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  1. I have been following the different threads on the BOA. The issues and opinions really sound about the same that I have heard for the last twenty years. Brian Hauglid is a bit of a wild card that has been different lately. RFM does an interview with Brian, so John Dehlin has to do something even bigger with Robert Ritner. There have been some other translation topics with small portions of Adam Clarke`s Commentary showing up in the Joseph Smith Translation when studied by Thomas Wayment and his assistant who ended up leaving the Church after graduating from BYU. I have wanted to answer wi
  2. Our missionaries are doing service. They actually put up a message on our small cities Facebook page and they got quite a few requests. Prior to that they had been doing service for those in the ward and we are just getting them back into the food bank that they had worked in. Later this month we are doing a food and diaper drive at the church. We used to go door to door, but this year we are going to have people drive up to the Church. I would say overall that members have been more responsive to messages over Zoom or Facebook Messenger than appointments at their house. They need to tea
  3. The Story of the Latter Day Saints is a very well written volume and had a good balance between faith and historical points. James Allen and Glen Leonard wrote it. I had a discussion with Glen Leonard about it years ago. It just wasn`t an official history despite being written by LDS historians employed by the Church. The Mormon Experience written by Leonard Arrington and Davis Bitton was published by a secular publisher. Also well written and worth reading, but still not an official history. The Church did not put their official approval for those two books like they have for Saints. T
  4. Thanks for the kind words. This was very supportive.
  5. I think the challenge for me is that my cancer is slow. Apparently I have already had it for 3.5 years. Statistics say I should have another 8.5 years. The oncologist thinks it will be longer than that with new treatments. When you tell people they start treating you differently. They don't think you will be around very much longer. If I had a serious cancer I would definitely tell more people and get them involved. Cancer is unique to the person and situation, so there will never be a one size fits all.
  6. So, I was hoping that 2020 would be a better year than I have had recently. My daughter served for 5 months on her mission and was sent home because of her medical condition when Covid came. She flared right after coming back and we have her on new medicines and she seems to be doing better finally. She`s going back to school this fall as she didn`t have the choice to go back out on her mission. My two oldest children finalized their divorces a few months ago. Our youngest son has been married for a year and is going to school far away with his wife. The business survived the Covid crisi
  7. Kate Holbrook is married to Sam Brown, a physician who writes some really interesting books on LDS topics.
  8. I listened to a good chunk of the podcast. RFM style is not my cup of tea. I would prefer to use his name since it is so easy to find out, but I will defer. Obviously, Brother Hauglid is hurt by Gees actions. There really is a sort of feud going on. He is really good friends with David Bokovoy and is in his band. I know David was greatly effected by his daughter returning from a mission and coming out as LGBT. Brian and David respect each other’s scholarship and talk with Brent Metcalfe. Brent is more nuanced than he used to be. Somebody wrote that Hauglid pretty much debunked the cat
  9. Glad to see someone misses me. Super busy trying to keep a business running and afloat. Don is such an inspiring guy. I had to say something.
  10. Your recent book on the lost 116 pages is really awesome. I have respected your journey, comments and great scholarship over the last 10 years. Best wishes to you and your work.
  11. There are a number of different attempts at connecting with people by the missionaries. We just had a convert baptism of a man who was taught all of the discussions by Zoom. My daughter who returned early from her mission helped teach him. I am so proud of the missionaries for everything they are trying. I think we are going to learn new ways of sharing the gospel through all of this.
  12. Diagnosed waiting to go into the mtc. She has had a roller coaster the last year. She is strong though.
  13. Daughters back as I said on another thread. She had a great experience but her medication puts her at risk. By showing faith that it was ok to send her out even though I have cancer it worked out. Every one is a winner. Now business is totally messed up. Hoping all those people I employ will be ok.
  14. She started to learn Russian on her own, but she loves Spanish.
  15. She has an autoimmune disease and is on medication that suppresses her immune system. We don’t know if she can go back out and I think she is happy with even being able to serve.
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