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  1. 😲 Uh Oh. Ill tell him its time to move 😉
  2. Later when the child was 8 years he was baptized into the Mormon Church, so he got it twice and is saved either way. 🙂 Does a Mormon baptism invalidate a Catholic baptism?
  3. What about this scenario. I have an LDS aunt that went into labor prematurely in a Catholic hospital and delivered the baby but was she unconscious afterwards and the baby was not expected to live. One of the nurses decided that the baby needed to be baptized before it died and she did not know the religion of my aunt so she performed the baptism without consent because there was no one available to get the consent. Fortunately both the baby and mother survived. My aunt was not offended but very grateful to the nurse for caring so much for the salvation of her baby. Was it right for the nurse to baptize the baby?
  4. I think it is mostly in the words used to perform the baptism. It seems to me that a Mormon can baptise a Catholic born infant, if he uses the correct words when performing the baptism.
  5. Some missionaries reach their international assignments as pandemic travel restrictions ease Apparently some missionaries are being allowed to serve in their international missions again. "The number of Latter-day Saint missionaries in some areas of the world has fallen steeply because of coronavirus-related issues, but missionaries are beginning to return to the field. Four months after the pandemic upended the highly organized global missionary program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, six American sister missionaries recently arrived in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission, including Sister Kendra DeLange, 19, of North Logan, Utah. The relief was welcome in a mission where reduced numbers meant more areas were on the verge of going without missionaries, according to returned missionaries and family members. More help is poised to crisscross the globe. Many stateside missions are full of Americans holding international mission calls who are unable to travel to their assigned callings because of pandemic-related restrictions. The U.S. State Department’s decision on Thursday to lift its Do Not Travel advisory, in place since March 19, may help."
  6. I am expecting some kind of settlement might be agreed on, like a refund of some of the tuition costs.
  7. Well, you can file for any case. So I'm guessing it'll get to: filing. And that's about it. There's just no case here and no court is going to want to set any precedent. Right. Such a precedent could start a wave of lawsuits in a lot of universities.
  8. Student sues BYU, saying move to online classes offered ‘subpar’ education "A Brigham Young University student sued the private school Wednesday, claiming he didn’t get what he paid for when the campus was closed and classes were moved online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Chase Hiatt, an undergraduate during the winter and spring 2020 semesters and who enrolled for classes this fall, claims in the federal lawsuit that the online learning options offered at BYU are “subpar” compared to the educational experience provided before classes were suspended in March. While Hiatt is currently the only plaintiff in the case, his attorney, Michael Watton, is looking to make it a class-action suit. “In short, plaintiffs and the members of the class have paid for tuition for a first-rate education and an on-campus, in-person educational experience, with all the appurtenant benefits offered by a first-rate university, and were provided a materially deficient and insufficient alternative, which alternative constitutes a breach of the contracts entered into by plaintiffs and the class with the university,” according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City. BYU priced the tuition and mandatory fees based on the in-person educational services, opportunities and experiences it was providing on campus, according to the suit. Claims in the lawsuit include breach of contract and unjust enrichment. BYU has not seen the lawsuit, university spokeswoman Carri Jenkins said Wednesday." I wonder how far this lawsuit will get?
  9. If I don't let my little grandkids get it first it will be all over the floor as they rush to see who can get it first.
  10. October 2020 general conference: Here’s what we know At least for now General Conference will be televised and no live audiences. Could happen again for the April 2021. Who knows after that?
  11. LIVE COVERAGE: Day 2 of Chad Daybell’s preliminary hearing begins at 9 a.m.
  12. Yep, the editor in me was cringing. https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/handbook-update-july-2020#Seminaries This one is written much better and has a better list of all the changes.
  13. Also proof that it was an abridgement that was taken from many other records. If we had all the records it might not seem so messy with loose ends.
  14. Wilford Brimley, Star of The Thing and Cocoon, Dies at Age 85 Remembering Wilford Brimley (1934–2020) Learned some things I didn't know about him. "In addition to working as a blacksmith and ranch hand, he was a bodyguard for Howard Hughes. “He was a good guy,” Brimley, who was Mormon, told The Powell Tribune in 2014 regarding his famously eccentric old boss. Despite not being Mormon, Hughes made a point to specifically hire Mormon bodyguards, which aided him in getting the unusual gig."
  15. Librarians can reproduce. Keep that door open. 😉
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