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  1. Thanks for posting that. I grew up LDS in a Jewish neighborhood, and I'm not sure I ever would have made that connection. Where I grew up Jews were not outsiders, but we Mormons were.
  2. I think this tension has been in the church for more than a century. For example, a lot of members thought capitulating on polygamy was diluting the church too far. But the church survived.
  3. Great article in The Atlantic by McKay Coppins about LDS assimilation into American culture. “When I talk with my fellow Mormons about what our faith’s third century might look like, one common fear is that the Church, desperate for allies, will end up following the religious right into endless culture war. That would indeed be grim. But just as worrisome to me—and perhaps more likely—is the prospect of a fully diluted Mormonism. Taken too far, the Latter-day Saint longing for mainstream approval could turn the Church into just another mainline sect—drained of vitality, devoid of ten
  4. I'll just repeat what I said earlier: Made it about halfway through the Book of Abraham video. Mightily unimpressed. First, they simply wave off that Joseph was claiming to do any translation based on, I don't know what. Then they fixate on Runnells's citation of someone name Kevin Mathey. Why? Because it's easier to attack a lack of credentials than to deal with the substance. They then ridicule the idea that the drawings Joseph Smith made in the lacunae are incorrect reconstructions, even though pretty much every Egyptologist, LDS included, agrees that they are. They act as if Runnells
  5. That is an entirely different statement. Thank you for clarifying.
  6. I'm not talking about "mistreatment." And I agree that there's nothing uniquely difficult about leaving Mormonism. What I objected to was the notion that, if it is difficult to leave, it's because your family sucks, etc. One can have a perfectly lovely family, as I do, and still find it extremely difficult to leave.
  7. Some family members made it very difficult for me, but I do not think they treated me badly, so I would not equate the two. They were doing everything they could to help me, as they saw it, not trying to punish me. A lot of people I know have had the same experience. It doesn't mean our families suck or that the church is a cult. It just means it's painful and difficult for everyone involved to upend your life like that.
  8. The one I saw was all the things you say, but it was misleading at best. I wonder who is checking them for accuracy.
  9. I'd rather just delete it, as I inadvertently did veer off into a personal derail. Sorry about that.
  10. You probably won't see this, but I agree with you. No one should expect leaving their worldview behind to be easy. But palming it off on "your family sucks" is equally puzzling to me.
  11. Never mind. Best to stay away from the personal. Sorry about that.
  12. I completely agree with that. My issue was with the statement that "if a person's family chooses to make their exit from the Church difficult, that's not a Church problem, your family sucks." That's not about families treating their loved ones badly, but families making an exit "difficult." As you say, leaving the church is almost always going to be difficult, no matter how understanding one's family is. I didn't say anything about the church being a cult, which is a description I've always objected to. But it does seem to me that it's difficult to leave by design, and that's probably because
  13. I'm just responding to this, which is ridiculous: People blame the Church when, in fact, they simply have dysfunctional families/relationships. If a person's family chooses to make their exit from the Church difficult, that's not a Church problem, your family sucks. There's nothing passive-aggressive or pot-stirring in responding to this blanket statement.
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