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  1. The only good thing that comes out of such things is how the entire community pitches in to help the members of the congregation. What’s next for Cape Girardeau church after devastating fire
  2. All church buildings are self insured by the church. It's cheaper than buying insurance from a separate company.
  3. When you are being sarcastic use the roll eyes emoji 🙄🙄
  4. In California we have Sacrament meeting in person but only 100 are allowed to attend. The rest watch virtual. After Sacrament there is an person Sunday school for the youth, or a young women meeting, or a Young men's meeting. That rotates every Sunday. The rest of the Adult Sunday school or Relief Society/Priesthood meetings (rotates every other week) is all virtual.
  5. No, they said that the subset of the Church’s organizational structure entitled LDS Charities spent $2.5 billion in the past 35 years. I already showed you a source indicating that Church welfare spending is not included in that figure; and if anyone thinks that three universities educating fifty thousand students and charging under $10K/year in tuition can be run for 35 years for under $2.5 billion—I’ve got some shares in a Utah herbal supplement company that may interest you. What's good about the welfare program is that it helps keep thousands of people off the street and fed
  6. The church is not a person that needs to have it's faith tested and proved by paying tithing, so tithing is probably not the right term to use. Like I said earlier either we trust the church leaders' prophetic abilities to know what God wants them to do with the money or we don't. I do. What if we slip into a depression again and many people are not working and therefore not paying tithing? The church would be able to continue on without their donations. It is a religion first with the goal to save souls and a charitable organization second.
  7. Well if Nephi (cutting off Laban's head) and Abraham can be vindicated I assume Joseph Smith will be also.
  8. So how much more would satisfy you? Would it be enough to satisfy someone else? How much is the right amount? More will never be enough to satisfy everyone. The church is not a charity, it is a religion that participates in charitable causes. It takes a lot of money to build, maintain, and grow a church and to make sure you have enough security to get it through the tough times that are sure to come.
  9. Well of course if we believe and have a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God we have to believe it was inspired of God. God did allow it in the past. There is however the human factor and the statement made by Joseph Smith himself that a prophet is only a prophet when he is acting as such. Was he acting as a true prophet when he introduced the concept of plural marriage? This was a major doctrine involved in the restoration of the Church so I certainly hope he was acting as a prophet.
  10. So far the church has been very good at making sure this doesn't happen. The lasting goal is and always has been the building up of the kingdom of God on earth and to bring to pass the eternal life of man. If that should ever stop being the goal I think it will be evident enough for all to recognize.
  11. The church is not like any other earthly organization it is a religion directed by God and prophets who are led by God. Either you trust their prophetic abilities to know what will be needed for the Church in the future(strategic purpose) or you do not. If you do then there is no reason to question how the donations you give will be spent. I am quite certain the church leaders are very careful with how the donations are handled, because they do not want to offend God in any way. Huntsman is no longer a believer so of course he is going to think of the church as any other organization that re
  12. Agreed. But would the church have any real control on what selective parts of the finances are shared with the public rather than the whole picture of what is being done with the money? Would they have some sort of nondisclosure agreement with such an independent auditing firm?
  13. Audit report: "Dear Brethren: Directed by revelation, as recorded in section 120 of the Doctrine and Covenants, the Council on the Disposition of the Tithes—composed of the First Presidency, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and the Presiding Bishopric—authorizes the expenditure of Church funds. Church entities disburse funds in accordance with approved budgets, policies, and procedures. Church Auditing, which consists of credentialed professionals and is independent of all other Church departments and entities, has responsibility to perform audits for the purpose of providing reasonab
  14. Besides what it says on the Donation slip there is also this on the year end statement: "This statement contains a record of voluntary contributions to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made by the named donor(s) during the year 2020. The Church provided no goods or services in consideration, in whole or in part, for the contributions detailed below but only intangible religious benefits." If Huntsman had made his donations in correct the spirit of doing it, because He loves God and wants to advance His Gospel on the earth, and not just because he wanted to go to t
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