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  1. Ugh.....I feel for you as well as your children. I lost my daughter this past March and I can't imagine anything she could do that would prevent me from wanting her in my arms again. I have a difficult time with parents who wish children dead of not living up to expectations I would outta there in a heartbeat and try to get some custody. Sorry if this sounds harsh but this hurts me in a multitude of ways as well as a compassionate plea for the kids.
  2. Though not on temple roll, I will have prayers and thoughts for you and your brother. Hugs to you and keep us informed.
  3. I just wanted to say that the very thought of being able to go to his parents to talk about this speaks volumes for how he feels, his courage and the great parents that you are. Love and communication no matter what.
  4. I can understand why a lot of Erda would be upset. The area is one of few that would be left in the County that reaps farmland. Housing single and condensed has already taken over with Stansbury and Lakepoint and Grantsville. They could handle a beautiful temple in the Valley but don't see the need for housing condensed or otherwise.
  5. Just remember that really.....REALLY.. you are not alone A ripple of love and thoughts come your way because people love you Get well soon!
  6. Many hugs to you. Share your pain and thoughts with others in family/friends. Believe me...there is not anything useful we feel we can do. i think or you often. I am glad you let your son know and hope that all other ills subside while you take time to reflect and heal all parts of your life. I care about you.
  7. That is beautiful ans brought tears to my eyes.
  8. I agree. We need God in our lives.
  9. So happy for you. Wow...your stories in life covers all levels of excitement, worry, danger and relief. Someone is watching over you for sure.
  10. Prayers here ...Be safe and I have to admire the stories already that you have to tell of you life experience. I so admire you.
  11. I am happy and impressed to hear this great news. Other church institutions that have great wealth should do the same and let government allocate monies to save small businesses and jobs
  12. I loved that....thank you!!
  13. This was what I was thinking after going through the first page....helllo...hello....???? I am amazed at what men know and the reasons for it.
  14. Glad they are being cautious and considerate to those who may be less immune and still participate somehow.
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