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  1. I see, thanks @readstoomuch. I know where I saw that it’s the first official history since BH Roberts. The Tribune, which I admit is not gospel.
  2. You know what, @Kenngo1969? I think your right.
  3. It said first official history, not multi volume.
  4. Dude that’s the first place I looked!
  5. The Saints series of books is billed as The first official church history since the multi-volume BH Roberts effort. Why isn’t “The Story of the Latter-day Saints” considered official? It was produced by the Church History Department under Leonard Arrington.
  6. Sorry JamesBYoung, I resurrected a years-old thread with a years-old offer for a digital copy of that book.
  7. And even better: look who is on this thread...RFM himself!
  8. Resurrection: does anyone know if PQ Mason has changed his views on his book, or if there are new editions planned or anything? Just curious.
  9. Wow, those are some rare books!
  10. Well it didn’t cost a pretty penny. It cost $5.00. ”But it’s signed by Leonard Arrington” ”$5.00” said the proprietor of Salt Lake Book and Magazine.
  11. And how about the dueling books of “The Story of the Latter-day Saints” and “The Mormon Experience” both commissioned by the church history department under Arrington. One for an LDS audience and one for a wider audience, but essentially the same book.
  12. Okay, has anyone read or heard of “Eternal Progress” by Gerritt de Jong? I bought it because it had the grooviest cover.
  13. @Fair Dinkum anyone? 😀
  14. I don’t think he is officially “out,” meaning that he has done the paperwork. But he is out. He has criticized and hated the church for many years on the boards.
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