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  1. The pathology results were favorable. Not the most early, but not the worst either. I am having a bit of a hard time, but I have to concentrate on it being an early stage and not as dangerous. Yes, I would appreciate any prayers. Honestly, they have gotten me through the last week. Love you guys.
  2. Had surgery. Up and walking at home without a catheter. Not terrible pain. They got it out, but the pathology back will be sometime next week. I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. It really meant a lot. It is hard for me to talk to people about the unknown. Especially serious items. I am starting to open up to some friends and family.
  3. Thanks everyone. Surgery on Thursday. I can feel the love!
  4. It's so nice to hear positive things about something I may have. It's like getting positive affirmations.
  5. I did just figure out how to put my name on the prayer roll. I just did a search and it was pretty easy.
  6. Thanks every one! Strappinglad can you tell me about your father? Did he keep his bladder? If not how did I he do? Did he do most of the things that he did before having cancer? It’s not as easy to put my name on the prayer roll as it used to be.
  7. As many of you remember I have CLL, a type of chronic leukemia. For that I got a CT scan. No problems found fo the CLL, but I had a 3cm mass on my bladder. I wasn`t having symptoms or blood in my urine. The area is going to be cut out next Wednesday and the concern is that it is bladder cancer. I could use your prayers and anyone else who is willing to pray. Conference has been nice. Thanks.
  8. It’s a very good interview. Actually quite faith promoting for me. He quoted Grant Hardy in explaining the 19th century elements as a restating of the ideas of the ancient prophets for our day. I never got the impression from the interview that Bushman was saying that the Book of Mormon is made up 19th century fiction when discussing the elements that are associated with that century.
  9. It is a good book and he has done some podcasts that are helpful. I happened to watch John Gee`s talk from the last FAIR Conference about reasons that people lose faith. Surveys that Ostler and Gee talk about mention going through a divorce or parents divorcing, especially if the parents were active. Also pornography came up in Gee`s talk as effecting daily scripture reading and praying, even if the member continues to go to church on Sundays. This effect of pornography lasted up to six years. It was a different take on pornography, not the same things I usually hear. Pornography is so pervasive, I wouldn`t throw it into the category of people leaving the Church to sin, but rather the effect of the sin. It was a great conference, definitely worth the price of 29.95.
  10. I thought I would do better when my daughter married another woman. I tried and did pretty well at first, then I saw them together in person. That was very hard. She started the relationship weeks after her divorce from her husband was finalized. For six years she has pretty much ignored me. I don't see my grandson, she drinks heavy alcohol and is pretty much a mean person. She has come to me when she needed something from me. I supported her through a divorce despite some outlandish claims about her ex-husband. As I wrote in another thread, her stepmom didn't handle the initial news well, especially with me. My daughter has cut off contact with my wife. I have sifted through my feelings quite a bit. It isn't just about her being bisexual, but about her erratic behavior. There doesn't seem to be anything left of the sweet girl I raised. So, I am struggling with having a relationship with my daughter. The being gay, is only part of a bitter pill that I have had to swallow.
  11. Thomas Wayment did an interview on From the Desk with Kurt Manwaring. I definitely think it is more nuanced and clarified in the transcript than has been attributed to him. He specifically talks about charges of plagiarism. I also read Kent Jackson`s article and indeed it is hard to make a case for a great deal of dependence on Adam Clarke. It is probably fair to say that it influenced It and that there was an academic component to the JST. Both worth reading. I have really enjoyed Thomas Wayment`s translation of the New Testament and he seems like a pretty faithful guy. His assistant at the time obviously is not Any more and has been pretty vocal about it. I think that is where the trouble started and the conversations started online. She seems naive in how far she took the study`s findings. She was an undergraduate student at the time.
  12. I know I thought about it when he spoke. My wife also mentioned that there were things she had to work on after listening to that talk and some others. She mentioned the big stumbling block in her mind was if you live your covenants, then you forgive others, but if you choose not to live your covenants then you can do whatever the heck you want
  13. I would really like the situation with Trump to make sense and have the information. That usually takes awhile. We are a good 9 or 10 months into the pandemic and we are still figuring things out. For instance, if you can be more than six feet from someone at work (social distancing) then do you have to wear a mask? Is a ceiling fan in a health club good ventilation or does it just toss the air filled with Covid around? Guidelines are based on statistical models supplemented with contract tracing and followup interviews. Yes, maybe they should have limited the information until they had the story straight. I think public figures are allowed to have some level of privacy, though not as much as most people.
  14. I think it is an interesting conversation about too much vs too little medical treatment to receive with any condition including Covid. It is easy to be an armchair quarterback. For me personally if a treatment is fairly innocuous, I would prefer to be a tad on the aggressive side. I understand that it looks like they might be trying to hide details or not fully disclose medical conditions. He should be able to have some privacy. Given my reading about John F Kennedy`s severe back condition and the medications that he was getting during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the level of knowledge that we have about Trump seems reasonable. I don’t think anyone in the public had any idea about Kennedy`s situation.
  15. Corticosteroids (cortisones) can raise anyone’s blood sugars. In diabetics or prediabetics, those individuals may have to receive insulin subcutaneously if their blood sugar gets above 180-200. Trump is not diabetics, but he is 244 lbs and six foot three. That probably puts him in a prediabetic category. So, he may have to receive some insulin depending on how much dexamethasone (corticosteroid) that he received.
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