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  1. Ouch. I just left 20+ years of employment for the Church in facilities management. I left because they changed the department 3 years ago to something very awful. I hope that your experience was with this latest iteration and not what I thought was a better customer oriented program years ago.
  2. They don't have to have a committee to monitor what they say online because as you indicate, the members do that for them. Referred to as the MoPo. Just like students are encouraged to speak out to the honor code office or bishops about their roommates and friends others will also do it to strangers, acquaintances and friends online. They will call the BYUs or the COB to report on someone's online activity.
  3. I have no idea. I know that in one temple the FM Group did manage to get a few of the paintings to use in some chapels but it was done on the down low. And I believe it was only prints that you would normally find in a meetinghouse anyway.
  4. I know that artwork from other temples is destroyed when they removed and changed out. I find that cray cray.
  5. As an FM Group employee I confirm you have the thinking just about right. But I will say the quality of FM Groups varies greatly across the church. FM Groups have only been in existence since the early '90s. Depending on the timeline of the events it is very likely an FM Group was not involved at all.
  6. Yes, but with something like those type of paintings it would have been handled way above the FM Group.
  7. The victims are probably suing him personally. And his first attorney probably made that happen because he was not a good attorney.
  8. He hasn't been sentenced yet. Have to see what the judge decides.
  9. If the Church has the resources to follow the law regarding watering lawns in every municipality in the USA it has the resources to help every single victim of abuse it becomes aware of. I really don't understand these "well, it's complicated" responses. If I alone am aware of three instances of abuse where the Church and it's representatives did nothing or covered it up the amount of "do nothing" out there must be massive. I really think we can work out a perpetrator's redemption in the next life just like so many of those other unanswered problems we plan working out then.
  10. The Church has the capacity and the resources to figure out complicated things. They do it everyday. They hire employees and outsource to professionals and third-parties to make sure they get it right. (Or maybe they out-source to limit the liability now that I think about it...) Bishops and leaders deserve better representation and training on how to help victims of abuse. Throwing your hands up in the air and shrugging shoulders doesn't seems like a Christ-like response.
  11. Disagreeing and shaming not the same thing. But this is such a bad derail and I apologize to the board for my part in it!
  12. I have no idea what he was thinking and that wasn't important. It was his actions that has colored my opinion of him. So yes, continue to tell me I can't have that opinion because obviously I don't know what I saw with my own eyes and therefore cannot form my own opinions and if I did they certainly can't be right because you've not had the same experience I've had.
  13. I think this is rather a significant observation. How come living men can be sealed to more than one spouse but living women are denied this?
  14. Just one note to your observation about me. I have had the opportunity to watch Justice Thomas sitting on the bench in the Supreme court and it is also part of what shapes my feelings about him.
  15. Oh, I can think of a lot of others but they not be appropriate for this venue. 🙂
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