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  1. If religious groups being able to follow the same covid restrictions as secular groups (which as per the SCOTUS submission is all they wanted) is going to lead to a large increase in cases, then clearly the restrictions on the secular groups weren't strict enough.
  2. "In the Book of Mormon, all scripture text that is part of the translation from the plates has been placed in roman typeface. Only study helps, such as chapter headings, remain in italic." https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/about-the-scriptures/adjustments?lang=eng
  3. Forgot to summarise: Essentially the most likely reason for these is that they didn't train an a image set that was varied enough or balanced enough.
  4. It comes down to how they are trained. Facial recognition (when done in the way I'm familiar with), is trained using a neural network. The training image set is used to "train" the program, that is find relationships between certain things in the image. I'm massively simplifying here, but it might be things like the shape, size, and position of eyes, ears, mouth, nose, skin colour, head shape etc. Each of these values will get a "weight" to determine how relevant it is. The more and wider variety of images you have, will lead to a system that can detect a wider variety
  5. Is the use of shall/shalt in the 10 commandments a promise of what the people will do, or a directive of what God wants the people to do?
  6. I think people need to stop mix-and-matching "Black Lives Matter" (the organisation) with "Black lives matter", (the mindset that the lives of Black people matter). Doing that just brings links to what BLM has been know for in the past. For instance compare the page that until a few months ago was on the BLM (organisation) website https://web.archive.org/web/20200822193504/https://blacklivesmatter.com/what-we-believe/ with the current version https://blacklivesmatter.com/about/ They've gone from an organisation that looks like they are putting hard divides in between them
  7. Given the Lamanites wiped out the Nephites (who were by that stage mostly unbelieving anyway), I would think that a lot of what could be evidence would have been erased as part of the purge.
  8. The closest I can think of with scriptural backing would be the lamanites not being punished severely for being jerks, because their beliefs were due to teachings by their ancestors.
  9. From looking at the reddit thread where that was posted, it looks like the street is called autumn ridge, and it was sent by some (probably only one family) members who live in that street. In the unlikely chance an official letter like that was going to come out, it would be either on an offical church letterhead from the Bishop/Stake President, or be a bulk email sent through the church website (which would have the senders information attached). As to the letter itself. It goes way too far. The only bit that matters is the T/R question and that's ultimately between the mem
  10. There are "out-of-unit callings", but these are for things like calling a bishop of a singles ward.
  11. The Book of Abraham contains neither the word black nor skin. Nor does it say that Ham himself was an invalid priesthood line. It says that Pharaoh was the son of the daughter of Ham. As in Kevin's quote of Nibley, using a female line for a patriarchal priesthood doesn't work.
  12. The age difference between young males and young females has always been in interesting thing to me. Interesting to see that the age for girls was raised rather than lowering the age for boys.
  13. So on September 1 the case got referred back to a magistrate judge. Does that mean we probably won't hear anything more about it until they release the court outcome?
  14. It's working for me, but I've found it flakey ever since they changed to the new log-in system.
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