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  1. One would assume that church leaders are quite capable of judging their own moral obligations. No mob law needed.
  2. You think we should rely on the courts to determine our moral obligations?
  3. I didn’t cast the bishop or the church as hypocritical or uncharitable. Only one person here has been called uncharitable. I have seen a lot of kindness and charity in the church. I’ve seen the opposite, too. That you think my friend’s story paints the whole church as less charitable, that is not my doing.
  4. I said why I shared it. Something pogi said reminded me of it. And I don’t think it’s uncharitable at all to share that story. It might be if I were judging the bishop in any way.
  5. You explicitly said the story was “horse puckey” and “never happened.” I’m glad you’re no longer accusing me or my friend of making it up. I have no idea why the bishop did what he did, but none of that has any bearing on the story being a lie.
  6. Not really. She said it is an affluent ward, and she was with the woman’s son when the bishop asked him to pay for the hams because the ward budget wouldn’t cover it. The son, who is an active member, was a little annoyed. Not the end of the world. I’ve seen much worse.
  7. Per my friend: it was in Spanish Fork, Utah, August 2022, funeral for a woman with the last name of Williams (no relation, I don’t think). She says it’s “ironic” she’s being accused of making up the story. I think so, too. Heaven knows my family’s experience with one bishop was much worse.
  8. I’ll ask her. But no, I don’t have serious doubts about the story. I’ve seen bishops and other church leaders do some pretty stupid and crappy things. As I said, my friend does not have a history of lying to me.
  9. Well, I doubt my friend is lying. I know I’m not.
  10. I for one will never be done beating up the church.
  11. For some reason you reminded me of a friend who recently shared this experience: "Once upon a time not long ago a good friend’s mother passed away. She had been a faithful believing, tithe paying member her entire life. At her funeral the bishop pulled out her last tithing envelope that she had asked her husband to turn in. This was her final testimony on tithing. The ward then asked the family to pay for the ham for her funeral luncheon because it was not in their budget."
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