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  1. I agree in general. But I stand by my statement. If the purpose is directed by God, the use is to further God's plan, the source of the power is God then I see a marked difference between that and any claims of magic. Magic (at least in any attempt to claim it is real) never follows God's laws that I am aware of. Fantasy doesn't follow any rule but I don't see people claiming Harry Potter spells work.
  2. Several ways - purpose, usage, attributable source, natural law.
  3. Exactly. There will always be new truths, new administrative instructions, and new revelations to deal with current circumstances. But from Baptism to Calling and Election - the entire program has been restored to the earth for the final time. (Whether we follow it or not.)
  4. It's just semantics. The Church has been restored, along with the priesthood and ordinances necessary for salvation and exaltation. This was complete by the martyrdom of the prophet Joseph. However the 9th article of faith stands and I think that's what President Nelson was referring to. 9 We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God. On the other hand, if President Nelson actually believes that there is more to be restored that is necessary for ou
  5. Both/neither. They aren't cause and effect. They were both always going to happen, just as they happened on other Earths. He didn't really. He warned them of the consequences if they did. He gave them a commandment they couldn't obey without eating.
  6. No, messages are not mixed. However messages may APPEAR mixed. Perspective matters.
  7. That's a matter of policy, not doctrine. There is no doctrine whatsoever that allows Deacons to participate in an ordinance.
  8. If God directs me to move my family to San Diego that's revelation, but not doctrine. And the only truth is that it's God's will for my family at that time, not an eternal principle.
  9. Once the ordinances are altered beyond recognition whatever keys are claimed is irrelevant. Like in Isaiah 24.
  10. Very interesting concept. I agree with it completely in principle. But it's also one of the ways the Great Apostasy manifested.
  11. Depends if you define an instruction as a teaching. I think that's semantics. There are instructions and there is doctrinal knowledge. They aren't always the same.
  12. That is the current interpretation of the doctrine. Therefore, policy.
  13. So as far as Deacons and passing sacrament it's definitely policy. Doctrine is that Deacons can't administer sacrament. It's not an authority of the office. The question is if passing to people is administering. Policy says it's not, but doctrine is less clear. It's an interpretation of doctrine that allows it.
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