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  1. For fun you should do a little research on his lawyer.
  2. The aspirin theory explains why my sister's physician said everyone should be taking a baby aspirin after your immunization then ongoing/everyday. I just started because my immunized brother who got COVID but was not hospitalized just very sick, ended up with a blood clot from his thigh to his calf. He is doing well on blood thinners but I'm not taking chances. As a family with a history of clots and strokes it just seems wise.
  3. Children losing a caregiver/parent. A crisis no one seems to be spending much time talking about. Sometimes losing both parents.
  4. They do use the university students, however, since the school session is just starting it will take some time get the them called and trained.
  5. Rexburg. I'm wondering if it will impact how many sessions they will be able to hold if there are more defectors. They are pretty typical of the folks around here. They don't believe in vaccinations, masks, social distancing or that covid is harmful and that once you've had it you don't have to worry about getting it again. I was the only person wearing a mask last Sunday at sacrament meeting.
  6. My neighbors who work in the temple quit because they were required to wear masks. I'm more than a little shocked.
  7. It is literally impossible to get COVID from the vaccine because it contains zero virus. That's not how these vaccines work but what you are describing is the older vaccine technology. I hope your family recovers quickly and completely. Sounds like you've had a rough go.
  8. But if we aren't required to wear them all of the time how will judge those who we suspect aren't wearing them? We'd have to rely on their fruits and that's not near as fulfilling as looking for garment lines.
  9. The rumored area is a large plot of land across the street from Walmart. There is a ton of farmland available and plenty of room for an MTC around Rexburg. Having land area is not a problem. Many farmers would be thrilled to have it purchased by the Church for its use.
  10. Yes, in 2008 the Rexburg temple opened. I understand the new temple would be associated with the MTC, so I'm guessing it may be dedicated to the missionaries at the MTC.
  11. A little disappointed I hadn't seen this discussion started yet so I'll go first. Biggest announcement: New MTC and temple to be built in Rexburg, Idaho. My ranking of this rumor being true is 7/10. That's it. That is all I have.
  12. Is it bad to hope you get picked for jury duty? I was pretty sad I didn't even get a summons for the grand jury.
  13. Our sacrament meeting his streamed, it is not Zoom so it doesn't matter how I am dressed or if the camera is off or on. So maybe this poll wasn't really meant for me.
  14. Yes. Over the years he has learned to cope with it and he takes medication so he doesn't spend so much time in the bishop's office confessing sin that doesn't need to be confessed, but his dysfunction is only rooted in religious guilt. He is textbook:
  15. I have not read everyone's comments but I will say that I am married to a man who suffers from this. I didn't know it had a name and I'm sure he doesn't either. Wow.
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