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  1. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/listen-learn-love-hosted-by-richard-ostler/id1347971725?i=1000485915964 Richard Ostler has many many podcasts on Latter Day Saint concerns and issues like those that are mentioned here. I can not recommend him enough.
  2. I ALWAYS appreciate your posts. I look everyday to see what is posted here. So thank you!
  3. I find it interesting that Lori and Chad mentioned to Melanie that she has been darkened by her boyfriend, David Warwick. I don’t know why that stuns me but it feels incredibly self righteous. Chad and Lori are the dark souls. How could they have been deceived to the point of murder. I just shake my head in disbelief. I bet Melanie was concerned for her life.
  4. Wow! She doesn’t seem scary but it is unsettling. Watching Lori Vallow Daybell, Melanie Gibb, Chad Daybell, and Julie Rowe fall off the path claiming special gifts of visions and energy work, I would be very cautious!
  5. I am so surprised about Sverige also. Sweden is my mother’s homeland and my father’s parents homeland. They have always seemed to be particularly cautious. Were they trying to do a scientific study? They have a lot of research in that country. I’m just shocked that the population isn’t outraged.
  6. Poor Charles! He sounds so bewildered, alone and lost.
  7. Yes. She is an assistant to the matron. Thanks for your correction.
  8. I’m deeply concerned about reopening the temples. My sister is a matron in a temple and she is immune compromised and I’m certain she would die if she caught Covid.
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