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  1. Only when I lived in Utah did people ask me my religion. When I was growing up, a lot of kids assumed I was Jewish. But I haven’t been asked about my religious beliefs in years.
  2. It's par for the course for the long knives to come out when something like this happens.
  3. I was taught happiness comes only from making and keeping covenants. I’m not sure how that’s possible outside the church.
  4. I don’t know much about her. The church can discipline whomever it wants. I just don’t see the point.
  5. True, but my lack of normality wasn’t the reason I left. Suggesting there is something wrong with those who leave makes it difficult to help people stay.
  6. You’re not normal, and you’re in the church. I’m not normal, either, and I’m pretty much out. So, it happens.
  7. You said you can’t imagine why a “normal” person would leave the church. How should that judgmental statement be interpreted?
  8. It’s pretty easy to judge things you have not experienced.
  9. My wife and have been watching Shtisel on Netflix. It’s fantastic.
  10. Good to see you again, by the way. I hope all is well.
  11. The first step is admitting you have a problem. 😂
  12. I can’t speak for anyone else, but my political beliefs haven’t changed that much, except for social issues that I think were based more on church teachings than my own feelings and thoughts.
  13. They are doing both hours here in Ohio, but we’re not going back until my wife gets her second dose (I got mine several weeks ago). Having seen what Covid does (one death and several serious illnesses in our family), we’re not taking any chances.
  14. Admittedly I have never watched a single episode of Mormon Stories, but it seems to me a mistake to believe the folks that are interviewed are typical of people who leave. Those who leave without much fuss do not make for a compelling podcast. Obviously you can and will do what you want. I’m certainly not interested in telling you to stay or go.
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