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  1. This is actually addressed in the Handbook So the blessings related to sealings are there, like you said, if a member is worthy to have them, regardless of what happens to the person that makes up the other half of the sealing. Like we've discussed before, if all involved are deceased, numbers of partners sealed to don't matter. Seems like the exception is a good way of allowing people to be sealed in life who might not otherwise have the chance to make and keep the sealing covenants.
  2. Buried in a stone box. If they had left God out of it completely it would have come across similar to plenty of other archaeological finds. Presumably, since they were being kept in Jerusalem by rich Jews, the brass plates would have been kept in the appropriate Hebrew script for the time they were created.
  3. Latter-day Saint was an option for religion in an Australian survey I did a few days ago, so it's definitely out there.
  4. I'd like them to actually have the guts to set something down about whether people can or can't do it. The longer they come out with opinions saying that there were procedural issues upstream so it doesn't matter, then the longer people are going to be dragged through courts for things like this. That's pretty much what I figure. This isn't a case where they are the only pharmacist in the area, or the only lawyer in the area. Surely if their actions are so bad then everyone will go elsewhere are the free market will sort out the issue for them.
  5. He didn't say stop using it though. He said specific things about when its use is and isn't correct. He said removing Christ's name from Christ's church is a victory for satan.
  6. Yes. He was happy to authenticate the characters as real and the translation as correct until he found out how the plates were found.
  7. From what I've heard, EFY is a BYU program and so ends up with BYU enforced expectations about how its run. Many places find it easier to just run with EFY than do their own thing from scratch.
  8. He doesn't say it's not a book of history, he says it's not a textbook of history. The book itself claims to be a Nephite abridgement+commentary of other abridgements of multiple records created over the course of nearly 3000 years by a variety of mostly Nephite record keepers (except for the original Jaredite record keepers, who were also one sided). A textbook shouldn't be one sided, the Book of Mormon is.
  9. Social change may inspire the question to be asked, and may influence the way an answer is implemented. Looking at polygamy (and doing a massive summary here, so people can correct me where I'm wrong): The government was coming after the church The prophet prayed about what should happen in relation to polygamy The prophet received revelation about what would happen to the church and members if they kept practicing polygamy. Practice publicly ceased in the USA. Men can still be sealed to 2nd, 3rd wives etc today as long as they are no longer legally married to the
  10. I assume you mean treated by church members, so I'll answer based on that. A few personal examples: Family 1: Went inactive before having their names removed. I saw the husband twice after they stopped attending regularly. That was many years ago. I believe there are somewhat active people that will see them every so often, but don't know the details. Family 2: Went inactive. Names still on records. Still happy to interact with church members, just not interested in coming to church. Here at least (very much outside of the Utah bubble), I don't see any hostili
  11. So are you saying that we can't describe what is meant by "substance" because we can't comprehend what that "substance" is? If not I'm going to need to re-read this a few more times.
  12. And he started from a believer's point of view, which you seem to have a problem with (evidenced by most of your posts in this topic criticising his proLDS viewpoint rather than discussing The Divine Assembly's use of magic mushrooms).
  13. This article discusses that https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/2007/10/worthy-to-enter?lang=eng
  14. And as such, it's likely to be frequented by church members, who may approach things from a ProLDS respective.
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