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  1. I know I suffer from being misunderstood, and misquoted, due to my endless self editing as I write. But, I did not suggest this in any way (Going through the pain of having them removed, to satisfy my own desire), and I fear you bringing it up, will lead others to be dismissive of both my comments and questions. Including having them view me as a self righteous Pharisee. I am neither unkind, or self righteous, suggesting others should live by my sense of morality. I am just posing the question, (because I was reminded while watching a talk show during my five long days in the hospital) but too
  2. I remember the sermon, but I don't think he meant that new members need to go through the process of having tattoos removed; but rather the current members should not get them or any more of them. "Now comes the craze of tattooing one’s body. I cannot understand why any young man —or young woman, for that matter —would wish to undergo the painful process of disfiguring the skin with various multicolored representations of people, animals, and various symbols. With tattoos, the process is permanent, unless there is another painful and costly undertaking to remove it. Fathers, caution your
  3. Right. All we can really do is speculate about all this until we receive further revelation on the subject.
  4. Yes it does assume that, although they would still be subject to the God that is above them. If a couple on this earth should become exalted and have the ability to create worlds and spirit children the same as our God and his wife did, does that not mean that they are the God of those worlds and spirit children they created, the same as our heavenly parents did? If all this is eternal does that not mean that Our God the Father also has a God that is over him? I answer to and worship our God the Father and not God the Father's God.
  5. Okay, I can accept that as your understanding. My understanding is that there is only one universe... the one (uni) place where every other place is... and that our parents aren't necessarily everybody else's parents. When you consider that those who obtain the celestial kingdom in the future are going to be gods, they won't be the god of this universe; we already have one. There must be other universes that they create and populate with their own spirit children.
  6. Another universe might have it's own godhead and heavenly parents for all their spirits. But there is only one set of heavenly parents for all the spirits in our universe. That's how I understand it.
  7. All angels, spirits, mortals are spirit children of our heavenly parents
  8. Adopted or Foster Children Who Are Living: "Living children who are born in the covenant or have been sealed to parents cannot be sealed to any other parents unless the First Presidency gives approval. "(Church Handbook) Children can never be loosed from being sealed, but with FP approval who they are sealed to can change.
  9. Please provide your source that states that if a woman divorces and/or leaves the church, her sealing to her children no longer exists. Status of Children When a Sealing Is Canceled or Revoked Children who are born in the covenant or sealed to parents remain so even if the sealing of the parents is later (1) canceled or (2) revoked by the withdrawal or resignation of Church membership of either parent. (Church handbook) Children never lose their sealing status because of what someone else does. They are still sealed into the patriarchal family of God in heaven.
  10. Do you have a source or reference to back this up? Children don't have to be loosed from their sealing to their mother. The main point of the sealing ordinance is that we are all sealed in to the patriarchal family of God, regardless of who our mother is.
  11. "If a woman who has been sealed to a former husband remarries, the children of her later marriage are born in the covenant of the first sealing unless they were born after the sealing was canceled or after it was revoked due to withdrawal or resignation of Church membership." (Church Handbook) There are not a lot of different scenarios described in the Church Handbook. They are handled on a case by case basis and may require FP approval.
  12. Mormon church faces 7 new lawsuits for alleged Boy Scouts sex abuse cover-up in Arizona "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon church, is facing at least seven new lawsuits that accuse it of playing a role in covering up sex abuse among Boy Scout troops in Arizona. Earlier this year, the Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy amid tens of thousands of sexual abuse lawsuits implicating troop leaders and other volunteers in incidents stretching back decades. Accusers' current ages range from 8 to 93. "The Boy Scouts filing for bankruptcy doesn’t end th
  13. That would be too much pressure on a Bishop. You have to go with what the member tells you. For most members who don't report when the Bishop fills out the final report he has to make a guess on what their tithing status is.
  14. I have been a finance clerk off and on for the past 40 years and have seen all this stuff. Another one is when members make donations through their bank account and a check is automatically generated by the bank and sent to the Bishop's address. Then us clerks have to write out a tithing slip for the member and those bank checks have a hundred numbers for the check number which we would quite often get wrong and have to reenter. I wonder if this automatic method that the member doesn't even have to think about sort of takes away from the experience of giving back to the Lord? I guess they migh
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