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  1. Oh come on “God Family Country” is a great book when reading it as an observer of mid-century Mormon thought.
  2. Alright. Then you really have no issues. If what God wants you to know is in the BoM and the BoA, it doesn’t really matter how we got them.
  3. Hang on a sec. Why do the BoM and the BoA have to be historical records? I’m fine with them being inspired fiction, aren’t you?
  4. I doubt that’s true. There is no reason for me to be “lucky.” I don’t have any special properties or live in any special area to be lucky.
  5. It didn’t get richer from me. The church has money so it can do these things. It’s also one of the leading providers of emergency supplies when natural disasters occur. It’s also one of the biggest charities. I know you have some sort of weird axe to grind, but dude, get a new hobby.
  6. Hey Stem: when I was unemployed for a whole year the church paid my mortgage and fed my family, so get that sh** outta here. You have no clue what you’re talking about.
  7. I guess... lots of people have done self assessments and stay believers, including me.
  8. Yo Stem, I can vouch for you. You used to be LDS, and you used to get into fights with the haters. Now you are a (more mild) hater. Accurate?
  9. Of course @DBMormon will not show up here, but cover behind his Facebook echo chamber. He will continue to post memes but never actually engage.
  10. @Benjamin McGuire does this paper still represent your position? https://journal.interpreterfoundation.org/the-late-war-against-the-book-of-mormon/ It’s hard to follow who is still a member, who left, who left and came back, etc. So I am just curious.
  11. And certainly neither is Corbin Volluz/Radio Free Mormon.
  12. I see, thanks @readstoomuch. I know where I saw that it’s the first official history since BH Roberts. The Tribune, which I admit is not gospel.
  13. You know what, @Kenngo1969? I think your right.
  14. It said first official history, not multi volume.
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