stand so it will be a welcome break... just to get in my jammies and snuggle into my big chair with Susie-cat and enjoy my Cougs!! GG
  7. A good game!! BYU prevails... 43 to 26... Houston picked up steam for awhile, but Zack Wilson was unflappable... The camera zoomed in on Wilson and I was struck at how young he looks... a handsome young man... and really a talented quarterback... GG
  8. 3DOP!! One of my favorite movies, in fact, I am filling out the order form today to add it to my film library... I get this catalog from a national bookseller (Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller) that includes movies. particularly the "oldies" like this one... so I have quite a nice library of more than 150 DVD films that I will pass along... GG
  9. I find the announcement of six new temples to be counsel that the "End" is still some time in the future, probably beyond a good many of our lifetimes... certainly mine. GG
  10. Oct. 3, 1955 has great meaning for me... I knelt with my Mom, Step-Dad, and sister around the altar in the Salt Lake temple as we were sealed as an eternal family (I was 14 years old)... we also attended Gen Conf for the first time the next 2 days... we met in the Tabernacle and there was room for practically everyone... it was a warm fall day and we sat on the lawn outside and listened to the speakers, broadcast through a PA system. That is a cherished memory for me... GG
  11. I'm fine... actually doing quite well... I must say, I am really apprehensive because I'm 80 yrs old with underlying health issues... and this virus could kill me, so I try to go out not more than once weekly to buy food for me and Susie-Cat, and get my mail... I loved the game last night... this may be the best team in a long time. GG
  12. This is my personal experience with Jesus as my Advocate... For 35 years, I was inactive in the Church... during those years the Spirit would tug at me from time to time and I always suppressed it and kept rocking along in my wonderful albeit inactive life... I was blessed temporally, in so many ways. Finally circumstances were such, including the sudden death of my mom... that sent me running back to the Church. (Even though inactive, I never really lost my testimony). I told my non-LDS husband I was really feeling the need to return to Church, and he encouraged me. So in 1995 I walk
  13. I agree, at least 11 year olds are a more sensible aspect than 8 year olds... I never did like including 8 yr olds... GG
  14. 3DOP... I like what your mother did... and how it made you feel... For me, I like to think I got it right the first time for the most comfort, pleasing look and feel... for instance... My dining room table and Hutch are 54 years old and have held their place in the several homes I've had through the years. The same for a rocking chair... My big wingback chair is 35 years old but still as comfortable as ever in spite of several reappolsterings... the coffee table here in the den is also 54 yrs old... purchased at the same time as table/hutch... the basic arrangement has been the same if ro
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